Cow Appreciation Day, Pizza, Sandwiches and Breakups

According to PeeWee Herman today is ‘Cow Appreciation Day’ So I’ve been enjoying the madness of the Sparkle Cow herd around the internet. I raise my glass of chocolate milk to your heifers.

Had an interesting email the other day from someone in the Seattle area speaking of food. They were making all sorts of weird claims about Sanjaya Malakar.

“I ended up throwing away my pizza after seeing how dirty, stoned and disgusting Sanjaya looked as he worked making pizza. Looked so high I don’t know how he stood up. I was afraid of a contact high just by eating the pizza.”

Ha! Sanjaya high while he’s cranking out pizza? Good thing it doesn’t sound like he might have been driving doing deliveries.

Also the Big Mike Lynch nightly sandwich videos are a big hoot! Makes me think on the guys bus it has to smell like a ginormous salami fart. Check out his twitter account.

Had to laugh yesterday when looking at the aftermath of Clay Aiken on The View. I’d been warned that the Claymates were the oddest of all batshiat crazy fans but there’s nothing like seeing it in action. I saw The View, Claylene made next to no effort to talk so what the tards are saying about the hateful women talking over him is pure wishful thinking on their part.

They are also mourning over the broken relationship between Claylene and Reed. Some of these crazies have actually downloaded tons of photos of Claylene and his sig-o and are boohooing over the failed romance. Which is just utterly stupid. None of these women know either guy so I don’t get all this heavy emotional investment in Claylene’s love life.

Remember, you know something embarrassing or stupid about American Idol contestants and fans please shoot me an email at

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