Glamberts Panty-Twisting A-Go-Go

So now we’re descending deeper into the quagmire of weirdness that is post-tour American Idol later in the fall. Nearly 18 months has passed since Adam Lambert came into second place and thousands of Sparkle Cows came in their panties. That’s a long time to be in a fever pitch of excitement. Once the tour ends and the infighting begins the subjects that pop up get really really weird.

I’d been meaning to write about the Glamberts for a few days now but I had to force myself. I am suffering from Glam-fatigue. I keep hoping I will wake up to find out that the Cows and their Glittery toolish God have been instantaneously teleported to Jupiter or some equally remote place. No such luck.

Let’s look at the topics of stupidity among the hard core Glitter-Grannies.

Terrorism Travel Woes – So the herd has been worrying and whispering about Madam being a TARGET for terror in Japan and other places. Yeah, like the Taliban is going to avoid blowing up real targets, like military bases, strategic supplies and population centers so they can kill a pop star. A baddddddd pop star!

Also, there has never been a terrorism alert issued for Japan or the Philippines and other places Madam is soon to play. I suggest you Sparkle Cows take a world geography class or three at your local college. The last time I looked at the globe Japan was a lonnnnnng way from Europe and other places identified as possible terrorist targets. The list of places that the US State Dept has listed can be found here. Take a valium or some dandy electroshock therapy.

Kris Allen has a new single – This is just so silly that they are losing it over this. Allen did, you know, win the competition. He is the American Idol. He’s going to release records every now and again. Sour grapes.

Eau Du Madam – Some tards are spending pages and pages waxing poetical about how Madam must smell like sunshine and puppies and unicorns dipped in chocolate. It’s hella creepy and very over the top. You don’t talk about other peoples smells, unless you’re gently suggesting someone needs deodorant. This is just wrong. But funny. Thanks for the laughs Cows.

Madam in Bali with his Twink Dancer Boyfriend – Mysterioso Man is right about one thing, Madam loves his Twinkies, errr, Twinks.

So this is going to increase tourism to Bali, according to the herd. They obviously have no clue that Bali is already a huge tourist trap with most of its revenue coming from tourism. Neither Adam or Julia Roberts and her crappy movie, “Eat. Love. Pray” (and dump your husband for no reason and bang other guys in exotic locales) will influence anyone but some dumb middle aged middle class Dora Dumbbells to fly to Bali and pay triple what everything really costs.

Drum roll please, today’s funny idiocy from the Sparkle Cows…..

Pink is Jealous of Adam! – Pink announced that she’s releasing a Greatest Hits CD soon and one of the tracks will be “Whatta You Want From Me”. The Cows are mooing that Pink has NO RIGHT to do this even if she is the one that wrote the song and kindly agreed to allow Madam to record it. They consider it only Madam’s hit, not Pink’s.

Listen for yourself and tell me who does it better?
Madam –

Pink –

Cows, it’s ridiculous for you guys to take any type of offense because, dur-de-dur (ala Carlos Mencia), she WROTE the damn thing. It’s HER song to do whatever she wants with. Just be grateful she didn’t sell it to some advertising agency to hawk hemorrhoid cream or athletes foot spray after she allowed Madam to record it. Adam is not worthy to kiss her foot. She’s an artist, he’s a karaoke star who copies other artists inflection by inflection in a shameless manner.

You idiots just keep it up. I need the laughs and I love that you lot are completely killing his career day by day.

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5 Comments on “Glamberts Panty-Twisting A-Go-Go”

  1. Eww Says:

    đŸ˜† cows are funny

  2. B York Says:

    Lambert should thank his lucky stars that Pink let him use that song. It’s the only one that can be considered a chart hit.

    That clip shows that Pink is a much better vocalist, performer and dancer. It comes across a genuine when she performs it. Not like Lambert telegraphing his sad clown emoting.

    Anyway, this is about the OTT fans. No matter what the issue, they come out like enraged den mothers to a grizzly cub. The fact that they recognize that their obsession interferes with caring for their own children and think it’s a badge of honour is astonishing.

  3. nerdgirl Says:

    Ha-ha-ha! You took thoughts right out of my head. Expect Madam himself do something tabloid-worthy soon.

  4. mb Says:

    See, I WOULD have liked Pink’s version of that, but ANYTHING that Lambert touched is forever ruined in my book. He’s like poison to other people’s songs.

    Nerdgirl, he will, he will. He’s fallen off the radar of the non-cow population, so he’s GOT TO step it up and keep himself in those tabloids. Fame whores have to be the center of attention, after all. I do look forward to his next laughable antic. He and his fans really are the gift that keeps on giving. LOL that everyone outside of the AI world is getting a glimpse of the magnitude of crazy that is the Glamberts. You gals are doing your job smashingly! Keep up the good work! Adam’s career is right on the trajectory of Clay Aiken’s career thanks to you crazy old bats!

  5. Mysterioso Says:

    I love Pink’s version of HER song. It’s just a simple pop song, nice melody. Glambert ruined it with his faux emoting.

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