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The Glammys, err Grammys

February 14, 2011

Watched some of the Grammys tonight. What can I say, I loves me some Cee Lo Green, but not for too long. I had stuff to do that didn’t involve music or internet or tv. Life.

When I did manage to go back online and peruse the list of Grammy winners versus Grammy nominees I discovered that the Sparkle Cow favorite Adam Lambert lost. I’m not surprised he did. He was, after all, up against the posthumous King of Pop Michael Jackson, Mr Buble and John Mayer, all established acts. I thought that there was just going to be no way on this planet or any other than he was going to prevail over the corpse of the King of Pop.

Surprise, surprise, he was beaten by Bruno Mars.

Cest la vie. It happens. Just being nominated is enough for some people. Apparently not for the Sparkle Cows. The herd is already stamping and trampling all over the internet like a group of bovine suffers of Mad Sparkle Cow disease. Posting madly how he was robbed, robbed I tells you, of his win by a bunch of homephobes over at the Grammy voter ranks. He couldn’t have lost for any other reason, heaven forfend others find his caterwauling not their cup of tea. It’s just not possible according to the herd.

The herds main mouth piece has already spoken about the robbery and travesty over at Associated Content again.

Again, she neglects to realize that talent is entirely subjective and Lambert is not to EVERYONE’s taste.

I have a feeling we’re about to be subjected to a week or two or twenty of online Sparkle Cow Adam Lambert fans tantrums. When did grown women start throwing tantrums like the terrible twos because some singer lost an award he only had the slimmest hopes of winning.

Adam Lambert’s crazy cow fans should take a hint from Adam himself and behave with the same politeness and graciousness he has shown tonight.

All this over the top crazy is just killing what is left of his career. I know it didn’t help his Grammy chances.

Bovine Terrorists – The el-Coweda

February 9, 2011

Thanks Daf for coining the newest Adam Lambert Sparkle Cow name over at Top Idol. Top Idol posted about the newest bit of silly going on over at Adam Official. This was posted by a moderator. Being a mod at AO must be the most thankless task of all time, enough to make one drink or drug heavily just to get through the daily drivel.

No, Super Sachiko. I almost blocked her/him because trolls often come in here and post things like this just to rile up gullible fans and make fools out of them. That’s all. Earlier today I was defending Glamberts in general to a member of the RIAA, who thought you guys were friggin’ internet terrorists based on the over-the-top behavior of a small minority of pushy know-it-alls. Part of my job entails not allowing Adam to be associated with this kind of behavior, lest it hurt his career. If I have to cut out the cancerous cells to save the body, I will. Thanks for understanding.

But…… but…it’s not a small band of pushy-know-it-alls, it’s almost every single freakin’ Glambert that behaves like a highly organized internet terrorist cell. I’m sure that they and their behavior is going to be included in the next update of the DSM.

Example of the land of fantasy and unbridled crazy they live in? The Platinum Plot, right now the Sparkle Cows are trying to buy Lambert his very own platinum award for the sales of his album. That album came out over a year ago and they want to gift him with this to prove their love. How? By all of them buying multiple copies of the CD.

Isn’t this ‘cheating’ you ask? Well, yeah, it is. It’s like bragging about losing your virginity but neglecting to tell the ones listening that you actually boffed a blow-up doll, not an actual living breathing human being of your sexual orientation.

They don’t get it and they never will. Read this charming missive going around about Operation Platinum and tell me they’d not the el-Coweda. Warning: reading this might induce puking in those without a strong stomach. Haven’t the soldiers and kids in hospitals suffered enough without being gifted with copies of FYE?

♥ •*♪•*♪•*♥ “Let’s Get FYE SUM PLATINUM For The Grammys ♥ •*♪•*♥

The Grammy's is right around the corner. Adam has been Nominated for a Grammy and deserves to have his First Album FYE Go Platinum in the U.S. to go along with that honor. Please Help GetFYEPlatinum!!!! Come Visit Our Operation Platinum Page on Facebook Eye-wink


♥ •*♪•*♪•*♥ ♥ •*♪•*♪•*♥ ♥ •*♪•*♪•*♥ ♥ •*♪•*♪•*♥
U.S. Sales – 788,458!

♥ •*♪•*♪•*♥ ♥ •*♪•*♪•*♥ ♥ •*♪•*♪•*♥ ♥ •*♪•*♪•*♥

We are the "Powers That Be" and Control the success or failure of getting FYE Platinum.

