Everybody Was Tard-Fighting…

Looks like one of David Cook’s fans has been calling out other fans, both on Twitter and on her blog – AnodyneJunkie. The really interesting bit is here

I would applaud her calling them out but she’s also one of the Grinches stealing Xmas that are flying out to Tulsa to see To Have Heros, which puts her in stalkerville with the other Baldyfrau. This is one of those times I’d like to be wrong because she does have a good idea that a lot of what goes on with the various gals is just plain old crazy over the top.

I’m sure it’s causing mass meltdown in Cooktardia Land. Like just about everything does as it’s endlessly dissected and discussed. When there’s nothing going on with the artist the over the top nutball fans turn on each other.

Except, of course, if you are a DeWyser. I saw a very negative article the other night about how Lee DeWyse is the biggest commercial failure in the pantheon of Idol winners. The article went on to say that 19E is now plowing all their promotion monies (payola) in propping up He Who May Not Be Mentioned. They might have a point because he did get a Glammy, ooops, Granny, ooops, Grammy nomination. I like his song, I’m just not sure it’s Grammy-worthy.

Well, back to Lee DeWyse. Instead of the flood of fan defense and insanity that accompanies most any article that suggests that perhaps the Idol isn’t Jesus’ Second Coming there was just one solo defensive ‘jellus hateraide’ posting behind the article. I wish I had bookmarked it as it was comic gold. One tard? Seriously? That’s all who’s defending him internet-wide?

My understanding of the Grammy nomination is that it’s creating infighting among the Clay Aiken fans. They are UPSET that Clay garnered no Grammy nom noms. They’ve been taking some creative swings at the Herd That May Not Be Mentioned. Reminds me of a soccer riot video featured the other night on ‘World’s Dumbest’ and I’m sure the Claylene followers will run away bleeding and crying like the other team did.

I’m actually excited for the Grammys this year. I loves me some Cee Lo Green, some Eminem and some Pink! I want to see Cee Lo perform ‘F**k You’ on national television!

And the word is that American Idol execs are going to allow internet voting this year. Remains to be seen if that’s going to create more conspiracy theory drama or not. It could make the fandoms even more of a laugh riot!

Santa’s already been good to me this year..

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250 Comments on “Everybody Was Tard-Fighting…”

  1. casey Says:

    Haha, I Lol reading that blog. If she would have stopped at calling out the crazy I would be on her bandwagon. But I’m afraid its just typical finger pointing and trying to get “Dave and band’s” attention as the bestest fan. She ruins the whole blog by saying how much DC loves her and her friends and knows their names yadda, same ole delusional fan claims. She even says she actually knows him? Like krunkjess always claimed. So why are they paying good bucks (and not spending it on their husbands and children during these tough times?) And standing in lines all day? I thought friends (or women they actually want to have sex with lol) get VIP passes? Or maybe those boys (why do these old women not have shame in admitting they think of these men as boys?) Just treat their friends like crap haha.

  2. cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

    She does have a very good idea about the OTT stuff in Cooktard-landia fandom because she is right in the thick of it. She is a post-menopausal gramma who has hinted more than once she wants to get to know him on a “personal” level..and yes, take that any way you wish! Let me do the math here – this dude is some 30 odd years her junior. Bet this is what he got in the business for! Oh yeah! Ugh.

    She is proud to be a groupie-hangover-leftover from the 70s who was allegedly never above freely giving her favors to obtain backstage passes to see band members after the shows, and was happy enough to post this publicly for all to see. Classy!

    And this is “the voice of reason” you say? The hard cold fact is, there is no ‘voice of reason’ in this fandom. All sides are delusional in thinking they are his ‘pet fans.” – “He likes me better. No, he likes ME better.” LOOK AT MEEEEE!!! Cuz in the end, it is all about them – nothing to do with him!!! Ugh x 2.

    Now I will admit I have my moments of tardism (far too many I am sorry to say) … only difference here being, I really do try to keep my delusions to myself, and which perhaps the lunatic fringe of the fandom would be wise to do – but to each ‘her’ own shall we say?

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I didn’t exactly call her a voice of reason and I point out that she is the stalker that the rest of them are. She’s as nutty as the rest, I just find it hysterical that she had a right on target assessment of some of the fans yet couldn’t see she was the same as them. Tragic.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        This is most definitely a case of Pot meet Kettle and she even calls herself pot (well, weed, same diff). She is part of the crew that is delusional enough to believe that they are actually on a “friends” term with Cook and Co. We are all FANS. We are not his friends. We will never be his friends. He has friends. Although Anodyne Junkie makes valid points about the Ladynsearch crowd they are washed away by the fact that she is part of the “sleeping on the sidewalk and will do whatever it takes to get one inch closer to him” crowd. What gives any of them the right?? I am a fan. I’ve gone to shows. I’ve met him. He’s a nice guy. Is he my friend?? Hell no. Do I tweet him with inane bullshit? Hell no. Why would I want to do that? I can’t wait for him to go on tour again and watch all the drama unfold. I’ll have to park my ass on line and bring some popcorn and sit back and laugh. Fun stuff!

    • casey Says:

      I see anodynejunkie has deleted some of her crazier post, she was fighting with some hater of her blog lol. Anyway her last tweet yesterday was saying she’s blocking everyone who she doesn’t know. They all want to run for the hills when they get called out for the nuts they are. Unfortunetly they are addicted to there delusions and to being online, so they always show up in a few days. Even if it means a name change haha. Like nonna-muss said. When he fnally does get a tour, the entertainment, i.e. trainwreck, should be epic!

      Btw, I have to wonder what these fans engaged in fanwars think about their idols never defending them, when they feel the need to constantly “protect” their idol’s virtue from the “bad” fans lol. Anodyne even says in her blog that she and her handful of friends singlehandedly made David a millionaire or some bullcrap! Wow, I’m sure there families would have appreciated all the dough they dished. out to these young guys, who are laughing all the way to the bank lol!

      • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

        Oh she will be back. They just change their ‘handles’ as it were and resurface. Lots of them do it, some minorly like going from an “00” to an “01” type thing, while others create entirely new identities. They have to come back – like Weeds is right! Bad Weeds! It’s what they do cuz again, it’s all about them and what they are “doing” for Him. Very very important to keep the chatter going so the rest of the herd can bow and scrape at their hooves (er I mean feet) about how “close” they are to “Dave” (gag)…yep well if they were really “friends” with “Dave” do ya think they’d be blabbing about him constantly to a bunch of strangers online? I think not.

      • Emerson Says:

        From the Blog:
        AnodyneJunkie exact words were “When between us we have fed him,housed him, clothed him, supported him, gifted him with MANY things, plied him with drinks, the list goes on and on”

        Poor David to think he would be a starving, homeless, naked artist if not for AnodyneJunkie, Daina_91880, Jess, Keri and Chele. Sorry you bunch of narcissistic “fan” David by working his ass off and his talent is more then capable of feeding, housing and clothing himself without you. Talk about being delusional. WOW

  3. Huh Says:

    WTF did Clay or his fans ever do to you? Bashing him is just so unnecessary.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Huh? I was talking about his clam clackers, not him, if you read for meaning. Not once did I say “Clay sucks” Commenting on the fan outrage over Lambert being nominated and not Clay. Did Clay even release a new CD this year?

  4. Dani Says:

    Nonna-muss, I’ll be right there with you. Looking forward to the next “tewer” (it’s like they’re mocking his midwestern accent when they spell it like that) more to watch the drama than to hear the music, I’m sorry to say. Also I see some referring to the Cook/Skib/Tiemann trio as “genius”. Are they the freaking second coming of the Beatles and nobody told me? Insane.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      OMG!! I am a “bad” fan! I spelled it tour instead of tewer!!! How can I show my face in public?? Haha. Sounds good Dani! I’ll be looking for you, I’ll bring the wine and you bring the popcorn. I have a feeling it’s going to get interesting, at least for awhile. I wonder what will happen in Tulsa in a few weeks. Alas, I will not be there, ya know, the whole thing about being around for my family at holiday time and other such nonsense. I know, I know…I’m an old fashioned kind of gal, I don’t believe in using my children’s Christmas gift money to go to a concert. Wow, I guess I really am a bad fan.

    • Jen Says:

      We’ve never even HEARD a Cook/Skib/Tiemann song. I love them but we have no idea what it would sound like.

  5. Jen Says:

    Maybe it’s ageist of me but it creeps me out something fierce that she’s 55 and acts this way for a guy who’s young enough to be her son. (Not to mention that she writes teeeeerrible fanfic about him.) And I love how she claims people have accused them of going to charity functions just for facetime – and yet, you better believe she met David at that tennis thing in FL and the Race for Hope. And do you think they would go, some of them flying across the country, if he weren’t there? Doubtful.

  6. Ali Says:

    Wow I’ve been offline and out of DC fandom for a few weeks just to come back to this insanity lol. I don’t even need to go to twitter to know how these loosers think. My god its the holidays, they claim to have family/friends and yet they choose to jet off to watch a mediocre act like THH why? The next coming of the Beatles haha, really people? Oh yeah, Their best friend (and pretend hubby) “Dave” Cook may show up to support his mates. Wow. Me thinks some of these post menapausal ladies husbands should invest in some therapy for these delusional wives. It sure would be cheaper than having them burn family dollars chasing(and embarrassing) young musicians all ove the country!

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Those husband are probably grateful not to be bugged all the time by the insano wives. That would be my guess as to why none of them seem to have sig-os that object to their crazy activities.

      It still makes me laugh that at his gig near my home he was in a store that day and walked right up to me. I told him I was no fan but I hoped he had a great time at the show. His stalkers were mere feet from where we were and totally didn’t pick up on the fact that he was that nearby.

      • Ali Says:

        Oh yeah me too. At the one gig I saw him at, close to my home, and yeah I liked him on idol, he came write up to me and asked if I had my cd signed lol. I hadn’t been in line all day, and just walked up at the buses, and disgustly said out loud “forget this” when the “regs” elbowed me out of the autograph line. Because I so selfishly wanted to get an autograph as a first time concert goer, when they had seen him umpteeth times and claimed to be promoting him to new fans. Yeah right!
        He heard the exchange. Asked the front row “regulars” to “please let her up here” and asked me my name, then signed it on my cd thanking me for my support. I was pissed at his fans so I just replied “thanks, whatever” and walked off. If I were ever to meet him again (doubtful) I would apologize for my rudeness and thank him for his gracious behavior,despite his embarrassing fans.
        All I can do now is buy his next cd and wish him well. I will not take food from my family’s mouth to stalk a young musician who really just wants normal fans so he can continue to make a living doing what he loves. I feel bad for him because I think his fans will ruin his career and he seems like a nice and sincere young man.

  7. Dani Says:

    Anyone care to name drop on the twitters involved in the latest infighting? Unfortunately, I happen to have a job which keeps me from spending 24/7 on twitter and when I get home I have something called a LIFE. However, this crazy is just too tempting to pass up! The comic relief the guys must get from all of this is priceless.

    • B York Says:

      Speaking of twitter and fan fights, seems like a Glambert was trying to scam attention by pretending to have cancer. Supposedly, even he who shall not be named and his hired musicians were tweeting sympathy/prayer type messages to support her in her struggle. Got to a point that this BSC fan pretended to be so sick that she couldn’t tweet and her “mom” (that would make her what? 80 years old?) had to update the followers.

      LOLOLOL these BSC fans have too much time on their hands and restless fingers.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        I have been reading about the drama with LizLambert and her fake cancer was it? The whole ‘be nice to me because I’m sick and get the entertainer to pay attennnnnnnnnnntionnnnnnnnnnn to me’ seems to happen in just about every online community. Why should the batshit crazy Glamtards be any different. In fact I would expect them to take the crazy cakes dramatics to all new heights with the stories of dying from diseases. Just sit back with some popcorn and enjoy.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Dani, I didn’t see it with my own eyes (the fighting, that is) but it was Anodynejunkie and her pals (Daina, whateveryaknow-Chele, etc.)against Ladynsearch, Rascalette, NYCarol and that crowd that tweets Cook every 5 seconds. That’s what I gathered from Anodyne’s blog. Then someone named Lyricalpoetic jumped on Anodyne. I don’t know who Lyrical is but she/he let Anodyne have it.

