Mama Sox Tangles With Cooktards

One of the few bright spots for me personally in season 10 was the appearance of Crystal Bowersox, a gal that didn’t exactly fit into ‘Idol’s pretty little box. She’s got a CD coming out very soon, like this Tuesday and she spoke to USA Today about the challenges of writing your own music.

Nice article, don’t you think? I thought so.

But apparently I’m not looking through the strange colored lenses the David Cook Tards are using because they, the super crazy Twitter-stalking freaks, took exception to what Mama Sox said. They actually think it’s a slam on David and have been ripping into Crystal with the fury only the horny and crazed hold.

I rolled my eyes when I heard because this is just so expected of them. When the Lee Dewyse Tards joined in I had to really go what the heck because she never even mentioned him at all. What next? The Sparkle Cows stampeding over the article? Claymates losing it on Mama Sox?

The bad thing is that poor Crystal does not have a clue what type of bat crap insano delusional women she’s dealing with and she’s been tweeting them back. Want to see something funny? Check out her time line of tweets. It’s all Cook’s most crazed uberfans, you know the ones, the ones that fly across the country to get ‘face time’ at charity events and push cripples and little kids out of the way at the stage front, the ones that tweet him a hundred times at hour at Dave and pals.

Whenever I hear that ‘Face Time’ I think of the Rock of Love parody from SNL with Rodeo-alike Peyton shouting about ‘Face Time’. I think the Rock of Love gals had better manners, wardrobes and weaves than the Cooktards.

It’s gotten ugly a few times too for Mama Sox dealing with the Cooktards. Sweetie, don’t fight with those gals, they will only try to drag you down. They’ll never buy your CD either because you don’t have a penis for them to obsess over. They never fantard over the female contestants.

Remember, don’t fight with them and please ignore them. They don’t matter a hill of farty beans in the scheme of things.

Hope her new CD outsells DeWyse.

ETA: And the usual gang of suspects have once again edited out their tweets to Crystal. Typical cowardly bs. They always do that when called out on bad behavior. Someone I know has screencaps…

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10 Comments on “Mama Sox Tangles With Cooktards”

  1. Chicken Says:

    Perfect… well said. However, the Cooktards and Leetards have NOTHING on the Adamtards!

  2. Linda Says:

    I clicked on the link in your post and honestly, it didn’t look like anyone was attacking anyone and it looked like Crystal was actively engaged in the conversation. I think it speaks well of her that she chooses to talk to fans and foes (her words, not mine). It makes her more relatable and that was not her strongest characteristic on the show. But I get that you’re looking for hits on your blog, it’s working so good on you! Hmmmm. Come to think of it, was that Crystal’s motivation in engaging in the twitter discussion with people she doesn’t know? Nah, what was I thinking?

  3. Linda Says:

    Thanks freedavidcook. Maybe you should edit the blog because now it makes you look the the crazed one. JK about the crazed comment, but seriously without the context, it loses its punch. Oh well, I’m sure there’s more to come. heh

    • fanofmusic Says:

      I see the tards, have put their innocent faces and visited here as well…lol

      i followed the tweets and it is true what the blogger has said here.. crystal’s pov was very clear in the interview and on the idol chatter, there was nothing disrespectful said to anyone, but you just need to mention the name of an idol for the tards to rise n their hormones to kick-in. it even got worse when she said she don’t know much about david lol. then they started hording her, trying to make her acknowledge someone whom she havent even met yet as if he is the best songwriter of the millenium lol. face it, the best singer/songwriter got 9 solos and 2 co-writes on her first album and did her album her own way. Now live with it bitches.

      nice to see em being exposed n thanks for the article, i hope crystal gets to read this sometime and be a bit cautioned with these groupies (FACETIME lol nice video). also she was right to call you a foe, atleast have some guts to acknowledge when ur one.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Me? A foe? I like Crystal and have said nothing against her. At least her fans seem pretty normal for the most part. I feel for her.

      • fanofmusic Says:

        freedavidcook, I didnt mean you. Ur awesome. it seems these crazy tards have a lot of aliases and floats around the blogsphere with them commenting and replying to it as well lol. They have a thicker skin than a humpback whale, maybe the thicked skin makeup is to hide their ugly faces.

        Mamasox fans are more rational in the sense we know she is great. We dont need to showcase it on the blogs by commenting on it 24 hours 🙂 Hey have you got her CD yet? its pretty awesome, a very nice debut.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Yes, I downloaded it this morning from Itunes. Like what I’ve heard so far. She’s very talented.

  4. kelly d Says:

    Mysticpurz, one of anodynejunkie’s minions and a younger cat lady lol, she even uses a cat on her twitter avi, was the one bitching about Chrystal. She even dissed her record sayiing she wants to hear what she says about David when her record flops. Damn petty bitch. She always makes fun of other fans and thinks she’s Queen of the crazies lol. Maybe now that AJ is gone, she’ll take the throne 😀

  5. Ghausia Says:

    I don’t like Crystal, but geez, no one deserves to have the herd descend on them!

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