It’s On!

I’ve been watching the American Idol news and there’s just not much happening. I was very amused by Kid Rock saying that Steven Tyler must be nuts to pee on the sacred institution of Rock and Roll by being an Idol judge. Scroll down the page at The Hollywood Reporter for the exact quote by Kid Rock

Sort of have to agree with Kid, but my fears are different. If Idol had an obviously less than sober Paula Abdul how is Steven going to get through this without chemical inducements? Being an Idol judge is enough to send the most sober of individuals into the arms of chemical intoxicants. Should be interesting at least to watch how he does on the show. Maybe that fall off the stage did some permanent damage?

Answering back Kid Rock’s comments Steven trotted out that same lame old excuse people use to justify all sorts of dumb crap, “U R just a jellus-hater” Riiiggght! His remarks at USA Today.

And btw I will never mention a certain Idol also-ran again. The kindest thing I can do is make like the mainstream media and put him and his on auto-ignore. Too bad because some of his music is on my Ipod in my workout dance grooves.

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One Comment on “It’s On!”

  1. B York Says:

    Nigel has new plans in store for Season 10. Seems to me like a desperate ploy that might very well backfire.

    I’m reminded of the time The Amazing Race tried to change their winning formula by creating that horrific “Family Edition”.

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