Update #1 Elisa Baker Chris Daughtry Tard

Every couple of days as new details emerge in this case I’ll update with the latest information available on Chris Daughtry tard/possible stalker and probable child murderer Elisa Baker. I’ve Googled without probable cause extensively running as many names combination as possible trying to find her old Chris Daughtry tarding and drooling without any success. I did find one Daughtry tard in that area but the photos don’t match. That’s not to say it’s not her using someone else picture.

They still haven’t found the body of Zahra Clare Baker yet, not with all the cadaver dogs and technology of modern criminal investigation. Wood chip piles searched, ponds drained, bags of evidence along with mattresses from the family home and no body yet. I think this is because this is a semi-clever Tard the police are dealing with. She actually thought she’d get away with it, planned the crime and went for it.

The father has to be the most pussy-whipped man on the planet to be a) covering for his wife and b) being uncooperative with the cop shop. I hope when law enforcement finishes their investigation that they put both of the Bakers under the jail house. They make me sick.

Zahra spotted at furniture store three weeks ago. From The Australian

Money & legal troubles follow Zahra’s parents. Apparently they paid nothing they owed anyone and liked to threaten people – From The Hickory Daily Record

No record of Zahra being home schooled – The Hickory Daily Record

Who is Elisa Baker? – lots of background information on Elisa Baker, things like screen names, married names, kids, etc. Someone did an exhaustive search but failed to turn up the Chris Daughtry angle – From WBTV.com

ETA: Elisa’s MySpace has been removed by MySpace admin. She was ‘gothfairy6668’ there. There’s nothing there now. If anyone has any idea what or who she used to post as at the Daughtry boards please email me at ithrowhissyfits(at)gmail(dot)com. There is someone going by the name of ‘Elisa’ that is a North Carolina Daughtry Tard on YouTube but the photo doesn’t really look like her. What do you think?

ETA @ 5:30 EST

Zahra kept in attic according to former neighbors – From Prime Writer News Network

Zahra’s disappearance highlights troubles in the flawed NC CPS – Charlotte Observer

New timeline in the disappearance of Zahra From The Hickory Daily Record

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4 Comments on “Update #1 Elisa Baker Chris Daughtry Tard”

  1. michellefrommadison Says:

    Hopefully CNN does not interfere with this investigation and botch yet another case.

  2. mary karry Says:

    yes HLN and CNN, do put out so much information about the case. It will be hard to get a jury.

  3. freedavidcook Says:

    The law enforcement involved has been most cagey about what they have and frankly, I’m glad. It only hurts the case and makes it so much harder to prosecute when Nancy Grace shouts all the details.

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