Saturday Secrets Sunday

The Title reminds me I haven’t looked at Post Secret today. It’s been ages since I sent in a Post Secret. Once Frank published the funniest one I sent in. What the secret in this title refers to is a Live Journal Community called Saturday Secrets.

Someone over there altered and posted my entry for Top Idol’s Tard Art Contest. The quick mixed media drawing I did in a few minutes with various markers and pens and gold foil of Adam Lambert accidentally impaling his eye on a spike from his costumer?

I thought I’d thoroughly explained my lack of wishing bad things on Adam and about the drawing in an early posting but apparently some of the batshit crazy Sparkle Cow herd has chosen to willfully ignore my own stated motives. So I posted on their Live Journal this below. Reposting it here because I’m sure the shit-stirring mod that posted it at SS will immediately erase my posting.

There’s way more fun things to do, like poke fun at Casey James crazy fan, the Bussone lady, that took her family with her to stalk him at the Detroit airport.

I am the creator of that quick stupid drawing. It was done solely as a joke because I do wonder about those spikes. Never have I wished harm on Adam. I think Adam would see the humor in it. In fact I’m going to ask him to sign it when I see him soon. I am neither a Kris or Adam fan. I do like some of each of their songs equally. Nor am I a David Cook fan. I actually told him when I met him that I wasn’t a fan of his but I was of  making fun of the crazies that follow him around and greet all of his doings as sacred actions.

All of you are taking your fan following for Adam Lambert way too seriously. I don’t get the vibe that Adam is that serious of a person. I’m sure your strong devotion scares the hell out of him. You can be a fan of someone without being over the top frightening and scaring off most of the sane rational people in this world. It’s not hard and it would sure leave you with enough time to have a life instead of sleeping on the sidewalks in front of the venues and other less than rational actions.

Also, you do not have permission to display that drawing here. I am the original copyright holder as the creator and I’ve only allowed TopIdol to post it for her contest. Please remove it immediately or I will get Live Journal and Image Shack to remove it for copyright violation.

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