Dear Santa

I’m not going to comment on the Tulsa thing except to say it happened and it happened about like many of us here speculate. Cook was a no show it sounds like. Andy and Neal had to stare out into a sea of the usual faces.

One of Adam Lambert’s backup dancers, Sasha Mallory, is auctioning off his mask and cane used in the Glamnation tour to raise money for a sick relative. Normally I would never encourage fantarding but…. it’s a good cause. Check it out at Ebay.

At another board I’m a member of we played an interesting game called “Dear Santa” as in what would you like Santa to gift to people this year. I think it would be fun in honor of the holidays to list what we’d like our favorite/least favorite Idols to receive. Here’s my list.

Lee DeWyse – A return to his true talent. Working at the paint store.
Crystal Bowersox – Huge sales numbers for her new CD.
Sanjaya – Never to grace our television sets again except for a turn on Dr. Drew’s ‘Celebrity Rehab’
Jason Castro – To join Sanjaya in ‘Celebrity Rehab’
Big Mike – His own show on the Food Network called “Late Night Sandwich”
Danny Gokey – To be banned for life from ever recording another Christmas CD
Casey James – A fabulous first CD and conditioner, lots and lots of conditioner.
Chris Sligh – A membership to Golds Gym and more kids
Clay Aiken – Lumps of coal
Melinda Doolittle – A great career in the Christian music field
Taylor Hicks – A job that is a little better than singing one song in an all over the hinterlands review
Ruben Studdard – A big old sandwich (and a job)
Adam Lambert – Not going to touch that one with a ten foot pole, I don’t know what to wish upon him. Saner fans?
David Cook – Freedom to do as he pleases
David Archuletta – Someone worth kissing
Fantasia – That she stay far far away from over the counter drugs.
American Idol – To die a swift death this year as the ratings plummet. It’s jumped the snark, err, shark

Most of all I wish for peace on earth and joy for everyone (except for Gokey..ugh, shudder)

What do you think Santa should bring.

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10 Comments on “Dear Santa”

  1. Eww Says:

    Muzzles for all the psycho stalker frauen.

  2. Dukie Says:

    Weight Watchers and gym membership for the granny cooktards. Also a nomination for “What Not To Wear”.

  3. iamoverit Says:

    What happened to Who? Is he in Whoville?

  4. B York Says:

    I hope Santa bestows the Glam One a year-round show at the Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas.

    I hope Santa sees fit to keep Carly on in Vegas too.

    I hope the feds discover that Sophia’s Heart is kind of less than legit and fine or throw Gokey in jail.

  5. nonna-muss Says:

    -Cook does a show where he does nothing but call each and every tard out by name, listing each and every way he hates them and individually lists how they oog him out

    -Madam’s glambulge of rolled up sweat socks falls out of his pant leg on a nationally televised television show

    -Gokey gets dropped by his label and starts panhandling whilst screaming “DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?”

    -Kris Allen gets a grammy and we get to see the Glamily meltdown

    -Lee loses his remaining two fans

    Since it is that Holiday time, I’ll leave it at that. I’m feeling kind today. šŸ˜€

  6. freedavidcook Says:

    Forgot all about poor old Kris! Oh noes!

  7. nerdgirl Says:

    So, Lambert pays his dancers in masks and canes?

  8. MmmmBop Says:

    I see that cunts from Flop Idol in full force.

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