      (Disclaimer: aside from Lyricalpoetic all of these were names that appeared in the blog, so don’t any of you freaks get pissed at me for naming your names)

      • Dani Says:

        Thanks for that, nonna-muss. Hope someone from here will be in Tulsa to document the crazy. I’m still effing paying off credit cards from last tour so I certainly won’t be.

      • DRCcarpenter Says:

        I thought it interesting that AJ’s whole blog was because of something Rascalete wrote in the morning. But there are no names mentioned in Rascalete’s blog. So what would make AJ write such a narcissistic,egocentric, self-loving blog unless Rascalete hit a “sore spot” hahaha

  8. Jen Says:

    Looks like people are feeling paranoid – Daina, Chele, and Becky (its_me_becky – also a Bitchy Crazy) have locked their twitter pages.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Lyricalpoetic is almost certainly Celine. I am about 99.99% sure at this point.

      • Ali Says:

        Lol, I was thinking the same thing, as the tards pointed out it may be her. But who cares who it is, they all need a smack down and some antipsychotic meds. I’m sure David would love for the paddy wagon to haul the whole lot of them off in straight jackets 😀

      • Jen Says:

        I actually didn’t think it sounded like Celine since it wasn’t completely over the top BSC. To me it just sounded like somebody using terrible text speak to fit the 140 character limit. But I don’t know. (Celine has a blog out there somewhere that is hilarious in its ridiculousness lol)

      • tardreformed Says:

        Damn this blog (and unemployment :D) for dragging me back to twitter and DC’s BSC fans! Speaking of which, about Celine among the many OTT’s. As I was reading Anodynejunkie’s twitter and getting a headache, she hates all the fans except her handful of friends, I even browsed all the bands timelines and saw this chick avengerceline tweet Neal? I thought this may be her, “the celine”, she didn’t say anything, just “hi” wtf? So I searched her twitter timeline and saw she has real friends and bands actually tweeting with her, replying etc. Lol. No crazy bullshit at all. Only that one tweet to Neal, so maybe she’s been to this blog and wants to reasure the haters, she’s still around? Idk, very strange. You can’t turn true mental illness on and off! Just go read all those DC fans timelines for that proof!
        So this leads me to believe, what some fans claimed before. She was just fucking with DC fans for kicks, maybe because she has a grudge against him/band/Neal? For whatever she feels they did to wrong her. She doesn’t seem to care about her online reputation, on her timeline lots of guys tweet her and one is some kind of porn photograher. She has a risque avi pic, but its natural not professional and she looks like a typical rock groupie. I’ve seen someone post unflattering pics, but if she’s on drugs then I’m sure she would have bad fan pics floating around. Don’t we all hah? Well it seems that Dave’s old women may have been had, by someone holding a grudge? These freaks are always online, so why don’t the post about celine’s twitter? I’m thinking they just want a scapegoat. So they seem pure to David. Protecting him? On that twitter she does’nt sound crazy. JMO, I should shut up before I’m labeled a celine supporter, or BSC delusional, or worst of all Celine! 🙂 I need a job!

  9. Ali Says:

    Haha yeah they all are going private but the weird thing about twitter is that you can search their user names and still read their timelines. These people are so stupid. If you tard out online it stays there forever. Too late to delete blogs or switch to a private account. Its already out their in thecyberuniverse lol. The grannies are still tarding on about the epicness that will be Tulsa in a couple weeks. Have mercy on David Cook and band’s soul!

    • Dani Says:

      Besides Andy and Phil, will the others even be there?

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Phil and Andy have tweeted that Neal will be there and Kyle too. Bryan Jewett is also going to be there. I *think* maybe Nick too.

      • Ali Says:

        Wow this post has a ton of comments lol. I heard via twitter that all the guys except Joey Clement who plays with Selena Gomez will be there. As will there girlfriends. So that being said you can bet your childrens xmas figgy pudding, that all these delusional fans (wanna be David’s girlfriends or gramma’s lol?) Are cashing in their xmas bonus checks and buying their kids/grandkids xmas gifts at the goodwill in order to hang out at the bar with David because of course he’ll be there to support his friends right? Yeah, dream on anodyne :<D
        Ps. Does anyone know anodynes real name? I would love to google search that freak. I'm sure David (and his security) has done so already.

      • Jen Says:

        Yeah, it’s being billed as everyone except for Dave – Andy, Neal, Monty, Kyle, and assorted area friends like Nick Gibson and Phil Marshall.

  10. kcsan Says:

    AnodyneJunkie is one of the more arrogant, egotistical, and delusional fans that exist. She has a lot of nerve calling out anyone else for their behavior. Yes, ladynsearch and some others named tweet him constantly with random bullshit that he won’t read and won’t care about. But AnodyneJunkie is otherwise just like the other crazies out there like Krunkjess for example. Someone said she (AJ) met him in Florida. I’d bet money she didn’t. I was there and saw her standing in line just like everyone else. He talked to fans and took pictures and gave autographs to anyone who stood in line on Saturday. I stood in line and so did she. No special favors for that one.

    • NYCarole426 Says:

      Im loving that an intelligent person can see Anodynejunkie for the ignorant, pathetic excuse for a DC fan she is! She has lost many followers with her BIG Hurtful mouth… does she even realize its David she is hurting! And LQQK who is LICKING David’s A@@ … check her hypocritical tweets to him! “Anodynejunkie… DC is without a doubt…laughing at yOu!!! I believe in Karma…and your up!

  11. Dani Says:

    Can you just imagine the cost of airfare and/or hotels a week before Christmas? Any town needing to generate some revenue ought to book the musicians surrounding the king to play there. Sure to bring in some serious Holiday bucks.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Eggsalant! You just gave me a great fund raising idea for our soup kitchen/food closet for the poor!

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Hey look! There are fans that DID do a charity event. It was done as a birthday gift to David with no hope of him appearing. It was done in the true spirit of charity. It’s clear that a lot of work, thought and love for their cause went into it. This is what charity is about. Not what AJ and her cronies consider charity, i.e. volunteering with the hopes of meeting him.

        Bravo Word Nerds Phillipines!!

  12. tardreformed Says:

    Oh gosh. I just went over to anodynejunkie’s twitter after being so amused here and see she’s jumped back online after a self proclaimed exile of hmm…one day lol! I’m sure she’s been reading here and doesn’t want the haters to win, someone gave her this link on twitter lmao! Anyway she is now posting a bunch of provacative pics of David Cook and she and friends are commencing to drool and orgasm over their trip down idol memory lane. So gross! I didn’t have the stomach to go back through her timeline to find where the drama all started. Talk about clusterfuck! I really don’t see how she can point fingers when she is doing the same thing. I guess it coames down to jealousy and hoping David loves her best. They have no shame. I’m not old enough to be his mother, but I still would feel weird having an attraction to a young guy who obviously would not be into me. Or them lol!

  13. cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

    I know anodyne’s real name along with several others at the far far end of the lunatic fringe, but for obvious reasons, not going to be naming names on this blog. Pretty certain too that DC and his people (whatever that means) know the real names of these excessively freaky fans who are mostly (but NOT always grandmothers like Anodyne) but hey – Newsflash – not because you are his FRIENDS you silly old cows! Poor guys would much rather run for cover every time one of gramma’s ugly mugs shoves some poor unsuspecting newbie fan out of the way in order to get to her ‘entitled’ spot at the front of the stage. Sad.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      We don’t need names. He has the names.

      I have heard from a reliable source that Cook’s management makes sure now that show security has a list with photos of the main crazies. Sounds like a plan, a very good plan.

      • Jen Says:

        But what is the list for? Just to keep tabs on them? Because they all still get in to the shows/charity events anyway. AnodyneJunkie was at the tennis thing (as was DebraKay whose kids are Dave’s age and who flew from SEATTLE for it – though you can see in someone’s vid that he doesn’t seem that enthused at taking the 4574895th photo with her).

        And please tell me people like Daina are on that list. lol

  14. Sally Says:

    What new fans? :loL: he’s stuck with these freaks forever now.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Hopefully when the new record comes out he’ll pick up a lot of new fans. With any luck they will be normal and will outnumber the insane by the thousands. I bet when Cook sits on Santa’s lap that’s what he’ll ask for.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        That and the bat mobile. Why aren’t his fans mobilizing to buy him the bat mobile??

      • songkat7 Says:

        Best way for him to get his music into new ears is to open for a big, established band with a variety of music lovers in the audience.

        Although the batshittiest of the bats insist he is “too big” to open for another band, he’s not that big yet. Hell, and as much as I love the guy’s music, even I know full well he’s not that big yet.

        The best thing? As one of my buds suggested, it would be funny if it was announced that he was opening for a band whose tour was already sold out. Sure, it might mean that I wouldn’t be able to easily attend the concert, but it would ensure that there were new faces at the front. I bet he’d love that.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        That’s actually a great idea!

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Well, that’s not fair to meeeeeeeeee! What about meeeeeeeeeeee??? Won’t he miss me at his shows?!?!?!!!11!1

        This will be the reaction if that scenario takes place. It will be bedlam. It will be like he personally went to every tards house and bitch slapped every one of them. It will be a meltdown of epic proportions. It would be the greatest thing for him.

        I, of course, would be disappointed because I do enjoy his live show, but business is business and if that was the best thing for his career I’d be all for it.

      • tardreformed Says:

        I think this is brilliant, for him to open for a big act, especially if tickets are hard to come by. But wouldn’t he have to be invited to open? Usually these things are decided by the labels no? Like how Ryan Star opens for bigger acts on Atlantic? Ironically many of the acts that opened for David are getting tons of radio play and recognition such as : GRO, crash kings, need to breathe and especially the Script. And they have lots of younger normal fans. I went to a Script show recently at the HOB and got there at show time. Guess what? Noone was standing in line, I got up front, and the house was sold out by the end. And noone pushed me out of front row lol. In fact most hung at the bar haha. Just regular music fans, not overinvested lonely housewives. This is what DC is asking for christmas. Me thinks so anyhow 🙂
        This blog’s commentators (and FDC her/himself) are so right on its scary!

  15. cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

    I think the whole batmobile comment DC made was just a gentle snark at the Sparkle Cows who heard Glamboy wanted a Maserati for Xmas/B-day or whatever it was and they immediately took up a collection for him – like hello he’s a millionaire ladies!! He doesn’t need you silly geese for that – what he NEEDS you to buy is the POLKA version of his sucky music that Im sure RCA has in production right now!!! So save your pennies girls!

  16. Not a psyco DC Fan Says:

    Reading these post I felt I had to comment. While I am a fan of David Cook’s and I do enjoy his music and have gone to a few shows. I am not a friend of his like so many claim to be. Nor do I want to marry him. He is not my prince or cookie or whatever else these people want to call him. And I am not his rose or whatever. I have seen these crazies in action not only at his shows that I attended I have been pushed out of the way by many of them. They felt they had the right to be as close to him as possible. I have also seen all their crazy tweets to him and about him on twitter. These women if they are all married as they claimed to be should be spending time with there husbands and leaving him alone. The stalkers who attend every event he is at or might even be at are the worse. I am so waiting for the day when he brings his Girlfriend out in public. All the crazy old ladies are going to die. Yes he does have a girlfriend or at least someone who’s company he enjoys I don’t think I have to spell it out. I only hope she has enough balls to stand up to these crazies and he doesn’t let it affect his judgment.

    • Sally Says:

      Why would any sane woman want to say she was fucking Cook, publically. She would be torn apart by the crazies. Not to mention Mary Ann Ellis…

  17. freedavidcook Says:

    I also think that the problem with David’s fan base is one of perception. The day I met him I was with my daughter, who was 18 at the time. She ignored him and kept combing the sales rack. I asked her later what the deal was, didn’t she want to met him? She said no, his music was lame since he’d been an Idol, strictly for old ladies that had no access to real music. I was kind of taken back because while he’s not my cup of tea I didn’t realize that he might have been judged by the fan base and found lacking by teens and young adults.

