Blue Christmas

Looks like a Blue Christmas for the David Cook Tards. Sure, Tulsa is all happening but so far he is a no-show. According to the few I’ve talked to there’s been either no David or David in deep deep disguise that no one recognizes. I had a feeling all along he was going to be nowhere near Tulsa.

But the usual suspects are there, including Coolshades of the Skib tattoo that looks like a bruise and her ability to eat ten tacos at a time (so I’ve been told) along with Daina and her hooves tattooed with Cook lyrics and the others of their freakish cult. I’m sure the hotels and restaurants of Tulsa will benefit by their largess. So some good will come of it, it’s not all Cook-Stalking but stimulating the local economy. Anyone care to guess how many dollars one of these Cookards is going to drop on the slim hope of seeing Cook?

(Edited to ad: Conflicting reports on Daina’s presence. I have heard she is there and she isn’t. Big whoop. I’m sure she wants to be there either way)

Poor Andy Skib.

For the sprinkles on the Christmas cake of nasty fandom I hear that some (most) of the fans are upset by Cook’s holiday message he posted at Cook Official. Now why are they upset to be wished ‘Happy Holidays’ and thanked for their support? It’s actually very nice for all it’s brevity. Because they think it sounds like Cook will not be around or back at the site until the New Year. Now heaven forfend, they might actually have to go two or three WHOLE WEEKS before there is any Cook news! I’m sure they’ll wither away and die without any scrap of gossip or news to chew on and keep the flame alive till the New Year. Not.

I did get a kick out of Cook’s picture on the bottom of the site. He’s on the famous Abbey Road in London. Too bad he didn’t let his merry band of crazy followers know when he’d be there because there is a webcam at Abbey Road anyone can access. I used to use Abbey Road as my fake money exchange location back when I was a Nigerian Scam Baiter. Nothing funnier than seeing some confused looking Africans carrying a briefcase wandering on the crossing while you’re thousands of miles away chuckling over them falling for you setting them up. If David had announced it could have tied up Abbey Road cam for ages and left them all scanning all the public cams (Edited to add apparently he did tell the fans. Bully for him.)

Not sure how many updates there will be here till the New Year because, well, it’s that time of the year. Busy, busy. I’d like to take this opportunity to say Merry Christmas, Happy Eid, Kwaanza, Festivus For The Rest Of Us, or whatever holiday you celebrate. Yes, even you crazies I wish you peace, joy and love (can you tell I’ve had too much eggnog?). Here’s hoping we have lots of stupid things to talk about in the New Year.

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68 Comments on “Blue Christmas”

  1. B York Says:

    Say what? No Christmas Stalkings post to follow?

    Best wishes for the holidays to you and yours.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Only because I may or may not have internet access at my mother’s house.. I guess I’ll have to walk to the nearest McDonalds and leach off their wifi to check the tards daily.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        and I don’t know what the high speed innernet is going to look like at the hotel either. It’s going to be hit or miss unless I find a nearby Starbucks or Mickey D. My mother has dial up and I have no idea bout the hotel I’m staying in.

  2. Annie Says:

    two things –
    1 – Daina is not there…she has been tweeting that she could not go with Christmas upcoming
    2 – David did tell his fans when he was at Abbey Road, infact he tweeted just before he crossed the street.

    maybe I would take this more seriously if you did your research before you attacked

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Whateves. I can’t be bothered most days.

    • Liz Says:

      Don’t know why you feel the need to attack David’s fans. As for the Holiday message no one complained about it. We were all very happy & excited that he posted it. And why do you care so much about where any one goes to see David or the guys. Like Annie said he did tweet us about Abbey Road. David happens to appreciate and love all of his fans. It sounds to me like you might be the jealous one.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Ha! You trotted out the old lame ‘jealousy’ excuse!

        I never gave a thought either way to old Baldy until I viewed his stalkers in nasty action back about 18 months ago. Now I just feel sorry for the dude. He seems nice enough. But trust me, I’m no fan, his music is not my tastes and I don’t really give much of a rats ass about his career. I just like to point out the insane and pointless behavior of his tards and other Idols tards. Until my exposure to him I didn’t even know that such crazy existed outside of the realm of teenybopperdom and Junior High.

