Freakin’ Golden!

So I didn’t think I would be posting but there is just so much delicious stuff happening in the American Idol over the top fan-world not to. Lots to talk about, lots of different fan bases.

Looks like Adam Lambert’s sacred Sparkling Cows neglected to get him that Maserati for his birthday a few days ago. I also saw no evidence in the tweetings and postings of the herd about the discussed heavy silver cuff bracelet they were supposedly going to have custom made for him. I did however see all the good, bad and the ugly fan party cakes posted over at that fun place better known as Top Idol. Take a look at the cakes and the fan videos if you need a good laugh. Black and purple frosting just tastes super nasty no matter how you slice that cake.

Can someone rationally explain to me this making of cake for someone who doesn’t even know you exist and will be be feasting on it? It just comes across as very creepy and emotionally over invested.

Also, is it my imagination or has Adam been dabbling with cheap cheap plastic surgery? His cheeks and jaw line post-tour are looking like he’s been having filler injected, like maybe knockoff Restylane. Something has tweaked his face and not for the better.

Speaking of American Idols who have been unkind to their faces via plastic surgery…

It looks like Clay Aiken’s tour, Moneyless,…. err, I meant Timeless must not have been very financially lucrative. There are rumors out that Clay is just about on the knife’s edge of poverty. He’s trying to sell his gaudy mansion and has nothing really lined up for the future. I’m sure paying off all the guys he’s had dirty trysts with is a severe drain on his finances. The Clay Aiken Fraud Squad has been talking about his lack of dough lately in their comments section. Decca dropped his ass like like a little girl with cooties wearing last years couture.

How much longer before Clay goes back to teaching school?

Word in Hell Lay is that David Cook is busy hiding from his usual crowd of idiot stalkers. Poor guy can’t even have a nosh of Red Velvet Pancakes at his favorite griddle place without the LA stalkers getting wind and racing over. He’s been a no show at most of the concerts and happenings involving his band members because that gang of creeps keeps showing up like poisoned mushrooms after the rain. That’s too sad because I have heard that most celebs like the anonymity that living in Los Angeles. Not for Baldy. No safe place unless he starts donning a disguise.

The sad thing is the LA Stalkers seem to erroneously believe that they are his BEST FRIENDS EVAH!!

And what the heck is going on with his sophomore album? Very very quiet out there.

Last but not least it looks like Constantine Maroulis’ few remaining fantards are picking on one of his ex-tards, the one I like to call Little Skater Girl because she looks like a child or perhaps a sufferer of Turner Syndrome. She has seen ‘Rock of Ages’ about a million times but recently portable slime Conny said something to her that put her completely off The Greasy One. Conny’s few faithful are busy beating their gums trying to figure out what he said and sticking the knife in her back for dropping Constantine like her falling on fanny during skating practice.

That’s too bad that Little Skater Girl is no longer lusting for Constantine because I love her. She is love. She is my favorite one in the fandom. How could you ever hate on someone brave enough to use American Idol music as their performance music?

Feast your eyes on her –

Stopped watching the American Idol auditions. It’s just not that interesting now.

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260 Comments on “Freakin’ Golden!”

  1. B York Says:

    That overview of Adam Lambert’s birthday celebrations at Top Idol’s is full of win. I’ve been going there daily just to lift my spirits and laugh heartily.

    I don’t know about Clay going back to teaching, especially if he’s still living in a red State. Being out and about gay doesn’t strike me as being something that would be appreciated by the education system, especially if they are of the ilk that likes to teach intelligent design. But what do I know, I live in Canada…

    As for Little Skater Girl, she maybe sweet (I don’t know her) but she’s not a very good skater.

  2. kelly d Says:

    Amen to that nonna…starting with Little Miss Wehoscott! And he supposedly is a news producer of CBS? Really? Wonder if any of his associates know of his obsession with King David? They should read his twitter feed lol!

  3. kelly d Says:

    Like FDC just commented, someone that sounds like Scott is over on the tard fighting thread calling themselves “speaksthetruth” and trashing Andrew! WHAT THE FRICK!?!!

  4. tardreformed Says:

    Reading this post and the other one cracked me up! I can’t believe its still being discussed,but those cooktards just are too unbelievable to resist keeping up with there antics. It seems poor David is feed up as well lol…is it a coincedence that he just retweeted Rob Thomas’s song of the day “COLD AS ICE” in capital letters? Hahahah!

    Poor guy, he better pull an “Andrew” and tell these weirdo’s to frack off or his career and sophmore cd will be dead on arrival.

  5. nonna-muss Says:

    I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, but knowing Andrew read this just made my day. He’s a smart guy, I’m sure he already had this all figured out, but I hope he now knows that David’s fans feel his pain and feel bad for him and David.

    Are we sure speaksthetruth is Scott? I’m not convinced. He puts Kira down and after all he IS bff’s with Neal, isn’t he?? Bwahahaha. It’s someone that hates Andrew enough to hate his friend Daniel and Kira (since Andrew and Kira appear to be quite close).

    Andrew, you keep up the good work. Thank you for your ingratitude towards phonies who think you and your brother should kiss their asses because they voted for him. Neither of you owe any of them jack shit.

    • Jen Says:

      Yeah I don’t think it’s Scott either because he loves Kira an Daniel. Could be any number of the crazies though.

      • kelly d Says:

        You and Nonna may be right about Scott but I can’t keep up with who in DC’s entourage Scott is tarding over haha! I just know how much he, Jerri/anodynejunkie, ninasfeet/Kelly (everything_zen is her public twit to spam the “guys”), literategal and the rest of his old crows HATE Andrew for not kissing up to them!

        I think Andrew even made fun of that fact when he tweeted lyricpoetic saying they want a guy making say hi to them why? I believe those tards constantly poke fun of him on twitter for being an unemployed/minimum wage worker,mooching off David. And they think David still is endeared to them after all that bullshit! And these are people old enough to be there parents/grandparents! Really?? You think they would be ashamed to show there faces in public…or at shows. I’m afraid shame is not in there vocabulary. Poor David.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        I just went and looked at Scott’s time line. I’m bored, what can I say? After scrolling down quite a bit, past his bitchin’ about having the shingles I found him pontificating about Byrd (Idol vocal coach). This guy really thinks he knows it all, doesn’t he? He claims that Byrd is taking more credit than deserved in aiding David.

        He also talks about how wonderful Daniel is so that puts the kabash on him being ‘speaksthetruth’.

        There are two things that I as a fan truly know about David Cook. One, he has an amazing voice and two, he loves his family and friends more than life itself. The thought of these sub-humans who ‘pretend’ to be fans (I say pretend, because if they were truly fans they wouldn’t do and say the things they do) bashing on the people he loves the most would hurt him.

        I think I said this in the other comment section of the other blog but too bad, I’m saying it again. Months ago David was interviewed and asked who is the one person that he relies on most. He, without hesitation, stated that it was Andrew. He said Andrew was his backbone and the person who kept him sane and the person he could most rely on. To know that he said that, then to see how Scott, Anodynejunkie, et al treat Andrew takes it from being ‘mean girls’ to being downright nasty, cruel bitches.

        Oh! and Scott, if you read this: I’ve never, ever had to delete one of my tweets because it was inappropriate or cruel. Stop being such a fake bitch. If you have something to say, say it and stick by it bitch. Don’t delete it because you’re afraid someone might tell King David.

      • Jen Says:

        I agree 100%, Nonna. David has said on multiple occasions how glad he is that Andrew is out there in LA with him. Just a few days ago a video was posted in the DWoP thread on DCO where David talked about how great Andrew is. Why would you shit on his brother knowing how close they are and then call yourself one of the best fans? To hear the way Scott et al talk you’d think Andy and Neal and Ryan Star were his brothers and not Andrew.

  6. tardreformed Says:

    I agree nonna-muss. Even if it was a phony twitter account tweeting about the crazies to Andrew, he has to realize it and he still retweeted it so all his followers (which btw is over 10,000 of his own fans, many of them pretty young thangs as wehoscott often tweets to complain about, some Andrew even follows lol) will see it and the crazies will see it, and well, he obviously doesn’t give a flying rats ass lol! Gotta love that boy! You go Andrew!! FDC should start a “Free Andrew Cook” blog 🙂

    • MaeI Says:

      I agree, if you are truly a “close friend” of David you would know not to call out his brother on the internet. Even us regular fans would never say anything about Andrew that would hurt David. Of course we don’t have the “close connection” with Andrew and David that they do. lol

  7. kelly d Says:

    Lmao Nonna, you so elequently said what we all were trying to put into words about Queen Scott and his hags! What a royal, coward, chicken shit, bitch! And hypocritical know it all! I didn’t even have to read his timeline to see how clueless and retarded he really is! He even had the nerve to tweet David just a few minutes ago about seeing his shadow, so demanding new music in 6 weeks lol?! And we all know he’s been alerted about this blog and Andrew tweeted about it. Is he just trying to save face or really thinking that David still loves him? Insane!
    Maybe his shingles are affecting his brain haha?

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Thanks kelly d! I forgot to add one thing, and it’s really petty, but what the hell.

      In Andrew’s tweet he said (sarcastically) that he didn’t want to disappoint another person. He did not say fan. I’m probably reading into it a bit too much, but it did make me go hmmmmmm.

  8. kelly d Says:

    Oh btw, Nonna the tweet about Daniel was the only one not deleted that he tweeted after the charity show he and the other LA regs umm stalkers lol attended. That was were he told anodynejunkie how Andrew just walked by them, and barely said hi…while Daniel treated the regs as if they were his friends that he sees out at parties or some bullshit! (I forgot this, so speakthetruth may not be him, unless its a cover lol) Then added if he wants to be in the biz he should know better than to alienate them? WTF? Who the f*ck does he think he is?! Then he even adds Andrew only chats up young pretty things haha. Sounds like Queen may have a bit of a crush? Jealous Scott? He is certainly acting like a 10 year old little girl pretending to hate her crush to get his attention?! Ewww 😀

  9. abby Says:

    Can I just say ‘amen’ to all of you and that I now love Andrew? I love that he didn’t give a rat’s ass to tweet this. I am also sick of so-called fans tweeting David to pressure him about his record. Do they really think he appreciates that? Since they gloat about being such insiders, they should already know about the record anyway, right?

  10. kelly d Says:

    Its funny to me how the brothers of both David and Adam Lambert (Neil) go on twitter/online and speak out against these obsessed freakish fans. Yet these cows are so clueless they really convince themselves that the brothers, who are close and Neil I believe works or travels with Adam do not speak for them? Talk about delusional!

  11. Dani Says:

    Haha, maybe I just never noticed it before but this is what Andrew has on his twitter page:

    “I hope you enjoy my sense of humor…if not…I hope you get the herpes”


    Coincidence? I think not.

  12. LALA Says:

    I am one who found this thread through Andrew’s tweet. God bless him! On one hand, I am so glad these delusional, sick people are being exposed. On the other hand, the majority of the fandom ARE the sick, delusional people, that can’t see anything clearly. I am soooooo relieved to find you guys can think outside their box and see them for who they really are. CRAZY!!!!
    I have been to many shows, and yes I have traveled for all but one of them. I have been in the front row, I have been in the second row at shows, but I have never put myself on a pedestal for attention! And anyone who has been to multiple shows will see that the same “group” (ie, scott, kelly, corrine, ect… whom I appropriately call the Heyena’s. There is a story behind that!) are in the front row every damn time. They are the same fucking ppl you see always hounding every one of those guys. I have been to bars after shows and seen that they are stuck on Neal like fucking leaches!
    Scott talks shit because he is a GOD on DCO and wants to be the King of David’s world. Scott has no inside information. I know people with inside information, and as well have it myself, and would NEVER brag about anything I know. Scott irritates the shit out of me. I stay far, far away from the fandom and all the gossip, but when I found this thread, I couldn’t resist and just HAD to step in!! I don’t check these people twitters nor do I talk to them at shows, but unfortunately have had run-ins with them.
    Coolshades- sad, sad girl. I feel bad for her. I met her once at the MWK gig in LA last year and as she was introducing herself to a friend of mine, I literally had to walk away. I can’t stand being in the presence of such insanity.
    It does ruin our experience when we have to deal with all the drama at every show. For them, I’m sure they are glad to cause the scenes that they do, because if they can get more ppl to stop going to shows, then more benefit for them.
    Regarding Andrew, who the fuck do they think they are calling him a douche?!? Seriously!! I can tell you from first hand experience that David and the rest of the band DO feel the same way that Andrew does. They can’t stand the crazies!! At least someone is able to stand up to them and speak their mind. He is a douche to the ppl that deserve it. He is just the BROTHER, he isn’t obligated to give them(or any fan) as much as a hello! I could go on and on based on my experiences with all these wackadoos. I’m just so sad for these crazies that can’t see how crazy they are, yet they call out other crazies on it! So delusional!!