  18. kelly d. Says:

    This is my reply to those traveling to see David at charity functions not even real concerts. How do you think this young guy feels about seeing all you older women in his face constantly? How would you feel if someone (I know you would be on your knees for a young guy lol so…) let’s say a man 30/40 years older than yourselves where flying in from all parts of the globe because he just wants to be close to you, be a part of your life. Pretty creepy right? These women need to wake up and leave this guy alone. If they love him then they’ll set him free…to have a career and not be a laughing stock to his peers.
    I’m speaking to andoynejunkie (I know her real name and so does David and his security) also her pals Debrakay and janesixtytwo (is her twitter handle her age lol?) Jules485? I forget her # but she tweets anodyne constantly. And of course dear old krunkjess. They are married w/kids grandkids and have financial woes, yet they are headed to Tulsa lmao, just imagining them all drunk and going after the boys haha! I find these few young women in their 20’s (krunkjess?) to be extremely sad to only have these old ladies as friends. I just don’t get these fans. I notice they only have each other to tweet. No outside interest or other friends/boyfriends. Or husbands who obviously are glad to be rid of them…even if they end up in the poorhouse.

    • kelly d. Says:

      Oh its jules685, debrakay23, lobsters1, LaverneTX are some of anodyne’s grandma’s in crime…jules and lobster may actually be pre-menapausal 🙂 anyway if you have insomnia and need a good laugh, check out there twitters.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        I also lol at how most of the grannies and others that show up to every show or tweet him incessantly don’t have their own pictures as their avi. They have Cook or an inanimate object. If they do have their own picture it is of themselves with a bandmate. Show yourselves ladies!! If you don’t find anything wrong with your behavior then show the world who you are!! Their timelines are filled with nothing but chatter about him. How much can their be to talk about?? I mean seriously??

        Also, sidenote. I heard Coolshades (the one with the fug tatt of Andy on her back) went to his solo show in Tulsa last weekend. She had to fly there. Of course she’ll be at next weekend’s show too. What in the hell is wrong with these people?????

      • kelly d. Says:

        Omg, nonna-muss can’t have this correct about cool-shades? Andy’s solo show was for a mall charity event or something. He tweeted (maybe for the sake of the nuts stalking him?) That his set was only about 20 minutes for gods sakes! Where were these people living before they found David Cook and his band and started holding them hostage. I suppose living in their parents basements, with there hundreds of cats lol. Yep they all seem to own lots of cats and probably didn’t think of tattoos or rock music until they found their savior. Like abby said, they were all lonely geeks and old women longing for a youth they never lived in real life, wannabe groupies lol. Shameless! And as for the LA crowd Scott (wehoscott) is the worst biddy of them all. He works for CBS so you think he would be embarrassed! He is one of the worst online instigators of gossip and fans backstabbing each other, all for Dave’s attention?
        He likes to say he would never report the intimate details he knows (yeah he’s DC and band’s confidante lol) about Dave, because he wants them to trust him? Excuse me! I’m sure they are getting the heebie geebies everytime they go for pancakes or to see friends/Kira perform and he’s there! My god how did these people function in life up to this point? And how are they not slapped with restraining orders?…yet!

      • Jen Says:

        Lol, it is true about coolshades and she talked to Andy’s sister and Andy’s gf’s mom, surely because Jennie alerted her mom of the crazies. And if I’m not mistaken she’s unemployed because she couldn’t find a job as a lawyer and lives with her parents. And when someone asked her how she would show a significant other her massive hideous tattoo, she said she plans on remaining celibate – she doesn’t believe in sex before marriage but she doesn’t ever want to get married either. o.O

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Don’t get me started on Wehoscott. There’s too much to mock. Not to mention he’s just plain creepy. And why doesn’t Coolshades just move on and leave Andy alone? Again, great to be a fan, but there is a line that she has crossed. That same line has become blurred for so many of the crazies because David and his band mates are so polite to them. Who here wouldn’t pay big bucks to see “the guys” tell some of these people to fuck off?

      • Jen Says:

        I can’t stand Scott. Not only is he creepy, he talks like he has inside knowledge not only from the guys but also about the music business in general. He doesn’t. He’s just a fan who pays attention. And it’s not surprising that that night Andy and Neal supposedly hung out with that crew Dave and Andrew were also there for the concert but seemed to beat a hasty retreat. And he was calling 60-year-old ladynsearch a Granny when he’s 50 himself. He must look out of place at all these rock shows he goes to unless the age skews older in LA than it does in New England.

    • Jen Says:

      Seriously. Debrakay flew across the damn country for the tennis thing. And they’ll make the pilgrimage to Race for Hope and claim they’re doing it for charity but still manage face time with Dave.

  19. Abby Says:

    So good to know there’s intelligence and common sense out there with these comments. I am also a fan but don’t need to meet him or tweet him. I have a theory from my observations that most of these crazies pre-David Cook were nerdy and backward. I mean, look at and listen to them. Now they are oh so cool and hip– getting drunk, tattooed, cussing, following “Dave and the boys” all over and they’re suddenly interested in certain charities, music, sports teams and tv shows. They tweet and suck up to anyone mentioned or associated with “Dave.” The LA group conveniently shows up anywhere he or his friends may possibly be and brags that they are BFF. The granny ones are just disgusting the way they lust over him. I don’t care if he opened for the Rolling Stones and the tickets were $2000. and sold out, they would all find a way to be in the front row. They’ll never let the poor guy go. Flying to Tulsa at Christmas for a bar show…uh, no. Thanks fdc for the opportunity to LOL at the insanity.

    • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

      Well, there is more and it comes back to our pal Grandma Anodyne aka CookedinFlorida. She and some other gal popped up at a Shadow Buddies Charity event being held in KC a couple of months back – as volunteers no less registering people or something. This is a very worthwhile charity near and dear to David’s mother – and it was assumed he would be there, I guess. Except HE never showed. The brother Andrew was though and apparently words were had between him and Grandma Anodyne cause she later tweeted “Andrew is a real douche” or words to that effect (paraphrasing here). But she ONLY went on there expecting to see David so I am sure she was pretty choked about being thwarted once again – gee, I wonder why, at the last min he was a no-show hmmm? Oh and after the tennis thing she got the brilliant idea of having David come sing for her and her coven in her living room or somewhere and she was gonna charge $500 a head for like 100 estrogen starved little old ladies! Yeah! I bet he’d be chomping at the bit to score that gig. Seriously for this particular faction of the fandom the term BSC just isn’t quite enough.

      • Jen Says:

        Ooh I hadn’t heard about that Shadow Buddies thing. I HATE when they’re mean to Andrew, not gonna lie. (I also have a tiny, inexplicable crush on him, whatever.) That’s Dave’s brother – you can’t hate on family. Some of these people follow and talk to their Dave and Andrew’s step-sister, Jenna, on twitter too. You have to think she sees some of the stuff they say about Andrew. Andrew does charity for charity’s sake, not because he’s stalking someone who might be there. And he’s 23 – you are 55, maybe grow up.

        I did see the living room concert thing. Vom. And she talks like it’s actually possible if they raised enough money, as if he’d actually want to do that.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Jen, Wehoscott just dissed your boy Andrew on twitter. Kick his ass. He did it without using Andrew’s name in his tweet so he wouldn’t get caught by his BFF Neal. You’ll have to search Scott’s tweets to see it.

      • Jen Says:

        I saw. He bothers me. God forbid somebody not worry about the ills of the world for one damn minute. At least it wasn’t a reply to him though, you’re right. Like the time Becky asked him during a twitter party if he’d ever been called a douchebag to his face. He answered something like “Who hasn’t?” so everybody following him saw her tweet. lol

      • nonna-muss Says:

        I find Scott’s tweet about Andrew hilarious because Scott does nothing but tweet about David and the guys and mindless television shows. What makes Andrew’s observation so different? Is it because Andrew tells the tards to stick it up there asses? Me thinks so. I loved when Andrew called them out for having his brother’s picture as their avi’s and then proceeding to make sexual suggestions to him and the band. He called them “creepy”. 😀

      • Jen Says:

        Yup and if I recall those fans threw a fit when he said that. And certain fans who now kiss his ass were talking about what a douche he was. Some fans even call him dj – short for douchey junior. Presumably Dave is the original douche? Which means they like Neal and Andy and that’s it? I don’t even know anymore.

    • Dani Says:

      Well said Abby. You nailed it. I’ll admit I was well on my way to crazytown once upon a time but thankfully wised the hell up before I had to declare bankruptcy and/or been committed to the asylum by my family. I will admit I’m still mesmerized by his voice but the thought of ever embarrassing him by being a fan keeps me at a safe distance. How anyone with an iota of intelligence or self-respect doesn’t get that is beyond me.

  20. kelly d. Says:

    Omg Jen, that’s insane about cool_shades. I’m sure Andy must be deeply disturbed by her and poor Jenny has to be nice to some delusional wierdo wearing her boyfriends likeness permanately on her back! Of course she wants to remain celibate…until she kidnaps Andy and marries him in her parents basement haha. She has the guy on her back forever, so that screams “restraining order” or he could be in danger. Its funny but also a bit scary! This goes along with what abby said about these psycho’s, being lonely anti-social geeks before finding there idol and each other.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Poor Andy, he looks like a deer caught in the headlights anyway. Imagine when she’s coming at him?

    • Jen Says:

      Seriously. And I’m pretty sure she makes sure to wear a tank top whenever she goes to shows so that people can see it. Beyond creepy. The guys must tease Andy about it. lol

      Some of the tattoos are hilarious and ridiculous. Like Kelly with her tour bus swirl. Hope he uses a different company next tour. ha

  21. Abby Says:

    Oh, but they’re so cool with their tattoos!! People they work with and know in real life will never take David Cook seriously. There is a blog on DCO that coolshades wrote about her trip to Tulsa to see Andy perform for 20 minutes. She sat in the floor at the stage when everyone else was at tables away from the stage. Jennie’s mother told her “Oh, Jennie told me you might be here.” That alone would let me know I was seen as a stalker.

    • kelly d. Says:

      Oh god. This is unbelievable. I would be be so embarrassed to show up knowing his mom would be there and there she is with that awful thing on her shoulder/back. These weirdo’s don’t even try to blend and just hang back. They have to be so obvious and in there faces! Its all about them and feeling needed/loved/adored and not what “his fans” are doing for his reputation, ruining it.
      In fact I believe in there self centered delusional minds, they don’t want him to succeed and gain popularity because they wouldn’t be able to be close to him. He (and bandmates) would be less assesible.

      • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

        I dunno. I have a bit of a different take on this particular aspect of the craziness I guess. I can’t help but feel really really bad for Coolshades; obviously she got caught up in some ‘moment’ and took the plunge to have this ummm…well brown blob (sorry but that’s all I can discern from the few pics I have seen) permanently inked on her skin. The only saving grace for her I can see is since it’s on her shoulder she doesn’t have to look at it every day… But seriously the tattoo “artist” who did this to her – IMHO that person shouldn’t even be in business … Yeah I know what you’re gonna say – the customer is always right, she’s an adult and can make her own choices, she chose to do this, yada yada, but seriously this is a huge, and from what I can see muddy looking mess that the poor girl (I understand she’s a rare younger crazy) is now stuck with basically forever. I would hope that the artist at least TRIED to discourage her from doing the full monty all at once…like maybe mull it over for a while, do a much tinier version in a more circumspect place – or go with white ink (much more subtle) instead. But no, obviously not. Anyway for me, mocking her is not really constructive. I just feel bad; loonie-tunes or not, there’s something else at work here in her case.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Dear Jestro. I heard she did sit by the stage, practically on top of it and twitpic’d herself doing it. I would be mortified if Cook, any of his band mates, family and/or friends knew my name, were told I would be at a show, etc. etc. etc. Lemme guess, Coolshades was flattered by Jennie’s mom knowing who she was. Pathetic. There is too much crazy. Way too much.

  22. Jesse Says:

    Wow, I am really saddened by you all ridiculing and making fun of fans of David Cook. I recognize some of you as fans yourselves who I have seen post in days gone by.

    Yes, some of his fans and the fans of his band are little catladies, some are young people who maybe weren’t as cool as you apparently are, some are middle aged lonely housewives, many are very intelligent, sharp, professional women with impressive credentials and some are young and pretty and just like him. And yes, no one in all the fandom is the “perfect” fan.