Got my Plat-num boots on,
Got my Visa all ready,
Gonna buy me some CD's
Gonna go slow and steady,
'Cause we love Adam L
And we'll get him his plat-num
All we need in this world
Is this love! "

There ya go.

Platinum Glitterbump to the top!
K. xo

There are many worthwhile organizations to donate FYE to and listed below are 3 of the most worthwhile. Make sure you buy a physical CD(s) when donating. Amazon is the best place online to order and gift to these organizations. The following is information regarding Amazon and the organizations to Donate CDs To. Also listed one or two other places to buy CDs from. Let's Do This. It is the right time. "Let's Blow This Sh*t Up!!!!!


the original FYE CD is selling for $10.
The Special Edition is selling for $18.99 and
the Tour Edition is selling for $22.98.

*The European/Import FYE DOES NOT COUNT Toward Certification so please do not buy that Edition

For Non U.S. Residents The Following Is How to Order From Amazon*
Thanks @rgsd4 for this invaluable information

1. Go to and open an account on-line. The site will take you step by step on how to open your account.
2. They will ask you for a billing address.
3. For each order you make, they will ask for a ship to address.
4. If you are sending to Music Can Cure, you need to insert their address.
5. You can pay for your purchases by credit card or by PayPal – have the information ready to insert
6. Search under Music – Adam Lambert and Click on the FYE CD picture.
7. Put in the quantity you want to buy and the address you are shipping to.

*Currently, if you buy a minimum number (is it 2?), you can get free shipping to an address in the US.

Per @rgsd4: I opened my account last year in November to order the U.S. FYE CDs. I wanted to add to the pre-order numbers in the U.S. I ordered several and had them shipped to Singapore (they send by UPS). Since then, I have been buying FYE CDs from Amazon U.S. from time to time to send to Music Can Cure.


Per @shelnick: Check out your WalMart stores in your area. I was in there today and they have restocked. They have a number of different cds for $10 and FYE is one of them.

itunes Link: ph
or just open your iTunes and go to the iTunes store

Do not donate from iTunes. Only buy from there if you want to download the CD for yourself or gift a friend or family member you know will download the CD.

♥ •*♪•*♪•*♥♥ •*♪•*♪•*♥♥ •*♪•*♪•*♥♥ •♥ •*♥

Organizations to Donate To

Music Can Cure
2900 Slater Rd
Salem, Oh 44460
Attn: Angie Persello
Tel: 234-567-3220

They collect and donate music CDs to teenagers in hospitals who are suffering from terminal diseases.

**Sister Soldier Project, LLC
Post Office Box 1311
Grover Beach, CA 93483
Attn: Myraline Morris Whitaker
Phone # for shipping purposes: 805-284-1337

You might also send Myraline an email letting her know that you contributed to Sister Soldier Project, along with a note to include with the CD. Myraline's email address is

Operation Platinum Project! @1n10*

Supports gay youth/gift FYE CDs; they're on @adamlambert bandwagon! 1n10 would be thrilled if we could gift FYE CD's for the youth. I volunteer with 1n10 and they are phenomenal Please enclose a note to the kids such as "it gets better because we support and appreciate you!"

Send FYE CDs to:
Nick Ray, Executive Director
Suite 2011
2700 N. 3rd Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Tel No.: 602-400-2601


CDs can be sent to them at
P.O. Box 2008
Cleveland, TN 37320

Here is a link to their website.

♥ •*♪•*♪•*♥♥ •*♪•*♪•*♥♥ •*♪•*♪•*♥♥ •♥ •*♥

I set up a Twitter Account under "Operation Platinum." Username "GetFYEPlatinum" and have added the fabulous "Operation Platinum" Poster that our friends from Japan did as the background. Help get OP out on Twitter by sending a few tweets each day asking to Help GetFYEPlatinum for Adam's Birthday and Before the Grammy's

If you cannot afford to buy a CD at this time, please do not feel bad, we understand. Your hearts in the right place and you can contribute just as much by helping get the word out to everyone to join our campaign to get FYE Platinum!!!

★★★★★♥ •*♪•*♥♥ •*♪•*♥♥ •*♪•*♥♥ •*♪•*♥♥ •*♪•*♥♥
Hey! Adam! 'Can You Handle What We're 'Bout to Do?'

