Buubuububuuubaldy And The Jets

Or lack of jets. According to the tweets of Andy Skib and Baldy they are stuck in some gawd forsaken airport because of a canceled flight. I’m guessing Cincy or Detroit from the looks of the airport pictures being tweeted. Looks like Cincy to me. If they are not up in the air by now they’re prolly stuck till tomorrow. These smaller airports roll up the carpets and stop accepting flights before midnight. Biggest airport near W’burg is Richmond Intl. which still isn’t exactly what you’d call big.

Guess that kills any hope David had of playing golf tomorrow. He’ll be traveling to Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Here’s hoping all the FucBunnies and tards make fools of themselves publicly and the photos and tales circulate around. I await with baited breath.

I’m sure pizza screamer – scam book maker Daina will be there with bells on and a newer scheme. How about Kimberly, the stalker that moved to Hell Lay just to be closer to Baldy & Co? Pink Bunny Ears anyone?

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