Spanx Anyone?

I haven’t been paying attention to any of the American Idol fan drama and I’m out of the loop on the probable killer Daughtry tard Elisa Baker too. I’ve had my fill of Idol like others that write about it. I have a life, family and career too. That was until I glimpsed the glamping gif at Top Idol. Take a look and tell me what lurks between the lo rider pants and flimy shirt. What do you see?

Madam Lamebert, errr, Adam Lambert, seems to be sporting a pair of fat girl support girdle situation like Spanx with his black lo-riders. I wondered how he could be touring and eating the zillion calorie food without appearing to plump up like a cooked Ballpark frank. He has a tendency to, uh, um, how do I say this nicely so it’s not perceived as an attack by the Sparkle Cows, become fluffy or Butterball up?

Lambert’s weight seems to fluctuate wildly sometimes. So it seems like he’s taking the William Shatner approach. Man-girdled up like a burrito wrapped extra tight.

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2 Comments on “Spanx Anyone?”

  1. B York Says:

    I think Lambert’s days in the media spotlight are numbered. The buzz level has really gone down (close to mute). Not sure what the BSC fans are doing with their time but barely a hum at MJs.

    Dan Savage’s It Gets Better campaign did much, much more to raise the issue of homophobia than the “ZOMG first evah openly gay artist marching to the beat of his own drum and stopping hatred dead in its tracks by just living the dream” Glambert approach. No more homophibian attacks on journalists or bloggers or other media personalities who dare critique their rawk gawd. Me thinks even that paps can’t be bothered even though he’s back in LA.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      The BSC fans are fighting over various things like if they should stop mentioning in every sentence that he’s gay. When fodder becomes scarce they start chewing over the old dramas with comic results.

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