'Cause we're about to make love to you, Baby….. under a diamond encrusted, star filled sky on Platinum sheets of love!!!!!

I have been reading posts for the past few weeks, and I have to commend the Glamily here, I really do.
Adam's fans are amazing.

Every time his name comes up, we're on it. VMA's – we're on it. I hear, 'Don't worry, we've got this' – No nomination.
People's Choice -' We've got this – with so many people voting, he has to get at least one nomination'. No nomination.
AMA's – 'We've got this'. No nomination.

And, I'm so tired of hearing that the USA fan base doesn't support him! Bah, humbug. I'm Canadian, and even I know that is NOT true. I am so tired of the media, bloggers and haters using the fans as a scapegoat. And I hate that Adam is so often used as a scapegoat. And that the AMA performance is the excuse. That's just getting so old and tired now. It is time to move on, and it is time for us to succeed, and time for us to stand up for our man, here.
Not just through blog and media commentaries, but through action.

He deserves at least a nomination. He deserves to win, but he deserves at least A CHANCE to win in his own country.
I remember his interview in Toronto, after he won the MMVA, and he was asked how he felt. His answer was kind of sad, to me. He said, "It feels great, I'm surprised – I don't win things.'

Are you kidding me, Adam? You don't win things??

And now, I see why.
There is an obstacle in his way, and it has nothing to do with his fans, unfortunately.
He gets some acclaim – the haters are out. He gets some positive attention – the haters are out. I can't get over his 'It Gets Better' video, which was to support kids. This is someone who has been through pain and humiliation, and is able to tell kids that it gets better. But, the haters came out, to try and ruin this beautiful message.
What the heck is wrong with that part of humanity?
It just makes me sad, tired, and I was almost at the point of giving up, to be quite honest. It's easier, sometimes, to hide than to face it head on. Which is what Adam has had to do every step of his journey. Every. Single. Step.
Nothing is going to be easy for him, and what if others join me in hiding? Then what? What have I done to really help him, and those people he truly cares about?

His work ethic is amazing. How many concerts has he done so far? How many will he do by the end? About 101?
Heck, that's a 'GlamNation Plantaion' right there! LOL.
There is no one that I see working so hard, but every single concert is different, he respects his audiences, and he has so much fun doing it!

How many other artists out there could perform from a traffic bridge, a swimming pool and make it look like an Opera house? How many other artists could perform from a slaughter house and make it feel like a Broadway stage?
And how many other artists would have as much fun doing that as our Adam? Not one word of complaint from him. He loves what he does, and loves an audience, great or small. He loves performing for its own sake, and that, to me, is the sign of a true artist.
And that's why we love him. For this, and so much more that he has given to us. How many stories of hope and inspiration have evolved over this past year and a half? People who had just about given up on life struggles found renewal in his magical voice and gentle soul.
(Not to mention his sexual being waking a few of us up from a long winter's nap!!!) Eye-wink
He deserves to have his album platinum. He deserves it.
He deserves to be respected. He deserves to move forward in his chosen field of entertainment.

How many of us have been to a concert and have come away with a feeling that is unlike any we have experienced? How many of us felt like we had just had the best sex of our life, because of the emotional and physical gift that he gave to us that night?
How many of us stop dead in our tracks when one of his songs plays on the radio?
How many of us have cried at the beauty of Soaked? Why do we get so emotional when we hear people yell during his acapella section?
How many of us can identify with Broken Open? Who has ever voiced that emotion for us before Adam? That feeling of being there for someone when they are hurting, and taking on that hurt and pain to lessen theirs.

Perhaps it's time we did the same, and it's happening right now, on the Operation Platinum thread.
And it Feeeeels soooooo good to finally do something about it. To tell Adam, Yeah, Baby, WE GOT THIS! No nominations to get thrown back in his face, and ours. No tears that what we tried to make happen for him didn't work out – again.
No worries that Adam will think that we didn't try, or that we weren't there for him.
And, true to Adam's personality, what we are doing is not something that will take away from others in need. What we are doing is spreading the love that is Adam Lambert to others who may not have had a chance yet to hear his voice, hear his music, and discover him for themselves.

And, in doing so, we make love to our man, by getting his album to Platinum and beyond in the United States, so that he can relax a bit and work on his next one!

