American Idol – It Begins Again

You know I promised myself I was not going to watch Idol this year at all. I barely watched last year but this year it was going to be not on my viewing schedule. But then it happened, I got sucked back in.

One of my other New Years Resolutions was that I would be kinder when I posted online. I’d gotten bored with frau crazy and hadn’t planned on posting here much at all. This changes everything. Being nice is overrated anyhoo and my family is already aware of my big old meanie-dom.

Once word came out that one of the contestants was going to be a Lafayette Louisiana Coonass by the name of Jacee Chipcoon Badeaux I knew it was useless for me to even try. I am a Coonass and am related to most of the other Coonasses in South Louisiana. I must support young Jacee and be on Team Coonass. Jacee all the way.

But I will not tard. That’s not going to stop others though. The ever sexy, talented, funny and wonderful Dr. Lulzington even did his own anticipatory to American Idol and new tarding tribute today. Any males that have made it to American Idol need to watch this and be prewarned or face the fates of David Cook, Adam Lambert, Clay Aiken and that…that… gray haired squirrely looking one.. can’t remember his name… Taylor something. Hicks? I don’t know. Having a menopause moment here.

Bring on the new frau bait!

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3 Comments on “American Idol – It Begins Again”

  1. nonna-muss Says:

    Oh Em Gee Dr. Lulz. There’s too much goodness in this to cite any one part. FDC is right, you are sexy!! Watch the frauen don’t go after you! ***envisioning cougars stalking dumpsters all over the world to get their kitties fed by Dr. Lulzington***

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