Thanksgiving Came Early?

I hardly know where to start this morning there’s been so much happening in the last day in crazy fan land. It’s like a fully cooked stuffed Butterball with all the sides and trimmings magically appeared on my dining room table!

First, there’s ugly ugly infighting over in Cooktard land over the ‘official’ photo of the MWK tweeted by Neal Tiemann’s girlfriend Kira Von Sutra. The tards have been attacking her and others because, get this, the photo didn’t include Baldy too. Another group of tards fought with the attacking tards and Kira tweeted her real friends to watch the freaks fight while they laughed. Reading the tweet feeds as this was going down was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

So now there is freakout in tard land over that MWK gig in late December because many have bought gig tickets, plane tickets and hotel rooms instead of figgy pudding or Red Ryder Air Rifles for their children. They are afraid now that David is going to be a ‘no show’ for that date. Life’s a bitch and airlines don’t exactly issue full refunds.

Yesterday was the anniversary of You-Know-Whos career serious suicide. Last night I watched Pink dance and sing all over a set that seemed very much like the one he stumbled and shrieked over last year at the AMAs. She’s pregnant and wearing high heels and still nailed it. I just wish she would have done ‘What Do You Want From Me’ instead of ‘Raise Your Glass’

Last night (at the same time) was E! Networks True Hollywood Story premiere of He Who May Not Be Mentioned story. The most revealing bit of a largely uninteresting hour was when he laughed over the Arkansas Conspiracy pushed by one Kerry Kolsch. A journo asked about the AT&T/Arkansas thing and he replied “I heard about the conspiracy theory and I just laughed.”

Apparently he’s under fire right now for smoking dope on stage in Amsterdam while doing the Jimi Hendrix song “Purple Haze” The song choice is questionable considering Jimi’s family is extremely anti-drug, but hey, he’s in Amsterdam, where it’s legal. Light up, err, lighten up.

The absolute hysterical thing about it is that the Herd Who May Not Be Mentioned are rushing around everywhere that’s criticizing He Who May Not Be Mentioned and going nuts in their usual way and spamming all the reasons why it was a-okay for him to do that. Always fun to watch them. Dopey yet predictable.

ETA: according to tweets by loonies and a tweet by Neal Tiemann it’s not MWK playing, it’s Andy Skib’s pet project To Have Heros (I think?) playing. The usual pack of idiots is busy licking Neal’s ass today and sucking up.!/nealfingtiemann

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29 Comments on “Thanksgiving Came Early?”

  1. ali Says:

    LMAO. I just commented on the cooktard twitter meltdown on the Peppermint patty post. Gosh what else can be said? *shakes head* in disbelief.

  2. freedavidcook Says:

    It’s pretty crazy looking through the tweets. I watched some of it yesterday. Somewhere an asylum is missing it’s inmates.

  3. nonna-muss Says:

    Dear Jestro! I missed the meltdown in Cooktardlandia last night. I have to run off to catch up!! The stupid dumb asses. Neal, Andy and Phil have said from day one that this was a THH show.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Look at Kira Von Sutra’s twitter account. That is where the real insanity took place. Fans attacking her and acting very unbalanced.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Looks like I missed the fun. Most of the offenders must have deleted their tweets. All that’s left at Kira’s feed is a bunch of ass kissing. I did see Kira’s comments, don’t know her, but I love her! She sees the crazy and calls it like it is.

      • ali Says:

        Our replies crossed lol. As I was saying you can still see the feeds the nut job who started the frenzy was someone called sexy_mermaid, she went private or deleted . She was saying what a lot of the ass kissers were about Dave and MWK anyhow. They just jumped ship on her when she went postal haha.

  4. ali Says:

    Speaking of Kiras twitter. Looking at it today I noticed some of the tards deleted or set there accounts to private so the tweets dissapeared. But fortunetly (or unfortunetly) they were retweeted plenty and you can still do a search to see there @replies. Still lots of finger pointing and crazies calling out the other crazies. We need multiple asylums to house all these lunatics lol!

