Neil Lambert For The Win!

Turns out Adam Lambert’s brother Neil has been chatting up some of the Sparkle Cows of TALC. TALC seems to stand for ‘The Adam Lambert Cows” or a few other not so nice sobriquets I could dub them. Whateves, turns out Neil is traveling with his bro on the bus for the Glamnation thing and plans were made for Neil to meet the TALC. Apparently there was a meeting and all and that’s cool.

How do I know this? Because of that marvelous social networking site that the Glistening Bovines use to stalk Adam Lambert and every other AI penis possessor – Twitter. Neil also has a twitter. He tweets as Negative Neil.

I suspect he’s so sick of the Cows now that it will be a long time before he craves a juicy steak. They’re enough to make you swear off red meat for life. And many other things too. Like glitter and eyeliner.

Tonight Neil outlined how a tweeting and driving insano Sparkle Cow got busted by the popo courtesy of the tour bus driver. That is just all kinds of awesome. There are too many regular crazy drivers out there without adding in Adamgasms, flailing and Sparkle Cow Lust.

@christinalohr haha we got you buuuusted for driving like assholes.

This girl @christinalohr was driving in the shoulder screaming her ass off and slapping the steering wheel while following our bus.

So our awesome bus driver called the cops on @christinalohr and got her pulled over. Next time dont drive like a moron! #justice

And how did we know it was @christinalohr tailing us? BECAUSE HER DUMB ASS WAS TWEETING US WHILE SHE WAS DRIVING.

Public shamings should be more common in society. They’re incredibly effective. #tailgaters

I’m laughing. Would have loved to have seen her face when the cops busted her ass. Stalking Adam Lambert just has to be the weirdest reason for speeding those police ever heard.

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5 Comments on “Neil Lambert For The Win!”

  1. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! I didn’t like Neil for a long time because he talked shit about VFTW, but this puts him into hero territory as far as I’m concerned!

  2. Mysterioso Says:

    The cop was obviously a homephobe.

  3. nonna-muss Says:

    Holy shit! This is funny (in a sick and twisted kind of way). With no regard to her safety or the safety of other innocents on the road who don’t give a rat’s fat ass who Madam is she MUST SEE MADAM! Did she think the bus was going to stop so her devotion could be rewarded? She’ll probably proudly show off her ticket and have Madam autograph it at the next stop. Where have we seen that before? Psychos.

  4. Mysterioso Says:

    The poor cows never made it to the next Madam tour stop, they were too embarrassed after being called out as crazies. That’s OK, they had already stalked him at 10 other shows.

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