Thar’ She Blows!

September seems to be the month when stupid American Idol fan behavior winds down. School starts again and I suspect many out of control fraus return to making pb and j sandwiches for kids lunches as well as play taxi mom. Soccer practice starts and life begins another season anew. The AI tour is over. Real life intrudes for the fraus.

Usually there’s not much happening, but then again I have only watched laughing from the AI sidelines at the crazy. Always a voyeur, never a participant. Just call me the Emily Post of Tard Dos & Don’ts.

Ana kindly posted in the messages what long time tard Krunk Jess is up to. Turns out she’s no longer being bent over a sink or on her knees in front of a certain blond guitarist giving him, ah, lip service. Nor is she drooling over Baldy David Cook any longer either. Mamma’s got a brand new bag, a douchebag. In particular a douchebag named John Mayer. Another crap musician.

I guess you could call it an improvement that she’s moved on to someone that isn’t another American Idol loser with with a moribundesque career. But, John Mayer? Tabloid darling. Talks shit in public about ex girlfriends in a very just not done way. Takes his own publicity seriously. Behaves like his ego is the size of Newark. Seriously, calling Jessica Simpson ‘sexual crack’ is pretty far into douchebaggery territory.

That 14, she’s my favorite artist!

He’s begging for a serious karmic realignment and I don’t want to be within a 100 miles of him when it happens. And it just might have happened now.

Which makes me wonder if Krunk Jess is the reason Mayer deleted his Twitter this week. Krunkie is known for her Twitter-spamming of all and sundry she obsesses over. Apparently she met Mayer and has followed right behind him to art galleries and other places, even seen in photos at events. Some scary shit. But I don’t know which is actually scarier, Krunkie falling for a douchebag or her stalking him. 50/50

She’s looking very, um, er, expanded in the photos of her traipsing around the Big Apple after her new love. Krunk Jess is growing a few more chins.

Stand by. This might get a whole lot more interesting before it’s over.

ETA: Creamed crap on a cracker! There are a literal TON of photos of her stalking Mayer along with other celebs on her Flickr Account

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6 Comments on “Thar’ She Blows!”

  1. Idolxfan Says:

    Oh god. I read your blog and went to checkout out @theREALkrunk twitter. She had the nerve to post her picture stalking John “the tool” Mayer. And like Ana said, he looked none too happy! How pathetic. And she claims to be job hunting as an attorney. Doesn’t she realize any potential employer will google her dumb ass! Jess Savagina right?! Haha. Moron to the 100th degree!

  2. Idolxfan Says:

    I’m not sure if my comment posted?…testing lol…if it did then delete this. Thanks!

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I have people who haven’t commented on moderated for the first post or so to keep down the porno merchants and others spamming comments with their things they are selling. Sorry about that.

  3. Ana Says:

    Holy cow! I just got a dm from a friend on my twitter account trying to find krunkjess’s John Mayer post and it seems she deleted the pics and most of her stalker activities from her page 🙂 Lucky for my friend I like using screencaps for recording such atrocities and injustices lol. Just in case I may be called as a witness at Savagina’s trial lol. I wonder if she’ll make her flickr private too? Too late Jesstard!

  4. Ana Says:

    Oh I meant to post the link to that picture of krunkjess and her beau JM lol. Its on her tumblr account.

  5. nonna-muss Says:

    To be in Manhattan and “run into” someone over and over is not possible. It requires much more than that. It requires scary stuff. It’s not hard to see celebrities walking the streets, it is hard to see the same one multiple times. I wonder if Cook realizes what a lucky guy he is now that she’s moved on.

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