    • nonna-muss Says:

      The funniest is Kimberley, Wehoscott, NinasFeet, Krunkjess, etc. etc. etc. calling the others crazy. I can’t stop laughing. All over how 4 guys were STANDING in a picture. For the love.

      • ali Says:

        I know right? And they were all pontificating the same questions about the band obsessively, then when they think a crazy offends the guys they jump on the ass kissing up band wagon! WTF!? They tell others to get a life but they can’t go a day without incessently tweeting DC & co. And the mermaid chick deleted a lot of her tweets, I don’t see them on the feed. The worst was calling the band back stabbers to her beloved David and Kira a stripper playing games with fans hearts.
        Oy, I’m temp.layed off my job until after the holidays. I really need to get a hobby and stay off twitter, my migraines came back in force reading these lunatweets! 😀

  5. freedavidcook Says:

    I here you. I gave up and went to bed last night because I had a headache from reading that crap. Tried a couple of times today to read and grab screen caps but it just gave me a headache. They are a strange unbalanced bunch of ladies.

  6. freedavidcook Says:

    ‘Hear’ D’oh!

  7. Syl Says:

    I do not think that American Idol is laughing about what happened to the show because of the vote fraud in Arkansas. Last year Idol received 47% fewer votes than in Season 8. Lee will be the lowest selling winner ever. Do you really think that when Matt Jordan an AT&T executive gave out phones and taught power texting so that people could vote thousands of times each for Kris that it was OK? Do you really think Adam would knock the people he has to work for no matter how he really feels? This year the AMA’s were down 2 million viewers and a poll showed that 89% of people want the show to end. How Adam Lambert is treated is no laughing matter.

    • B York Says:

      LOL! Are the same AT&T executives involved with Dancing with the Stars too?

      As for the AMAs, LOLOLOLOL!

      • nonna-muss Says:

        I don’t think they are involved in DWTS, but I believe the had a hand in Gore “losing” the election to Bush back in 2000. 😀

  8. SilenceofTheChickens Says:

    Sometimes, at night, when I’m alone in the dark, I hear the chickens clucking. Nothing I do can silence the chickens. I hear them and their mocking clucks, taunting me, eat more chikin they tell me, eat more chikin. Rogue AT&T executives run wild in my dreams, like the lawless west, where chickens cluck in between sweet, tender biscuits and rogue AT&T executives pass me phones urging me to power vote. Power vote for Who? Who? Exactly! Where am I? Arkansas? The land of injustice, cheaters and homophilians, where artists use clay instead of salt dough and poison dart frogs jump from tree to tree, escaping my grasp. I wake up, in a cold sweat, my pancake makeup and glitter paint my pillowcase in flesh tones, cheap eyeliner and rainbows, my bulge swollen, I reach down to satiate my need…but wait! It’s not a bulge, it’s a sock! Am I still dreaming? OH NO, I’m not dreaming! Was the pot laced with something? The letter K floats around my head. KK. What does it all mean?? Eat more chikin they taunt me…eat more chikin…..

  9. SilenceofTheChickens Says:

    The chickens came again last night. I awoke from a fitful sleep, my glamjamas soaked in sweat. I look towards the window, the chickens looking in at me with cold, dead eyes. Pecking at the glass, eat more chikin, they demand, eat more chikin. Surely I’m going mad, I throw off the covers and run to the window and push it open. WHAT DO YOU WANT OF ME, I scream, WHAT DO YOU WANT. The taunting clucks and the cold, dead eyes….. Suddenly, I look up to the moonlit sky, hundreds if not thousands of rogue AT&T executives are riding bicycles in the sky, each with a basket that holds a taunting, mocking chicken. The rogue AT&T executives are thrusting free cell phones at me, “power vote, it’s easy, we’ll teach you how” they all chant, in sync, over and over again, their eyes cold and dead, too. Eat more chikin, power vote, it’s easy, we’ll teach you how reverberates in my head, my eyes painful and watering, my body wracked and cold.

    Surely, no such evil can exist in this world, but I have seen evil, and it’s in the eyes of rogue AT&T executives. Only evil can teach something as horrible as power voting, and only evil can force feed you chicken. What does this all mean? Why have I been chosen? I must set out on a quest, a quest in search of the truth, for I now know I am the chosen one. The truth MUST be out there, perhaps I should start with checking Google trends and website hits. Yes, I’ll start there. The truth must end this nightmare. If I discover the truth, will that silence the chickens?