    • Karen D Says:

      Amusing tidbit, Corinne flew to LA for that show that Kira turned into her birthday party. Really? I can think of a better way to spend my disposable income.

  13. LALA Says:

    And it has gone way too far that they rush to be wherever any of the guys are. One of them in the group, no names, told me that they were “friends” with Neal, after having a confrontation with this person. So I asked Neal with that person standing very close by on a separate occasion, and he said “I talk to them at a lot of shows.” So I said, “but are you guys friends? **** is claiming you two are like bff’s.” Neal’s response- the man just shook his head no and gave me a look like that person is crazy. I completely agree that just bc they talk to them, they think that automates them to be bff’s. How do they think being in David’s face all the time is going to get them attention. He obvs hasn’t given them enough in the past, and following him to a restaurant, or going to see a show of someone who might be remotely in connection with him is going to get them “in” with David? I just dont get their thinking. I guess I’ll never understand because I’m not delusional.

  14. nonna-muss Says:

    Andrew won that contest he entered so I of course had to go to Scott’s twitter to see his reaction.

    “Finally. RT @Jas5809 Andrew won something – awesome.”

    Along with: “Oh yes I did.”

    I say yay for Andrew, he really wanted this. Scott, please continue to show your disdain for Andrew so when he reads here he knows just how much you dislike him. Way to keep scoring points with Big Bro and friends!!!

    • Jen Says:

      I was just coming over here to mention that, Nonna. Of course he had to be a jerk about it and then gloat when people virtually high-fived him. Someone else, PJ Sonny something or other, tweeted something weird to Andrew too about fans liking being noticed or something. Search his name to see it.

      Whatever. This is a nice thing for Andrew – he gets to watch a UFC event with someone he admires. Good for him.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        When I read your post Jen I was surprised. I’ve come across PJ Sonny on message boards and he/she always seemed very nice. I looked at the tweet (by the avi it’s a she) and I think what she meant is that it’s nice, as a fan, to be recognized. Andrew is a huge fan of this Fitch guy and I think she meant it was nice for him to get recognition from Fitch. At least that’s how I took it.

        Apparently there was some drama between the weeds and the roses again last night. Maybe the weeds think we are the roses and it’s starting a shit slinger again? Hahahahaha. Happy to be helpful!!! I’m neither. I’m just a fan. *sigh*

      • Jen Says:

        Ok I can see your point of view too. I think it was just the ellipsis that threw me off a little and made me go hmmmm. I recognize her but I don’t much about her so I’ll take your word for it. There are definitely some that are recognizable but still on the good side of things.

        Hahaha they probably do think we’re the “roses” or Celine because clearly nobody else could possibly dislike them! I can admit to being an overinvested fan, but yeah, just a fan too.

  15. Karen D Says:

    Sorry Dani, but Andrew’s bio has said that for a while. Plus shingles does not = herpes. It’s the chickenpox virus.

    I like that scott also tweeted that he loves himself right now, because of that comment about Andrew. Get.Over.Yourself

    Yes, the head “weed” does indeed think that this blog is run by “roses”. It’s the only thing she could come up with. Apparently she’s even alienating her friends now.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Sorry disagree a tiny little bit Karen, but chicken pox and shingles are caused by the herpes zoster virus. It’s not traditional gonad or lip herpes but it’s classified as a herpes virus.

      If Scott has the shingles I can see how he might be cranky. Hurts like fuck. I get it and they have to give me vicodins to stand the pain. Could be his drugs talking but prolly not. He seems like an irritating little hemorrhoid of self-importance running for the title Head Tard.

      I get the ‘weeds’ thing. Nothing kills them, they thrive anywhere in regards to the fandoms. But what exactly do they mean by ‘roses’? Things that only thrive in a perfect world?

  16. LALA Says:

    Keep in mind “weeds”, that even roses still have thorns!

  17. LALA Says:

    @Kelly d-
    It’s funny you mentioned Kelly (@ninasfeet) hating Andrew. She is part of said Heyena crew and I have personally seen her disrespect Andrew and call him names to his face. He held it together and acted cool about it, but threw it back in her face. She was too drunk to realize he just mocked her. LMAO! She also thinks she’s bff’s with Tiemann. I’ve never met Jeri/anodynejunkie but I know that after a recent show, she was sniffing her nose around on twitter, trying to find out info about me and my friend. Another crazy that is on that said list, rightfully called the “crazy list” is Amanda/roxybella. She feels special that David knows her by name… well when you show up everywhere he’s at, fly out from New York for a fucking Phil Marshall bar show in LA and throw yourself in his face, of course he knows you! Did ya’ll see the video one of her friends posted from the tennis match in FL when she told him hello from Amanda. He seemed disgusted! LOL. Gotta love him!

    • Jen Says:

      To me he seemed like he had no idea who she was. It was hilarious. Amanda also used to hate on Andrew until she decided to start kissing his ass instead. Even had her avatar on twitter a picture of her and Andrew from that Phil Marshall show.

      Kelly’s twitter is unlocked right now and I saw she bought Kira a birthday gift. I don’t even know. What was she saying to Andrew that time? More of the same?

      • LALA Says:

        Don’t want to put details because I know they are lurking around here. Trying to stay anon 😀 I also think that if David didn’t know who she was, he would just say oh okay cool, tell her hello. He definitely knows who she is.
        Kelly buying Kira a bday gift? Naturally right, because they are bff’s.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Link for the Roxybella video please. I didn’t see it. I try to steer clear of that psycho. She’s the one that was bragging on twitter how she was going to break into a private party she thought David would be attending. David’s ‘people’ found out and put a stop to it. Turns out he wasn’t even supposed to attend.

      All of these things make my stomach turn a little. With the new tour coming up it’s reminding me what we’ll have to deal with. I will NOT let these freaks stop me from going to a show. Yet the thought of dealing with all the bullshit is overwhelming. Impossible to just go to a show because they cause so much drama among EVERYONE. No matter how hard you try to stay away from them they cause everyone to become involved. I’m waiting for a giant brawl to break out at a show. I know there’s already been punches thrown on the small scale, but if he tours as long as he did last time something bigger is bound to happen.

      • LALA Says:

        WTF! Is she that psychotic?! And who the hell has been physically fighting at shows already? It’s also sad that one thing happens and its around the entire fandom within the day! Nothing gets by them, it seems. There is some website, of which I won’t name, that has nearly every celeb’s home on there. No addresses for privacy reasons, but they all have pics of their homes. David’s house AND address is posted there, and I just fear that once that gets out, I cringe to think what could happen with these lunatics!!

      • Jen Says:

        Oh don’t you worry, it came through on a Google Alert apparently and someone posted about it (briefly on twitter). She deleted the tweet after Scott asked her to. lol

      • Jen Says:

        Nonna, I was looking for that vid but I guess the account was taken down for copyright infringement. 😦 It was hilarious though.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Well, I’m irritated as hell right now. David tweeted that cute little art project that obviously was made by a child. The ‘weeds’ are mocking it along with the furniture, wall color, pictures hanging on the wall, etc. David doesn’t tweet often so IMO for him to tweet that art project it is special to him. WTF is wrong with these people?

      • Jen Says:

        Yup. They briefly felt bad when they thought it was from his nieces. You’d think that would make them more careful about what they tweet.

        I don’t know if it’ll make you feel better but at the end of this vid from the tennis charity thing, you can see how THRILLED he is to be taking picture #485046859 with DebraKay lol:

      • LALA Says:

        Are they stupid? It’s not even David’s house so why are they making fun of the furniture?

      • LALA Says:

        I’m sure you’ve all seen this- Its_me_becky says: Proud Weed since 2008.

        That girl has been twitter stalking me since Aug. She has sent me like 4 follow requests and I keep blocking her! She won’t give up!! How am I that important I dont even know the cow!

      • Jen Says:

        Oooh, she’s one of the worst ones! She’s big on calling Andrew a mooch (and Kira a stripper) even though she bags groceries and lives with her mom.

  18. Karen Says:

    There is a group of fans that call themselves David’s roses. Seriously. NYCarole426 is the head rose psycho. ladynsearch, iidolizedc, iluvdcyes,rascalete, goodbye2thegirl etc. Carole is the one who called the other fans weeds. Group of older fans who steal photos, put ridiculous captions on them, photoshop them, and praise David like he’s a god. Carole also misspells words like a 5 year old (on purpose). Pantz, babee, rocken, etc. Also does random capitalization, especially the “o” in your or your when tweeting at David.

    I’m puzzled by the whole thing.

  19. Dani Says:

    I just can’t understand that the ones that seem to live and breathe for him haven’t yet ever had the thought that he would not think of them as loyal fans, but as pathetic losers who squander their money and have no lives. It’s a win-win for him, taking their money AND getting a good laugh from their antics to boot!

  20. Dani Says:

    Oh and Scott probably had that person delete the LA house information because he doesn’t want his specialness being threatened and someone else moving in on his stalking territory.

  21. kelly d Says:

    Welcome to our haven of sane DC fans LALA. I’m amused and irritated because from those lunatics makes it look to the world who even remembers David Cook lol, as if all of us are nutty lol!

    You sure your initials aren’t AC 😉 ….but seriously if scott is still tweeting sarcastic bs to andrew then he is snubbing his nose at this blog and at andrew. Maybe he is so delusional that he’s having delusions of grandeur? And how is this supposed to edear him to David? As for Kira’s birthday gift they kept tweeting her to as if she used/liked there gift wtf?! She must have finally got tired of them whinning and thanked literategal for some box she gave her lmao!
    If they all adore Kira and Jenn, and Andrew and Kira are bff’s don’t the realize she is on his side against them (since they obviously disregard David hating them haha)? My god, there ignorance is mind boggeling!!
    Wonder if Scotts employers at CBS would understand how he conducts himself online as a crazy psycho stalker? And literategal is a teacher with young children (obviously neglected), wonder how her school board or PTA would think about her online antics?
    I havnt been on twitter the last couple days but I’ve got a long boring work day so I may have to wade into the quagmire a bit haha!

  22. kelly d Says:

    And Karen we’re all puzzled by these insane fans, breaking off and forming little “gangs” lol! Weeds and Roses? These are grown ups? Really? Then putting down the other group for being the bad fans that keep David in hiding from them.
    That vid Jen posted was funny. So obvious how annoyed he was that debraykay was there lol!

    • Karen D Says:

      AAh, but it was NYCarole426 that called the fans who dare not love everything King David does the “weeds”. They didn’t call themselves weeds.

      I’m puzzled by the whole fandom. The factions, the way each one feels they are better than the others. Can’t you just like a performer and go to shows and be normal? Is that asking too much?

      I mean really, David isn’t friends with ANY OF THEM and won’t be. None of them are better than the others. They live in an alternate universe.

  23. Black Dahliance Says:

    So now scott is giving advice to DC’s fans on how to be nasty to him without being caught. What a piece of work these people are.

    @justforme2 Oh, go ahead and be snarky. Just don’t put a comment on picture. It’s best to talk about it behind their backs on twitter. 😛

  24. AmusedbyFandom Says:

    The battle of the weeds/roses is one of the funniest things I’ve witnessed in a long time. The so called weeds Anodynejunkie, Becky, Lobsters1, Scott, and a few others are no better than the roses. They mock the roses for being all about David but they spend hours on twitter dissecting his hair, clothes, car, cock and ass ( have to admit boy has a fine ass, so sue me). They frequently check his @replies so they can mock what people tweet to him. Why?? Is it their job to make sure how to be a cool tard. What the fuck is it to them what other fans are tweeting?