    As to their get-together in Tulsa to hear THH, Phil Marshal, Nick Gibson, Bryan Jewett, etc., I would love to go. It sounds like a great party, but I have family obligations and can’t make it. It should be fun though, and I hardly think there is anything wrong with people getting together to listen to musicians they like who are in a certain niche or style of music that they prefer. Why don’t you ask the musicians themselves if they would rather only girls and guys from age 16 to 28, pretty, stylishly dressed, slender and “cool” attend. What do you think they would say?

    Actually you guys remind me of mothers refusing every possible girl for their son by saying no one is good enough for their boy. They are music fans, not girlfriends. And they pay for music.

    I attend a variety of music concerts and, as I’m sure you know, not every fan for every band is young, beautiful and sexy. Fans seem to come in all ages, genders, from all walks of life. I think you are living in the past if you think they are all homogeneous. Do you all go to other concerts? Have you seen who attends?

    I’m sure you think it somehow makes you better than to talk about people “behind their backs”, but it just puts you in the company of Celine (poeticlyrical) and other sad, angry people. Shame on you for being hurtful.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Do you not understand it is only the borderline criminal stalkers we are discussing here? None of the regular folks (and there are some) that are fans, just the over the top types.

      If you can’t understand that then perhaps you should ask yourself why you are so emotionally invested in a stranger.

      • Jesse Says:

        I might ask the same of you, since you far, far outnumber me in posts that concern David Cook.

        And not one person you have mentioned is anything approaching a “criminal stalker”. Absurd.

      • Jesse Says:

        Well, I should amend that to say not one person is a criminal stalker to the best of my knowledge. But I do know most you have spoken of, and many are kind, good people, who for various reasons, find great joy in the music of David Cook or one of his bandmates. How is this worse than being enthralled with Disney or doll-collecting or Victoriana, or the Beatles? People take their interests very seriously.

        Do you honestly think it hurts his reputation to have these fans? Really? As I said, when I go to other concerts, there always seem to be a group of super invested fans, of various ages, shrieking in the front row. Doesn’t it just go with?

      • kelly d. Says:

        Nonna-muss this is because she’s krunkjess lol. Her mentioning Celine gave her away, not to mention the skinny girl hater complex

      • kelly d. Says:

        And she only mentions lyricalpoetic because that’s the twitter acct. That’s been sending this blog link to all the guys lmao! And yes attending other bands shows, especially rock/alternative the crowd is mostly young. Sure some odd ball types but never in droves like what DC concerts are. Most bands aren’t plagued by this problem. He is seen as uncool in his genre because of his fans. End of story.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Jesse, if you read all of our comments we all stated that we are fans of David Cook (sans FDC). We like him. We like his shows. We like his music. We do not like his OTT fans and we don’t have to. They make going to a show difficult for non-OTT fans. We pointed out some that go above and beyond being a fan. I’m a fan of various artists and go to many concerts. I have never, ever seen anything like the antics I’ve witnessed in the Cook fandom. The things some of these loons do is not normal fan activity. Some of it is bizarre, absurd and scary. I’m sorry if we are not PC, but we don’t have to be that either. If you don’t like it, then don’t read it. It’s that simple.

      • Jesse Says:

        I know you are a fan, nonna, I have read your posts before on other sites. Still, some people are just plain being mean about people I care about, and no, I am not a reg. Don’t kid yourself, they WILL be very hurt if they read this site, and I hope they don’t. Just because it is the internet doesn’t make it ok to specifically call out people by name, with personal information, ridiculing them for their eccentricities. I mean if you are going to dis someone, how about Simon Cowell, or RCA music or 19? Why pick on some 20 something with a crush on Andy or some other kind ladies enjoying being free and having fun, maybe for the first time in a long, long time. Who is doing the most harm? But I know it is fun to feel superior to eccentric fans, but I don’t like it. It is mean.

        And I just wanted to add another point of view.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Fair enough Jesse, but the kind women you speak of have treated me like shit at shows. Pushing and shoving, elbowing and mocking. I don’t feel sorry for them because they are being discussed here. If they acted normally to other fans do you think anyone would have a problem with them?? No. I know they think it’s because the other fans are jealous. That is NOT the case. Other fans don’t like them because of the way they treat people. Period. I wish I could go to a show without all the bullshit, believe me, that would be fantastic. I didn’t go to a few shows in my area just because it’s draining. It’s like a big high school with all the cliques and bullies. I just want to go to a show and not be shoved around because I found a decent place to stand and someone else thinks they are entitled to it. It would be nice to go to a show and not have to listen to one of the “regs” screaming at a young fan because young fan caught Cook’s guitar pick and “reg” felt she was entitled to it and in her delusion felt that Cook really meant for her to catch it. I could go on and on. I’ve witnessed some pretty sick shit. They are not nice, wonderful women. They would trample small animals to get to him and you know it.

      • Jesse Says:

        I went to a number of concerts and mostly people were very well behaved so I am not sure where all these crazy fans were. My concerts were in California. Compared to the pit in front of Bruno Mars or at most heavy metal concerts, things were mighty civilized. But maybe I was just lucky, I don’t know.

        Anyway, I surely have my own issues, so better get off my high horse and let you all carry on. Wish there was something else you could do that would be as much fun. If you want to specifically name names about people in RCA who are incompetent, I will be right there with you! Anyone know any particulars?

        Forgive my self-righteousness. Just was hurting for people I know who will be hurt. Too much sadness in the world as is.

        Oh, and I am in none of the groups in the fandom, not a one. Ha.

      • Jesse Says:

        Nonna, just saw your last post. Well, I am sorry you had such difficulties at your concerts. Honestly, I don’t know the every concert goers personally, have seen them, but I don’t think I have ever spoken to them and really couldn’t name them.

        Maybe it was different in California? More laid back? Actually the concerts were mostly laid back in terms of getting places up front, but of course, the concerts themselves were energized. My favorite ever was the Music Box in Los Angeles. Wow, that whole three series, Fillmore in SF, Music Box in LA and then Spreckels in San Diego was just off the charts. At the Music Box we were among the other peeps from Season 7 too which was fun and other celebs. But that is LA for you. Were you there?

        Anyway, this is off topic. So I gather this site is to talk about people we don’t like? Well, I have a real issue with whoever had the bright idea to not release anything new from David Cook for approximately 32 years. Akkk! Now THAT is an issue. I mean, sheesh, how about an acoustic cd? Or a professionally made tour DVD? sigh Or better yet, a redo of Analog Heart and the unreleased album?

        I like a lot of different musicians, no others from reality shows actually, but he is still my fave.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Jesse, I guess we’ve had different experiences. The RCA discussion is happening on every Cook board at the moment and doesn’t quite fit with the theme of this blog, which is summarized in the header at the top of the page.

        “Dedicated to helping expose the stupidity, bad behavior and lunacy of the craziest stalkers of various American Idol contestants like David Cook or Adam Lambert or whoever. Obsessing over a stranger you see on TV is just retarded as hell.”

        Not to mention that the length of time it’s taking between records is not abnormal. Go around and look at other artists, Idols or not. Two years is no big deal.

        It seems like you want to believe the best about people and there’s nothing wrong with that, but I took off my rose-colored glasses long ago. Different strokes for different folks and all that.

  23. Karen D Says:

    Yep, cool_shades did indeed fly to Tulsa for a 20 minute set by Andy. She showed up at the place a couple hours before the show (because she expected a crowd?) and sat her ass on the floor and waited there because the tables were not near the stage. Then she sat on the floor through the whole set instead of standing, or sitting in a chair like a normal person. But remember, this is a person who is in her twenties and wears house dresses instead of getting dressed every day. And eats popsicles every day and posts the joke on the popsicle stick on twitter because everyone wants to read those every day, right? Just read her formspring. It’s frightening, but it’s very obvious why she wasn’t ever able to get a job as a lawyer. Totally socially retarded. Oh, and she also doesn’t drive so her dad has to drive her everywhere.

  24. Karen D Says:

    Forgot to add, she takes a long list of questions with her every time she’s going to see Andy and has him pick numbers. I’m sure every time he sees her pull the list out he’s sub-consciously rolling his eyes. This last time, she proposed to him. Supposedly a joke, but still. Please go read her blog over at DCO to see how much drivel she wrote about going to a 20 minute show, and how she misconstrued Andy’s awkward body language. http://davidcookofficial.com/us/blog/have-heroes-tulsa-112610-or-day-i-proposed-andy-skib

    • kelly d. Says:

      Wow I missed these comments being distracted by that woman Jesse ranting about how normal her friends are lol. I do feel sorry for her. She needs help. I hope her family gets it for her before she hurts herself. I’m not saying she will hurt Andy but if the day comes when Andy has to have her restrained/arrested she may well become suicidal. She is not a mean woman like the others. She’s childlike. But this is very disturbing. Poor Andy.

      • Jen Says:

        I agree. I feel a little bad snarking on her because she doesn’t seem mean and nasty like the others.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Which is why I didn’t fight with her or anything negative. She’s not as OTT as most that show up and object to what’s written.

      • kelly d. Says:

        FDC in your reply about Jen not snarking on Coolshades, did you think she meant not snarking on Jesse? Or do you think Jesse is coolshades? I think Jen’s reply was referring to feeling bad for coolshades not Jesse?

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Not snarking on Jesse, not CoolShades. Anyone that acts as deranged as CoolShades is fair game.

        However, last night while I was away at rehearsals followed by cooking, cleaning, loving my sig-o I see Jesse was busy busy and my good humor is towards Jesse is gone. Snark away.

      • Jen Says:

        Yeah I was talking about Coolshades. Jesse could’ve been worse though, you’re right.

      • Jesse Says:

        Guys, I want to ask you something. Could you please, please take down all the information about Coolshades. Can you put yourself in her place? You have read her blog, can you see how much this will hurt and humiliate her? I mean really, really hurt her? Remember what happened to that boy they filmed at the college? I think she is much stronger than that, but it is really horrible to hurt someone publicly on the internet and the news is spreading. Please take down this information and humiliation before she sees it. It would be the right thing to do.

      • Jesse Says:

        If you take it all down, I will tell you who I am and you can have a go at me.

      • Jesse Says:

        Sorry to be a buzzkill, but it is very, very worrisome.

      • Sally Says:

        Does someone need a waaahmbulance?

      • Rubber Ducky Says:

        Concern trolls are funny 😆

      • kelly d. Says:

        Lmao! FDC you mean you actually have a life and sig-o and stuff to do? It seeems Jesse was so intent on saving our wretched souls she couldn’t even get her tons of important (lawyerly?) Crap she claimed to have to do, done lol. I think we all know who Jesse probably is 😀

    • kelly d. Says:

      Wow in that recap it does seem like she was clueless that andy and his friends and family were trying to avoid her. Like when he was saying good bye to his friends but then saw her and kept on talking to his friends. His sister seemed creeped out. Even andy hinting that she doesn’t need to attend every show. Oh my she is clueless poor thing.

      • kelly d. Says:

        If coolshades didn’t want this behavior public she wouldn’t be on the internet and like many of you ott fans she has stated on twitter and on her formspring that she doesn’t care what people think of her obsession with Andy. If you Jesse are so concerned then go help her. She needs it. We don’t care who you are btw. If you’re her friend you should help. I could ask the same of you and your friends. Take down the false identities of yourself and also stop ridiculing and posting blogs with real peoples names and personal info so joyously and expect no fallout from doing this. Hypocrites!

      • Jesse Says:

        Wow, you are cold. Do you get off on hurting people?

      • Sally Says:

        Just as much as you do. You judgemental sow.

    • Dani Says:

      Thanks for the blog link. Bored shitless 2 lines in. Anyone know how it ends?

  25. Jesse Says:

    Hate to be self centered, but do you think I am krunkjess? Hahahaha! Not even close!

  26. kelly d. Says:

    Excellent nonna. Your experience echo’s that of most normal fans I’m afraid. And to respond to “Jesse”, yes these “kind” “eccentrics” are hurtful to David, so I could care less if they get there feelings hurt. Maybe its the cold water in the face they need to snap out of there delusions. I’ve attended tons of concerts for various artist and genres, this is unique and freakishly absurd!