I feel that any power, as fans, and as people who care about this truly remarkable man, has been taken away from us. We have been manipulated, we have been used, and so has Adam. I mean, really used. Adam's name gains attention. Everyone gets all excited, and then Boom. Nothing. But, we've given website hits and attention, and I'm sure advertising dollars to those people – whoever the hell they are. Ugh.

We need to take back our Voice, so that Adam's Voice can be heard, and we need to show him, and them, with action, with unity and strength that we can do this. We've Got This.
He is almost there! People are lining up in droves to contribute to this effort; this not only helps charities, but also illuminates the fact that there are caring people around the world who feel the same way that I do!

There is a thread here on AO, and one on ALOFC that addresses how to help.
But have no doubt – Adam is going to Platinum at the very latest, by his birthday. We have already got the FYE album moving and shaking again on Amazon, and it is on the rise. We are purchasing his CD, and we are donating them to 4 very worthwhile projects, 'Sister Soldier' and 'Tunes 4 the Troops', which sends music out to the Armed Forces, 'Music Can Cure', which sends music to people who are ill and need musical therapy to help them through illness and despair, and '1 in 10', a charity to help youth who need support and understanding, and acceptance of their personal struggles with orientation and identity.

If you are unable to donate, please help by tweeting the 'Operation Platinum' link to your followers, to others who you feel can make a difference, and let's get this done!
USA fans are awesome, but exhausted. They have fought the 'good fight' for so long now, and it's time for all of us, no matter what flag we call our own, to help shoulder some of the burden here.
It doesn't take much time, not much effort, and it helps very worthwhile charities.
And our reward? Other than feeling good inside of our heart for doing something truly amazing?

WE get to see the pride in Adam's gorgeous blue eyes, WE get to validate his place in the music industry, WE get to roll around with him in those Platinum sheets under that diamond encrusted sky….. see the little pout of his freckled lips, flicking his tongue across those pearly white perfect teeth….those long legs encased in black leather and that voice whispering in our ears, ever so softly…… 'Thank you…. you are so beautiful….' Oops. Sorry, folks, I got distracted.
Back to business. Eye-wink

Walk, run or ninja roll over to Barbls 'Operation Platinum' Headquarters, and get some details.

But don't 'Trip off the Glitz'! We Need You!!! LOL!
Come on, USA! Come On, World! We GOT This one!!!!

Love and Friendship,
Respectfully Submitted,
Karena xo Smiling
★★★★★♥ •*♪•*♥♥ •*♪•*♥♥ •*♪•*♥♥ •*♪•*♥♥ •*♪•*♥♥
Pledges To Buy One More FYE (or more)

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2. jamieeblu@camp
3. nickiet
4. fiercelycaroline
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6. sherjox
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Matt Carter's Articles on ‘Operation Platinum’

First Article:;

Follow-up Article Posted Today:;

'Adam Lambert: Operation Platinum — campaign to get topic trending on Twitter';

Matt Carter at is such a positive, uplifting force to Adam Fans. He wrote again about our "Operation Platinum."

'American Idol': Adam Lambert's record sales up, Operation Platinum a factor;

Adam Lambert's 'Operation Platinum' works its magic again on album chart

Also – at

Yet Another Great Article by Katrina K Wheeler, TV examiner at on our "Operation Platinum." WOW!!!!

'Adam Lambert: Fans plan 'Operation Platinum' for FYE to sell 1 million copies';

and again I see my words being quoted. Another WOW

"We are known for our passion and giving extra support to Adam. We have a chance to mobilize the whole Glamily here at AO, AOFC, Twitter, Facebook and every other Fan site on the web. Get FYE to Platinum here in the U.S. I know everyone has given, and given and given, but this would be such a gift to Adam. Each of his fans buying one more copy of FYE. Let's put getting Adam Platinum to rest and finally do it. a Concentrated effort to do it with the full force of our passion backing it."

Suicide? Really?

February 7, 2011

So which fan group does this remind you of?

I am undecided but it’s a pretty funny representation of zero self awareness mixed with a dash of delusion.


And now to directly address some rumbling in David Cook fan land since my last posting. Threatening suicide just because I pointed out that the LA hardcorers were overstepping their bounds is a wee bit over the top dramatic. I’m just one blogger with one OPINION. If you’re that thin skinned that you flip out and threaten suicide over the opinions of a stranger online then perhaps you shouldn’t be online. Opinions are like noses, everyone’s got a different one but it does not mean anything. I hate to think that anyone would take a few vague references to their group with no names spouted so seriously that they now think the only solution is the final one? Seriously. Stop it! You are not being forced to read here. Just say no and stay away.