    As far as the picture stealing nonsense. How does one “steal” photos posted on public photo sites (photobucket, flicker etc.). You don’t want your pictures shared around the internet, then keep them private. These “weeds” seem to have been the misfits back in their high school days and now think they’re the cool kids with all their pointless and stupid snark and bullying tarding.

    AJ even got into a twitter fight with a fellow weed, Mysticpurz, and blocked her because Mystic had the nerve to disagree with AJ pontificating on how she should be managing David’s career and PR. I guess being rode hard and put away wet back in her band groupie days makes her some sort of expert, lol

    • kelly d Says:

      Omg, rode hard describes her perfectly! She even tweeted sometime ago she dated a Ringling bros.clown? Wtf! Haha she was a groupie for carnies sounds more realistic than a rock groupie! I’ve seen her in person *shudders*. As for the weeds/roses I can’t keep them straight so we should just give them a new name here. How about “David Cook’s career destroyers” or The DCCD’S hahhaha! Damn work is keeping me from the twitter fun, but checking out debrakay23 twitter feed is revolting! Her grannie panties are wet with excitement since David tweeted he was done with vocals. Some others, janesixtytwo and AJ of course are on it and the becky cow. Debra is going on about how she rubbed Davids back on the 1,8909356 occassions she’s stalked…um I meant met him lol. Soooooo gross! How can she write this crap knowing he could see it, and probably does as she must be on that “security” list I hear of. Also I think Anondynejunkie is feeling secure as head weed w/ more insider info than Scott because that chick from sopranos married to stevie ray vahn is tweeting her lmao! Beware soprano chick, Jeri may show up at your front door for a visit now that your bff’s hahaha!

      • nonna-muss Says:

        First of all Kelly D. If you want to play with us, please refrain from mentioning any of their panties again. I just puked in mouth a little. 😀

        Yeah, @GabrielleDante tweets with the weeds. AJ, Mysticpurz, etc. Does she not even know who she’s dealing with? I suppose by making this statement the ‘weeds’ will say I’m just jealous, so let me state for the record that I am so not jealous. I’m perfectly content with David not even knowing that I exist. Yes, I’ll buy his CD and go to shows but I don’t need to be his friend or number one fan.

        PS-Her name is Maureen and she’s married to Steven Van Zandt, Bruce Springsteen’s lead guitarist. Just to avoid confusion, wasn’t trying to sound bitchy or like a know it all.

        PPS-How come no one’s mentioned all the lovely porn these freaks write starring David? Just surprised it hasn’t been mentioned, oops…there I go opening my big mouth again.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Thank you for going into the ‘ick’ territory that is Idol porn.

        Okay, so I can kinda get the Mary Sue fic with het sex. You’re just working out your own fantasies in public (ick!)

        But the graphic rape/murder/slash ones I just cannot figure out. Why? WHYWHYWHY???

      • Anonymous Says:

        I don’t think @Gabrielladante is BFF with Anodynejunkie at all, she’s probably just
        being friendly to the Cook fans. She never really talks about David either.

        But, yeah, the tards will talk to anyone associated with him.

    • Karen D Says:

      Let me rephrase, they take photos (which aren’t always posted public) and post them without credit. Not necessarily steal them. That’s all I meant by it.

      I think they are ALL misfits. Both sides being equal. LOL

  25. LALA Says:

    After a brief lurk on DCO, I have discovered that there is no hope for humanity, well… at least not in the David Kingdom.

    P.s. Mysticpurz is a nutjob.

  26. AmusedbyFandom Says:

    “Mysticpurz is a nutjob”

    LOL, any details on that?. How in the world can she be any wackier then her twitter buds?

    • LALA Says:

      She’s not alone. I’ve just had the displeasure of encountering her implausible ignorance during a twitter spat once. Another one who thinks shes holier than thou and trashes Andrew. Shes. And. Idiot.

  27. AmusedbyFandom Says:


    Thanks, Yeah the trashing of Andrew is bizarre. It’s like they’re jealous of Andrew because David loves and supports him. They’ll never have that from David. IDK, it’s all strange to me. I love David as a singer and musician and hope to see him on the next tour but I have no desire for him to notice me or have some special bond with me. Truly don’t get these people who really want to be a part of his real life off stage.

    Believe it or not I think most fans are just that, normal fans waiting to hear the new music and see a show or two. A loud minority on twitter and DCO just makes it seem like more craycray exist than what’s really there.

    • LALA Says:

      I’m going to correct you slightly in saying that actually there are a shit ton more crazies out there, they just don’t publicly tweet such insanity for everyone to see. I could name a few.. but I won’t. 🙂 Just bc their antics haven’t put them out there, I won’t be the one to call anyone out who hasn’t already done so for themselves 😀

  28. kelly d Says:

    I’ll just reply on a new comment space because when people reply to an old comment I forget to look back up the thread and miss new stuff. I promise I’m not a moron like the subjects of this blog, just lazy lol.

    I apologize to Nonna and anyone I offended with my granny panty visual lol. As you said I was wrong about the celebs names. I’m not a star fucker, so don’t keep up lol. And damn Nonna I almost thought you were competing to take Queen Scott’s “know it all” crown! Just kidding, but you know they all think your so jeal, as they call it lol! But Maureen does tweet a lot of regular people so I doubt she knows the fan drama. And Jeri made her believe she was once an insider in the music “biz” during the beatles era and Maureen must have bought into her bullshit. Maybe someone should let her in on the joke hahaha!

    And FDC as for the creepy porn, there used to be a few sites that published gay/slash porn w/David and bandmembers and lots of that stuff is floating around the internet even though most forums have been put on super secret lockdown lol. Jeri is one of those disgusting biddies who used to brag shamelessy about her writing. I wonder what her twitter bff Maureen would think about it? Ewwww!

  29. abby Says:

    I think those of us on here should be known as the thorns..ha. Seriously, I wish there was some way for David to know that he does have normal fans who appreciate his talent and other fine assets, buy his music, go to his shows with some class, and respect his privacy and personal life. LALA, please tell us more…you’re saying so much of what I’ve suspected about these social misfits. All of this infighting will make the next tour very interesting when they all see each other again. Poor David.

  30. LALA Says:

    Why do they all RT David’s tweets. It’s not like they follow and have followers that AREN’T DC groupies and already get the damn tweet in the first place. I find that so obnoxious! Just a little bit that came to mind. :/

  31. LALA Says:

    I think the ‘thorns’ idea is perfect. Haha! What else do you want to know??

  32. abby Says:

    LALA, why do they have to call him ‘Dave?’
    Have you ever met Daina or Kristen? How about Kimberleymp? Why would any of them give Kira a birthday gift? If she wasn’t Neal’s gf, they would make fun of her. Why do they think David and his friends want to hang out with people older than his parents? Nothing wrong with them being fans, but not BFFs. Boggles the mind……

    • LALA Says:

      LOL no idea. They are in their own delusional little bubble. I call him Dave too, so I can’t really hold that against them. HOWEVER, it is what he is called by his FRIENDS. It is probably a way for them to convince themselves that they are close with him, by calling him that. I have not met them. Not sure really who they are. I do a pretty damn good job of staying out of the fandom and away from all the fans. I dont follow them on twitter, I dont talk to them at shows, although I know who a lot of them are and have had run in’s, or scuffles, with some already. 😛 I stick by my normal *ahem* sane friends and keep away from all the drama (as much as I can avoid it, mind you). As far as Kira goes, I think she’s a cool person to hang out with. She is an attention whore and that’s why she plays cool with the fans but I don’t think she actually likes any of them more than the rest of the band, she just likes the attention! Her and Andrew were side stage during one show making fun of the weeds crew during the entire show! Very funny!!

  33. nonna-muss Says:

    “Her and Andrew were side stage during one show making fun of the weeds crew during the entire show! Very funny!!”

    This just warmed my cold, black heart. It gives hope that all is not lost and that normal, regular fans are appreciated.

  34. Karen D Says:

    So what about the fans who sleep with dirty roadies in order to get closer to “Dave”? Do you think he has positive thoughts about them? And those that claim to have slept with Andrew?

    • nonna-muss Says:

      They don’t sleep with David’s crew! His crew mocks them. They give handies to security at the venues to try to get back stage/let in early/better seats. I’ve heard about the one that claims to have slept with Andrew. Don’t know if it’s true.

      • LALA Says:

        Whoa… what??? Who is claiming they slept with Andrew? Sorry but I call bullshit. Sounds like a cry for attention. And who cares who sleeps soy he roads. There all skeezes anyway.

      • Beijing York Says:

        I am speechless. What is the average age of these OTT Cook fans?

  35. Karen D Says:

    Oh no, there are a few who have slept with crew members. And probably not who you’d think. And yep, there is one who claims to have slept with Andrew. Not telling names, at least not yet. This one has also slept with/blown roadies to get back stage. Classy! Happened at Busch Gardens.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Yup, same one I was thinking of. But the guy at Busch Gardens, wasn’t he security? He certainly isn’t part of David’s regular road crew.

      • Karen D Says:

        Roadie for the company that makes Kyle’s drums. Not sure why they were there that weekend. David didn’t have his regular crew from tour at BG at all, I don’t think.

    • LALA Says:

      Hmmmm…. I can say for a fact that nothing of that sort happened at Busch Gardens. I know this with certainty. If no names, can you say who this person is and which crew member?

  36. tardreformed Says:

    No way any of those freaks have slept with anyone of David’s crew much less Andrew. Andrew likes young hot chicks and they are either old, fat and ugly and even the few young tards are fat and ugly lol! Again I’ll repeat the mantra here…Poor David Cook (and Andrew)!

  37. LALA Says:

    I know what the crew was doing that weekend. If it was someone from security, that’s different. But please don’t call me out like I’m a know it all, or that I don’t know what I’m talking about for that matter. But I happen, for a fact, to know what went down in BG with the crew, as well as who was around them that weekend.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      The girls in question posted pics on twitter. I saw the guy. Old and married.

    • Karen D Says:

      It wasn’t someone from security. If you know what (or who) the whole crew was doing that weekend, then please…tell us.

      • LALA Says:

        I can tell you that there were no girls with them and certainly not any fans from the show. Except for two of the roadies, who were glued at each other’s side the entire time, possibly could have been one of those two, for they disappeared one of the nights together. As for the rest of them, it didn’t happen. Also, none of them were/are married. Rumors go around and things get spread out of context. Possible this bitch is making shit up.

  38. Karen D Says:

    So you’re claiming to have spent the entire weekend with the crew yourself? That is the only way you could know who hung with them or what they did the entire time. But yet, you say they didn’t hang with fans. You are a fan. Oh wait….did you just out yourself?

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Karen, not to sound like I run this place because I don’t, but LALA has been forthcoming thus far. I don’t think she should be bullied away. Isn’t that a job for the weeds, to bully people?

      LALA, I heard he was married. It certainly isn’t anyone I’ve seen as a crew member which is why I thought he was security. This is the first I heard about a drum kit roadie.

      • LALA Says:

        Well the one I mentioned, that disappeared with one of the other roadies, was actually newly married now that I recall, and he was teching for Kyle… he was super nice though. I would hate to think that he’d be screwing around on his wife, he surely wasn’t skeezy like the rest of them are. Haha!

      • Karen D Says:

        nonna-muss: I wasn’t trying to bully anyone away, but just thought it strange that she said they didn’t hang with any fans, but yet (as a fan) knew what they were up to at all times. What she was saying didn’t mesh with what I heard from a number of sources so yeah, I questioned it. So it seems that she was hanging with the crew all weekend, but yet doesn’t put herself in the category of those who do things to get close to the band, or claim to be friends when they are not. Do you not find that curious? In any case, she acknowledged her own outing below…

      • nonna-muss Says:

        I saw her outing below. It’s just that it’s not really that big of a deal who she is, so why scare her off? She could have easily questioned you or I as to how we had the information. Was it you or I that gave the guy a BJ? KWIM? The back and forth and accusations were giving me weeds/roses anxiety. I come here to mock them, not act like them. I’m not trying to sound pious, but I don’t think this should turn into an argument. We’re all here for the same reason. To make fun of the tards. Right?