    • Jesse Says:

      Well I have also attended tons of concerts for various artists and don’t see a lot of difference. Saw Guster at the Troubadour right before their tour started and the guy next to me just about knocked me out with his “enthusiasm”. It is rough out there in concert land.

      Also, nice of you to be responsible for other people’s delusions. I assume you have experience and degrees to back up your notion that being cruel is just what the doctor ordered.

      And yes, most of the ones I have talked to are, indeed, kind. Are you?

      • kelly d. Says:

        Well what’s your name? Real name? You seem to want to make friends here. Well since you are above it all. Why are you here again? Oh yeah, to defend your friends. You can move on to your fullfilling life now hon. Appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to lecture us bad people lol.
        Please save your wordy, pompous, holier than thou rants. Nobody is buying what you’re selling here I won’t respond to the obvious haha. You obviously need attention nuumber one fan.

      • Jesse Says:


        Ha! You tell me your name, and screen names and I’ll tell you mine! As for wanting to be friends here, I told you I am not a part of any groups, just know random people. So it is doubtful I would become a part of this group either. Just don’t do groups, thanks for asking though.

        As to why I am doing this, spending all this time on this random site? Because I have a ton and I mean a ton of work to do and I am totally avoiding it. Arrrgh!

        Thanks for your heartfelt appreciation of my time. It is hard to come down from this great height to lecture you on your faults but someone has to do it! Happy you appreciate the favor. It is sort of like you lecturing the fans on their faults, no?

        As for my wordy, pompous, holier than thou rants, why yes, yes they are. So nice of you to notice.

        Couldn’t quite make out your last sentence, so you think I need attention? Ha. Actually that is the last thing I need but nevermind, whole other story. And are you saying I am David’s number one fan? Nah, much too unfocused for that. I wander off and am not heard of forever and then come back occasionally.

        As much fun as it is being so narcissistic and talking about myself, I guess I am going to have finally face what needs to be done and get going.

        I still think David’s fans are mostly kind, and I don’t hang with the peeps you are complaining of so have no comment. But I do like Coolie very much, think Scott is warm, funny, and nice, love Jane and have enjoyed some of LiterateGal’s insights. I’m sorry you guys don’t like them. I think you would if you met them, very much. Actually we would probably all get along very well.

        Thanks for playing.

  27. Jen Says:

    These “kind” people aren’t even kind on the internet – they are constantly bullying and snarking behind people’s backs so no I don’t feel bad. Actually, let me clarify, Coolshades seems nice enough, but AnodyneJunkie? No. Nevermind the fact that they told my 17-year-old (at the time) friend “Oh this is your first show? Enjoy it from the second row” and then bitched to high heaven when my friends (who I didn’t know at the time) got front row. And this was a show towards the end of the tour in October when they’d already seen a ridiculous number of shows. She doesn’t remember who it was in particular though.

    • Jesse Says:

      Jen, I remember you telling this story before. That sounds awful about your young friend. I see what you mean about that not doing David any good. Well, I think some of those people have moved onto others, haven’t they? Seem to remember they are now fans of Ryan Star, John Mayer and others? Anyway, hope it gets better next tour.

      • Jen Says:

        It does seem that some of them have moved to others. Who knows what will happen when David actually has new product though.

  28. kelly d. Says:

    Gee just as I was getting bored with these fans twitters Jesse got me curious again. So as I was checking out the usual suspects I see some fans (lobsters1 and janesixtytwo) saying they are going private and taking themselves off of someones twitter called dctashows. Turns out it keeps track of stalkers, errr I mean fans lol, attending shows. Wouldn’t it be cool if David’s people run this twitter! Brilliant!
    And guess who says her real son, not David, oops wait, David’s her pretend son or boyfriend? I’m confused. Oh back to the topic. Anodynejunkie was on her twitter tonight saying her son may have cancer? Really? Awful if its true. Myself along with most people know someone we love affected and it sucks! But why anounce it on twitter along with denouncing those who says she only goes to events for David. I question her timing. Wasn’t she just blocking everyone and going private, yet now she anounces to the world her son may have cancer? And she’s attending treatment with him the week after next, so yipee she won’t miss Tulsa!
    This may belong on the newest post I see from FDC about Liz Lambert faking cancer and the real mental diagnosis of munchausen by internet I believe?

    • Dani Says:

      So her son “might” have cancer, yet his “treatments” are already scheduled? I would be so hysterical at the thought of my child going through this that the very thought of enjoying myself at a concert would make me sick. And at the holidays you’d leave your ill son to watch some guys in a band who don’t know you from Adam? Shameful.

      • Emerson Says:

        I wonder what David would think of a “mother” that would leave her sick kid to go to a concert. David being sensitive to that because of what his brother went through, would not think to Highly of her.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        That blows my mind too. How can you even been rational enough to want to be anywhere but your son’s side. Even if you do things you don’t really enjoy them because the situation is looming over your head.

  29. Emerson Says:

    I am sorry to have to disagree with some of you but
    AnodyneJunkie brought all that on herself. It’s one thing to post about what pisses you off but it’s another to actually mention names. When she did that she went way over the line and I quote from her Blog

    “Karma is a brutal bit*h, just like we BAD fans are:) Be ready to meet her, for what does go around eventually comes right back to bite you in the good-fan ass.”

    I guess it does AnodyneJunkie!

  30. Dan Says:

    Yep this Anodyne Junkie should be REAL PROUD of what she started and put out there for all to laugh about! David Cook would be REAL PROUD of her and her “beasties” and that sounds exactly like what they are BEASTIES! LOL!

    I really LIKE David Cook and his band I hope these IdolTards do not ruin it for them! They really rock in a sea of sucky shit right now. Don’t make it all about yourselves ladies!

  31. mb Says:

    This shit is hilarious.

  32. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    I have been laughing my ass off while reading these posts, because it seems like the fandom is truly imploding! I cannot stand AJ or her cohorts, the Twitter stalkers, or Scott. Sorry if that upsets you, Jesse, but I think I know who you are, and this fandom can be a “zoo.” (Hint, hint…)
    And to see NYCarole on here? Pure genius! I am surprised she stopped drooling over her “baby” David enough to get off of twitter!

    Another group to watch out for in Tulsa is fat Kristen8108 and her midget buddy Nicole. Of course, they are closerthanthis with the guys, too! 🙂

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Hahaha. Zoo, I should have guessed. Tulsa is gonna be a laugh riot.

      • kelly d. Says:

        Ohhhh, zoo2 the oldest of the grandma’s is from cali lol! I find it amusing she uses the name Jesse seeing as that’s the name of the most infamous DC cow/tard in the fandom. Krunkjess, or is Jesse grandma zoo’s real name?

      • Jesse Says:

        Good grief. Zoo? No way, no how. 🙂

  33. Ali Says:

    Wow, this post has exploded! I couldn’t help but look at anodynejunkies reply’s (yes she’s gone private) and notice her well wishers from last night about her son. But then this morning she and her cohorts are drooling over pics of David and telling the ones who are critical of their behavior to get a life ! What?! Isn’t her son sick? And all she has on her mind is sexing up a boy young enough to be her son (grandson)? Disgusting human being. No, she’s not human, can’t be. And yet she stands in judgement? Yeah, I’m sure David is thrilled to have her as a fan. Shoot, she’s probably his perfect match, and he does need a girlfriend right? I’m sure he would lust right back at her. I’ve seen pictures of her. She’s just his type 😀

    • nonna-muss Says:

      I saw that too. She’s back to lusting. I honestly hope her son is not sick, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but she doesn’t seem to be letting it interfere with her “activities”.

  34. Ali Says:

    I just want to add, as I was reading that woman Jess whoever she is really, the thing is all of her friends have been fans that embarrass David. Online they constantly lust for him inappropriately. Even the ones who don’t tweet him by name, there tweets get around and the fandom sees them as being creepy old fans. Its there own fault for that reputation. Even the ones who do discuss his music, still have no shame in objectifing him and fantasing about him on a public forum. If they have these fantasies fine. Keep it to themselves like a normal peerson who utilizes good judgement.

    They refuse to take responsibilty for there own disgusting behavior and that they are an embarrassment to David. Its better for them to call us all jealous haters so they can continue there delusional stalking. I see this blog post is getting around the internet. I hope RCA sees it and maybe try’s a new marketing plan for new fans when the new record comes out.

  35. kelly d Says:

    Congrats ladies and gents (and FDC). I think this little blog that could has succeded in doing what David Cook’s people didn’t have the balls to…stop the tards in there hoofed tracks haha. It seems many of the offenders called out here have shut down there twitters! Praise god, allah,johovah,mother earth, yadda spirtual whatever lol. I think David Cook owes us a drink…or at least a spot up front 😀

  36. sosume Says:

    Well, well, well, isn’t this an interesting conversation. And we haven’t even talked about that whole other subset of Cook Fan yet – “Angry Fan”. The fan who hates him almost as much as she lusts after him. Or rather, the fan who hates him precisely BECAUSE she lusts after him. The middle-aged, judgemental virgin who despises him because he makes her tingle down there, and who will never, ever forgive him for soiling his God-given gifts with the company of “Skanky Blondes”. In honor of this rare but dangerous breed of fan, I give you…


    Hamhocks hamstrung
    Hobbled by the heft
    Of beauty, bereft

    She lurks

    In her heart
    And on her face
    A lifetime’s disappointments etched

    She hides

    Her only light?
    Flawed Demigod
    Within who’s Grace her hope is kept

    He runs

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Ahhh, yes. The “Angry Fans”. The ones who want him to have no life and drone on and on about what a loser he is, yet can’t seem to tear themselves away from the computer for 2 minutes. A few come to mind.

  37. sosume Says:

    As boredom, fracture and paranoia set in, the restless Horde awaits with bated breath, the every move the Fetish makes. The Object of Desire’s greatest hope and secret fear? The inevitable self-immolation of the Lunatic Fringe; decidedly unchoosen, but adroitly courted; loved and loathed in equal measure. And the question remains, are the fates of Master and Minion inextricably linked, or can a superior, albeit less intense partnership, founded in artistry rather than lust, rise from the ashes?

    I’m not betting on it.

  38. Ali Says:

    I just noticed Emerson’s comments from anodyejunkie’s blog. Some of the recent replies I seem to have missed with all these comments lol. I’m sure now that DC does have many “normal” fans who are fed up those crazies!
    I can’t believe she had the nerve to post in her PUBLIC INTERNET BLOG that she and her friends single handely financially supported David. My god this is a sick woman. I hope Dave beefs up his security! She must have been feeling pretty secure as queen of the fandom to post such insulting (to David) , delusional dribble!

    • Emerson Says:

      I was quite surprise to read it and for AJ’s information I copied the blog when it got sent around so it is still out there for all to see. AJ quoted that “fans don’t want to get into a tussel with us weeds, because you might just lose. We kind of have a reputation for putting a choke hold on anything that gets in our way and strangling the life out of it.”

      I wonder if poor David’s real fans should put a restaining order on them with that kind of threat. PFO.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Ah, thank you for that quote Emerson. It proves my points made above about my concert experiences in dealing with them. Jesse stated what kind women they are. AJ herself said she is not. They, the weeds, regs, “stalkers”, are not (unless you are willing to give them what they want and kiss their fat fug asses). They don’t scare me, but they are exhausting. It’s a shame that one can’t go to a great show and have a great time without feeling bullied, glared at and pushed around.

        Has anyone ever wondered if the man himself just doesn’t realize (at least until recently, fingers crossed)how his “normal” non-OTT fans feel? I often think that for all he knows we think these women are great. If he calls them out perhaps he thinks he’s pissing everyone off. Remember the famous “Blog Heard ‘Round the World”? He got blasted for calling these crazies out. I was thrilled when he wrote that. I thought “YES!!” and hoped the craziness would stop. We all know how that worked out. He was looked at as ungrateful by the media who had not a freaking clue as to what he, his mates and his other fans are forced to deal with at his shows. He tried though.

        Tard strong David. Tard strong!

  39. Abby Says:

    Jesse, you seem very nice and I can tell you’re not “zoo.” (LOL) Unfortunately I have personally seen some embarrassing/bullying behavior at David’s shows. I could give many examples. I don’t say this to feel superior–they are the ones who act entitled and superior and like they own him. I also think David has shown that he is very aware of this, but his eager-to-please politeness has brought him to this point. I’d say he is cringing inside like any 27 year old guy would be.

