Neal Tiemann’s Mystery Stalker

Remember back when Celine was tweeting Neal all the time and some of it was kinda of frightening? There’s someone else on Twitter doing the same thing now. Neal is following them and there’s been some talk of blow jobs.

Looks like he’s learned nothing about not just having every random woman he runs across sucking on his junk in the bushes. Check out his twitter feed.

Speaking of stalkers did you hear the one about the David Cook fan that recently waddled over to The Griddle Cake restaurant in Hell Lay just because Dave had tweeted he’d be there? She interrupted his brunch/linner with her frau burblings. Very swanky.

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10 Comments on “Neal Tiemann’s Mystery Stalker”

  1. Sandy Says:

    That David Cook fan also apparently just moved cross-country to LA without a job. That’s really creepy if she’s now going to hang out at places where he might show up on the off chance of seeing him.

    • Dani Says:

      Any hint on who this “fan” is? I’d need both hands to count the number of possible suspects but since I don’t spend half my life on Twitter (or even a small fraction of it) I haven’t seen the tweets.

  2. ninasfeethag Says:

    Ninasfeet is her twitter handle not mine lol! Her name is Kelly something. She made her twitter private. I saw the girl on Neals twitter for a few days but she deleted, or was deleted by someone? Damage control for the DC guitar tard seems swift these days haha. Did you happen to save any of her tweets to him? She said she told him she was 17, but was actually 16 and he blew her off after getting blown by her in santa monica and he tweeted her taunting her it seemed? A twitter friend of mine noticed he had been following her from a while back. Her twit handle was badassgirlfriend or something?

  3. Ana Says:

    I read Neals twitter feed back a few days but didn’t see anything about this chick. He doesn’t get too many replies, for having close to 5,000 following him. Just the same few David Cook fans and some of his friends. I looked at his following list and grossed out! A bunch of nasty porn stars and weirdos lol!

  4. Joan Says:

    Why do you crazy cunts care so fuckimg much? David and his band are REAL people.
    I follow both of them and never see or hear them talking to under age girls in a bad manor. Yes, Neal may follow porn stars but he’s fucking rock and roll! I’m sure he didn’t get into playing guitar to have fat, ugly, middle aged bitches always making shit up about him and his life. You say you don’t spend any time on twitter but it seems you’re on there just as much as anyone else. (if not more.)
    I know Im on there a lot. I also look at the @replies to Neal.
    In my opinion, that Celine girl needs a straight jacket and some severe meds!
    Although I do thinks she’s all bark and no bite!

    This blog is about “saving” our AI’s from stalkers but this is just as bad
    Get help and a fucking life.

    Move the fuck on!

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Joan, Joan, Joan….. thank you for oh so obvious concern. I’m so touched and flattered.

      Monitoring others time on Twitter? Hmm and exactly who doesn’t have the life?

      Curious location. Are you one of the tards that moved to LA without a job to chase Baldy all over the local waffle joints?

  5. Ana Says:

    Speaking of stalkerish fans. On a side note it seems krunkjess has moved on from Neal to stalking John Mayer lol. She realized she had no chance with Neal (sad seeing as how low his standards seems to be!), she moved to NYC and promptly began stalking JM after a coincedential meeting at an impromptu concert.
    So of course she fell in love and has since stalked his concerts and on her public twitter (theREALkrunk) she posted how last night she followed him to a photo exibit haha. Even took a pic with him. Gotta notice how she seemed to have packed on the extra poundage lmao! Maybe due to her depression over loosing Neal 😀
    She links her tumbler acct. And an article in a magazine about the event. A pic in the article cleary shows her right behind him(among the real art patrons) as he looks non too happy.
    I have to wonder if krunkjess maybe why he deleted his twitter account? You never know lol!

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Ana, I was wondering earlier if stalkery fans were possibly responsible for Mayer ditching twitter because he seems like just the kind of narcissistic tool that would need fans stroking his ego via Twitter all the damn time. Fascinating. I knew Krunky was crazy but that’s just too much.

  6. Ana Says:

    LOL yeah John is a total concieted tool for sure! It had to be really bad for him to delete his twitter where he jacked off on fan adoration on a daily basis. So I’m leaning toward thinking dear old krunkjess looking for a new boyfriend freaked his shit out haha. Read back her twitter where she takes a bus to Washington,D.C to see him perform a couple songs for a charity event. She’s super scary!

  7. krisallenfan Says:

    I havnt checked this blog in ages, but this is so funny. Does David Cook even have a recording contract still? I liked him but wouldn’t go to a concert because of the weird fans I heard about. And my friends would never let me live it down lol. That Joan chick sounds like Neal’s girlfriend, haha. Not even DC fans defend his alcholic guitar player. Why can’t he defend himself?
    And if he wanted to be a porn star fucking, drug/alcohol induced, hard core metal rock star, why would he have signed on with David?…Who as Joan so elequently put it, has nothing but ugly,fat, middle aged women as fans LMAO!
    As for theREALkrunk? No words…never thought I would utter these words…Poor John Mayer LOL!

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