        So, David just tweeted that he’s still playing WWF. Scott, of course, had a snarky comment.

        “They’re still playing? Well, tack on another 3 hour delay in the album!”

        Way to be Scott.

    • LALA Says:

      Actually Karen, since you seem so SURE about YOUR facts, I was with the crew that weekend. And No i didn’t sleep with them or give anyone bjs, or try anything to “get closer to the band”. It doesn’t matter how I ended up with them. So I don’t really give a shit about “what you heard” from your other sources. I know what happened with my own eyes, so before you go accusing me of things you weren’t there to even see, based on rumors you choose to believe, believe away. I have nothing to hide or deny. Your sources obviously don’t have their facts straight.

      • LALA Says:

        ps. I’ve never claimed to be friends with any of them either. THank you.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        You know, I was thinking about it. It’s possible that they met someone to do with the show, hit up that person’s facebook and posted the pictures as their own to act like they were backstage. Remember, we’re talking about Cooktards, anything is possible. 😀 One of the pictures they had was from the stage, looking out at the crowd. I was there, I did not see them on the stage after the show.

  39. LALA Says:

    I meant that they weren’t hanging with other fans. I stand corrected. And without saying more than I need to Karen, you got me.

  40. LALA Says:

    Wait, so the person that is claiming she fucked the roadie has a backstage pic on her facebook or twitter? Umm.. that’s funny cause I know exactly which pic your talking about and who the owner of that picture is and she didn’t sleep with any roadie at BG. Someone def does not know what they are talking about.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      She or her friend are also the one to be rumored to have slept with Andrew. So, now I have to ask, did those fans take the picture? If I knew a way to show you the pictures I would, but I’m not posting them here.

      • LALA Says:

        I am so confused by all of this. She or her friend? SO this is a rumor that someone slept with Andrew and the roadie, and not a statement from that person’s mouth? I’m just trying to get everything straight.
        Also if its the pic I’m thinking of, and I’m pretty sure it is, that was taken by someone there with me that weekend, who was backstage. (I was not, nor ever have been, for the record.) If anyone else is claiming the pic is there’s, then it was stolen, as you said. Please clarify!

      • nonna-muss Says:

        I have only heard rumors. I was told they were bragging about it. They put pictures on twitter from the stage, of one of them with a crew/security member, of Neal’s boot and of the guitars on the stage. Who took the pics, don’t know. I know whose twitter account they are on…it starts with an ‘S’. Her friend starts with ‘B’. Hope that helps. I don’t know which was rumored to have slept with who out of the two of them.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Oh! Those are the initials of their twitter names, not their real names.

      • LALA Says:

        Thank you. You just confirmed it. Those pictures were taken from my friend. Their twitter name is not an S or a B, which means they were stolen from her fb account and is now making up a story to go along with the pics that she slept with one of them. Sounds to me, as I suspected all along, that someone is starting shit for bragging rights and notoriety. I hope that clears up all the rumors. THE PERSON IS A FAKE BC THE PICS AREN’T EVEN HERS!!! And honestly, I hope Andrew ends up reading all of this to see how fucked ppl really are. Whether said person really slept with him or not, they shouldn’t be going around bragging about it in the first place. But hey, to each their own. I’m sure he’s never called them back, if that’s the REAL case.
        WOW. I’m exhausted now. 🙂

  41. tardreformed Says:

    Karen needs to go take a flying leap back over to her tardville and fuck off! Btw some more of Dave’s old ladies are twisting there granny panties in a wad with wehoscott. Chursy the granma that actually @replied David she wants to fuck him, before Scott reprimanded her (now she dm’s lol) and,kimberleymp,cookienookie,iluvdcyes (which one are you karen?)…gosh listing them all makes it seem so much more depressing…Poor David…ps I don’t care how LALA knows her info or who she is but she’s saying what we all (except Karen lol) believe all along. Those freaks would sleep w/anyone who would have them. But sadly none have had real sex (with a live person) in ages I’m sure.
    No way that bs Karen claims ever happened except in her fanfictions haha!

    • Karen D Says:

      What? What did I do? I’m not any of the people you’ve mentioned in your post and I don’t write/read fan fiction. I never said I don’t believe Lala, in fact I’m pretty sure I know exactly who it is. She is spot on about the west coast weirdos (and others), but I have to say her own behavior has been questionable as well, if she is who I think she is. Funny how people always see the behavior in others, but not themselves.

      Besides the “alleged” BG incident, I know for a FACT that there was at least one person who was regularly sleeping with one of the crew. This person is in the NE part of the US. The crew person is married, and so was the woman who slept with him (she also has 3 kids). She is older, but not fat or ugly, and not anyone who has ever been mentioned here. I guess she’s stayed under the radar. She is also now going through a divorce. Amazing what a little infidelity can do.

      • LALA Says:

        I don’t know why you would think my behavior has been questionable. You must have me confused with someone else if you think that. As Ive already said, I’ve never hooked up with, or tried hooking up with any crew member for any self gain. Are you kidding me!? Maybe from your view looking in as an observer you may think that way. Everybody wants to be the judge. And everyone always wants to assume the worst.

      • LALA Says:

        And might I add, that I have never behaved in the manner than those mentioned on this thread have. I don’t follow the band around the country, nor do I “track” them after the shows, or throw myself onto them like “leaches”, or stalk them. As far as BG is concerned, I became friends with two of the temporary roadies on that trip, so call it what you will. Thinking I am anything like the crazy stalkers as we are supposed to be talking about here, is pure ignorance and narrowminded judgement on your part, Karen. And ps. I doubt you know who I am, but I may have an idea of who you “think” I am. 🙂

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Well, well, well. The pictures have ‘mysteriously’ disappeared overnight. Interesting. Like someone said earlier, one thing happens in Cooktardlandia and it spreads like wildfire.

      • Karen D Says:

        yep, I just went to see the photos again and they are gone. good thing I saved them. 😉
        It’s because it’s Lala’s friend’s account they were posted to on twitpic.

      • LALA Says:

        Which is why I am confused as to where these rumors are coming from?? Nice to know that anyone will listen to any crumb of information fed to them, true or not. I can’t say enough how twisted this has all become. LOL

  42. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    Holy hell, this place is starting to feel like DCU! I wonder if a certain poster on here is a “regular” on DCU (Cookphile or Dorothy Parker come to mind, because they like to question/interrogate people).

    To FDC: This is just a thought, but I wonder if some kind of forum or message board would be a good idea, since the posts about all the f*cked up fans always seem to garner the most responses.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Hey! I wondered where you’ve been. I always see you around these blogs! 🙂

    • Karen D Says:

      So it’s okay for everyone else to comment and question, but not me? Okay then.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I have been thinking about that since the post with the 200+ messages. I’ll sort something out this week and put up a link.

      Let’s not fight folks, let’s just continue to point and laugh.

      The sad thing is that David IS very nice to normal folks in public. I was shopping in a store very near one of his venues and Andy and him came in. They within five feet of me, I smiled and said, “I know who you are” and they walked up. We shook hands, I wished them well and walked away. All of a minute perhaps. The comical thing is right out of the front doors of that store angled towards the front of the venue his over invested tards lurked staring at the venue. He ran right past them from the side of the venue across the street and into Urban Outfitters. They were so fixated on looking the usual places they totally missed him mere feet from them.

  43. Jen Says:

    We’re attacking each other now? There’s nothing wrong with not immediately believing everything that everyone says. We’re just trying to clear up rumors, no?

  44. LALA Says:

    I apologize if anyone thought I’m trying to fight or attack anyone. I’m simply trying to clarify what the fuck is going on, because as it seems, this situation seems to involve people I know and was with and I’m just trying to put out false rumors. I don’t want things to get crazy and out of hand.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Hopefully the weeds or roses or some other freaks will do something over night so we can start fresh tomorrow. That is, if FDC doesn’t kick our asses first. 😀

      • Karen D Says:

        Does it help that they are all sitting by twitter to see if David won a game of Words with Friends he’s playing with the editor of a magazine he just did an interview for? LOL

  45. SeenTheLight Says:

    I’m a first time poster on here but longtime reader of the site. After reading the comments from the past few days, felt it was time for me to take the plunge.

    I like reading the intelligent and non-BS that goes on here but I don’t think we should be attacking one another–we all just want to cut through the BS and get to the real truth and weed out what is and isn’t true.

    I think a lot of the problem is there ARE so many false stories and rumors going around in the fandom and so many of the fans jockeying to become the #1 fan or head cheese in the fandom that they have others blindly believing anything they say in hopes that that person will get them closer to their “precious” and that their ‘precious’ Dave/Cookie/Sex On A Stick/etc (or whatever other name they refer to him as) will drop everything and proclaim his eternal love for them and want to have lots and lots of little baby Cookies with them.

    There is so many things I want to say but don’t know where to even begin. I will say I do have friends in the fandom and I was once involved in it but have since seen the light. I do know people who do have real inside knowledge just like LALA does. I’ve had my fair share of run-ins with the LA stalkers (sorry, they aren’t just considered fans when they show up all the time or hang out at places regularly where the guys have twittered about or hang out at) and it’s quite a sight to see them in action whenever any of the band members, friends or family or David is in the vicinity. And because Scott or one of the others shoots off their mouth about information “told” to them (but really, a lot is gleaned by overhearing or butting into private conversations), it encourages other fans to act the way they do trying to get attention onto themselves to compete for top fan and trying to take out anyone who is deemed competition to them.

    That just gave me a great idea for a new show. #1 Tard. Lock them up together and let them take each other out one by one and it doesn’t even just have to be the Cook fans. Stick in Claymates, Adam’s fans, Constantine’s fans and see the body parts flying.

    So what other crazy rumors have you been hearing in the fandom? It’s become a real life soap opera or a bad Jerry Springer episode with this fandom.

    Oh and if i am remembering this correctly, wasn’t Scott shooting off his mouth several months ago that he knew for a fact that the album was going to be out by the end of 2010 by one of the guys. Would have loved to see the egg on his face when even David himself said in interviews it wouldn’t be out until 2011.

  46. abby Says:

    I agree with FDC..point and laugh..point and laugh..

    @KarenD–you mentioned that Corrine flew in to Kira’s birthday party? WTH? Who is Corrine, where’s she from, and let me say that this puts her in the running for head tard. Unbelievable.

    The idea of any of them having any kind of sexual encounter makes me ill. So what if they got backstage that way-do they think David and the band will be impressed with them for that?

    Scott apparently didn’t learn his lesson a long time ago when he tweeted a reprimand to David that he didn’t like who he was writing with and he should write with Neal. David tweeted back a subtle message that good music comes from lots of sources and essentially telling Scott to mind his own business. Of course, S was so important to have David tweet him and he took it to mean something entirely different. It’s amusing to see the tards kiss his ass. And every 5 minutes he reminds everyone that he is in LA, bitches! In the center of everything!

  47. AmusedbyFandom Says:


    Lord knows I don’t want to defend a blowhard like Scott but David gave that songwriting reprimand to John_Socal, another of the La stalkers.

    Off topic but I’m constantly amused how these super fans are allowed to think Neal and Andy are above being analyzed to death and are put on a pedestal but David only fans are the ones to think their fave is a god. Frankly I’m glad David didn’t do the whole record with Neal as cowriter. MWK is not great music for me

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Don’t forget about the Andy vs. David singing MWK songs fiasco. Those fights got nasty! Some thought David shouldn’t, some think David does them better. Wow, was that a battle.

    • Jen Says:

      Kinda like how Andrew’s a mooch for living with David but some are convinced Neal’s name is on the deed for the house. Really?