  40. Jen Says:

    Wow, this post must’ve gotten around since they’re all locking down their twitters. But how will they tweet the guys now?! haha. And what will I do when I’m bored at work? 😛

    • Rubber Ducky Says:

      Give them five mins and they’ll be open again. Attention whores get depressed when they lose the focus of the tard pack.

    • Cooks_FUFL Says:

      They can still tweet the guys. That has nothing to do with them making their profiles private. If anything, they can be even more annoying and stalkerish because while David will still get their tweets, the tweets will not show up on his public timeline.

      • Jen Says:

        Hmmm really? I thought when you were private only people who follow you can see your tweets even if they were @replies.

      • Cooks_FUFL Says:

        Nope. You can still tweet people, and they will see it on their timeline, even if they do not follow you. The people who locked all their accounts can now talk ad nauseum about (and to) David and the band, and unless you are on their follower group, the “public” cannot see it.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        I think Jen is right. He can only see tweets of people he follows unless he goes to his time line. If an account is private it doesn’t show on his time line and only shows to followers.

      • Cooks_FUFL Says:

        I hate to tell ya, but I have tweeted David when I have been private, and he responded. Trust me, he does not follow me! LOL

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Hmmm. That’s interesting Cooks_FUFL. I always thought no one but my followers could see my @replies. *Note to self: be more careful on twitter*

      • Missy Says:

        When your account is locked, only your followers can see your tweets. Nobody will see your @replies unless they are following you. This is fact. It’s pointless to @reply the guys if they aren’t following.

        From twitter’s FAQ “Why don’t @replies sent from private profiles show up anywhere?

        Replies (@replies) are Tweets that automatically go on the public timeline. By protecting your account (making it private), you’re telling us that you don’t want anyone to see your updates unless you approve them, so your messages won’t be public. So, if your account is private and you send a reply or mention, only those you’ve approved to view your Tweets will ever be able to see it. If you want to send messages such as mentions or @replies to people who are not following you, un-protect your account and make your information public.”

  41. Abby Says:

    I need to back up a minute…Someone who lives in Florida flew to Kansas City to volunteer for a charity event that David’s mother is involved in??? Aren’t there charities in Florida?

    • Emerson Says:

      Yes but they can not get attention from David and/or his family. AJ quotes in her BLOG that
      “we don’t hound him 24/7” No you just fly over 1200 miles to get a chance to work a charity that his mother and (YOU thought) David was going to be at.

      • Jen Says:

        She also said that people accuse them of doing charity work just for face time. Yeah no shit, that’s because you do. You really think you need to fly to DC to do a walk for cancer like there aren’t tons of them all over? It’s not like they would go if he weren’t there. Same for the tennis thing.

        (Not to mention that Shadow Buddies is a charity that Andrew has championed – you know, he who she thinks is a douche.)

  42. Ali Says:

    I think they don’t see private tweets. Maybe cooks _fufl twitter was public by mistake? Many of the ones called out in the past like ninasfeet (kelly) have a public account, hers is zen something, where I see her tweeting the boys. Krunkjess is private and tweets the guys under theREALkrunk. So they must not be able to see if private or they wouldn’t do 2 accounts.

  43. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    Just to correct something I said earlier…if David checks his “@” replies, he can see tweets sent to him from all twitterers, even those who have private accounts. Folks are correct when they say that tweets sent from locked accounts will not show on his timeline. But the fans who locked their pages can still tweet to him, and if he checks his @thedavidcook replies, he will see their tweets. I am sure everyone can rest better now! LOL

  44. Jen Says:

    Didn’t take Debra long to open a new public account… lol

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Ha! Who is she now?

      I saw someone tweeted him last night asking him to say “hello to his fans (career makers)”. THAT’S the mentality these crazies have. That he owes them something besides music and that they own him. Why, he would be nothing without them right? Like he couldn’t survive with the 100 or so bat shit crazies. Hell, he’d be a lot better off.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Like he couldn’t survive withOUT the 100 or so bat shit crazies.

        Shoulda been without. Dammit. I’ve got to stop hitting ‘post comment’ without proofreading.

      • Jen Says:

        Lol, I’m starting to feel bad (because that’s how I am) but if you look at Andrew’s most recent followers you can’t miss her.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Found her, thanks Jen. I was sorry to see that she’s going to Nick and Neal’s show on Thursday night. Lucky Nick and Neal. 😦

      • Jen Says:

        I’m not at all surprised. If she’s flying in for THH might as well fly in a couple days early and go to that too. She did fly from Seattle to Florida just for David’s tennis thing.

        I don’t understand how they don’t feel out of place. I went to a rock show last week and the older people either stuck out like a sore thumb or hung out farther back at the bar.

      • Ali Says:

        Unfortunetly Jen these older BSC fans have scared away potential normal fans. Sure at most rock shows they may be a few older fans but they usually prefer to hang out at the bar not in the mosh pit or front row lol. Just there to enjoy the music, not try to get in the pants of the young rockers!
        These “ladies” are why I don’t believe, as it seems many agree here, that DC will be able to have a carreer unless he completely decides to call them out, or even just ignore them and not acknowledge them at all. This post and comments have revealed how many fans really feel and I hear around the web that David and his people know about this post and who knows what his publicist and management may do to attract new fans and distance himself from the “regs”.
        I just hope we get a new post this weekend regarding the Tulsa shananigans, I’m sure if we get some scoop, the hits to this site will be absurd lol!

      • Jen Says:

        It was funny – at the show I was at two 60ish guys STARTED the mosh pit! But everyone thought it was weird – I couldn’t help but think about this fandom. Not to mention that it was like 75% dudes – Cook would kill for that crowd.

        And I’m not saying that older people can’t be fans – my mom likes David a lot, saw a couple shows, and still listens to his cd. But she doesn’t need to meet him or know everything (or much at all) about him. She just likes the music and thinks his personality is cute, genuine, etc.

        I guess I wouldn’t be surprised if they knew about this blog since it was tweeted to so many of them, including Andrew who supposedly reads his mentions, but what are they going to do about it? I agree that David (and Andrew too) seem to distance themselves from the regs by, for example, leaving immediately after shows in LA, but I don’t see him being able to do more than that.

  45. Jeri Says:

    It is interesting that AnodyneJunkie who said “You have one hell of a nerve, and are hiding behind the safety of the internet. Come on out and meet us face to face and say that. I will be more then happy to get a chance to tell you in person how I feel.”
    That is interesting since she now is HIDING behind a “locked twitter” hahaha. typical bully, they run and hide when it gets “REAL” right> AnodyneJunkie,
    Daina_91880, whateveryaknow, and the rest.

  46. Ali Says:

    It seems that anodynejunkie has been getting tweets wishing her farewell from twitter and poo poo’ing on this blog for calling her out and mentioning her supposedly sick son. Excuse me but wasn’t she the one who put this out on twitter for all to see! I’m sure she’s off twitter so she can stalk the guys in Tulsa without worry of the online repercussions lol! I hope FDC has some spy’s who will be there for the freak show!

    • Jen Says:

      Right? I’m starting to feel bad, but she’s the one who not only put it on twitter publicly but also specifically called people out by name in the blog and on twitter. She had to have figured it would get around.

    • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

      I thought I was done commenting on this thread but this bit about A-Js son with cancer – arrrgghghgh. Firstly, if it is indeed true my heart goes out to him and to everyone else who has to suffer through this scourge, but cancer unfortunately is everywhere, it’s pandemic in our society really – whose family has NOT been touched by it I wonder? So here’s a giant raspberry to HER for feeling the need to publicly ‘out him’ as if HE is unique here. Ummm, plus he’s not a little kid you know – he’s like 40-something… I know if I had cancer, or hemorrhoids or gingivitis, for that matter, I certainly wouldn’t want my BSC mother announcing same to god knows how many strangers publicly over the internet – Ohhh wait though, my bad!!! Cuz I forgot the most important thing about her and her ilk – it’s always about THEM in the end…right, forgot that little detail… They don’t give a flying fuck about anything or anyone else as long as they are heard loud and clear – yep about how they are the very best fans evah! It’s the Look-At-Me Phenomenon for sure… Yes and they want the entire fandom to know that they MADE him did you know that??? You didn’t know? Yep, cuz without THEM doing everything for him and following him here, hither and yon, why David Cook would be nowhere!!! Yep, that’s the honest to god truth!! Actually A-J seriously believes SHE and she alone should be managing his career! That is one of her ultimate goals! That oh yes and getting into his pants too of course – Never mind that her “Best Before” date expired like 30 something years ago… You keep on fantasizing grandma…

      • Eww Says:

        I wonder how many of the freaks secretly wish they or a family member were diagnosed with cancer, in order to “appeal” more to their fug bald god?

  47. Abby Says:

    In the latter part of the tour, I heard repeatedly that David was obviously ignoring the first row crew during the shows. I saw him myself looking everywhere but at them. He also sat at the side of the stage when Ryan Star played in LA and left immediately after–maybe to avoid the LA fans hanging with his band members. So just maybe he is already trying to distance himself.

    • songkat7 Says:

      More like, LA fans hanging “onto” or “near” his band members, not with. I think to them, being in the same room is “hanging with” the band.

      So guess what? That must mean I was “hanging with” Pearl Jam last year. All the way from the second level, side stage, way up in nosebleeds. But it was definitely a “hang with” experience. *shakes head*

  48. Jeri Says:

    I don’t know why you thought I was anodynejunkie. I did not even know who she was until she decided to out her and her friends as David Cook’s “Super Fans”.
    I think David loves all his fans the same. I was at two concerts toward the end of the tour and security was given a paper that had pictures of some
    “stalkers” ((super fans))I bet on them. I think it would be very boring for David to have to look at the same faces concert, after concert, after concert etc.

  49. Dan Says:

    Well holly crap you are STILL talking about this?

    We must ALL really like David Cook (and by the way I am bald and take offense to the fug bald god comment) I could call some here Fat Young Retards would you like that?

    David Cook is a true talent so that is enough of that. He was around way before Idol and would have eventually made a career out of his music although probably not as fast nor as big as he is now. I am greatfull to his brother for bringing him to the audition. But I DO however agree with nonna-muss who comments on the Tweet to DC saying they were “(career makers)” Please people. Because you voted for him a couple of times? That is like me saying you owe me because I work and help pay for your unemployment.

    Give David and his band a break and just worry about yourselves and how YOU come across. I also think the “older fans” should consider staying farther back but SOME of these younger ones are UGLY! Besides, money is money in my book and a fan is a fan.

    Please STOP thinking about yourselves and move on! I seriously WANT to enjoy the likes of David Cook and his music a little longer before the BS Beaver & Tay-Tay music completely takes over the young stupid minds being raised out there by the “younger” people.

    • Eww Says:

      Dan = frau pretending to be a guy 😆

      • kelly d Says:

        Lol. I was thinking the same thing. If Dan is a guy, its Scott or John the only two male fans, or at least the only two who are online David Cook fans and the gay bff’s of many of the older tards (and yes some of the younger cat girl tards too).
        More likely Dan is actually a Danielle lol.

  50. kelly d Says:

    If anyone’s interested in the Tulsa abusdity that is sure to go down, I saw a few open accounts on twitter, these were tweeting janesixtytwo who locked her twitter along with the other aj crew. AJ seems to have completely dissappeared lol!
    Airheadjordan seems to be a rare younger fan,as usal lonely cat girls hanging w/the grannies there future selves lol. She’s taking a greyhound bus from San Diego. And jas5809 coming from New England.

  51. Anonymous Says:

    I finally read through the comments on this entire blog and the rampant ageism is disturbing! Some of you are saying “The older fans should stand in the back” or “Older fans shouldn’t even go to these Cook concerts,” is this like the 1950s when blacks were segregated from whites in the South? WTF? No, I’m not in that older demographic but I also don’t agree that once someone hits middle age, they are over the hill and should be treated like shit.

    I DO agree that some of the older fans act like idiots, but then so do many of the younger fans too. The tard behavior generalizes across all age groups for Cook, lol.

