Sparkle Cows, AMAs and Homophobia

The AMAs announced their lineup of acts and the nominations for the 2010 American Music Awards and the Cows are LIVID! Not only is Adam Lambert not appearing in this years lineup of talent, he’s not even nominated for a single thing.

The Sparkle Cows are upset because people like Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and others are involved while Madam is being completely ignored. Let’s examine this shall we?

Last year Adam had his first post-Idol appearance on the AMAs and proceeded to grind out a very unprofessional and repellent performance. A whole lotta shrieky face humping crotch fingering dancing like a fat kid on crack falling down making out with another musician followed by flipping birds at the audience. Surly amateur hour. The network was pissed off by the complaints and no one was impressed except the hard core Cows. Enormous flop and his attitude ensured he’d not return to the AMAs.

Who can blame the production staff and management of the AMAs? No one wants to take a chance on a loose cannon that will not do on live television what had been worked out in rehearsal. No one wants an FCC fine.

The figures for “For Your Entertainment” weren’t impressive either, meaning there’s not much chance that the AMA people would give him any awards. Units sold and industry buzz usually factors strong in how they determine who’s nominated. Between the bad performance and the middling sales there’s no reason to have Adam anywhere on the AMAs again.

So what is the reason the Cows are claiming that Madam isn’t getting any AMA love? They are claiming, yet again, that it’s because of homophobia. You know.. that cause so near and dear to their hearts that they ignore it when it comes to voting on ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ or fighting for the rights of anyone else in the LGBT community like those kids that were bullied till they killed themselves. If it involves their Glittery One, then it’s homophobia in their world. Some poor kid being called a faggot by his school mates? Not so much in Sparkle Cowlandia. Cow logic is a twisted thing.

In that regards they share with they Idol Madam. He’s not much of a gay rights crusader either. People like Ellen and other celebs, gay and straight, were pleading for understanding, peace and acceptance of LGBT peoples during this last wave of bullied gays committing suicide. Adam didn’t comment, mention it, say a word. Very strange.


Lamebert’s off in Asia playing right now, where he was forced to tone down his act for Malaysia so as not to offend the local sensibilities. At least he cooperated this time, unlike at the AMAs last year.

I hear he’s playing nightclubs in Australia that hold no more than a 1,000 people. Such international sucksess!

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4 Comments on “Sparkle Cows, AMAs and Homophobia”

  1. B York Says:

    Check out the smile at the 3:30 mark as Lambert announces: “actually my it gets better [mumble mumble] is coming out very very shortly, I filmed it already…”

    Maybe he’ll surprise us with a moving message. However, his having to announce it like that, with the same demeanor that one might have about an upcoming remix release doesn’t bode well.

    According to the interview, his message is that he tells the youth of the US, of the world, they should be proud and he knows that it’s hard. Then he rambles on about himself and how he still gets hatred from the internet and the press and those who voted for Kris Allen (LOL, kidding).

    Also, if it’s already shot, why isn’t it posted? It’s you tube video, not the release of a new music video. It kind of goes against the nature of this very grounded, unheralded, viral campaign. None of the other higher profile participants announced that they would get involved. They didn’t issue press releases. They just shot them, quick and dirty, and posted them.

    Being visibly gay is not the same as activism. It’s the activists who fought hard so that Adam Lambert and others could have mainstream careers as open LGBT artists. And if visibility is his message, why did he wait till AI was over to make his announcement?

    If he doesn’t want to be an advocate, that’s fine. But what irks me is his using his sexual identity as a marketing tool. He comes across as phony and self-serving.

  2. freedavidcook Says:

    Actually that’s one of my points. It’s one thing to be openly gay, it’s quite another to cynically use it as a marketing tool yet do no activism. I guess the Sparkle Cows really are taking their clues on how to handle homophobia straight from Adam

  3. mb Says:

    I’m surprised he’s even doing it. He seems to me to be so self-absorbed and so “better than you” that he wouldn’t care about other people’s pain. I think he’s just jumping on the bandwagon because REAL celebrities are doing it. I don’t think he cares one way or another. Like with that Donor’s Choose thing. The cows say how wonderful it is that he supports that charity, but he’s not putting up any of HIS money, is he? It’s all the cows money because their dark lord told them to give, and of course they’ll donate if Glamberjesus tells them to.

    • B York Says:

      mb, there’s no sign of the video yet so I wouldn’t hold my breath on it ever appearing unless he can make it an attention grabbing headline for himself.

      Some CNN entertainment red carpet interview thingy had the hostess ask different attendees about bullying, making sure to scrub out any reference to GAY SUICIDES. It was posted at MJs because Danny Gokey was interviewed. There’s another self-absorbed ex-Idol competitor who really can’t help but sound like an idiot. The short form of his commentary – he was once piled on for lunch money and he was teased because he had acne. He went on for far too long without ever getting beyond the “yeah, that was embarrassing” POV.

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