  48. cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

    I’ve never been involved in a fandom before like this one and at this point wish I could just walk away like many undoubtedly already have. It’s a perfectly good example of what bullying and cliques are all about, having more than its share of both. Now on Twitter we have the War of the Roses and the Weeds that rages on (mostly unseen now since they finally wised up and locked their a/cs); but his own ‘official’ site is really no better. Just try going in there and espousing any opinion even remotely opposite to what that nasty little Snark thread clique thinks and watch out. I just learned this the hard way when I (stupidly) tweeted Sony the other day again (stupidly) asking when the new album was coming and if there was a problem. Did I mention I hate Twitter? Well I do and I don’t use it unless I absolutely have to. I don’t even follow Sony! But I digress. Apparently Sony answered me…news to me – if someone hadn’t have told me I would never have known I guess. Course they didn’t say anything of interest so whoopie! Next thing I know some cow on DCO has referenced my tweet saying how (paraphrasing) rude and obnoxious that people are “badgering” the label about David’s album! WTF!!! Really? Badgering? These people are on DCO and Twitter 24/7 constantly blathering to each other, to him, to the label, and everyone else they can think of about David, the album, how many gigs they went to, when is the next tour,etc.Not to mention discussions of him personally – tweeting no less, and this particular one ImogenPHm who took offense to my tweet is one of the worst offenders….I think she’s one of the ones who actually had to change her twitter name a while back cuz her and another regular stalker, MBenz00 (now 01) got so down and dirty discussing his body parts, assets, etc and what they’d like to do to him if they ever got a hold of him etc….I guess finally some sanity prevailed and their tweets were all deleted, but too late gals, too f**king late! Nice fandom!

    • nonna-muss Says:

      What amazes me is the when they talk like that they actually put @thedavidcook in their tweets! Do they think he wants to read that shit? Then they bitch and moan that he doesn’t tweet enough, his tweets aren’t interesting enough, he doesn’t promote himself enough and on and on and on. Twitter has become the be all/end all in the fandom. I especially love the ones that complain to him if he posts late at night Pacific time because they are on the east coast and it wakes them up. WTF?

      Someone pointed me in the direction of the members list on one of the Cook fanfic/porn sites. None of them use their DCO/WN/Twitter names. They know what they’re doing is wrong and don’t want anyone to know they’re doing it.I went no further than looking at the member list because fanfic creeps me the hell out. Especially some that I’ve heard discussed while waiting in line for shows, i.e. the ones where he’s a rapist or having butt secks with everyone from Neal to poor little Archie. These fucking beasts disgust me.

    • mbenz01 Says:

      I usually don’t post on this site, and it will probably be the last time, because there is no use to waste my breath here; however, since you named me and a friend I have to “speak up”

      First of all, you called me a stalker, could you please tell me why I am a stalker to you? I have been to several concerts, I have met David Cook twice, and both times the meetings have been brief but not long enough for a conversation. If that makes me a stalker, then I guess I am one.

      I like to also address your comment about me changing names “because I got so down and dirty discussing his body parts, and what we would like to do to him” wow, I thought I was having a little harmless fun, with friends, and at no point in the short convo we were being disgusting. I will not repeat what I said, because it’s not either here or there, plus you guys like juicy and bawdy details, and probably my comments wouldn’t fit the bill.

      Anyways, I deleted my account, I now wish I didn’t because people like you thought that I was embarrased, which I wasn’t, if you knew me a little, I have done it once before…so its not an admission of guilt. Another error on your comments was that Imogen changed her twitter name, and that is inaccurate, it does look like you just got a third party telling you the story…

      Last thing I want to say is: I’ve been to almost 20 David Cook concerts, I love his voice, his music. I go to the concerts mainly to see him perform, but now it has become a fun get away- a girls time out. I treasure the fans that I have met, because we have the same common denominator: David Cook. and contrary to your popular belief on this thread, we are not all there to try to hook up with him or his band members. After the show we go out to eat and enjoy ourselves…no DC stalking. Shocker!

      I am very blessed in my life to be able to afford this fun get aways…and will continue to do so to support the amazing artist that he is.

      Call it what you will, but I call myself happy 🙂

      • freedavidcook Says:

        20 concerts? And you fail to see how this is a little excessive or possibly scary to others?

        Sorry but all of that behavior, discussing body parts, repeated concert going, time spent online going over every possible detail of this poor guy’s life is not normal behavior at all.

      • mbenz01 Says:

        This is my last comment on this subject.

        I am an office manager, I work 12 hrs a day, and if you look at my twitter account @mbenz01 you can see that I don’t spend all day there…and you can read my comments.

        After you do that, then you can make an accurate opinion of my character.

        I didn’t know there were people like you out there spending so much of their time on reading people’s twitter accounts. You guys know more about David Cook and his fandom than I would ever know.

        And…I don’t know much about David Cook and his personal life, but you don’t know me, do you, if you did, you would know this.

        Please don’t lump us all under your jaded eyes.


      • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

        Several concerts? 20 is more than ‘several.’ What about the BTE Foundation thing in NOLA? I guess she was there to support Kevin Griffin and her chasing David was just a side benefit? Same thing with the Chris Evert tennis thing… How about at that casino where she was soo upset because she couldn’t get a ‘good’ pic with him – she wanted his “real” smile not the fake one for just ordinary fans!!!

        And anytime ‘friends’ talk about his physical assets in a public forum, they open themselves up to criticism and ridicule. If she wasn’t after him, then why was she everywhere at the tennis event trying to get him to talk on camera?

        They don’t think they’re disgusting because they have no sense of decency. Nothing is out of bounds for them, including open discussions of his dick, his ass and everything else. So what was the REAL reason she changed her name? Just for the fun of it? Delusional.

      • suenigma Says:

        Not sure how much my word is worth, because yeah, I admit it, I’m a big Cooktard. That being said, I have never been to a David Cook concert, nor have I ever met him in person. I only very, very rarely visit DCO, but I confess, I do twitterstalk and google the guy and his cohorts, and I regularly peruse sites such as your own, Topidol and MJS. I’m not exactly sure what’s wrong with me. What can I say? I like what little I know of him as a person, I adore his voice and his quick wit, and I am oddly fascinated by his “unique” fandom.

        If he ever comes to Vancouver, yeah, I’ll be there, but I will be wearing sunglasses and a big ‘ol floppy hat and hiding in the back, and no, I will not try to meet him, get an autograph(?), or God forbid, have my picture taken with him. I am what you might call a “ShyTard”.

        In any event, I would just like to vouch for Imogenph and Mbenz. I follow them both on twitter, but have had more direct interaction with ImogenPH. She is funny, smart, articulate and probably one of the nicest fans in the whole Cook fandom. She does not deserve to be mocked for merely being an “adamant” fan of David Cook. Trust me, she is in it first and foremost for the music – if you followed her you would know that her music knowledge is extensive and extends far beyond David Cook. If she also happens to think he has a nice ass (he objectively does), or whatever, what of it? Who is that hurting? She doesn’t harrass him on twitter – she has probably only @replied him a handful of times in two years, and only ever in a respectful manner. She does not stalk him in person. She is not trying to get him to notice her. She doesn’t send him bad poetry, odes to his sweet ass or sexually explicit protestations of her love. She also does not get involved in fanwars, in my experience. Not sure what happened on DCO (didn’t witness it), but I have to believe that it was an anomaly.

        MBenz is also an appreciative and dedicated, but relatively sane (none of us are entirely sane, eh?) Cook fan, who has very clear boundaries when it comes to the man. Why is that a crime? She seems like a class act, and even if she attends his concerts, she is not trying to hook-up with him, degrading herseld or fighting for a spot in the front row. Who the Hell is she hurting?

        There is a fine line between pointing out and gently mocking the absurd and offensive fan behavior (the depth of my pity for David Cook knows no bounds, I assure), and starting a witch hunt based on limited and erroneous heresay.

  49. AmusedbyFandom Says:

    Sorry Cooktardx10sansdelusions, DWOP can be rather cliquish, nothing like posting there and being met with silence then one of the regs posts exactly what you just posted and they get the response, lol. Went back and reread Imogen’s post and then her followup posts. It seemed like she was saying it was great that YOU got a response but that Others shouldn’t then spam Sonys/RCA twitters expecting the same reponse. IDK, matter of intrepretation I guess. I far as I know Imogen has always had the same twitter account and it has always been private.

  50. AmusedbyFandom Says:


    I never even knew anything like fanfic existed, came across a mavid (David+Micheal Johns) blog back in the Idol days and was skeeved the fuck out. But I guess if you can’t get laid yourself, making up stories about others is the thing to do, but why the gay porn about obviously straight guys?

  51. cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

    AmusedbyFandom: Forgot to mention, several posts on DCO (about my tweet) were deleted as some poor soul had the temerity to go to bat for me, and then ALL her stuff was summarily deleted after that and maybe one or two others. As for Imogen and Benz, all I can tell you is that this twitter convo took place between her and Benz – maybe only one side of the tweets were “readable” – I can’t recall now. But it happened.

  52. abby Says:

    LOL, AmusedbyFandom, I stand corrected. Sometimes they just all start to run together. I still say the next tour will be interesting when they all see each other again…and you know they will all be there…hogging the front rows…showing off new tattoos…expecting David to welcome them all by name…you know it’s coming.

    • AmusedbyFandom Says:

      I remember one show where the 1st two rows were reserved for radio station winners or something and the front row crew had fit because they hustled to get up front but got screwed. LOLOLOL.
      I’m thinking way less of the shows this tour will be GA, because I’m sure David is sick of looking at the same faces, so there will be no need to camp out overnight or giving blowjobs to security to get up front

  53. AmusedbyFandom Says:

    Cooktardx10sansdelusions, I probably missed some posts, sorry you were singled out like that. Oh how I wish fans could just like an artist, go to some shows, occasional converse with other fans, ya know…normal. LOL, I maintain that a loud minority make the majority of us look bad, but it sure hell isn’t going to make me stop following or listening to someone I enjoy as a person and musician. Fuck the cray cray

  54. tardreformed Says:

    Sorry Karen but this isn’t the place for infighting like Nonna and FDC mentioned we are here for the same reason. So point and laugh haha. And to hopefully continue to out more of these freaks to David. As has already happened since its obvious he and his people know about this blog. And the tards are deleting fake backstage pics, so mission accomplished I say! So let’s keep this going without turning on each other. Questions are fine. Dispelling rumors if possible is great. But let’s not be judgemental and turn into our “subjects” of ridicule here.

    The misfits are on twitter discussing some show in LA they are all envious of the LA stalkers who get to go to everything lol! I didn’t find out wtf or who they are talking about because I came over here. Much nicer and sane! Like someone commmented they are living there childhoods/HS years all over and trying to be the cool kids they never were. Most of them are just now getting tatts and drinking at 50 years old. Not to mention disgustingly sexually harrassing a young guy and his friends who just want to make music.

    As for Scott and the LA stalkers, they are always going out to whatever metal rock shows the guys attend (jon socal tweeted how hot Jared Leto is, so gross) Can you imagine what misfits they look like in that hip LA rock scene. I’m sure Kira and Andrew (and David of course lol) are not the only ones laughing at them when they are out about town!

    • nonna-muss Says:

      I haven’t seen what they’re up to today. I know they go to Kira’s shows too. Can you imagine Scott and Zoo2 at a burlesque show!!! I WANT PICTURES OF THAT!!!

    • LALA Says:

      Hey! For the record, Jared Leto is hot!! But coming from socal on the other hand…. eww. Are we sure he and Scott aren’t getting it on?

      • tardreformed Says:

        Lol at that crew at a burlesque show! Imagine, zoo2 the grandma with the pageboy haircut haha. But at least she’s not dressing the part of the wannabe twentysomething’s like some of those weirdo’s. Kathy_ky(?) Or whoever, just posted her pic of she & neal on his twitter, with her wearing a bunch of guitar pick necklaces and looking all of 50 years old, grabbing neal’s hand (as if she’s his main squeeze)that he draped on her shoulder as he does all fan pics. Lots of those ladies are trying to dress the part, such as Jeri,janesixtytwo,debrakay23…they just make fools of themselves and can’t even see it!

        Oh hell yeah Jared is mucho hot LALA but I’m not gonna be all up online as a 50 year old dirty old man bragging about my lust for a 25? (I see him as even younger, maybe because he was a tv teen lol) year old man! As Jon Socal is doing. I love 30 mars! And I would take my tweens who love 30sec to mars to a show as an excuse to rock out to him lol. But I’m not going to be rocking guitar pick necklaces and mom jeans. I know how to act my age, be sexy and classy, and have fun without making an ass of myself.

        Of course I’m not in my forties yet, so hopefully good sense doesn’t automatically go out the window, as it seems to have with these tards lol!

