Update #2 Elisa Baker Daughtry Tard

It sounds like the NC police are playing the investigation close to their vests. The information trickling out has been spotty at best.

I have to say good for them. Anything they release will be seized upon by angry vindictive harpy Nancy Grace and screamed to the high heavens. She’s blown so many cases with her constant on air outing of the evidence and badgering more evidence from others. The only case that’s likely to go down that she’s seized upon is the Casey Anthony case. Nancy loves her some missing little white girls.

If the cops have any brains they’ll keep the details out of Nancy’s hands.

Linky links Cops find bone, might be linked to case, might be from old hunter kill – CBS News
Elisa talks about how hubby did something horrifying to the body in a letter – The Daily Mail
Elisa the Daughtry Tard is cooperating with the cop shop according to The Washington Post
Elisa indicted and leg confirmed to be Zahra’s from the Hickory Daily Record.

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