The Agony Of De Feet

Enough about Adam and his mooing herds. Time to poke fun at one of the ugliest feet tattoos I’ve ever viewed.

Remember Daina the Pizza Screamer Tard? Screeching into David Baldy Cook’s mike that she loved pizza? Her of the thinning hair and portly physique? The tard that took every other tards Baldy photos, had them bound in hard cover books and then charged nearly a hundred smackers apiece selling those books of their own photos back to the Cooktards? Yeah, her.

She has a new tattoo and for once I’m agreeing with Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets about tattoos. It’s ughly, it’s fughly, it’s a do not want.

Cast your gaze upon it and tell me it doesn’t make you think about biker bars and athlete foot fungus tv ads.

Black nail polish adorning those hoofs and all. Apparently this is some crappy lyrics written by Baldy or Andy Skib on the tops of her feet. I keep picturing those hoofs crammed into too tight pumps with the tattoos bulging upward like tacky bloated pillows.

This is still not going to help her in her quest to bang Baldy and crew.

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9 Comments on “The Agony Of De Feet”

  1. Natasha Says:

    What’s something like those 2 foot tats cost? She could have given the money to a cancer charity in Cook’s name. Would have been much better use!

  2. nonna-muss Says:

    That.Is.Nasty. Love the faux tanned hoofs too! She’s quite klassy. So how many Baldy tattoos does she have now? Didn’t she get one of the swirly design that adorns Baldy’s tour bus too? I also remember reading that she got a tattoo of the number of shows she went to on the last tour. The kick is she was supposed to be at his last show and included it….then the show was cancelled. 🙂

    I have a couple of questions for Daina: 1) Do you think Cook and crew are impressed? 2) How come your husband hasn’t divorced you yet?

    I think I know the answers. 1) No, they are not impressed and will never fuck you and 2) Your husband’s probably happy with your obsession because then HE doesn’t have to fuck you either.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      She’s married….?????

      *picks jaw off floor*

      I was wondering why it looked like she has a light dirt coating upon the upper side of her feet. Fake bake poorly applied.

  3. haylee Says:

    Not only is she married, she does not have a job. They also have no kids. She sits around all day talking about David Cook on Twitter, then bitches when her husband comes home and asks her to do the laundry or cook or clean or anything that constitutes work. She talks about her husband like he’s the worst person in the world.

    He obviously can’t be since he works full time and he gives her money for her god-awful tattoos and to traipse around after Cook and Co. I don’t understand why he is still married to her. She even bitches about having to fuck him. To hear her talk about him, you’d think she hates him.

    I wouldn’t blame him at all if he was banging some hottie on the side.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Wow!~ That’s pretty disturbing.

      Perhaps he’s just happy she’s not bugging him.

    • Jen Says:

      Not to mention that she talks shit about and sometimes to David’s brother Andrew for not having a job (even though he does have an internship or something) and living with David and Neal.

  4. ali Says:

    Daina is always on twitter talking about how she just happens to run into David at airports etc. She says how if he would tell her to fuck off she would. I highly doubt it. Her other twitter friends have no shame. I would be embarrassed to be her personal friend. She is so gross and constantly tweets sexually explicit things to David. The woman is 300 pounds and balder than David so wtf? Does she thinks he finds her attractive? I would have a restraining order on her and her friends if I were him! Her hubby must be a saint, or she has something serious to hold over his head as blackmail for him to stay married to this gross thing!

  5. Eww Says:

    😡 that pic makes me sick

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