  3. Jen Says:

    He actually did announce the Abbey Road thing on time – someone got a screencap of him on the cam. lol

    It seems Nick and Neal played for two and a half hours. Wonder if that will lead to the age old “David doesn’t play long enough sets” argument. Blah.

  4. Ali Says:

    Actually, they were complaining that Tulsa’s bars are NOT smoke free, and some left after a couple of songs because the smoke was oppressive lmao! One tard from Oklahoma says she has been to that bar many times and this time it was smokier than she’s ever seen it. Maybe that’s because Neal lit up a whole pack all at once to chase away BSC tards 😀
    I guess Andy noticed all the tards bitching on twitter because he tweeted “The Treehouse” is smokefree, fyi…that’s where they play tonight lol.

  5. songkat7 Says:

    David’s blog did sound like he’s taking a break. His tweet about celebrating his BD earlier this week with friends even further indicates he’s probably going off the radar and maybe even on vaca for a while. Good on him.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all here!

  6. No AnodyneJunkie fan Says:

    Not to spoil everyone’s fun but David did tweet last night and again to day. I think he just wanted to tell the fans that he really appreciated them before he got busy. I guess he is in KC now?

    • Cooks_FUFL Says:

      Since you seem to be such a “super-fan” wouldn’t you know if he was in KC? That blog sucked big time, but all of Pavlov’s dogs on the DCO site acted like he was everyone’s personal Santa, delivering “special” holiday wishes! Go back to DCO or DCU and do some ass-kissing there, please.

      • No AnodyneJunkie fan Says:

        I will post whereever I want since when are you the internet police, can I see you badge officer. heheh

  7. Ali Says:

    Scott posted his tulsa pics on facebook, as commented on the tard fighting post…and noone looked under 50, and fatbacked tattooed granny’s trying there damndest to be badass enough to get the young’ens attention lmao! Gross out!

    • Dani Says:

      Another thing that annoyed me is when I watched some of the show on ustream you see people in the front with their cameras recording right in their faces. Does it occur to these people that a band would rather you devote your full attention to enjoying their music and getting into the show, and not effing around with your camera settings? Proves they’re more interested in the attention they’ll get from the fellow tards when they’re the first back to the hotel to “upload”? That’s of course after the stalking at the bars is done for the night. It’s all so predictable anymore.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I don’t really understand the constant photo-video taking at every concert either. I could see if you wanted to do it once, but why ALL the time? You’re probably right that it’s just a way to get to the top of the “cool” tard totem pole.

  8. iamoverit Says:

    Okay. I used to be a huge, HUGE Cooktard. But even at my craziest I limited my tarding to OTT posts and never crossed the line into stalking, following Baldy around the country, tweeting him 50 times a day like a Pavlov dog drooling for a tidbit, abandoning my children to stalk him either online or in person, or stooping to high-school level cattiness and backstabbing of more sane fans who don’t agree Cook was the second coming of Jesus, the reincarnation of John Lennon, Elvis, effing Gandhi, etc.–or skewering fans who have moved onto someone else–or no one at all.

    While not all Cook fans are BSC and many are perfectly nice, normal people, I gradually began to realize how BSC some of his hardcore fans were, and was horrified by my own craziness, because even at my most deluded, I always lurked on blogs like this and finally was able to see for myself how removed from reality all this was, and as someone who was inside the fandom, I found myself starting to be really turned off by all the cult-like behavior. I didn’t want to drink the Koolaid anymore. Of course I was accused of “abandoning David,” especially by one pveraged OTT fan who’s been mentioned here often–and I can attest this woman is one of the craziest tards in the fandom.

    I have tarded over other idols since Cook, but I’m no longer a newbie to this stuff and so I’m trying to keep a lid on any OTT-ness in my tarding, knowing it will probably be called out. But rather than being bitter or mad about it, I’m actually grateful to sites like this for pointing it out, as embarrassing as it may have been at the time, and for giving me a few laughs because of how true it all is. It was like looking in a mirror and seeing what you really look like to others.