      • LALA Says:

        Dude, Jared is like 35! Not too young for you! Haha!
        Zoo2 aka Jeannine flew out here for a 30 minute acoustic Ryan Star bar show a few months ago! Talk about Wacko! Why would you do that? Or any of them that travel for bar sets.

      • tardreformed Says:

        Haha I’m really getting forgetful in my old age 🙂 I used to watch Jared on tv years ago and always thought of him as younger than me, he always was that gawky kid though he was playing 15 in his twenties I suppose lol! Cool, now I don’t feel so creepy lol!

        Lol Nonna her grabbing onto Neals hand like she wanted to chew it off and add it to her necklace collection was hilarious! And why double post it. Geez the insanity!

  55. tardreformed Says:

    And LALA regarding Jon and Scott bumping boy (in this case dirty old men) parts…supposedly Scott has a long term partner. But who knows lol!

  56. nonna-muss Says:

    I had to go look at Neal’s time line just to see the granny pic. She tweeted it more than once. Why? Because Neal MUST see it. Pffft. Like he gives a shit or wants to be reminded of the horrors that await him once the tour starts again.

  57. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    I look forward to a forum/message board, so I can read all these posts easier! LOL Let me know if I can help out, FDC.
    And Nonna-Muss, miss you from the old Idletard site! 🙂
    Karen D did seem to get a little defensive earlier. That’s another thing she has in common with Cookphile or DP from DCU! 🙂

  58. abby Says:

    I also want to see pictures of that crowd at the burlesque shows. Next thing you know, zoo and some of them will be wearing latex and stripper boots.
    (Sorry for that visual!)

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I can just imagine what that would like like! Never understood the crazy fans dressing so age inappropriate. Just because you get a tattoo and tight jeans doesn’t automatically qualify you as ‘young’ or ‘cool’. You just look foolish

  59. kelly d Says:

    Omg this post has gone into overdrive lol! I think the message board idea is awesome! Especially since were getting some real dirt and outing the crazies, and it seems everyone including the guys are checking out this blog. I mean why else are all the cooktards locking down all super secret and really, did those women delete the fake backstage pic stolen from Lala’s friends haha!
    It seems as our friend lyricalpoetic tweeted to congratulate Andrew on the contest and remind him of us over here lol. I’m thinking, as Jen stated its a rose using that account. She mentioned vendettas against (and named) the weeds for wronging her and friends when she first got on I believe. Either way she’s gone a long way to outing the whole herd and alerting the guys to there antics, when most of us wanted to but didn’t want the drama on our timelines.

    Nonna I checked out kathyky_UT twitter and she tweets Andrew also posted a pic of her hideous tat sent to David and Zac Malloy. Its the typical huge back tat of musical notes and Come Back to Me lyrics. SERIOUSLY? Why ladies? I have never heard of this particular tard. But I really didn’t need that visual of zoo2 and co. (Including Queen Scott lol) in latex and corsets hahaha!

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Imagine poor Kira and the other dancers, up there, on stage doing their thing and looking out to see those faces?

      • kelly d Says:

        Tonight Kira tweeted “thanks for coming to club flap last night. Sorry I had to run off” or something like that lol!

    • Jen Says:

      What’s sad is that it’s not a bad looking tattoo. I mean, I wouldn’t get one with that song but it’s not a bad idea. Of course, I would NEVER let my MOM get it.

  60. nonna-muss Says:

    So Neal’s going on tour with another band for a couple of months? There goes half the fandom traveling to shows of a band they’ve never heard of before. Comedy gold. It’s almost like Neal is doing this as a favor to us.

  61. nonna-muss Says:

    Bwahahahahaha!!! Queen Scott locked his twitter. That’s OK Scott, you allow so many followers that half the twitter population follows you to see your crazy. You can hide, but you can’t run bitch.

  62. kelly d Says:

    Exactly Jen. Its one of his songs that I don’t like so I’m biased lol. But. It just doesn’t fit these misfits. I’m sure they ridiculed people with tatts and drunks, druggies etc when they were young, but now that they are drinking DC’s kool-aid in there midlife crisis they suddenly are all running out and gettting inked? WTF?!

    I actually do have friends and family that live the biker/alternative lifestyles. They own tattoo parlors, in bands etc. Its something they’ve done all there lives. My grandmother was a burlesque dancer and pin up girl and she still has a nice figure and wears her hair pink or fire engine red lol! She reminds me of that designer Betsy Johnson. And my mom is a hippie chick, who. Had tatts way before they were cool. She was shunned by these proper folks, I’m sure lol. But its a lifestyle. Not a freaking faze! How many of these proper old ladies are hiding there obessions & tatts from there families? I hear that a lot on there secret twitters. Hiding things from there grown kids lmao!

    What happens when they finally wake up from there delusionas or David wakes them, by snubbing them once and for all. Some laser surgeons will be mmaking a killing on tatoo removals lol!

  63. kelly d Says:

    Omg, are you serious Nonna! Neal on tour w/ who? Perfect timing for the new message board lol! And excuse my typos. I’m on my crappy phone at work, addicted to this blog lol. But Scott finally locking his twitter is gold! I’m so glad that Andrew knows about this blog. Maybe his lips and Daves will get loose when it comes to these freaks now!

    So who here is going to follow Neal on tour hahaha. Poor David, Andrew and now Neal ;D

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Neal tweeted he’s touring with Black Cloud Collective. I’m sure all the tards are downloading their music as we speak and suddenly will become huge fans.

      Gabriella Dante also locked her twitter. She’s a victim of these idiots. How was she to know who she was dealing with?

      • Jen Says:

        Eh, she follows a lot of them so by locking her tweets they’re not missing them, we are. So I wouldn’t call her a victim.

      • kelly d Says:

        Jen, maybe shes blocking some of those tards? Don’t know havnt checked. But if she doesn’t know the truth about them, she will soon enough now.

  64. Jen Says:

    But how will Scott tweet all the guys now that he’s private? Boohoo. Let’s see how long that lasts.

    And Neal going on tour with some other band is making people angst about the album timeline again. Because you know no one else can play guitar besides him.

  65. SeenTheLight Says:

    Oh don’t worry-a lot of those who locked their accounts have other accounts where they attack other fans or spam the guys with tweets and they don’t think anyone other than their group knows their identity and can get away with it. Some of them will go public on their locked accounts when David or one of the guys has a twitter q&a -they can’t resist trying to get attention. Then again some of them are under the delusion that david secretly follows their tweets and has a special list that they only know about.

    • kelly d Says:

      Haha is that the same special list with there pics on it that security is shown at every venue when David is on tour lol? Poor Maureen (Gabriella) she had no idea I’m sure. I’m assuming since Andrew tweeted her today, and she’s close with Kira also, that she was warned by Andrew. It makes sense.

      They’ve known all along, as have the general public that idol fans are obsessed freaks but now they are getting dirty and personally attacking Davids family for gods sake! And these are the regs many in LA that he has to see constantly! Dare we to hope that now they are outed they will leave him alone in shame?

      If not I think this tour David will be a lot less “friendly” to his stalkers who are now stalking his family. I think it will get ugly with Neal if he is embarrassed by these jerks who will be stalking his tour….

      Well carry on ladies, I’m off to download my new fav band the black cloud thingies and get my metal rock on haha!

      • nonna-muss Says:

        You’re way behind Kelly D. I’ve already downloaded and memorized all of their songs, got a Black Cloud Thingies tattoo and took my vintage Sabbath concert t-shirt out of mothballs in preparation AND booked all my flights and reserved my sleeping spot on the sidewalk in front of each venue. 😀

  66. EmeraldIrish Says:

    “Scott apparently didn’t learn his lesson a long time ago when he tweeted a reprimand to David that he didn’t like who he was writing with and he should write with Neal. David tweeted back a subtle message that good music comes from lots of sources and essentially telling Scott to mind his own business.”

    Actually, that was John_Socal who tweeted David and got that reply. I think some of you may be confusing wehoscott with John who goes to all the shows. But both are in southern cali.

  67. abby Says:

    The Black Cloud Collective’s tour dates are on Neal’s website and you can be sure Neal’s fans will all be there. I hope someone prepares the BCC for the onslaught and the spectacle.

    • LALA Says:

      Can’t wait to see them rockin their granny panties to metal/punk music. What a fucking sight!

      • freedavidcook Says:

        I would almost pay to see that! It’s going to be brutal for poor Neal. No wonder he seems to drink a lot. I would too.

  68. kelly d Says:

    Damnit Nonna you’re so much cooler than I am! I’m super jeals!! Well save me a spot on the sidewalk, I’m off to super walmart for a sleeping bag and tons of little debbies…ooops don’t mean to be so crass, I mean to the hoity toity gourmet bakery for cupcakes, red velvet of course and the liqour store for PBR cases and a truck load of Jack 😀

    FDR please get the message board up before Neals tour…I mean tewer hahaha!

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Make sure you pick up airline size bottles of JD so we can throw them at Neal to make sure he knows we’re there. And don’t forget the hot wings! How could he NOT love us if we brought him hot wings????

  69. Jen Says:

    Wow, we are quite the talk on twitter right now. People are freaking out. *waves* Newsflash: if you’re not doing anything wrong then you shouldn’t feel like you have to lock your accounts.

  70. kelly d Says:

    I’m posting my reply to mbenz01 here, because like I said to FDC I’m reading back and keep missing stuff lol

    FDC is right about how delusional must you be to think going to 20 shows ( and according to the other commentators his charity appearances) for a singer who only has a limited amount of music I.e. repetitive set lists, isn’t obsessive? What universe are you from Ivonne. Why don’t these women ask David or any other musician with a life if they’ve ever watched the same band 20/50/100 times?

    Never mind, we know the answer. Like we all agree, social misfits who do agree with mbenz/ivonne in the fact that they were all lonely, pathetic loosers before David (and american idol) came into there lives. So fine ladies. So make it a ladies night out (or in your case a month out on tewer) to be w/friends and leave the band alone? Yeah right!

  71. abby Says:

    Just saying that the fans seem to all be basically nice people and if they can make new friends and have fun, well so be it. A ladies’ night out to see David is always good and it’s good to be more accepting of everyone. Most people are a little obsessive about something…might as well be

    • Jen Says:

      Here’s the thing though – most, not all, but most of the people we’ve talked about AREN’T nice people and have been mean and nasty either to us directly or to people we know. We’ve moved off of talking about certain people who seemed…kooky but still nice. And I’m sorry but people who call Andrew the Dependent aren’t deserving of my sympathy. Most of us ARE fans and these people ruin our fan experiences.

  72. kelly d Says:

    Yep. The twits are going on about how we’ll be hauled off in shackles, when some poor woman commits suicide because of being in this blog lol! Really? So they admit that they are really that unstable! Well that’s one thing we can all agree on. They’re also afraid they’ll be mocked here when Neal goes on tour lol!

  73. kelly d Says:

    Oh dear lord, why did you get me on twitter Jen! Who do you think of all people to be over there consoling debrakay and imogen? The nice ( be she crazy as a loon) , joey’s “girlfriend” Nic_Leigh. She always kept her twitter positive, and no drama, except for her tarding over the bass player, and dragging her kids into the craziness!. She said we were stalkers and bullies with no lives! What? *facepalm*. How is what they do to these “musicians” not exactly what she says of us? My god, they’re hopeless. She should have stuck to knitting fingerless Joey gloves, and not join in the name calling and hypocritical finger pointing!

    And we have no lives? Check out her ridiculous amounts of tweets! She would have to be on 24/7. Way more than anyone here, hell that goes for most of those lunatics!

    • Jen Says:

      Lol sorry! Mmmm yeah I saw that. They have to go out of their way to find this but it’s bullying? They’re defenses are kind of hilarious too. Whatevs. I’m already burnt out on it all. haha

  74. Dani Says:

    Poor JJones6.

    “Wow, what an influx of new followers! I’m sure it’s bc my tweets are so hilarious and not at all bc I’m playing WWF with @thedavidcook.”

    “Score update! David: 229, me: 240. And thanks to everyone for the encouraging messages! David has the nicest fans!”

    And WTF is this masterpiece, I think by that nutjob with the garage sale video I saw courtesy of IT last year? This poor girl has no idea what she’s opened herself up to!