  52. kelly d Says:

    Dear anonymous,
    You obviously didn’t read too carefully, understandably seems all these comments run together lol. But the sentiment with age is that David mostly has older fans, and he is riduculed by the “younger demographic” mainly because of his image as being cougar bait or old folks rock music. I’m just saying to be sucessful he needs fans in the younger demo. He doesn’t have that. Most other rockers don’t have this problem and yes, I know lots of middle age and seniors still rock out but alongside the young fans. David only has older mostly. That’s it! And yah dumbass fans come in all ages.

    • Dan Says:

      I disagree. I think that David Cook has fans of all ages. The concerts I have been to there were many guys and young people so I’m not sure what shows y’all were at. Maybe you live in Florida. AND David is NOT the only one with “older” fans. AL has MANY older fans. Hate to tell you this, but NONE of you are getting “younger” only OLDER! Get Over it!

      • kelly d Says:

        Well I’ve been to shows in different states,I work sales and travel. I noticed lack of younger and male fans and at one show Dave even called out jokingly to “the one guy here tonight” lol. I guess we’ll have to see what his fanbase is ultimately when his new cd drops then we can have the “I told you so” argument 🙂

      • Jen Says:

        People from Idol tend to have older fanbases, yes. Jason Castro tends to have a lot of sweet older lady fans too – one thanked my friend for being short. lol

        But I agree with Kelly D that other rock acts don’t have as many older people at shows, just based on the few non-Idol related shows I’ve been to this year. There also tends to be far more men.

        And look, I’m sure I’ve done the ageism thing too, but like I said, my mom is middle aged and a fan and we were pretty close at our show but she’s not batshit friggin’ crazy about it and mean and nasty to other fans.

      • Eww Says:

        Adam Lambert’s fan base are so old they’re comparing their long term love of Neil Diamond on Adam’s official site today.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I understand about Cook’s fans skewing slightly older but I really don’t think teenagers are going to be into his music much – don’t they tend to like hip hop, rap, and dance pop more than rock? The Idol audience in general is also not that young, so it’s not a surprise if Cook doesn’t have a majority of fans 20 and under. I went to very few shows during the Declaration tour, but I saw my share of younger females (even if some were horrible tards).

      Cook’s main problem is a lack of MALE fans more than a female age issue. And yeah, the ridiculous wanna be cougars and nutjobs won’t make men want to go to his shows!

      • Dan Says:

        I agree with what Anonymous just said. It’s a little creepy I don’t care what age, size, race, religion you are the SAME nutjobs up front are a turn off. A couple of shows I was at with my wife and daughter the same Special Entitled People were all up front and what I found weird is they were yelling at Cook to “let” the other guy sing and found that hilarious! Poor Cook, goes through that whole shit on that TV show and wins the damn thing and here the “Entitled Friends” are screaming at him to sing the songs THEY want to hear and TELLING him what to do! That is pathetic. This must be because it was a TV show and these people are TV watchers telling him what to wear and how to do things.

        Yep. Cook needs to collect his balls and stop being so polite and distance himself from the tards! But then I’m sure that as a new season of that show starts they will be all flocking for the next poor soul that they will stalk and make feel like he/she is Beholding to the “Career Makers”

        I for one sure hope he can pull it off. I think he is smart and a fighter but these Tards might just do him in if they don’t stop being so ridiculous.

  53. itsaname Says:

    I’m not sure getting rid of the older fans will help. I don’t know many teens or young adults that like David’s music. My kids and their friends think his sound is a combination of older grunge and arena rock and that is not what they are listening to or interested in. His music seems to appeal to people who were teens or college age in the 80s when those genres were popular.

  54. kelly d Says:

    Btw I wasn’t speaking of the only IDOL with older fans I was speaking of other rock acts who have ALL AGES INCLUDED YOUNGER ONES! If you read then you wouldn’t have to keep repeating yourself and missing my point. David wants to be a legitimate rocker. If you know anyone under the age of 30 who knows David, ask them what they think of him? Especially under 25 I think.

  55. annoyedwithpeople Says:

    So I have just read all the comments. I agree with 95% of what was posted here. I must say that yes David Cook does have fans of all ages however a majority of them are older. Anyone who tries and say that this is not true is just kidding themselves. Also the few times I have seen men at his shows, they were dragged there and made it loudly known to everyone around them.

    I truly believe he needs to try and get new fans but I am afraid it may already be too late. The “weeds”, “regs” and whatever they call themselves have made a bad rep for him. I have had people question me if I am one of those bsc fans when I say I like his music. I don’t even tell anyone anymore. I agree with the hoping he opens for a sold out tour. I think that would be good but I am sure somehow the bsc fans would find a way to ruin it for him.

    I also wanted to point out that I think the ones going to Tulsa are going to be disappointed because I really don’t think David Cook is going to be there. When the show was announced both Neal and Andy were very hardcore to point out this was in no way a MWK show and were very quick to say these people will be playing with them. I think they did it to hint, if you think David will be here, he isn’t. Will be interesting to see what happens.

  56. Jen Says:

    Look, when it comes right down to it, if these people weren’t mean and nasty and terrible to people, both in person and on the internet, I doubt we’d have a problem with them, their age, whatever. There are plenty of younger BSC, as we’ve discussed here, and there are plenty of older fans, even invested recognizable ones, that aren’t BSC.

  57. Emerson Says:

    I know the concerts I went to the men seem to be having a good time. Men are not as vocal as women so they are not screaming, yelling and “pushing to be up front. I almost always sit toward the middle to back and I watch the men bobbin there heads and singing along. Most men don’t have to be up front.

    As far as the age thing, why is there a age thing.
    I don’t get that. Buying cd’s, concert tickets, merch. voting, requesting playtime on the radio. what makes someone 20 better then anyone 50 Money is money. As Dan (above) says “NONE of you are getting “younger” only OLDER! Get Over it!”

    • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

      I think Dan and Emerson are missing the point here. Firstly there is nothing wrong at all with being an older fan…I mean why not? Oldsters (of which I have to include myself) are people too after all. The issue that a lot of people are having on this thread is the demeanor of DCs fans – be they young or old – and in his case, it just so happens he has what seems to be a disproportionate number of older BSC fans, that is all. Sure, he has some younger ones too, but maybe the younger loonies don’t have the disposable income or lots and lots of free time that the older gals do. I dunno. So what constitutes “good” fan vs a “BSC” one? A good fan will certainly attend his shows as much as is reasonable within say, her catchment area, so if he’s touring and she’s a really devoted fan, why not go see him 3 or 4 or heck even 5 times? Whereas the BSC fan will go all over the country, leaving her job, her family, her life, and God knows no doubt her wits behind her just to say “I did it.” She may attend 50 or 60 or more of the same concert. Sorry but that’s OTT in my humble opinion. Look I consider myself (and am) an Older fan who really really likes this guy. Why that is, I can’t really say. I just do. Saw him 7 times on the Declaration Tour. But I knew (finally) by concert 7 that it was enough. It was like Groundhog Day, the same show over and over again (I’m a slow learner but this finally dawned on me) – so I had to ask myself, do I really need to go to anymore? No. This does not mean I am a lousy fan – I flove him!!! But really!! There is a difference. Same with Twitter… A reasonable fan MIGHT possibly have occasion to tweet him, oh I don’t know, maybe if he has a twitter party, or if he asks for information or whatever, let’s say reasonable would be a tweet once or twice a week maybe, but many of these loonies tweet him HOURLY every single fricking’ day like they are BFF… Sure I know he doesn’t read his timeline (if he does he’s as nutty as they are) but still…like how does doing that make one a GOOD fan??? All he needs (and wants) from us is to buy his CDs –a few copies is fine – come out to a few shows and enjoy the music. He doesn’t need to see the same faces over and over at each and every venue, lurking behind the bushes, waiting to pounce on him or even turning up at every charitable event he goes to – if you want to help then support charities in your own home towns ladies. Get a life is right! P.S. At virtually all the shows I went to there were a reasonable proportion of men in the audience and they seemed to be enjoying themselves just fine…so I think he does have male fans all right, just not enough yet probably.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I also don’t understand why anyone would want to see Cook 50 times in a concert. I’d be bored out of my skull by show #10, I think, lol. I have a feeling it’s more about being in the front row and being noticed by Cook than enjoying the music.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I saw quite a few guys at one of my concerts, but maybe it also depends on the venue – whether it’s a college, small club, casino, festival, etc.

      I do agree with those who say the tards turn others off. I had a friend see one of Cook’s shows and she isn’t on the fan boards-blogs, and she was horrified at some of the tard behavior she witnessed! And it was the 25 year olds doing it as much as the 50 year olds from the sounds of it. So regardless of age, it would be beneficial to Cook’s career if his fans would behave with some class and not wave stupid signs or flat Andys on sticks, avoid wearing home made glitter glue t shirts, and all that other crap.

  58. Ali Says:

    Ok, lets all agree we are worried for DC’s future career because of the bad reputation he has as an idol winner with BSC stalkerish fans…

    Now lets move onto Tulsa, shall we…FDC?

  59. lurker anne Says:

    5 years from now, David’s music will be piped in to nursing homes across the country, per residents’ request .

    • Dan Says:

      You are wrong. They will be playing Tay-Tay GLA-GLA and Beaver because that is ALL ANYONE plays no matter Who Requests What! HAHAHA!

  60. kelly d Says:

    Here are some “fans” that are in Tulsa already for the Nick Gibson and Neal’s show. There twitter is still public: breadmom1, lobsters1,dreamboatann, angelangiekc (maybe private? She is one of the worst granny’s!) And of course clueless (mentaly challenged) cool_shades lol!
    Actually coolio isn’t showing up until tomm for her pretend hubby’s show 😀

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Coolshades was posting about it earlier on her twitter, something about changing her seat to a window seat.

      If I were David I’d invest in a professional disguise, glasses, fake nose, hat, etc before venturing out anywhere the tards are/

      • Dan Says:

        Great idea! Because if any of the “bandies” hear that he will be there they will be all pissy about him “stealing the thunder away from the guys”! How stupid. If they are all such good “friends” the tards would be happy Cook was there to hang and enjoy HIS friends having a good time.

      • Jen Says:

        Yup. At the MWK Tulsa show, someone told him she was paying attention to Andy like she was supposed to and not him. Whatever. (This same girl was pissed she’d ended up on David’s side and not Neal’s.)

      • Jeri Says:

        I will say that CoolShade has been a fan of Andy Skib and is there to see him and the band, the other are there to “hopefully” (stalk) David. That is the only reason they are there.

  61. No AnodyneJunkie fan Says:

    I guess the “beasties” have gone back into the corner. It’s not nice to threaten anyone with your weeds. Sometimes Karma does come back and bite “You in the big ASS”, AnodyneJunkie!!

  62. Dani Says:

    Scott just put up some FB pics from Tulsa. Poor Andy. Poor Phil. And poor, poor David. Good God. Nobody looks under 50.

  63. Abby Says:

    It’s not the same crowd they were used to playing for in Tulsa in the past, that’s for sure. They can thank David for all their new fans.

  64. Ali Says:

    Haha on on scott’s pics you can see the fat old hags, with there new tattoo’s on the fat rolls of there backs. It just proves to the boys that even though they’re granny’s they’re young enough at heart to appreciate the music and fuckable to boot hahahaha! So bizarre! I think the fatback tatted chick is angelangiekc?

  65. Jeri Says:

    Was there a picture of AnodyneJunkie on Scotts facebook? I don’t know what she looks like.I know she went even after she put up all that DRAMA>

    • Jen Says:

      Hmmm, I’ve only seen one picture of her but I didn’t see her in Scott’s pictures. Could be wrong though.

      • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

        She was on Scott’s FB page but not sure if she is still there. There were two pics. She is this largesse sided gramma gal on the right with glasses and reddish hair and please (oh spare me gawd) torn jeans, (next we will see her with the fingerless gloves ack gag) and she is sitting right next to Keri aka Easy Part aka Lobsters1 so if you see that pic you have seen Anodyne…lucky you!

      • Jen Says:

        Ohhhh yeah ok, I see it now. She looked just different enough in the other pic of her I’ve seen that I was thrown off.

  66. kelly d Says:

    I just looked at scott’s pics and didn’t see Jeri (anodynejunkie) can you post the pic here Jen? I have a feeling she’s gonna have scott delete it soon lol!

