Elisa Baker: Lying Daughtry Tard & Suspected Murderer

Today’s updates on this horrifying case involving an emotionally overinvested Chris Daughtry fantard.

Looks like police think she ran Zahra through the company woodchipper of her husband. According to CBS police cadaver dogs hit on the woodchipper and some brush and wood chip piles. Baker must have watched ‘Fargo’ a few too many times.

Further background on the family from the Australian press at News.com.au

Elisa Baker due in court momentarily says CBS Greenville NC

A look at Elise Baker’s MySpace page from The Daily Mail in the UK. Just wait till they trace all her Chris Daughtry fantardery online.

…and there’s a million more articles but none with any real news. No one seems to know what happened to Zahra’s birth mother and only a few outlets are reporting that Elisa Baker used to make grandiose claims of writing music for Daughtry. If she was running around bragging in real life about her delusions of working with Daughtry there’s just no telling what type of internut bat-you-know-whattery she was involved in on the Chris Daughtry message boards.

It is looking increasingly likely that this crazy, mean as a twitched mule, tard cruelly killed her stepdaughter and that Dad covered it up. Makes me sick.

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One Comment on “Elisa Baker: Lying Daughtry Tard & Suspected Murderer”

  1. B York Says:

    In one of the articles, either the Australian or UK links above, an unrelated charge of fraud against Elise Baker is mentioned.

    It is looking like both Bakers are involved.

    I don’t know much about Chris Daughtry or the goth music scene, but I never thought the two were connected. Her My Space name is gothfairy6668 and that screen capture of Adam Baker has him wearing a Vengeance/skull and crossbones t-shirt. I wonder if they met on some goth internet forum.

    It really is a sickening situation. Murdering your own child in such a cold, calculated way is unimaginable.

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