Adam Lambert’s Sacred Sparkle Cows

So the baggage section of the bus must be full because Adam and pals have started a new contest. Whoever gives money to his pet charity Glam A Classroom through Donors Choose gets a chance to be chosen for a Meet and Greet.

Very smart of Adam. So smart of Adam I’m going to have to stop calling him ‘Madam’ and dub him ‘Farmer Adam’ for milking the Sparkle Cows of their money in a zeitgeist friendly way that benefits children. I’m sure by now that the teddy bears, scrapbooks, jewelry, belts, dolls, etc. have taken over the bus like so much idiotic glittery flotsam. Great charity he’s picked. Schools need all the help they can get these days. Clever, this is new way the Sparkle Cows can compete for Head Sparkle Cow status.

Lawd knows they’re all tweeting, pming and carrying on about the lady that was kissed/tongued by Adam up on stage a few days ago. The knifes of jealousy are already out for her and her Head Tard status. I feel sorry for the poor girl because while the Sparkle Cow herd is kissing her ass upfront you know behind the scenes they are all digging up dirt on her, gossiping about her and just generally being nasty jealous grasping bitches.

So I hope Farmer Adam manages to milk or bilk a lot of dough from these crazy women.

But I am curious to know if Adam is going to pony up with a real meet and greet or will he downgrade the prize to a Skype call instead. That’s what he did the last time someone won a charity challenge in his name at Donors Choose.

This should be interesting to watch the complaining and infighting. I’m going to make some popcorn, pull on my astronaut diapers and get a case of beer for the viewing party.

As always sent your hate mail to me at ithrowhissyfits(at)gmail(dot)com.

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