Oh Brother, Can You Spare..

…a Maserati?

Turns out that the birthday of Adam Lambert is upcoming and his Sparkle Cows at Adam Official have come up with a special birthday present for him. The Herd wants to give him a brand spanking new Maserati.

It doesn’t seem to matter to them that he’s publicly asked them not to keep giving him gifts. Adam long ago asked them to give whatever they would spend on a gift to Donors Choose to the worthy cause of the Arts in the classrooms. Kids benefit from his request, which is a great idea in this time when many school districts are strapped for cash to operate.

So the Sparkle Cows are going to completely ignore Adam’s request and collect money for this 100K car.

One of them commented that since Farmer Adam has 600K followers on Twitter if they could only get everyone to donate a buck then there would be plenty for the car, insurance and gas cards or the excess could go to Donors Choose. But that’s some pretty flawed reasoning. Nearly everyone’s Twitters are clogged with either porn bots or commercial enterprise bots as followers. Add in media and people like me that follow just so that they can point and laugh and you have a large block of folks who would never kick in a buck. My guess is that there’s going to be only a small fraction of the 600K to give.

Even if everyone gave and the ignoring Adam’s request was cool, who in the fandom would be spearheading the collection of the money? This has a huge potential for rip off, like the Jason Castro Towelgate and other supposed collections for charity for various Idols ending in the Head Money Collecting Tard keeping the dough.

But you Sparkle Cows keep on with the car birthday present idea please. The beginning of the in fighting in making those of us on the outside of the pasture laugh our asses off. This is going to be epic before it’s over. Cluster-f potential is enormous!

Get Kerry Kolsch to kick in her profits from her Madam related book.

Oh Brother!

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2 Comments on “Oh Brother, Can You Spare..”

  1. Lacee Says:

    These Idol tard morons never learn, do they?

  2. Mugsy Says:

    Hmmm, I wonder if the Castrotards ever did get those towels.

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