Those of you saying I am encouraging them to kill themselves must have oatmeal instead of gray matter in your skulls. I do not condone such actions! Stating personal opinions on a blog is not the same as harassing someone.

I would hate to think that anyone is seriously contemplating ending their life for any reason. I’ve written about a suicide a few times here now and what I said then holds true for this. I’m going to quote what I said then, it is what I’d say to anyone contemplating killing themselves.

Look, I know life sucks sometimes and things are tough, sometimes ending it all seems like a reasonable solution but that too will pass. There’s nothing or no one worth killing yourself over in this world or the next. You’ll just leave a trail of heartbroken people, increasing the risk that they’ll do the same thing.

If you’re seriously thinking about killing yourself please tell someone, a friend, a medical professional, your pastor or rabbi. Just don’t do it! Life is infinitely worth living and the dark clouds don’t last forever. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not an oncoming train.

Call 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) or contact Hopeline.

Please, please get help!


As always anything posted here is strictly my own personal opinion. If you cannot handle strong opinions or people that think differently than you then you need to depart. I am not responsible for anything said in the comments. Comments are the stated OPINIONS of the readers.

Freakin’ Golden!

February 1, 2011

So I didn’t think I would be posting but there is just so much delicious stuff happening in the American Idol over the top fan-world not to. Lots to talk about, lots of different fan bases.

Looks like Adam Lambert’s sacred Sparkling Cows neglected to get him that Maserati for his birthday a few days ago. I also saw no evidence in the tweetings and postings of the herd about the discussed heavy silver cuff bracelet they were supposedly going to have custom made for him. I did however see all the good, bad and the ugly fan party cakes posted over at that fun place better known as Top Idol. Take a look at the cakes and the fan videos if you need a good laugh. Black and purple frosting just tastes super nasty no matter how you slice that cake.

Can someone rationally explain to me this making of cake for someone who doesn’t even know you exist and will be be feasting on it? It just comes across as very creepy and emotionally over invested.

Also, is it my imagination or has Adam been dabbling with cheap cheap plastic surgery? His cheeks and jaw line post-tour are looking like he’s been having filler injected, like maybe knockoff Restylane. Something has tweaked his face and not for the better.

Speaking of American Idols who have been unkind to their faces via plastic surgery…

It looks like Clay Aiken’s tour, Moneyless,…. err, I meant Timeless must not have been very financially lucrative. There are rumors out that Clay is just about on the knife’s edge of poverty. He’s trying to sell his gaudy mansion and has nothing really lined up for the future. I’m sure paying off all the guys he’s had dirty trysts with is a severe drain on his finances. The Clay Aiken Fraud Squad has been talking about his lack of dough lately in their comments section. Decca dropped his ass like like a little girl with cooties wearing last years couture.

How much longer before Clay goes back to teaching school?

Word in Hell Lay is that David Cook is busy hiding from his usual crowd of idiot stalkers. Poor guy can’t even have a nosh of Red Velvet Pancakes at his favorite griddle place without the LA stalkers getting wind and racing over. He’s been a no show at most of the concerts and happenings involving his band members because that gang of creeps keeps showing up like poisoned mushrooms after the rain. That’s too sad because I have heard that most celebs like the anonymity that living in Los Angeles. Not for Baldy. No safe place unless he starts donning a disguise.

The sad thing is the LA Stalkers seem to erroneously believe that they are his BEST FRIENDS EVAH!!

And what the heck is going on with his sophomore album? Very very quiet out there.

Last but not least it looks like Constantine Maroulis’ few remaining fantards are picking on one of his ex-tards, the one I like to call Little Skater Girl because she looks like a child or perhaps a sufferer of Turner Syndrome. She has seen ‘Rock of Ages’ about a million times but recently portable slime Conny said something to her that put her completely off The Greasy One. Conny’s few faithful are busy beating their gums trying to figure out what he said and sticking the knife in her back for dropping Constantine like her falling on fanny during skating practice.

That’s too bad that Little Skater Girl is no longer lusting for Constantine because I love her. She is love. She is my favorite one in the fandom. How could you ever hate on someone brave enough to use American Idol music as their performance music?

Feast your eyes on her –

Stopped watching the American Idol auditions. It’s just not that interesting now.