    I happen to think cool_shades is a nice woman, but as an ex-insider I can tell you everything said about some of the others you mention is 100% on the money. It astounds me how deluded some of these women are, and even more how much nastiness there is within the fanbase. I got called out as a traitor and hater for daring to suggest David may never be a superstar and in fact his career may be on a downward spiral. I was simply calling it as I see it. The fanbase is about to implode, especially if Cook’s 2nd album doesn’t sell as well as his first (and I doubt it will). These deluded women need to WAKE UP. David is not God, he is not Jon Bon Jovi,and he didn’t “break Idol.” To these women if you are a fan of anyone else (especially another idol) you’re a traitor and should be hanged for “blasphemy.”

    I have been an insider of several fandoms. Some are crazier than others. Cooktards and Glamberts are probably the worst right now (or at least the most vocal) but none are immune to the crazies and all have their share of overaged (mostly MARRIED) women who follow their idol around the country, attending every concert, spending money they probably don’t have to catch a glimpse of their “hawtness” up close, sending love tweets to the idol every 5 freaking seconds, and waiting for the next mundane tweet from the idol as if it’s some kind of personal love message. I feel sorry for them.

    I won’t lie. I’m a tard and I still engage in tardish behavior but I’m also careful not to overdo it or slip into deluded thinking. The idols we tard over are not gods. They just got really lucky. Most are talented. They have personal lives, quirks and flaws, and they piss, pick their noses, and fart like everyone else. They could also care less about their individual tards and probably wish the OTT ones would shut the hell up and just buy their albums like normal fans. End of rant.

    • Eww Says:

      At least you see reality. There’s hope for you yet 😀

    • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

      Dear Iamoverit –

      Are you my Doppelgänger or my long-lost twin mysteriously separated at birth? Cuz if you aren’t you should be – you’ve just elucidated almost word for word the way I feel about Cooktardlandia and its denizens. I am not quite as fortunate as you though, in that I am still slavishly devoted to this guy, but again, if anyone were to ask me why this is, I couldn’t tell you. It’s a mystery to me and I wish it weren’t so but it is – so feel free to abuse me at will, I really don’t care. On the other hand, I was never what you would call an “insider” whatever that actually means in the fandom; although I confess to lurking on every single website I can find and still get the (pitifully) small now Google alerts, etc., but generally when I tard, I tard alone. Okay I have a partner in tarding, I confess that, but we only talk to each other and no one else. I am pretty nauseated though by the hostility and one-upmanship that seems to permeate the entire fandom nowadays and the advent of Twitter has certainly brought that aspect of the craziness to the forefront. It’s just nasty mostly. But why? Why does it matter whose Idol is better or how many concerts you need to go to be a “good fan.” Who cares? He doesn’t. While I hope that David’s new album does really well, I too am not overly optimistic that it will. His type of music is just way too introspective and moody I think to ever really be mainstream; I really hope I am wrong, I just kind of doubt it. Unfortunately for me, there is no end in sight to my infatuation with the guy and if anyone has the cure, I sure would appreciate a shout out. While I am no way a member of the BSC Club, yeah, I am a tard.

      • iamoverit Says:

        Consider yourself lucky you were never a Cooktardlandia insider. I wish I’d been smart enough to just lurk like you. There’s nothing wrong with your continued infatuation. In my case, the craziness and nastiness of his fanbase actually caused me to lose interest in Cook himself (I’m still a fan though). The BSC tards should keep in mind that the way they act not only turns off potential sane fans, but has also driven off many of the fans he already has. They are not only not doing David any favors, but are actually hurting his career. Same goes for OTT Glamberts, Claymates, Leetards, and other fanbases that have crossed the slippery slope from fandoms into near-cults.

      • Jen Says:

        I’m like you. I think it’s possible to be an invested, even over-invested, fan and not be BSC.

      • Dani Says:

        Make that a triplet. It’s not even funny how much I relate to the both of you in so many ways. Iamoverit sums it up pretty nicely, and after all the madness the only thing that I can still say with my head held high is that it’s all about the music (OK, and a little about the man too!)

