David Cook Uncensored – Ignoring The Facts Again

Late last night Sandy posted this comment about the recent happenings over at David Cook Uncensored – or as I refer to it David Cooktards Unhinged.

It sure has been slooooow lately at DCU. Members have become fed up with Holly/MaryAnn’s silly sockpuppet games and are jumping ship. This is just making her more and more desperate and she and her sockpuppets have been trying to pull rumors out of thin air to stir up interest in the board again. First there was the short video posted by David’s bandmate, Andy, which showed a blond woman at the table. Almost everyone thinks it looks like David’s manager but Holly and her sockpuppets keep insisting it looks like another cute, young blond who David MUST be secretly dating because he isn’t sitting next to her.

Then Holly pulls out an old photo and tries to tell the members that it was taken at a secret “private party” in the Philippines and tries to start a rumor about the mysterious brunette in the background. But several members recognized the picture as coming from a Skechers photoshoot and try to tell her the brunette is just a model. Holly still insists her Philippine source says it was taken there until one of the members posts a photo from the same photoshoot with the same brunette model in the background that was used in advertisements.

Next Holly posts another old photo taken in a bar that has some random blond in the background and tries to tell the members that it is Katelyn Epperly who was with David that night. Of course the blond girl looks nothing like Katelyn and it doesn’t even look like she is with David. And the photo was taken a full year before Katelyn even apppeared on Idol so it is highly unlikey she would have even met David then. But little details like that aren’t important to Holly when it comes to starting rumors.

Now, apparently someone on twitter tried to warn the cute, young blond(who Holly insisted was in Andy’s video) about Holly’s rumor-mongering and boy is Holly irate. She is threatening to ban members right and left if they do not post within a prescribed amount of time and has enlisted her gang of sockpuppets to root out the lurking traitors on the board while she “goes out to dinner.” Of course by now just about anyone with half a brain could figure out who the sockpuppets are. It’s just that obvious. What an idiot she is!

I had seen all of this over at Mary Ann Sockpuppet’s place and heard people discussing on other boards how she’s really grappling for the flimsiest of possibilities to tout as facts. Was just getting around to posting about Holly/MaryAnn inventing lovers and one night stands for Cook.

This is Mary Ann Sockpuppet’s personal modem operandi. Things get slow and dull in Baldyland and she invents a scandal, a love affair, a rumor and all her sockpuppets chime in on the matter. The difference is now most people are aware it’s a pack of lies without a shred of evidence or truth. It’s damn pathetic.

How does she do it? It’s simple. Example. Recent photo of David Cook from Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

If I were Holly/MaryAnn Sockpuppets I’d say he was balling that fat middle aged lady in the seat right next to the one it looks like he just emerged from. I’d give her an exotic modelesque name, perhaps lift a profile or two from Model Mayhem or some other modeling site. Or perhaps say he’s having nasty three ways with the he/she and super bald guy in the background. Give them D list celeb names and invent some sleazy story, sell it to the tabloids while getting the sockpuppets to chime in about how ‘disgusting’ he is.

He looks like all the frau avoidance maneuvers have left him aged now. Almost haggard looking. Perhaps it’s just the heat.

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22 Comments on “David Cook Uncensored – Ignoring The Facts Again”

  1. Jessie Says:

    Hi, I just made a long post over on the other thread after Sandy’s original post. I must have been posting at the same time you were making up this new one. Don’t know whether you want to move that post over here. I rarely post on any board, just usually lurk. Damn you shyness, but I have always agreed with everything Sandy has said regarding DCU. Although the place is good for a laugh!

  2. Miss No Name (edited name to protect her from Holly Sockpuppets) Says:

    I made the mistake of dipping my toe into the fray over there. I’d just gotten so fed up with all the bullshit. One too many comments that highlighted her idiocy, and that had the non-sockpuppets agreeing heartily, and she fucked with my email account. It’s my suspicion that she reported it for “inappropriate activity” and I was locked out of all google functions for over a day while I got it straighted out. This was after getting into a heated discussion with her main puppet.

    Have I been banned over there? No. She’s too desperate for regular posters to ban me, apparently.

    Come to think of it, is there any way you could keep this comment from posting? I’m not in the mood to deal with any more email shenanigans and I still like to poke the crazy over there on a regular basis.

    • DD Says:

      Well, she banned me! I guess I must have disagreed with her sockpuppets one too many times. Or maybe she was mad at me for spoiling her private party in the Philippines rumor by posting the Skechers ad from the same photoshoot. What a joke! I do not understand how she thinks she can fool everyone with that made up crap. Oh well, guess my days of poking the crazy are over.

      • Jessie Says:

        Sorry to hear about that DD. I always enjoyed and agreed with your posts.

      • Sandy Says:

        DD, AdExec(I mean Holly) quoted your post and was wondering how you could be so mean to her because she was “nice” to you and thanked you for posting that picture. Yeah, right, she was nice. She thanked you and then she banned you!

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Rule number one. Make up a fake email account. Never use your real one. Sorry she did that to you.