    • Dani Says:

      Wonder how long it will take for the rumors to start flying about this chick being his new GF? Oh that’s right, she has the wrong color hair (although at least she may be somewhat more intelligent than the ones that have gone before her!)

    • Karen D Says:

      OMG, I just clicked on that twitpic link. LOL That’s what ladynsearch does all the time! Unbelievable.

  75. karmapolice Says:

    Omg those delusional freaks are actually saying they’re going to commit suicide over being outed and talked about on this blog, when those hypocrites talk about and pick apart every detail of every girl seen within 5 feet of their beloved David- doesn’t make sense. In my opinion, the ladies rumored to be linked to David were all very attractive, and I think the BSC fans hated them because he didn’t go for old hags, grocery store baggers, and sex deprived housewives like themselves. I say go for it and make a messageboard, lets keep outing the crazies! They shouldn’t joke about suicide anyway, that’s a little dramatic and plus, how are they going to hear his new CD and neglect their children and waste their husbands money to stalk his life on the next tour? Stay alive tards, stay alive… his new CD will be here soon.

  76. Eyeswideshut Says:

    My eyeballs are a bit sprained from all the rolling while reading all the comments here.

    You know, I disapprove of much of the behaviour talked about here. But I have to wonder – in the game of life, who’s better off? Those who obsess about a celebrity, or those who obsess about those who obsess about a celebrity? Personally, if I’m going to indulge in a time-suck, I’d rather let it be about something I like/love. Disparaging others doesn’t really do it for me.

    And I have to disagree when people say they lay off on people who are just crazy/obsessed but still nice. I’ve seen you mock people for being old, fat, attending multiple concerts, having a poor (in your opinion) fashion style etc. How are these people harming anybody else by being those things? and before anybody brings up ‘they should spend their time and money with their family/ more worthy causes’ – you are not them. You do not know anything about their lives, their priorities or how they spend their time and money in other ways. It really is not for you to judge.

    And BTW, Imogen is a very nice woman, and not stalkery at all. She explained that her point with the ‘badgering’ post was NOT that the fan was wrong to ask Sony for info. She was merely stating her opinion that people shouldn’t take the fact that Sony responsed as an invitation to badger them for the album. There is a difference between badgering and asking – mostly in the tone and frequency. IMO the indignant responses to Imogen’s post was due to defensiveness (and possibly a bit of a guilty conscience.

  77. nonna-muss Says:

    I have been on boards similar to this for a couple years. There’s always one who threatens to hurt herself and others will come and say they are hiring a lawler to soo us. Defamation of character!! Libel!! Slander!!! When FDC does a blog on the Sparkle Cows (Adam Lambert tards) the same thing happens. Suicide!! Lawsuites!! We are bullies who have no lives!!! They will make their own blog to try to prove how awful we are. It happens every time.

    Disclaimer: for those of you new to the world of being big mean bullies, I know I spelled wrong above. FDC and a few others get it.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Actually the Sparkle Cows have taken it pretty far. They dug up a lot of information on me, some correct but a great deal of it very wrong. They have threatened to call my hubby and my maw in law to ‘out’ me for being a big old meanie. The family got a HUGE laugh over that during Christmas when I warned our large sprawling family that they might some day receive a lunatic phone call or email from some over invested fan saying I’m a big old meanie. They all laughed and said they all knew I was a big old hateful meanie. They were most amused.

      The Sparkle Cows have tried to spread what info they gleaned, like names, addresses, family info all over the net about me. *Shrugs* like any of it does them any good. They only have the address of my rental house that someone else lives in. Makes me laugh I am hiding nothing. I am how I am. Trying to post ALL my personal info on public boards with calls to harass me actually rates as bullying and harassment, unlike commenting on the internet doings of a bunch of internet handles.

      They also spammed David Cook & management and Lambert & management too begging them to do something ‘legal’ to me because I’m a stalker supposedly. I’m not sure how I’m a stalker when I only went near one of Cook’s concerts just to watch his crazy fans and get pictures, not to try to meet the headliner. I think it’s delicious karma that I had no intention to meet him and he walked in where I was while the crazy cakers were milling around outside trying to scope out where he was. Karma baby.

      I’m not going to stop pointing out bad behavior just because they are all butt hurt over it. Suicide is stupid. Who is dumb enough to kill themselves over being butt hurt over being exposed as over the top? Some drama queen no live little housewife I guess.

      • Eyeswideshut Says:

        Ah, I see your point. Why bother taking responsibility for your actions, since people who react to it are just silly cows who deserve to die anyway.

        Seriously? And you presume to sit in judgment on others?

      • Beijing York Says:

        Honestly, I had no idea how lunatic all this AI fandom is. I find it fascinating from a sociological way. What is going on with society that has turned the cult of celebrity so extreme? There is something very unstable underlying such extreme behaviour. I can understand tweens and teens getting carried away with being fans but grown adults, not so much. Add to that the immense monetary investment and fan fiction/porn, and it just leaves me scratching my head. I definitely think it’s a great subject for a documentary if not an exposé TV series like “Hoarders”.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        I’ve taken some psychology and counseling coursework recently and don’t think I didn’t consider writing my final paper on this strange behavior. Had no idea until two summers ago that this type of obsession existed outside of the 12 to 16 crowd. Every time I hear of a new length someone has gone to in an effort to be the Alpha Fanatic I think no one can top it. Sadly enough someone else comes along a week or two later and does just that. Cannot wait to see something like this featured as a story on L&O or as a documentary subject.

  78. Shenanigan Says:

    Don’t be ridiculous. Of course you all are cyberbullies. Did you ever doubt it? One can tell from your grammar and spelling that you are not the most educated and perhaps not the most intelligent of bloggers, but I would have thought you would have understood.

    I am not personally sure exactly where the law stands at this point about this kind of harassment. I believe there is legislation pending?

    You better hope no one harms themself over this, because I am quite sure you would be liable. Of course, in sports people are much, much more fervent in their devotion to their “stars” and no one says a thing. Men strip and paint themselves and wear cheese on their heads. People get in huge fights and no one says a thing. And, of course, on the internet there are zealots who follow Disney, the old west, Renaissance, Civil War characters, just about everything you can name.

    So the fact that you call these fans names…well, as I said, you are not the sharpest knives in the block. Cruelty is cruelty is cruelty. There is NO justification.

    A note to the “victims” of this silliness. Don’t take these lowlifes seriously, folks. They are so cray cray they can’t see they are the ones all along. Anyway, no one who has an ounce of sense would care what they say.

    Cruelty begets cruelty so I don’t envy the lives of the cyberbullies. Pathetic.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Oh my! The treasured ‘law suites’ threat. If you bothered actually reading the blog you will see I have never outed real names, addresses or anything that is personally identifiable. You also have to prove ‘damage’ to reputation to sue. Suing someone is a long, draw out, expensive proposition most of the so-called ‘fans’ could not afford.

      Talking about someone behaving badly using their Twitter name is not ‘harassing’ them. It’s simply personal opinion. You cannot prosecute for personal opinion on a blog. Or are you perhaps not educated enough to understand actionable offenses?


      • tardreformed Says:

        Yawn…who’s making threats now Shanigans,idle as they may be. It seems these fans are forgetting the most important reason they are all pissed…

        Andrew retweed the person who linked him here! So he and obviously david knows all about there antics! And Andrew got into scuffles with these retards in LA! So they are just pissed that no matter how much David and his band and family despises them they are soooo overinvested that “THEY CAN’T QUIT HIM” LOL! HOW WILL THEY LIVE WITH THEMSELVES!?

        And why do they all want us to believe how intelligent they are haha. Most of us are leading busy lives and use iphones, mobile, typing is iffy at best. We’re not here to win a pulitzer, that’s there jobs with all there pornographic fanfictions haha.

        THE FACT THAT ANDREW RETWEED ABOUT ONE OF THERE LEAD TARDS,SCOTT PISSING HIM OFF IS WHY THEY ARE UPSET! AND EMBARRASSED BECAUSE THIS WILL MAKE STALKING DAVIDS TEWER HARDER LOL. Sorry about the caps but those tards coming over here defending themselves and making threats lead me to believe they are hard of hearing so, SHUT THE FUCK UP BEYOTCHES! LMAO!

    • Cooks_FUFL Says:

      Scott, why don’t you just STFU for once and for all? You are a pathetic human being, and I thank God every day that the gay men I know are NOTHING like you. You think you are so smart and so knowledgeable, and you truly believe that you know the “ways and means” of the music business. You know what? You don’t know it all, and you have no idea how many people (David and his friends/family/bandmates included) laugh at you behind your back. You are one of the most obnoxious people in the fandom, and it is repulsive to have read some of your “sexual” statements regarding David. You are a fat, ugly, disgusting loser, and no one who has an ounce of sense cares what YOU have to say.

      • SaddenedByThis Says:

        I tried to convince myself not to comment on anything mentioned on this website. Pointing out any inaccuracies and injuries will only earn the ire and mockery that is characteristic here. I believe EyesWideShut has pointed out better than I can how you sit in judgment, and her post, however logical, garnered swift defensiveness and accusation. Therefore, I read and shook my head for the last hour, needing to see for myself how horrible the posters here have been toward people who are kind, gentle, intelligent and welcoming.

        However, the post from Cooks_FUFL demands a reply. Despite the childishness on this site and the self-serving identification of fans of every type as tards and weeds, such pure unfiltered hate and accusation should have you unsettled in your chairs behind your desks. Your hands should have frozen on the keys for a moment while you read that post. Did someone -really- go that far?

        Yes. This site is not blogging. It is bile-drenched. Throw all the stones you want and package them as sarcasm or humor or finger-pointing. Sit back and laugh. But the perch you laugh from is covered with the dung of your words. You are covered with it.

        Scott deserves someone to speak for him. Attack me if you want. At least I know I jumped into the fray for the right reason and I can champion my friend.

    • Dani Says:

      If I were calling people out here for grammar and spelling, I don’t think I would use the word(?) “cray cray” in my post. What are we, 12? Just using that word sort of gives your identity away anyway. Or was that just to throw us off???

      • tardreformed Says:

        Dani I think you’re right. Scott invented the “word” cray cray to describe all the fandom who arn’t in his little click. In other words the ones who are not bowing down to lick Queen Scottt’s royal ass 😀

      • she Says:

        He hardly invented the word cray cray.

  79. LisaB Says:

    *waves* I too found this blog thanks to Andrew’s tweet. Thank god there is a sane place to rant about David’s nutjob fans! I’m a huge fan but stopped going to DCO because I couldn’t tolerate the constant doom & gloom of sky1234, LostMySnark, etc. God. If anyone is suicidal its them.

    Still laughing over Pollyanna Scott locking his twitter.

    • tardreformed Says:

      Hi Lisa, quiet a few newbies here are here because of Andrew’s tweet, god bless him. They’re all having melt downs now imagine if David were to do as his lil bro has done. My god, I’m thinking mass suicides!

      FDC is setting up a message board so maybe we should invite Andrew to join lol?

  80. nonna-muss Says:

    ZOMG!! David tweeted that he’ll be off twitter until next weekend! What will they do?

    PS-I hope he’s off on some warm sunny beach with a hot girl and getting some good lovin’.

  81. kelly d Says:

    FDC, As per usual eyeswideshut forgets that she and friends are doing exactly as they say we are doing here! Youre not the only one these freaks have threatened. I have friends who have been outed online, had there families threatened, all for not drinking the DC kool-aid! Of course like you FDC there families laugh at the “shameful online shananigans” that the cray cray felt the need to blow the whistle about. I guess they think there scaring us straight, trying to embarrass us? Of course now its time to turn the tables…this will be EPIC! Another word the new cool kids love to over/misuse lol!

    I think FDC has been much more responsible on this blog than those nut jobs. The only ones outed here are the ones who put it all out in public and internet. Most use false names and David Cook as avitars, hypocrites! We know the wacky ones because they have at least up to now, been shameless about postng pics and the OTT “concert recaps” detailing there illegal, disgusting, stalkerish behaviors!

    • Eyeswideshut Says:

      I think you have me confused with someone else. I have never threatened or outed anyone online (or for that matter, in real life). But I guess it was pretty pointless of me to post here – clearly you are all okay with what you are doing, and you are unable to see that you are as bad (if not worse) as those you discuss here.

