Mr Bigglesworth Is Pissed Off!

So someone on Adam Lambert’s management team decided that a Glamest Fan contest was another way to bolster up Madam’s career earlier this week. Or at least better than all those leftover CDs for “For Your Entertainment” lounging around in the markdown sales bin at Rite Aid and Walgreens.

They announced this:

Exciting news Glamberts! Adam Lambert is happy to announce his very special “Glam-Up Contest” for all of Adam’s fans on Twitter! If you’re just getting onto Twitter, this is a perfect way to get your feet wet with the fun social network.

So how does the contest work? It’s pretty simple. If you’re not already signed up on Twitter, log on and create an account (it’s free!). Once you have an account, head on over to Adam Lambert’s Official Twitter Page and be sure you’re “following” Adam. Adam’s asking all of his fans to “Glam-Up” in honor of his Glam Nation Tour. So get your glitter, makeup and awesome outfits together and send Adam a photo of your Glamed-up self on Twitter. Tweet the photo to @adamlambert and you’ll be included in the contest. Be sure to include the hashtag “#glamphoto” so we can get the contest to trend on Twitter!

One Grand Prize Winner will receive a special, autographed surprise item, signed by Adam Lambert. Adam will also be personally selecting the winners himself – so the more amazing photos you take, the more chances you have at winning. The contest ends on September 15th, 2010. Hurry up and Enter today!

They really ought to call it “The gLamest Fan” instead based upon the photos I’ve seen so far. It’s like Christmas/Hannukah/Kwaanza/Festofus came very early this year and deposited some comical lumps of glitter in our stockings.

I have to say though I am love, love, loving all the tranny pictures. Trannies rock! They are a million times fiercer than the old straight ladies trying too hard to be glam. What is glam anyway? Buried in glitter and bad eyeliner? More makeup than a fleet of Tammy Faye Bakker trannies?

There’s lots of images of teenagers dressed in various stages of glam, which is okay, because teenagers are into doing super embarrassing stuff they’ll regret later. Plus it’s totally normal to tard over a celeb when you are young. I myself believed back in the stone ages of my teenybopper hood that one day I would marry Donny Osmond, slept on a pillowcase with his image on it and only wore purple. It was a phase, it passed. So shall it will for these gals.

The ones that make me hoot with laughter are the highly inappropriate ones, like granny in fishnet stockings with her fat gut hanging over the garter belt. Or some fool dying her four year olds hair red and black and dressing her up like a kinderwhore ready to compete in kids beauty pageants. Exploiting your kid is never a good idea.

When is it ever appropriate to take a 4 year old to a concert filled with suggestive songs and scantily claddish old skank? Like never.

But the winning entry I’ve seen so far is pure genius. I’d love to see how many scratches the woman who applied eyeliner to a cat got. Bet she looks like she tangled with a woodchipper.

For your daily dose of the Glamboree you can see the photos here

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3 Comments on “Mr Bigglesworth Is Pissed Off!”

  1. Maloy Says:

    Who are you and who gave you a blog?

  2. freedavidcook Says:

    No one ‘gave’ me this blog. I started it because I got sick to death of seeing the 35 to 60 year old crowd act like they were one very ugly 12 years old over some karaoke singer. It’s just ridiculous the lengths some of the so-called fans go.

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