  3. Sandy Says:

    Hey! I made the front page! Holly/MaryAnn also says she “reported” the person on twitter and has requested their IP address which she will match up to the traitor on the board. As if Twitter would easily give out IP addresses just on her say so! There are actually legal channnels one must go through to obtain that kind of information. One would think that if she really had the “legal background” she claims to have that she would know that. But of course she lied about that just like she lies about everything else.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      She’ll have a rough time trying to match my twitter ip to anyone at DCU. I’m no member..

      LMAO. Holly/MaryAnn if you really have something to say please grow some stones and post here.. or email me at ithrowhissyfits*at*gmail*dot*com.

      • Sandy Says:

        She is a coward. She can’t even chew out her own members when she’s upset at them. Instead she hides behind “Diane” and “Sharon” and uses them to verbally abuse and swear at the members while she pretends to be too “nice” and “classy” to say such things.

  4. nonna-muss Says:

    Oh Holly Sockpuppets! Will you never learn? You fool no one. NO ONE. All of your real flesh and blood members know all about you. They know you are an old hag who has nothing better to do than to spread trash. Ad executives and lawyers wouldn’t have time to make up such lies and nonsense. Holly (Mary Ann Ellis), do you know that you are a complete and total joke throughout the Cook fandom? Do you know that others mock you and talk about what a desperate, pathetic loser you are? Do you know that your own precious members do the same? Your board is a joke and is treated as such by all that go there. No one has a loyalty to you or your shitty board, but lucky for you Mary Ann Ellis! You have lots of friends. Friends that you made up in your own head and try to pass off as real members. Soon you and all of your sockpuppets can have a big party together talking about whatever floats your sad little boat.

    • Sue Says:

      Hahaha!!! You are so right. That woman is batshit crazy and getting nuttier by the minute. I guess one of the long term members set up her own board and invited her friends to join it so Holly banned her and a bunch of other members that she suspects of being “traitors”. She says they are trouble makers but the only thing I can see that they have done wrong is disagree with her stupid sock-puppets or favored members. Then she restricted the girlfriends thread to all but the most frequent posters and a few other special posters she has handpicked. Which means she will be basically talking to herself and a few others she hasn’t banned yet. She must really feel threatened because she has spent the last couple of days logging on and off like a madwoman as different people in order to discredit the banned members and defend her board. I counted at least 20 that I’m sure are her sock-puppets over the last couple of days:
      East Coaster

      Plus several other “newbies” who registered ages ago but seem to have never posted or even logged in until now but are chiming in with their support for Holly. She way outnumbers the real people who still post there. It’s totally nuts. I’m not quite sure why I keep going there cause I know she has no real “scoop” on anything. I guess it’s the trainwreck factor. I want to be there to witness it when things finally blow up in her face.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Let me guess. “Holly” is out of town? Sick in the hospital? Too busy with work to be around the board? It’s got to be one of those. Am I right? Of course I am. Holly is always “indisposed” when the shit hits the fan.

      • Jessie Says:

        Totally agree with your list. You can spot them a mile away. I also go there for the trainwreck factor. I don’t think Holly actually likes David Cook since he asked out Kimberly Caldwell. The members she has banned are all ones who don’t think the man is the biggest douchebag on the planet and actually have the nerve to defend him against unfair or completely unsubstantiated rumors. Of course their arguments are always backed up by logic or facts, something Holly has no time for.

  5. Natasha Says:

    DCU is nuts but the fanatics-in-the-opposite direction at the Word Nerds home aren’t much better.

  6. Jessie Says:

    Yes nonna-muss, Holly is “out of town” as usual and ad-exec is posting in her place. Pretty sure ad-exec is Holly. It’s funny how Holly always seems to go out of town to places that mysteriously have no internet access. Where does she go? Timbuktu?

    • Sandy Says:

      Yup. AdExec is Holly too! And ModeratorJo as well. They all make the same spelling errors and other mistakes that Holly does. And Holly was “out of town” as usual. Doesn’t she know that most hotels have internet for their guests? I thought she used to claim she traveled for business and ran the board from her laptop?

  7. The Queen Tramp Says:

    I have no idea if anyone reads here any longer. However, I wanted to thank all of you for your comments. Yes, I left DCU and took my tramp posse with me. I did start a new little board. Tramp Posse Loves David Cook. Come over and have some fun and post with the tramps.

    • Banned Tramp Says:

      Gee, I thought you needed a special invite to get on your new board.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        No, you’re obviously mistaking me for Holly/Mary Ann and wouldn’t your employer be upset you are accessing this place from a place of business?

  8. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    FDC, I believe Banned Tramp was responding to Queen Tramp about that Tramp Posse site. When it first started up, you did need an invitation to join. I guess now they have decided to open it up.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      D’oh! I didn’t pay attention to what page the comment was on. Guess I should do that

  9. TheQueenTramp Says:

    I locked the board because DCU sockpuppets were carrying tales/lies back to DCU via PMs. A couple of us had to lock our Twitter accounts too. Holly needs to get over people leaving her board.

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