Unrest In Herd-Ville

The fall brings not only that season’s Idol fans waking up from the summer of following the Idol tour around the country and resuming real life and the leafs falling from trees. It always brings division in the ranks of the season before last Idol winner fans. Which happens to be Adam Lambert.

We’ve seen this in all fandoms from Clay Aiken to David Cook. The buzz has faded from the freshman album, the tour is over and the tin-plated hero manufactured by 19E has retreated to his lair to spend his money/record a sophomore effect/wank/whatever. While the Idol is holed up doing gawd knows what there’s no news, de nada, nothing, not a single iota to dissect or obsess over. That’s the point where the fans start to turn on each other and it turns into a stupid internet blood bath. People that swore they were true sisters and bff start quarreling and out each other’s more outre behaviors in relation to the Idol.

It’s happening right now among Madam’s Sparkle Cow herd. A couple of cows are pretending they have sooper seecret insider information about where Madam is vacationing right now. Which is utter bullshit. Fantards love to pretend they have insider information on the Idol and dangle hints of it in front of the others in an attempt to be Alpha Tard.

Some of the smarter ones in the Herd are calling bullsh*t on the sooper seecret ones and the fighting begins. There is some talk of stalking Madam on vacation and some accusations of inappropriateness and stalking going on.

This is just the tip of the nasty glitter-encrusted iceberg. It’s going to get worse as time goes by and there’s no Madam news in the media and Madam is far away on his world tour. Meltdown in 3….. 2…… 1!

At least it will be amusing to watch.

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One Comment on “Unrest In Herd-Ville”

  1. mb Says:

    You stated that “Some of the smarter ones in the Herd” are calling bullshit.

    There are SMART ONES????? Get the fark out of town!! They must be as rare as a close encounter of the freaking fourth kind. THE FOURTH KIND!!11!!1

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