Lee Dewyse – Fail Whale

There was an interesting article a few days ago at Yahoo Music about how merely winning ‘American Idol’ is no longer a guarantee to stardom or even financial success.

Take, for example, this year’s winner, Lee Dewyse. His official first CD was released and so far the sales have been mega awful compared to every other Idol. He only sold about 40,000 of his new CD “Live It Up” in the first week and it entered the charts at #19. Piss poor for an Idol. Piss poor even compared to He Who Cannot Be Named. Clarkson sold millions straight out of the gate.

According to the statistics Carrie Underwood is the Golden Idol. She’s been far and away the most successful and commercially accepted than the others.

Looks like Taylor Hicks was the most disrespected Idol by 19E and the industry. I guess that explains partially why he’s with a touring company with a old dog eared former Broadway show singing his one song. Doesn’t get any respect.

This quote about David ‘Baldy’ Cook made me laugh out loud because I think it sums up the frustration in Cooktardlandia.

-He’s taking way too long to record his next album; in an age of short attention spans and declining “Idol” interest, will people still care by the time he follows up David Cook next year? Let’s hope so.

I had no idea Kris ‘Who’ Allen even rated enough to be on Forbes Top Ten Idol earners list. But apparently his songwriting abilities have earned him serious bread this year. I know the local Christian stations around here played “Live Like We’re Dying” all the damn time.

He’s on the Forbes list of top 10 Idol earners, mainly due to his many songwriting credits and widely aired Ford commercial. (Readers may be surprised to learn Kris had out-earned his supposed rival Adam Lambert as of May 2010, when the Forbes list was released.)

Dewyse’s tanking makes me wonder if America just has American Idol fatigue and just does not care any longer. Only this upcoming season will tell.

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3 Comments on “Lee Dewyse – Fail Whale”

  1. Ange Bleu Says:

    Apparently today, more than ever, there’s a disconnect between those that vote & those that buy. Idol has to face the fact that heavy voting no longer translates into heavy buying.

    I think Idol has almost run its course as a springboard for successfully launching young artists into virtually instant success. The last two Idols have been failures when it comes to sales of their debut albums. Kris sold around 80,000 the first week and apparently Lee only half of that. Too bad because they both are very talented performers.

  2. nerdgirl Says:

    Sales have nothing to do with voting or talent. If album is promoted – it sells. If it not promoted – it doesn’t sell. I suspect that in previous years a lot was spent on promotions – so they sold. Last year all promotion went to Glambert, so he sold some. This year they decided not to bother with big promotion, so none of the Idols from this year will sell.

  3. Ange Bleu Says:

    Yes, of course, the Idol winners of today just aren’t given the same attention by the main street media as former Idols. There simply isn’t that much interest in them anymore. They might even be promoted somewhat less by 19E (although that would be a stupid business decision).

    The only Idol that was seriously deprived of being promoted & given radio play was Taylor Hicks. That was because 19E felt he was so popular with the public that he could sell on his own without the expense of being professionally promoted – a big mistake. Also, they felt they had a potential winner in Chris D. & wanted to use the promotional funds that should have been spent on TH on Chris. They inadvertently threw Hicks under the bus. However, with so much going against him, TH did much, much better than Lee or Kris combined – or for that matter, even Glambert.

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