More Mad Sparkle Cow Disease Afoot

Or would it be hoof in mouth disease? I don’t know.

What I do know is that you bitches are crazy, you Adam Lambert fans, you glittery bovines. This week has been filled with your irrational behavior defending your Idol.

Reality check time.

You guys are a big old ball of crazy Fag Hags. Please stop it. Enjoy the man’s music and concerts without heading into territory reserved for Lifetime Movie Channel and mental hospitals.

Big deal, so the guy on E’s “The Daily 10” said something mean and snarky about Adam’s slap and tickle fight with the grinning photographer. Get over it. Don’t try to spam the guy silly, threaten his livelihood and life.

What type of crazy and threats would the Herd bring if say, the KKK or those douche bags that picket soldiers funerals, decided to picket Adam’s shows and burn his CDs? If you react like this to a snotty (and funny) remark what happens when someone really is mean and homophobic? Do you pull out nuclear weapons and thermalize the place?

Attacks and howling for the heads of anyone that doesn’t think Adam is the Second Coming of Elvis Presley fused with the Beatles. Why? Yes, yes, I know you love Adam but for gawd’s sake why do you guys feel compelled to defend Adam against any perceived slight? Even when there isn’t one.

I guess I just don’t understand the hostile defense or what the emotional payoff is for you Sparkle Cows. I’m pretty sure Adam doesn’t give a rip that you lot trample around the internet threatening people and spamming. Last night Chris Sligh commented on fame and Idol in the context of what Adam is dealing with and lo and behold another backlash of spamming and nasty. And Chris said nice things! He even complimented Adam’s CD and urged others to get it.

Again why?

Do you think this will earn you brownie points with Adam (translation – chance to boff him) or are you all just trying to win the head tard title with all the stupidity it entails?

Why don’t you guys go spam email someone who deserves it, who said one thing and did another in regards to Adam’s career, Brian May. Now he deserves it. The others, mmhr, not so much.

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16 Comments on “More Mad Sparkle Cow Disease Afoot”

  1. Daf Says:

    YES!! SPAM BRIAN MAY, SPAM BRIAN MAY!!! If ANYONE deserves it, he does. Brian may is a big fat hairy homephobe!

  2. nonna-muss Says:

    Once again I must applaud FDC for calling out the crazy. As for Brian May, maybe he made those comments about Adam/Freddie BEFORE he got to see what Adam’s all about. Just a thought.

    I think this brand of crazy, i.e. Sparkle Cow mentality has surpassed the Tay-Tay tards and the Clay freaks. They are above and beyond the craziest.

  3. Mysterisoman sucks twinkies Says:

    The Irony of this blog. I think the author is too stupid to realize just how ironic it is though. The author is over the top obsessed with American Idol and it’s fans. Stalks the fans and stalks the contestants. What do you want to bet that this person is 40 plus years old. Loser. Get a life. Get a real job. Put down the damned remote and get outside for awhile. You have retards like Mysteriosoman. 53 fucking years old, fat, washed up musician stalking teenagers and their fans. Ewwwwwwwww…..freak! Put down the remote Daniel, put down the mushrooms, the twinkies and the bottle of jack and get a life. Maybe you need to get laid. Freak. Same with Smartie – a 40 year old fat woman from Australia. If those two ever stood together on the same continent it would probably sink under their weight. Stupid idiots spend hours stalking people half their age. Everyone is laughing at you losers. You’re worst than all the BSC fans put together.

  4. Mysterioso Says:

    Nice rant!

  5. nonna-muss Says:

    Yowza! And we’re the crazy ones? LMAO. The problems with tards is that they have NO sense of humor. At all.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Anything to defend the Idol and as usual it makes no sense. The response to having their obsessional tardishness pointed out to them is to tell us to get lives. Ha!

      Nonna, I don’t know about you but I know I’m not frantically spamming and Googling without probable cause anything Lamebert related like a good old Sparkle Cow.

  6. tardspotter Says:

    “Everyone is laughing at you losers”

    We don’t give a shit.

  7. Daniel shames the gay community Says:

    How do people know your age and weight Danny old boy? Because you have played in public in Washington state stupid. People know you outside the Internet world. People think you are way too old to be doing this kind of crap. Idol tards who obsessively fan over their chosen one need to get a life but you guys are worst. You’ve been doing this for years. You follow the tweets, scan articles and obsessively follow these fans and contestants who are young enough to be for some of you your grandchildren. If that’s not bizarre I don’t know what is. The fact you can’t see it now that’s really freaky. Oh and Daniel, you are the shame of the gay community. You are discussed quite a bit in some of the more underground blogs.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Whateves Glittery burger on the hoof wearing blinders. Adam will never ball you regardless of how much time you spend defending him.

    • Mysterioso Says:

      That’s funny, since I have never performed once in the state of Washington, nor have I ever met anyone who has even heard of an Idol blog. So these people who “know” me seem to be suffering from Mad Cow disease.

      Moo! Moo!

      • daf Says:

        Mysterioso, there are cows out there young enough to be your grandchildren??? No freaking way!! Unless you’re 120 and these grandchildren of yours are in their 60’s. The average cow age is OLD, so that must make Mysterioso freaking ANCIENT.

  8. freedavidcook Says:

    You look hot for a 120 year old man, Myst!

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