Sparkle Cows Get Show Canceled…

… and those connected with the show fired.

Proving yet again that Adam Lambert has the most insane, delusional and screwed up retarded fans his Sparkle Cow herd has been burying the E Network, Michael Catherwood (Mcatherwood) and Sal Masekela (Imsalmasekel) in hate emails, tweets, snail mails, etc. for the past three or four days.

Why? Why? Did the balance of the Free World hang in jeopardy? Were the Israelis and Palestinians fighting again? Were they protesting lack of health care, global warming and hunger in the world? No. They were protesting something said on TV by a talking head about a pop star. A pop star. Really.

Because Catherwood made an off color remark on E’s show, “The Daily 10” about Adam Lambert enjoying prison in light of his pap slapfight. A pop star is slighted and a bunch of fat housewives with horrid musical taste, too much time on their hands and computers decided to storm a network and demand heads.

Well it looks like those shiny idiots got their desires if you read the tweets of Sal Masekela

Wow. The fanning of this fire is amazing. I tweeted in jest to @MCatherwood bcause suddenly the entire world is talking about @THEDAILY10

Further, all the tweets I’ve gotten from Lambert fans have been for me to die. Actual physical threats.

The bottom line is that yes @MCatherwood said something innapropriate but I do not think he was insinuating that he wanted harm…

…to come to Adam. I know Mike and he is not a homophobe. Further, neither am I.

I apologize if people were offended that I tweeted what I did to Mike. But, I simply understand that his intentions were not to offend.

3 days of hate tweets is a lot. Don’t worry, tomorrow there will be a big announcement sure to make the haters filled with joy. You win.

After 4 1/2 golden years @THEDAILY10 was canceled 2day. Oct 1st will be our last show.E News will now be an hour show. I will be moving on.

Gee whiz, that sounds to me like not only did the guy that made the joke got fired but also others completely unconnected to the remark. E bowed to some stupid pressure and is canceling the show. Too bad as it was only one of the few on that network I could stand. Way to go moronic Sparkle Cows, piss all over the Constitution and Freedom of the Press. Guess Free Speech only applies when someone says something super complimentary about Adam Lambert. Anyone else is an evil homephobe that gets death threats.

Think the Sparkle Cows will flood KROQ with complaints till their fire Catherwood next? Anythings possible I suppose.

At least they are spared the idiotic false rumors mingled with the threats. Yes, yes, both Mysterioso Man and myself are drunken geriatrics so fat we can no longer walk, only roll around in our Hoveround carts chasing hookers. I admit it. 😉

And here I thought I was going to discuss the funny of Holly Sockpuppets/Mary Ann Ellis talking trash on David Cook Uncensored about Daina Balding Pizza Screamers new and very ugly feet tattoos of David “Baldy” Cook & Andy Skib lyrics. But the Sparkle Cows are an infinity worth crazier. It’s like watching nuclear car wrecks and alligator wressling mixed with bad opera.

As usual send my death threats to

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12 Comments on “Sparkle Cows Get Show Canceled…”

  1. Mysterioso Says:

    You forgot “shame to the gay community”. I’m very proud of that title. 🙂

    The Sparkle Cows work very hard to make everyone in the entertainment biz want nothing to do with Madam. Pretty soon he’ll have to jump off of a building to get any media attention.

  2. Daf Says:

    I find it somewhat hilarious that this happened, although I do feel sorry for ALL of the E people involved. It was an off color remark, he apologized for it more than once, but that wasn’t enough for the psycho bitch Glambarf fans. They and their disgusting mob mentality and death threats resulted in more than one person getting hurt from one stupid remark, that IMO wasn’t even that big of a deal.

    It’s the beginning of the end for Lambert and the media’s “love fest” of the glittery god of douchebaggery. I think pretty much everyone except for the die hard cows in the media will find it’s better to SAY NOTHING at all than to risk the wrath of the Glamberlynch Mob. He’ll be taboo and basically a media pariah. If that’s what the cows want, that’s what they’re going to get. What we have been seeing for more than a year with his crazy ass fans (because we follow it) THANKFULLY the world outsite of the AI blogs and forums bubble are FINALLY seeing how insane, psychotic, hypocritical and mentally unstable the lynch mob, oops, the Glamberts really are.

