When In Miami….

…dress like the locals? Considering most of the locals in South Florida are somewhere between the age to get the senior citizen discount on the Rooty Tootie Fresh & Fruity and one foot on the banana peel and the other on the tombstone it might not be the best strategy. Particularly for that hip edgy rawk gawd Adam Lambert. He’s dressed like my 85 year old Uncle Ira lining up for the Early Bird Special in Boca. Ugh.

He had an incident with a paparazzi on Miami Beach, as least according to Radar Online.

Peruse the photos at Radar and tell me what they actually look like. A confrontation? A set-up?

Strikes me that these are another shameless grab for attention, just like the weird tweeting, the tongue wrassling with a fan, kissing his band members, humping a dancers face, admitting to drug use and a million other things he’s done. This is an American Idol contestant that will do what it takes to make sure everyone is still talking about him. Notice none of that fame whoring list contains any mention of the music at all. Adam Lambert wants to be famous dammit and he doesn’t care how that happens.

Adam is almost laughing in the photos and so is the photographer he’s in the slap and tickle fight with. Pathetic.

Wonder how far Adam Lambert will take his fame whoring ways? What next.

The comical thing about all of this is that the Sparkle Cows trampled all over the joint (Radar Online) until the comments had to be disabled. I wish they were still up as I need a laugh this morning. I’m sure the comments were all filled with funny fail and delusion.

I’m sure all of Adam’s Sparkle Cow herd are losing it too on the news that the late Freddie Mercury will be portrayed onscreen by Sasha Baron Cohen instead of their glittery god in the upcoming biopic of Queen. The Cows aren’t taking into account two different factors, 1 – Cohen can act and 2 – Cohen actually resembles Freddie. Suck it Sparkle Cows.

I’m sure all of this will inspire Kerry Kolsch to write another ill-spelled manifesto. One can only hope.

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2 Comments on “When In Miami….”

  1. Daf Says:

    FDC, I totally agree with you that this fool is NOT about the music but about the “fame”, or better said, “infamy”. I honestly TRIED to like him, but I can’t. I find nothing redeeming about him or his actions. He’s pretty low class, if you ask me.

  2. nonna-muss Says:

    I totally agree FDC and Daf. Every single thing he does seems contrived to me. Nothing about him seems natural or spontaneous. This includes his banter, which is staged and planned, just like this tickle fight was. He’s slipping from the spotlight and will do anything to keep his name out there. In another year he won’t be able to get tabloid press even if he took a shit in the middle of Times Square on a Saturday afternoon during the Christmas rush.

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