  10. Syl Says:

    Embracing snarkiness and disregarding reality may be a pastime here but it is laughable at this point in time for anyone to think that Kris Allen had a legitimate win. His last two singles have tanked and he is fading into obscurity. Those of us who recognize that Adam would have won without the cheating are laughing at you.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Yes, the three of you that believe your theory are laughing at us. Everyone else is laughing with us and at you. But that’s ok, you keep telling yourself what it is that you want to hear. It makes me chuckle that 1 1/2 years later you are still losing sleep over a karaoke show that didn’t come out the way you desired. Imagine if you spent this much energy and angst on something that really matters in this world? You could win the Nobel Peace Prize.

  11. SilenceofTheChickens Says:

    During my quest for the truth, I felt compelled to write down my findings into a book I’m tentatively calling “Adam Lambert: Second to Who?” or “Adam Lambert: Number Two? He’s Not Poo”. In this book, I’ll give IRREFUTEABLE proof that people Googled Adam Lambert and visited his official fansite before the Idol finale, WHICH PROVES HE SHOULD HAVE WON. I’ll also have full color pie charts and ven diagrams, which lend a certain credibility to my findings. I’ll have pictures (drawn by my seven year old niece) of rogue AT&T executives (or the “boogey man” as she calls them) handing people from Arkansas free phones and urging them to vote, as well as pictures of people dressed in chicken costumes, lending even more credibility to my findings. I have compiled all of this information, information that seemingly no one else but me gives a flying fig about in hopes that the truth can be told and the chickens can be silenced. Did I mention that in the book there will be full color pie charts?

    My name is Larry Lunsch. I am a practicing know-it-all who specializes in throwing unwanted opinions at people and making up conspiracies on theories that nobody gives a fucking crap about. When I’m not shooting my mouth off, I’m out in the field wrangling poisonous gila monsters or in the studio making one of a kind art out of papier mache. I also fancy myself quite an established author, as I have a blog on WordPress that gets well over 6 hits a week. Please, look for my book in a bookstore (or sold out of my garage, or trunk if I’m on the road) somewhere soon. It will change your life. Assuming you have no life like me, that is.

    • B York Says:

      Don’t forget to include quotes from Lambert’s family and industry professionals who were in shock, SHOCK by the results. Add the screen capture of Simon Cowell’s reaction – that says it all.

      You should also look further into who’s shifty background. Who is sleazy and contrived and probably made up all that sh*t about doing good works across the globe. Probably was a drug runner. He has shifty eyes.

      • SilenceofTheChickens Says:

        B. York, I would like to send you an autographed copy of my e-book “Adam Lambert: Number Two?? He’s Not Poo!”

  12. Syl Says:

    International awards, Grammy nomination, critical acclaim for Acoustic Live, a nearly sold out international tour and you brilliant people think that the mousy guy from Arkansas could win a fair contest against Adam Lambert? Allen has used up his fifteen minutes of Idol fame. The only interesting thing about him is that he roomed with Lambert. One guy is on the trajectory to world wide fame and fortune and the the other will be singing to the Queens at Toad Suck Days next year. You guys can really pick a winner!

    • songkat7 Says:

      And yet, still no platinum album despite 5 tries to release it. Same shit, new day…

      • B York Says:

        But, but, but… Paula gave him a huge thumbs up for his grammy nomination. That’s got to count for something huge :-))

    • B York Says:

      Well I guess you’re right, Syl. Lambert might follow the same trajectory as Wayne Newton or Liberace. It’s a very decent living – more than enough to decorate his mansion in glitter and throw regular pool parties around the glam-bulge shaped pool.

      Who may be content making less money and being less famous but he never struck me as wanting to be super rich superstar.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Who made it on Forbes top ten earning Idols this year. Cannot remember where he was in relationship to the Glittery One. But Who is earning bucks as a songwriter as well as former Idol. I think he might be the one with the longevity of career when History finally chimes in on this.

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