    • Jen Says:

      Look for the pic with a bunch of people sitting at a table, and then find the red scarf.

      His pics are also on Flickr – he tweeted the link to it to Nick Gibson.

  67. Ali Says:

    Haha, I saw it! Scott’s pics are copyrighted! Anyhow, I remember her at a show I was at. I noticed her because she was such a granny, even wearing granny glasses on her nose lmao! No shame, really! She even rights erotic fanfiction about David. Poor guy!

    • Jen Says:

      Except it’s terrible fic where he sounds like a tool and falls in love at first sight. And of course, the chick’s a redhead. lol

      • Ali Says:

        Lol, but the redhead in the stories are younger than her I should hope,lol! I’ve never had the pleasure, to read any of that ridiculous fan fiction. And Jeri is supposedly married. These women seem so unsatisfied with there lives.

    • songkat7 Says:

      I will never get the fascination with fanfic about real people. Fanfic about characters an actor plays can be very interesting if well-written. But fanfic about real people is creepy x1000. Who in their right mind airs their sick fantasies masquerading as literature?

  68. kelly d Says:

    Thanks Jen, I saw her before! She’s super disgusting. And David knows her obviously, and must know how she drools over him, and she is waaayyy older than his mom, maybe his grandma’s age? Wow, delusional is an understatement! Shameless!

  69. Jen Says:

    Lol, she’s apparently 55ish, so probably around his mom’s age, though I don’t know how old she is. I don’t understand how that knowledge doesn’t creep herself out but who knows. haha

  70. idol worshipper. Says:

    I thought that was her with the red scarf, She sure has gone into hiding since her idiotic Blog. I am surprise she let her poic be taken. Apparently her son is OK, so was the a drama scene she was pulling two weeks ago. hmmmm!

  71. idol worshipper. Says:

    I see probably AJ is using a new twitter name
    @Poeticjust1ce. Hiding behind the name to bully others. I think it’s very sad to pick on a few fans when she will fly all over the country to see David Cook. There is no one fan on twitter that is any worse then the others. David Cook seems to love it so thats all the’s important. He made that clear with the first line of his Christmas blog.

  72. shuks Says:

    you white folks have too much damn time on your hands. american idol…. you actually think david no singing cook is worth all this… you all need to get a life. bat shit crazies, so called normals – come on.

  73. idol worshipper. Says:

    I see AJ can’t keep away from making comments about certain David Cook fans. She (AJ) who flew to Kansas City for a Shadow Buddie charity event just to hopefully see David. Then got mad when He did not show up for the event, never said he was going in the first place. She is a piece of work. hahaha

  74. Ali Says:

    Wow. I just saw how some media person who interviewed David, commented on her twitter (he thanks her for the interview in a tweet) that she was afraid to post anything regarding David (she liked him) obviously making a snark at all his weird fans suddenly stalking her twitter page about there messiah hahaha! His fans will be the death of his career. This is why American Idol is on the way out after this season no doubt!All the BSC old hags, who are the only ones buying the music once the new idol has been crowned!

  75. idol worshipper. Says:

    AJ(anodynejunkie) was bragging “”Big Red Skelton fan. I dated a couple of guys (clowns) with Ringling Brothers. Red used to come by the alley” // Clowns? CLOWNS? hahaha” OMG what is there to say to that. hahahahahaha

  76. idol worshipper. Says:

    Saw this on twitter and had to laugh

    @dreamboatann @AnodyneJunkie You and Dave are bff forever

    I am afriad that AJ really believes that just because she meet him and he hugged her now she is his bff. What an idiot.

  77. kelly d Says:

    Wow. Its quite in DC land, with no word of the cd release,no press…NADA?! So I’m not watching idol anymore. Way lame yet again. I went over to wehoscott’s twitter to see him and his gal pals (literategal & ninasfeet among others) going off on Andrew Cook for not being “engaging” with fans coming out to the “guys” events.I love how Andrew totally snubs his brothers freakish fans but they still don’t get it. The band (and gf’s) feel more obligated to oblige them. But not baby bro. And then Scott has the nerve to post “if he wants to be in the biz, he better not ignore us,WTF? I told my friendto check it out,but scott deleted them. I noticed he only left a post about danieli
    srad being his new best bud,because he’s friendly to the LA regs as they call themselves, lmao! He was tweeting all this to anodynejunkie also.

  78. kelly d Says:

    I meant to add that FDC should post a new entry whenever the band is doing a show, this past one was for charity that Neal and Daniel did, and it was Kira’s bday celebration. The sad thing is that David lives in LA and because of these creeps he can’t even come hang with his friends. Scott tweeted andrew only acknoledges the young hot thangs lmao! Of course those tweets went poof.

    • Jen Says:

      Thank you! I saw that this morning. I have a tiny inappropriate crush on Andrew so it pissed me of a little extra. Do they not realize that David doesn’t go to things that they might be at? He’s not a hermit – he saw Weezer and Roger Waters when they were in town, he went to that music convention thing, he tweeted he was at the mall. But he didn’t go to Daniel and Neal’s show and he didn’t go to the We Are The Fallen show either. It’s likely for a reason. My friend and I have a theory that Andrew knows the shit they talk about him and that’s why he’s standoffish or whatever. Because he and likely David can see through them. How entitled must you be if you’re expecting a musician’s BROTHER to kiss your ass? I wish someone would call him out on that but I wouldn’t want to bring that much drama to my own twitter. lol

  79. kelly d Says:

    Jen I don’t know if you noticed. But Scott even tweeted “too bad Dave doesn’t come out much because the cray cray has ruined it for the rest of us” I almost spit my coffee at my computer screen! WTF? Seriously, he is so delusional he doesn’t see himself as a part of the problem? And Andodynejunkie is in the hate Andrew camp too. I’m sure Andrew is only publically admitting what David and the band are not allowed to. That his fans are CREEPERS!!!

    • nonna-muss Says:

      You have GOT to be kidding me!! Scott doesn’t see himself as part of the problem??? Chances are that David was at these events (backstage) as he’s done that before. I feel sad for him. Of all places in the world Hollywood is one place that celebrities can be out and about. Because of Scott and freaks he can’t. Literategal was at the Kim Caldwell show last night. They go to anything that has any type of remote connection to David. Don’t they have thoughts of their own?

      I big, puffy heart Andrew. He doesn’t take the shit that the others are forced to endure.

    • Jen Says:

      I did see that, my friend and I got a kick out of it. How does he not see that HE is the cray cray? The “roses” don’t show up everywhere David is in LA or talk shit about his brother and then expect him to kiss their asses or act like they’re friends with his bandmates. Scott et al are the ones who’ve ruined it for David and for fans like me who’s never gotten the chance to meet any of them. They want more than a polite hello from Andrew? Why? They should be kissing his ass, not the other way around. And Scott says he only talks to pretty young things? Well, he’s only 23 – why would he want to hang out with people old enough to be his parents? I wish I could’ve seen the AJ half of that conversation. I wonder why Scott deleted it all.

  80. Ali Says:

    LOL, too hilarious!! Sorry I missed Scott’s tweets but if Anodyne aka, Jerri was a part of the convo, I’m sure she warned him those tweets may get back to Andrew (meaning David, there god will see it, oh my!)and maybe even on this blog hahaha! Too late Scotty! We “non tards” are quick on the draw lol! Or just bored waiting for the non-existent new release, and the beginning of the cray-cray, tard-grannies (and grandpa’s Scott & John lol!)to begin eating there own…seems like it has already begun…Keep an eye on those twatters FDC! ;D

  81. abby Says:

    Zoo2 is another one who shows up everywhere “the boys” are. Yeah, 23 year old Andrew needs to ‘engage’ with that group. He might just be the one who will tell them the truth one of these days. Don’t they notice that poor David stays away?

  82. Jen Says:

    So some sockpuppet account on twitter (@lyricalpoetic) that periodically harasses the crazies tweeted Andrew the link to this thread and he replied. I don’t know if I’d rather lol or facepalm.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      So lovely Celine tweeted Andrew. Great.. Let Big Bro read the antics of his nuttier than a squirrels lair droolers.

      • Jen Says:

        I’m not convinced it’s Celine since this person seems mostly sane, lol, but yeah, I can imagine Andrew passing along the info. I can also imagine the crazies giving him shit for his response though.

  83. Speaksthetruth Says:

    Andrew’s reaction to everything about David is the reason he’s not successful and David is. He’s the male Kira – speaks shit and is so immature, selfish and self-centered. I don’t think David was like that at his age. David had a talent and a focus at 23 – and was already successful and on his way in his craft. He didn’t have to put others down to be liked and respected. Andrew wants to be a comedian. And now some kind of WWE sportswriter? He’s lacking in polish and common sense, which is surprising, considering the family he comes from. I hope he’ll reach the maturity he needs to be endear himself to others. Otherwise, he’ll be a comedian alright – like Don Rickles…no one really liked his style of comedy. Andrew, making fun of the diversity of David’s fans is not smart. Not if you want a loyal fanship. Which David already has. But of course, it probably kills you that he’s a lot more popular and adored than you will ever be. Sorry to have to break it to you. But it’s never too late to change!

    • Speaksthetruth Says:

      Just starting to read back. Yes, it’s too bad David doesn’t feel free to attend the shows (only, maybe he’s backstage – it’s not like he has to watch them, only listen). That LA regs group really fawns over the fame-whores (kira, andrew, daniel james – ie, the ones who are not earning livings like regular people or who think they have talent when, SORRY!, no one wants them – ie, Kira-zombie movie industry; Daniel-a band; Andrew-anything that will get him in front of the camera). They are sad, sad people. It drives me crazy when this happens.

    • Jen Says:

      I don’t agree with a single thing you wrote and we have no idea what David was like at 23, except that he was in his 5th year in college.

  84. zzrossi Says:

    Do you guys also know that Scott and John name Andrew as the dependent? It is really childish that they are on Andrew because they are being ignored.

    • Jen Says:

      Ugh yeah. All because he lives with David? I don’t get it. They’re old enough to be his father – they should definitely pick on someone their own size.

  85. kelly d Says:

    Roflmao! Jen/FDC looks like the same sockpuppet that Andrew tweeted wasn’t afraid of the drama to her timeline so she did it for you Jen…called out Scott haha. She tweeted him, so I’m sure he now knows his tardish twitter antics have been exposed to David. Of course I doubt this or anything on this thread or blog comes as a surprise to David and co. I’m just thinking maybe David doesn’t want his cd released until these creepy fans forget him and move on?

    • Jen Says:

      Ha, I just saw that. Uh oh, I wonder how long it’ll take for more of them to make their twitters private now. Not sure how they’ll take Andrew’s snarky reply though.

  86. kelly d Says:

    Wow, I posted at the same time speaksthe truth! SCOTT? LOL DON’T DENY IT! Ok you will deny it…but sounds like something you would say. I totally am on Andrew’s side of this argument. Sure the guys have some deadbeat friends and Kira is freeloading off of Neal lol. But Andrew cleary is in the position to be less politically correct than David. He loves his bro,so if David didn’t agree with him he wouldn’t be publically scorning the fans. I believe and others have heard and seen that David feels like Andrew does. So Scott and that LA group are so overinvested they dont’t want to give up. I mean where woulld they hang out? What music would they listen to? What other young musician would allow them to stalk,lust,humiliate them without them ending up with restraining orders lol?
    I think speakthetruth is Scott (or his biddies) because they come on her after scott and Andrew get tweeted? Ya. Right!

  87. kelly d Says:

    I meant to say “here” not “her” lol. Anyhow this convo should move over to the new FDC “golden” post…its gettin loooong!

  88. zzrossi Says:

    Andrew is living his own life. He is not living David’s life. SO, why should he suck up to the fans who wants to befriend him just to get some piece of information about David. He is just a young guy who unfortunately or fortunately got under the shadow of a famous talented brother. Also, how could you judge other people depending on their tweets when you know nothing about them!!

  89. freedavidcook Says:

    Let’s most this discussion over to https://freedavidcook.wordpress.com/2011/02/01/freakin-golden/ you are posting on a very old thread. Poor David. Poor Andrew.

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