You Can’t Kill Yourself With Unisom!

So it came out yesterday in several media outlets that Fantasia tried to kill herself using ‘aspirin and a sleep aid’

As sad as it is that she tried to off herself with drugs it’s almost comical that she tried to use aspirin and something like Unisom. Ain’t gonna happen. You’ll just wake up the next day feeling super foolish. Reminds me of the time the Reagan admin I cannot remember the name of tried to kill himself with a handful of Valium 2 mg. He would have had to swallowed a box car full of the things to even cop a buzz much less lure in the Grim Reaper. People, people, if you are trying to navigate a successful final exit from the building at least do a little research on what works unless you like bitter tears and regret the next morning.

Hope the poor gal gets some treatment. Suicide sucks, unsuccessful or not.

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