Glittery Blinders: The Bat-Shittery of The Sparkle Cows

So yesterday was the big show in DC at the uber-ghetto 9:30 Club, a place that would benefit from being knocked down and rebuilt. As much fun as it seemed to go down there and watch all the sweaty Sparkle Cow Glammits sweat even more in the blazing hot heat for hours on end in an area devoid of fast food and semi-industrial I stayed home. I wasn’t afraid of the glamsmacks I would have received, I wasn’t too concerned about lurking crackheads, or anything else to do with the gig. The thing that stopped me was the stupid insane crazy over the top heat of yesterday. According to the local Teevee the heat indexes topped out at something like 107F yesterday. That’s enough to melt the strongest glamascara and Aquanet.

It could have been a ‘go’ I knew where he was staying. I could have probably gotten Madam to sign the original of “Wardrobe Malfunction” as he seems to have a sense of humor more than his Glammits.

However, I did have a friend that went, that braved the heat and the stupidity just to see Orianthi and Allison. She stayed for Madam and took pictures for me. Her words to me describing last night are striking similar to those truthful ones uttered by Washington Post critic Chris Richards’ in his review of last night. The words “Shrieking” appeared many times along with ‘glittery’ ‘uncomfortable’ and ‘amateurish’ not to mention ‘old ladies wearing ugly Crocs’. She offered to write a review for this site but I think I’ll merely post her pictures without her name. She don’t want death threats and ill spelled ranty messages here along with demands her boss at media outlet X fire her ass for having a personal opinion about something she did on her off hours.

Smart girl. Right now those numb nut Glammits, those vile Sparkling Cows are trying to flood The Washington Post with demands that they fire Chris Richard or they’ll cancel their subscriptions. As if any of those dullards actually reads the Post must less has a subscription. Nimrods, you have to be a customer, a real legitimate money spending customer, of something for any company to take you seriously.  As if!  You guys only read when it a) it’s a tabloid or b) Madam is mentioned in passing form.

Fail again. Sparkling glittering soon to be hamburgers.

Oh, yeah, Adam went for the cheap easy thrill for the crowd by predictably kissing his band member onstage again. Yawn. So so edgy.

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2 Comments on “Glittery Blinders: The Bat-Shittery of The Sparkle Cows”

  1. TopIdol Says:

    #3 is the broken down model! Would Miss J. and Mr. Jay be proud?

  2. scat Says:

    wow such generalizations! you know many of his fans are highly intelligent

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