  9. Abby Says:

    I wonder if they really even care about his career. Some of them have actually expressed that they hope he doesn’t get too big because they will lose “access” to him. Since he only plays for them, you know. They don’t get it and never will.
    I’m amazed at the number of fans who went to Tulsa. Twitter comments prove that more than a few went hoping to see David or to get attention from him….lots of “Please come to Tulsa…I’m here to see your boys…I miss you so much…” Dani is exactly right–they can’t enjoy the music for racing to be the first to gloat to the others with their pictures and video.

    • Anonymous Says:

      If they don’t want him getting big, it’s their own selfishness coming into play. The best thing for Cook is likely to open for a major established band (Bon Jovi caliber, if not them) and attract more fans OUTSIDE the Idol fan base. Of course, if he did that, it would make it hard for the Cook fans to meet him so of course they’d be worried.

  10. iamoverit Says:

    If David opens for a big act like Bon Jovi or Daughtry (hehe) it would surely work better for his career than going it solo again, when no one outside his Idol fanbase even knows who the fuck he is. Opening for bigger acts when you’re not a “name” yet is smart–and is why Daughtry, Carrie U, Adam, Kris, and now even Gokey’s careers are all thriving or at least showing momentum while Cook’s once-promising career is sinking like a dead body with cinder blocks tied to it. Those other people I named are breaking or have already broken outside the Idol bubble while Cook never will as long as he’s too eager to please his selfish hardcore tards. Or is RCA just being stupid with him?

    • Jen Says:

      I think we won’t know what his career is actually doing until his next album comes out. The lull between albums isn’t out of the ordinary – we’ll just have to wait and see if it picks up again when there’s new music and the fandom isn’t eating their own young out of boredom.

  11. Jen Says:

    So today is David’s 28th birthday and so some fans are donating $28 to the Race For Hope in honor of it. But not Scott and Coolshades because the holidays are tight and not until she has a job and excess money, respectively. They both just got back from Tulsa. Does not compute.

    (For the record, I’m not judging anyone for donating or not donating, to each his own, but it made me roll my eyes.)

    • iamoverit Says:

      LMAO! That reminds me of an unemployed couple I heard about who are living in her parents’ basement and accepting food stamps but will also be going on Danny Gokey’s charity cruise in February. They were bragging about on Twitter. How the fuck were they able to cough up the $800 or so for this when they’re too poor to buy food or pay the rent? But it gets even worse. They’re leaving their 2 small children with the grandparents while they’re away. I think that’s sick.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Wow, it’s bad enough people tard for Cook, but who the hell would tard for that douche bag Gokey to that extreme? lol.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        I feel the same way! Gokey makes my skin crawl. He’s just creepy as hell. I could imagine him on ‘To Catch A Predator’ in the hot seat being questioned by Chris Hansen.

      • B York Says:

        Eeewwww, you just reminded me of Gokeytards. They actually drooled over his chubby, squat body and referred to his working out on his “guns”.

        If I wear that couples’ parents, I would demand some payment before letting them spend that kind of money and after for babysitting services.

    • Dani Says:

      Speaking of David’s male fans, which do you think makes the guys wretch the most? The “assorted” female fans or the guys mancrushing on them in the first row? That’s a visual I’m quite sure is a keeper.

      • kelly d Says:

        Oh gross! on wehoscott’s twitter he joyously tweeted that he was in love with Andy Skib and in total mancrush stalking mode in Tulsa! I suppose these old gay men (Scott and John are the same as the menopausal ladies they hang with). Lord knows how these young guys put up with these dirty old men!And what’s worse is they live in the same city, LA.

      • Jen Says:

        I think it says a lot that when Scott et al “hung out” with Neal, Andy, etc. after a show David and Andrew were nowhere to be found even though they’d been at the same show. Ryan Star mentioned David’s disappearing act after one of his shows in LA, probably because all those fools are always there.

        At least Scott isn’t usually too nasty (though he has his moments too). John is just rude and mean.

      • songkat7 Says:

        Let’s remember that to some of these crazies, “hanging out” = being in the same room/club/venue as the band. Or a fleeting “hello” as the band leaves the stage. But truly hanging out? Like friends hang out? Nope.

  12. iamoverit Says:

    He’s got boatloads of tards (pun intended). Have you seen how many followers he has on Twitter?

