Happy Slappy

Oh Jeez I am slipping! How could I have forgotten it’s going to be Cook’s birthday in 3 days. The Word Nerds have set up an online birthday card for him, complete with photos of themselves, etc. Enjoy.

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15 Comments on “Happy Slappy”

  1. Natasha Says:

    Poor David! The young, cute, slender gals seem to prefer Mr. DeWyze.

  2. Ghausia Says:

    Maybe I should sign that card. *whistles innocently*

  3. Ali Says:

    God that’s fucking embarrassing! Do guys even read this online retardedness? I mean really, do you think Dave is curled up on the sofa with his laptop, getting all fuzzy reading this fan ecard…I think not ladies!

  4. No AnodyneJunkie fan Says:

    I don’t know I signed a birthday card for David. I think he will know that over 460 fans have signed the card. His mamager will send it to him. Maybe he will or maybe he won’t what harm is it to send one?
    I wonder if Lee DeWyze’s fans will send him one hmmm!.

  5. Learning Says:

    One ugly set of mugs

  6. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    Ah, but WAIT! There is ANOTHER birthday card that was started a month ago by none other than Anodyne Junkie’s arch nemesis, Rascalete! That card has 505 signers so far! Wanna see? Go to:


    He will get at least TWO e-cards, lucky fella!

  7. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    Oops–I see this card was delivered today, so we can’t join in on the fun. But please go ahead and read the messages from all the SUPER-FANS, including Daina’s to “Dave”, where she calls him a “Cutie” and even includes “XOXOX”–So Sweet! Scott signed it, and crazy fans Karen (ILuvDCYes) and Lisa (I_Am_Serenity, or something like that) also signed it. I bet NYCarole signed it too, and I saw CoolShades note on this card! I just feel the love flowing to “Dave” the “cutie”…XOXOX!

  8. Ghausia Says:

    I don’t know what I love more, the cutie or the XOXO 😀

  9. Eww Says:

    Whoah look at all the hawtness.

  10. girl from mars Says:

    Looking through the cards I realized that these fans are writing him as they would their boyfriend or husband. Stuff like “you always amaze me with your kindness and love” etc… I also loved the undercurrent of “remember me? we met outside a venue for 30 seconds and you said “hi!” And of course, the “when’s the new album coming out?????????” Gee, I’m sure David would love some stress for his birthday!

    • Anonymous Says:

      How do they know if he’s kind and loving? I haven’t noticed him being that way with fans. He pretty much treats them as he would most other musicians; he’s semi nice since it’s “good for business” and barely tolerates the freaks. Cook might be a really great guy or he might be a huge dick in reality (or something in between), so the fans are delusional if they think they know this guy like a loved one.

    • fanofmusic Says:

      Oh man, you took the words out of my mouth. M not your typical AI watcher, but I got hooked after I saw Crystal. Then I noticed the same delusional behavior with Cook-lite’s fans. They really do think they are in a relationship, its the most freakish thing I’ve ever seen. I rember this one girl pretended to be her boyfriend asked the paint salesman to wish her a birthday wish because she is so shy and innocent (and she would get mad if she found out lol). No guy with testicles would do that. Just how fucked up is that? Even worse was there were so many well-wishers for the “noble cause”.

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