Claylene Is Lurve!

In case you’re unaware, or, like, actually have a real life, Claylene Aiken, the original runner up gay man with insane fans, is currently on PBS in a nausea-provoking special.

Not my cup of tea but to each their own. Have at him Claymates. I’m sure they’re all licking the tv screen right now while wearing their vibrating panties and squealing.

Does anyone know why Clay is wearing what looks like maternity shirts on his tour with Ruben? Did he run out of clothes and start wearing Ruben’s shirts? I don’t get it.

Earlier Constantine Maroulis seemed to be on the religious channel. I don’t get the sound on that channel so I’m not sure what he was babbling about to a pink-haired Jan Crouch. A vision you only see when you get high on spoiled communion wine.

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2 Comments on “Claylene Is Lurve!”

  1. Constantine on the religious channel? I think that says a lot about what Jebus thinks of that station.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Whatta you expect when the show host has pink hair and clothes so glittery Liberace would be embarrassed to be seen in them.

      Here’s the Pink Haired Lady

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