    But at least he’s over 30. What really squicks me out is the Archu-tards. Don’t even get me started on that. That’s just so wrong.

  13. iamoverit Says:

    Wehoscott is always on Twitter and DCO. The Cooktards act like he’s a demigod and hang on everything he says like he’s David’s personal messenger. He thinks he’s soooo in the know, but he’s a catty, pretentious fool. He started that flaky “David Cook creates Alpha Waves” thread at DCO. Scott acts like he’s some kind of insider or personal friend of David and the band. But he’s nothing but another middle aged, fat, deluded Cooktard with no life.

    • B York Says:

      Has he scammed his fellow tard followers to subsidize his travel to hang out with David and his band?

      I’m amazed at the glamberts who did fundraising so one of their own could follow and video tape the glam god on his world wide tour. She and her camera became demigods too (it took me awhile to realize that Ronaldo was a camera).

  14. iamoverit Says:

    The “groupies” are rude as hell. I was at several Cook concerts and at every one was this same group of mostly obese women, sitting in lawn chairs in front of the venue, eating massive amounts of junk food, glaring if you tried to pass or even ask them a question. I remember at one concert was a heavily pregnant woman who said it was her first concert. You’d think one of those fatties would have offered her lawn chair so the poor woman could get off her feet but of course they didn’t. When we finally got inside those women took over the entire front row, pushing any non-regular out of the way even though there was room for more. I heard one say, “those are OUR spots so get lost.”

    • Karen D Says:

      Not to totally support them, but why would they offer a chair to someone else when they brought the chairs with them? If a very pregnant person needs to sit down, they should make plans ahead of time.

  15. Karen D Says:

    Oh My God. Mary (coolshades) is officially insane.

    Blog, part one:

    Blog, part two:

    The second one is most notable for that is where she declares that she loves Andy. Yaknow the musician that she’s seen 6 times in the past year. LOVE.

  16. freedavidcook Says:

    Ugh! I got embarrassed reading any of that. Zero self awareness at all. Waste of bandwidth

  17. nonna-muss Says:

    Andy seems so shy, I can’t imagine how embarrassed he feels. I’m sure Cool Shades is a very nice person but she really needs to take it down a notch.

  18. Ali Says:

    Wow, that woman needs to be institutionalized! Crazy eyes and all! She has no clue that Andy’s people all know about her, and her nasty tattoo because she’s fucking nuts! She has no idea she’s being mocked.

  19. iamoverit Says:

    I just threw up in my mouth a little reading that. I love the way the other tards eat that shit up. Don’t they see how insane that woman is? No, I guess they don’t.

  20. AmusedbyFandom Says:

    I feel bad for Cool Shades, she seems innocent somehow. Certainly not a mean girl like some of the other front row crew but Jesus that lack of self awareness is scary. She really can’t see that the dude wanting to see her tat was inwardly laughing at her as I’m sure the rest of the guys and their girlfriends do. Who exactly would have told the guy if not someone in Andy’s inner circle.

    What’s even worse about her blog recaps is the encouragement from the Joey Clement tard. Nothing like tards bonding over their insanity. I’m sure David ( not Dave because I’m a fan not a friend, lol ) thanks his lucky stars Cool shades latched onto and “loves” the bug eyed one.

  21. AmusedbyFandom Says:

    Name a band member, present or former, there’s a tard for him. LOL. Not going to give the twitter name of Joey’s #1 fan because I think she is a very kind person but yeah she goes to Selena Gomez concerts just to stare at a bass player. But to be fair, Joey seems to have developed an actual friendship with her where they tweet and DM each other. Her husband most be the most understanding guy on the planet. Too bad the search function on DCO sucks. When Joey left the band the meltdown by band stans and anger towards David was beyond epic with Joey’s #1 leading the ridiculous overreaction with a hefty assist from good old Scott

    • itsaname Says:

      cool shades does not seem mean like many of the regulars do, but her level of obsession is scary. It’s not healthy. Hopefully someone who cares about her and knows her in real life will give her a wake up call soon. For Andy’s sake and her own I hope the fandom stops encouraging her. She’s going to end up hurt if she ever figures out that Andy does not love her back.