    I NEVER knew that these OOT Idol fans existed until Season 8 and I saw the behavior of the Lambert fans. It was unlike anything I had ever seen/watched. What in the hell is wrong with just being a “fan”? They take all this shit personally, SCREAM homephobia, draw terrible art, write horrible porn stories about Adam and Kris and whoever else they get their granny panties wet over. I hope that one day some of them will wake up and see that he’s not some saint who pisses glitter and shits rainbows. He’s a conceited princess, and everyone but the cows see it. Lambert sold his soul, sold himself out, and he got this. Welcome to your own hell, Adam, you’d better relax, I have a feeling you’re going to be here for a while.

    ps. You have a Hoveround? Spoiled!! Do you go to the Grand Canyon and drive your Hoveround right to the edge like the old ladies do in the commercial?

  3. girl from mars Says:

    And where were all these strident “gay rights” “activists” during the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell hearings? Protesting? Canvassing? No, they were tweeting threats to an entertainment news show host because of a joke. Clutching pearls over jokes on comedic tv shows and taking things said so seriously is the mark of unintelligence and ignorance regarding which battles to pick. Also, it’s just about the laziest way these women can claim “activism.” Would you catch them doing something real to help the LGBTQ community without invoking Lambert or telling him about it? Absolutely not.

  4. freedavidcook Says:

    I think it’s time to compile a list of the Twitter names most responsible for this hate speech and harassment. Negative Neil Lambert is right about one thing, sometimes people need to be publicly shamed. Although I doubt such haters have a normal enough level of self-awareness to experience shame.

  5. tardspotter Says:

    If the Cows are such “advocates” of gay rights, why are they so offended by anyone mentioning the fact that Madam is gay?

  6. nonna-muss Says:

    They’ve hit a new low. This is incredible to me. Absolutely incredible. Mysterioso hit the nail on the head. Adam will avoided by the press like the plague. The Great Sparkly Ones have not only ended this show, the jobs of this guy and others, they have just ended Adam’s career. Perhaps we should thank them. After what they did to the Houston Press article, now this. No media outlet will want to bother with him for fear of having to deal with the herd. It’s easier to ignore Adam than have to deal with the cows.

  7. Kathie Says:

    This was not just about standing up for a pop star. This was a joke about rape. Rape is not a Joke, not in any form, ever. Women especially find jokes about rape offensive, as well as everyone should. No surprise that women are voicing out. If an incident involving Adam Lambert en-powered these ladies to conquer these pricks, so be it. Go get’m girls.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      The joke was tacky and dumb but never once was rape mentioned.

      The fact of the matter is there is lots of consensual gay sex in prison. It’s not all forced. The joke sounded to me like Catherwood was saying that Adam would make out like an ass bandit in jail, not that he was going to be raped in prison.

      The whole controversy is stupid. Where is the Sparkle Cow outrage over ‘DADT’ or any other rape or rape victim or any ‘gay’ issue that isn’t directly linked with Adam Lambert? Admit it, you guys only get all defensive and accusatory of others being a homephobe when the press or some lone person says anything that reflects poorly on Adam.

      Well congratufuckinglations! You’ve done what we couldn’t, killed his career stone cold dead. The critics will now completely ignore him, good or bad and no one else will mention him for fear of Sparkle Cow attack and death threats. You cannot run an entertainment career without public relations and no one is going to want to give him any press now. Within two years he’ll be delivering pizzas for a living and wondering where it all went wrong.

  8. What losers Says:

    Wow! You freaks have a lot of time on your hands. Step away from the computer put down the Doritos and get a life. Compile twitter lists? What do you freaks do stalk Cook and Lambert? Fucking bizarro world. Karma is a bitch and you mental retards are going to get ass kicked by Karma. I can just picture the bloggers on this site. Fat, miserable reaching for the six pack in your trailer while bubba butt fucks you. Good luck to you losers.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Is someone perhaps projecting their own situation onto others?

      You are just pissy because I’m getting the info from your buddies. People on the inside of the fandoms slip me a lot of this information. They are laughing too.

      Funny, looks like you’re from the area/state with the highest percentage of Tardage in the US of A.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Loser is from….hmmmm….let me guess, Pennsyltucky? So funny how they don’t get that it’s their own outing them. We just sit back and point and laugh. Perhaps Loser needs to watch who her cyber-friends are lest they turn on her. It only takes one asinine move and they all turn on you and come running to sites like this to rat you out, Loser.

        My guess is that the ratio of FDC getting emails bringing items to her attention vs. searching the stories out is about 100:1.

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