Dear Stalker

Not only do I have your IP info and scads of stats showing a pattern of deliberate stalking but I am now in possession of your real name, your email address, your real address and your phone number. I’ve passed those on to the police.

My family, friends, coworkers, boss and relatives know I’m a big meanie finger pointer. Big whoop.

Have a nice life deary.

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3 Comments on “Dear Stalker”

  1. mb Says:

    You know, it’s pretty pathetic that these obsessive psychos who call themselves “fans” feel the need to stalk and or threaten people just because these people don’t like the object of their obsession. I can tell you this, I have NEVER, in my life, seen a group of people as crazy, opinionated, hypocritical, rude, mean, crass and spiteful as the fans that call themselves “glamberts”. It, to me, is so totally mind-blowing that these women and the handful of creepy men are SO unhealthily obsessed with someone they don’t know, nor will EVER know that they have the audacity to threaten a blogger and their family because that blogger wrote a few not so flattering articles about their “messiah”.

    What in the HELL compels these people? What is missing from the lives of these people that they feel the overwhelming need to spend their lives online defending someone they don’t even know, then threatening people who don’t like the person? I could see if Lambert was a family member. He’s not. He’s a complete and total stranger to these people who for some skewed reason look at him and see something that sane people don’t. I don’t freaking get it, and quite frankly, these people scare the hell out of me.

    I like certain entertainers, a few of which GET SLAUGHTERED AND HUMILIATED by the media and by the public constantly. It upsets me a bit, but do I go around and threaten bloggers and journalists and everyone else who had the nerve to write something I disagree with? NO!! First of all, because I have a life, second of all, I DON’T FREAKING CARE! I couldn’t care less about what people think of the artists I like, or how many albums they’ve sold, or if they’re selling more than so and so. How freaking STUPID is that? Bunch of damned pre-schoolers is what these “glamberts” act like.

    You insane people, you crazy assed glambert psycho stalkers need to back the fuck off and get over yourselves and the object of your non-stop obsession. Not everyone thinks Adam Lambert shits rainbows and pisses glitter. In fact, most SANE people see him for what he is, and that’s a self-absorbed, foul mouthed fame whore who’s just another blip on the radar screen that is now pseudo celebrity. Seems everyone wants to become famous for their low class actions and garbage mouths and not for their talents. What makes Adam Lambert any different? He’s not riding on his talent or lack there of. He’s riding on “what can I do next to keep myself in the shock headlines?” and that’s no artist, that’s a fame whore.

    You know, after season 8, I would have gone about my merry way, never giving Kris Allen, Adam Lambert or ANY contestant on American Idol a second thought. That was before I ran into the online scourge that is the glamberts. They infiltrate, they spam, they obsess, they threaten (as we’ve seen) and they think that that’s going to get non-glamberts to like him. Sorry to say, it’s having the opposite effect. It’s showing ordinary, NORMAL fans (and finally the media is getting a whiff of the crazy that is the glamberts) how bat shit CRAZY these people are and how they don’t want to be a part of it. Nice going, keep up the good work!!

    Free David Cook, I’m sorry you are being stalked and harrassed by one of these psycho “glamberts”. Seems free speech only applies if you have something ass-kissy to say about Lambert. Well, I’ve got NOTHING nice to say about him. Should I be afraid for my life now? If I am over stepping my bounds with this comment, please feel free to delete it. It just pisses me off to no end that these crazies have forced you to feel that you must take down parts of your blog. I think it’s bullshit.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      The thing that completely amazes me about all of this is that it’s over a SINGER! A kareoke singer at that. Someone I’m weary about hearing about or writing about at all. I’m much more interested in the crime drama playing out with poor Zahra Clare Baker.

  2. B York Says:

    I’m so sorry freedavidcook. The BSC glamberts are a shameful and violent gang – the courts should put restraining orders on some of them. This is a nice quiet little nook in all the noise that is the pop culture Internet, much of it devoted to AI in specific. I only discovered this strange on-line phenom when I stumbled on MJs and Rickeys to find out what I missed on AI8 when I failed to tape an episode. I was somewhat amused at how dedicated fan groups were but then as things progressed, it was like WOW – a total subculture.

    I liked both Lambert and Allen on AI8, but I was hoping Allen would win as the dark horse of the competition. I always love when the voting audience screws up the reality script. It was post-AI that I started to dislike the glam gawd intensely.

    I hate how he manipulated his gay artist status for selfish, fame whore reasons. He never felt compelled to criticize or correct his crazy fans on what real homophobia is about. He didn’t want to be an activist until it suited him. And he strikes me as thick because he can’t see how much damage he does by misinforming his fans. He muddies LGBT issues every time he flippantly uses terms like “lifestyle” and “choice”.

    I hope he fades into obscurity sooner than later. And I hope the stalkers FO and stay away from this safe haven.

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