    • Jen Says:

      Wow really? I wasn’t in fandom during the time when Joey left and Monty came in but I’ve been under the impression that we never knew what had happened to precipitate the change in the first place. So were they just jumping to conclusions? Do you think that was on the Dwop thread? That’s not too hard to navigate, though I’ve heard previous incarnations of it have been deleted. (I know who you’re talking about and yeah, she usually seems nice if a little crazypants. At least her kids are fans of Selena so it’s not as weird.)

  22. Ali Says:

    Nonna the fantard of Joey is Nic_Leigh and I don’t feel bad calling her out because she has her own music blog on wordpress and she tweets hundreds of times a day. I’m surprised you could have missed her. She’s besties with Coolie, and crazy Neal stalker Becky. She does seem nice and does not like the fanwars, even suggest to others to keep there opinions about other fans to themselves and not air differences online. I guess she learned the hard way when she went ape shit after Joey left David’s band.
    She does seem overly invested with Joey, and with two small children and a husband…she also works, though don’t know what she does, It seems neglectful to be constantly online, and twitter, even during family functions and church.
    Yes, her husband must be super understanding. I think her kids liking Selena from Disney shows, was just an excuse. They really didn’t know her music much, she got them into it because of Joey. She wrote this on a blog of her concert recap. I think Joey is flattered because, being she’s married and her husband and kids come to shows, he doesn’t feel threatened or stalked in a sexual way.
    It’s creepy because she did profess her undying love and admitted her husband thinks she and Joey have some “strange connection”. She also congratulated and told Cool_shades, Mary that it was important for her to tell Andy she loved him! WHAT?! Why? These women are very unsatisfied with there boring domestic lives, so they seem to want to reach out for something more, they are all enabling each other…JMO.

  23. AmusedbyFandom Says:

    Joey leaving the band was a separate thread from DWOP and was full of cray cray accusations of David firing Joey and people demanding that David explain what happened because they had the right to know. There was and remains just speculation regarding what happened, everything from a fallout between the two, Joey not being paid enough money and David being jealous of Joey for God knows what. Since Joey and David go golfing together and Joey tweeted a happy birthday wish to David I’m pretty sure they’re still friends. Some people in the fandom could make drama out of the sun rising each morning, lol.

  24. AmusedbyFandom Says:

    As far as Cool shades goes, I’m not concerned with her getting hurt but if she ever figures out her “love” is totally unrequited and actually mocked by Andy and his real friends, Andy better watch his back. Coolie wouldn’t be the first stalker to turn violent when the truth finally sinks in.
    Even through she’s a grown women, yeah her parents need to turn off the financial faucet and instead use that money to get her some help.

    • Anonymous Says:

      She seems more like the type who would harm herself instead of Andy. The whole thing is really sad to me, with how Andy Skib has almost become her ENTIRE life.

      • Dani Says:

        Did I read her mentioning something that appears that she’s going into teaching? Scary thought.

      • Ali Says:

        Apparently she couldn’t get hired in the legal field so someone she knew got her a job as a teachers aid, and now suddenly she wants to be a teacher…it seems she mostly spends her days living in her parents home, transcribing dialogue from all the times she has met Andy or something. I don’t know if it’s fanfic or just real life meetings. I don’t know how true it is that she has a real job. It couldn’t be more than a few hours a week…and she stated all of this about teaching on twitter, also she mentions she needs a mentor in order to get certified and no teachers wanted to mentor her,lol. I wonder why *eye roll*.

      • AmusedbyFandom Says:

        Anonymous, You have a good point. Just got a flashback to how the David Letterman stalker finally killed herself. Coolies just sad and pathetic. You would think that the fellow fans/friends she actually has real life contact with at Andy’s concerts could see the crazy and at least say something to her.

  25. Anonymous Says:


    the other fans wouldn’t tell Coolie to cool it (no pun intended) because they are acting almost as crazy themselves! Everyone gets worked up into a frenzy and probably wants to “out tard” the others.

  26. iamoverit Says:

    Wow. I feel bad for her. She needs help, and not from Andy.

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