  82. Jen Says:

    While I can admit that because of my giant bleeding heart I’m starting to feel a little guilty about talking about certain people on here, I think it’s ironic that this whole firestorm started with that other post with all the comments because AJ was doing the exact same thing we are. She wrote a nasty blog post about and aimed at certain DC fans. She named them in the blog and then tweeted the link to them. People congratulated her for it. We had Scott calling ladynsearch a bully and granny even though she’s what?, ten years older than him? But it was fine when they were doing it. It’s perfectly okay for them to call Andrew the Dependent and then bitch that he’s not nice enough to them? They’re surprised when people have a problem with that? We’re bullies and evil and endangering people for doing the same thing? It seems more than a little hypocritical.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Exactly. It’s ok for them to bully ‘the roses’, to call Andrew a douche and to sit in judgment but it’s not ok for anyone to judge them. They think what they do is ok because in their little pea brains they’re correct in their assumptions. Making fun of children’s art? That David himself thought was cute enough to tweet? Yes, I want to be just like the weeds. They are so morally superior.

      What goes around comes around.

  83. MmmmBop Says:

    Who is obsessing over David Cook? 99% of people I know doesn’t even know who he is.

  84. MmmmBop Says:

    Also: Freedavidcook is posting on site that she consider to be a fun place: FlopIdol. Description of that site from majority of people I know and are familiar with it is less than flattering. It ranges from snakepit to cesspool.
    I find that site only painfully predictable.Not my cup of tea.

  85. MmmmBop Says:

    blah blah blah…..

  86. MmmmBop Says:

    that’s why he was entertaining. He was so bad that it was funny.

  87. MmmmBop Says:

    I see.Now you change contents of my comments. How low can you go???
    You are right. Flop Idol is the perfect site for you.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I did indeed because this is all getting a bit ridiculous. I would love to know why you guys are so focused like we’re discussing world peace or solving hunger? What’s the emotional payoff? I’m being serious now.

      • MmmmBop Says:

        Look in the mirror, darling.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        That is where we differ. Weeks/months can go by without me thinking about any of this mess or the crazy or the poor Idol target. I don’t post constantly. I don’t think about this 99.99% of the time. I don’t get the obsessiveness and no one seems capable of explaining it.

      • MmmmBop Says:

        Judging by the amount of comments that you leave at FlopIdol I can hardly say that you go “weeks/months” without posting. As I said – look in the mirror. You know, pot, kettle and all that jazz.
        The reason I post here? I’m simply bored, being stuck at home with leg in the cast.Skiing sometimes sucks. 😦

      • freedavidcook Says:

        I wish you a speedy recovery.

  88. MmmmBop Says:

    Thank you.
    Now it’s time to do other uninteresting sh!t.

  89. LALA Says:

    Hey Mysticpurz, (u think you’re being anonymous?)
    You’re a bitch. You hate me. I get it. And I don’t give a shit. GO away and quit spreading rumors and lies about me. As goes for the rest of your fucking friends. U don’t know me and u don’t know what I’ve done so get a life and quit trying to assume what I do in mine! K. Thanks.

    (Sorry to the rest of you here)

  90. Sosueme Says:

    Yup. Mysticpurz is one of the biggest bitches out there. She despises Andrew and other members of Daves entourage and puts him/them down at every opportunity. Of course she usually uses a pseudonym. Hypocrite.

  91. Ali Says:

    Gosh, I have a headache but to chime in on the poster up that long freaking comment thread, that is Scott…well I know his twitter is locked now, but a while ago Scott went on a rant about how people who obsess over sports or collecting antiques don’t get harassed like the DC freaks lol. So yep, its him. I would like to add that yes, that’s true because how many men who are sports fanatics (or antique collectors, Renaissance/civil war collectors haha) are actually following the players to there favorite pancake restaraunt or contstantly tweets/internet harass them or stalks there family and homes? I’ve never heard of any!

    And it seems mostly entertainers are the ones stalked and sometimes hurt/killed by obsessed fans. Definetly a unique “fandom” situation. And it seems the idol fans are the worst of all! I’m afraid it’s gonna get uglier and maybe violent before its over ;(…But yeah Shananigans and maybe a few others, were definetly Queen Scott lmao!

    • Shenanigan Says:


      You are so, so wrong. Not Scott here, and although he is human and imperfect like all of us, I think he is a much nicer person than those I see here. Petty little people with your petty little grudges. Did you like to stand around in a circle and throw things at the sad little girl or boy while saying they deserved it? Or were YOU the sad little girl or boy who is now trying to make it all better by being the biggest, baddest bully on the block.

      And so you find someone to kick, but it won’t make you feel better. And I reiterate, cruelty is cruelty is cruelty. There is NO justification.

      By the way, if any of you profess to be Christians, that would be a big joke.

      And do you think David Cook would thank you for shutting up and running off his fans? Do you really?

      Evil never thinks it is evil. Cruel bullies objectify and dehumanize the objects of their hate. “They deserve it, they have it coming.” No, no one deserves it. Bullying is just wrong.

      Also, I find the whole anti-Scott thing quite tinged with homophobia. What a good cover you have found for an age old story. Shame, shame, shame.

      • Rubber Ducky Says:

        Yay, you pulled the “OMG YOU ARE ALL HOMEPHOBES” card 😀 I love Predictable Troll.

        Can you ask Scott where he gets his hairplugs from?

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Wah, wah, wah, the cries of ‘homophobia’ are the standard reply of Lambert’s fans usually. I see nothing overtly gay bashing in the remarks. I only see a pile of hyperbole in the defense comments.

        I love how you guys show up and scream that those of us that think obsession and stalking are wrong are the ones at fault. The last time I checked none of us has a) put a tracking device under anyone famous bus or car, b) gone running after a celeb after they tweeted where they were going to be or c) written reams of vile porn fan fiction about a REAL person or other equally unbalanced things.

        You want me to stop pointing out the obvious? Stop behaving in an atrociously ill-mannered way. It’s that simple.This entire world is being ruined by those that have no control, no manners, no class and entitlement issues. The way the tards behave just adds to the lowering of the standards of polite society.

      • Rubber Ducky Says:

        Don’t forget; none of us got a tattoo of a tour bus logo 😀

      • Shenanigan Says:

        You know, the thing is, you see nothing wrong with what you are doing. How do you know the people you attempt to publicly humiliate and hurt are the ones who do the things you say? You are judge, jury, executioner. Do you not care if innocent people are hurt? No, you do not or you would not say and do the things you do. It must satisfy something within you, and you do not see the pathology. People say I should not respond to this site, should let it dry up and blow away. But sometimes, I think, someone needs to say, this is just wrong.

      • Jen Says:

        Oh for fuck’s sake, it has nothing to do with Scott being gay and everything to do with him being an asshole.

        Did you tell him to stop when he and friends were getting on ladynsearch’s case for the way she tweets David all the time, calling her a granny, telling an interviewer she’d been ladynsearched? Did you tell him to stop being rude about and/or to Andrew, calling him the Dependent? Did you tell him to stop bringing arguments from David’s official site to Twitter, so as better to harass people?

        Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  92. Shenanigan Says:

    Jen, are you the Jen who used to bring so many great things to DWoP? Just curious. This isn’t entirely about Scott, but, by the way, it may not be about his orientation to you, but from the comments above, I believe it is to some others.

    How do you know I haven’t talked to Scott about some of these things? But it is not about me and not really about Scott. It is about some people being over the top cruel. It is about having fun causing pain. Scott, ladynsearch, Andrew are all part of a big, diverse world that is all the richer for having such variety. I do not support ridiculing people for their age, either an older woman nor a young man just starting out.

    But two wrongs do not make a right. And I feel foolish even repeating something I know you know.

    • Jen Says:

      I’m not, but I do read there.

      Look, I’m not about being cruel for cruelty’s sake, but sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

    • Rubber Ducky Says:

      If I wanted to listen to self righteous sanctimony I’d watch Christian television.

      Why don’t you just suck it up and deal with the fact that everyone is different and holds differing opinions? And that you cannot go around forcing people to be in lockstep with your narrow views?


      • Shenanigan Says:

        RD: Yeah, well there is a big difference between accepting differing opinions and deliberately hurting people…for fun. And how am I forcing you to have my views? You don’t even know what they are.

        How do you know I am a Christian hag? I love that you called me a hag, especially after FDC’s appeal for a more polite society. Hahaha.

        By the way, you are wrong on both counts…again.

        Jen: Get what you are saying, but why would you take part in this? It is not justice, it is weird.

        And on that note, I am off.

      • Rubber Ducky Says:

        Yes you are.

    • she Says:

      Scott is a hypocrite. Perhaps his hundreds of Twitter followers believe what he purports to be, but I’m certain others follow him just to stay informed because he’s a nucleus of drama. He uses his geographical proximity to glean “inside” info from the guys’ polite conversations then shares that as he sees fit to boost his own credibility in the fandom. Surely enough, his his true colors constantly show through his remarks. Once he’s called out on it he’ll delete the post or tweet and claim that he actually knew something all along. It’s disingenuous. He’s been called out by at least one of David’s friends on after he talked shit about the guy on DCO. Scott also constantly compares David to Ryan Star and how he wishes he could get the attention Ryan gives his crazies from David.

  93. kelly d Says:

    So funny how Scott throws the homophobia card LOL! Did I miss something? Realty Scott? And of course he has to have the last and oh so correct holier than thou WORD!!

  94. LiterateGal Says:

    Hello. You do not know me, and probably never will. However, you act as if you do. You speak of me as a familiar and judge my friends and my intelligence. You speak of my friends as lesser beings and create your own fantasies about the whys and wherefores of our lives. If you came to Los Angeles, you would see a complete different person than the fiction, though.

    If I posted under a different name you would speculate as to my sympathies and loyalties, so I come here openly by the name you recognize.

    Come to Los Angeles and introduce yourselves to me. I am not a cow, nor a weed, nor a tard, nor an obsessive groupie. You do not know anything about my friends or my life as a fan. But, if you were brave enough to really introduce yourself to me, you would learn that I – and my friends- are truly interesting and open-minded people. I would ask you to explain to my face what you have decided here about me. I would look you in the eyes, honestly, and try to figure out why you judge so vehemently.

    But you won’t come. You won’t introduce yourselves to me. And you do not post as the handles you own on Twitter and CDO. Why did I bother to do so?

    Because I have class.

    Leave me alone if you will not talk to me directly. My twitter name is: LiterateGal. My account is not locked.

    I am a teacher. My students are lucky, as I am to have the wonderful conversations we do each day. Conversations without malice, or spite, or spittle.
    I am a friend. I am lucky, indeed, to have such wealth.
    I am a mother and wife. My family sees more of me than concerts do. I am lucky.

    See….. you know a little bit more about me. Proceed to mock me.

    • Cooks_FUFL Says:

      Are you also a grandmother? You look old enough to be one. Why are you following a rocker who is young enough to be your son? Does your wonderful family know about your obsession with David Cook?

  95. Dani Says:

    Excuse my stupidity on something that may be common sense. but the little colored designs next to each name indicate the same IP right?

    So SaddenedByThis = LiterateGal, right?

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Oh yes. The colored designs indicate the IP number used so that even if someone uses ANOTHER name the design and color will not change if it’s the same IP number hitting.

    • LiterateGal Says:

      Yes, indeed. I DID post as an alias. However, I realized after I posted that choosing an alias was cheapening. Therefore, I came back within minutes and posted as myself. Thus, the comment about being more brave. It’s not a question of being “busted.” Thanks for the comment about my picture.

      Look, I did not come over here to see what you said about me. You can hate my avi or make cheap shots. It shows your colors more than anything you could ever write. Carry on with your inanity.

      I was defending my friend. Nothing I say, nor anyone else says, will every change your site here. My intent was to point out that you do not understand anyone whom you are posting about, and that the post I commented on went far beyond snark. It was cruel. It was unnecessary, and you should be ashamed that you let the bitter commentary go from picking people apart to making accusations about their whole being.

      So you can believe whatever you choose and continue your merry play attacking others and poking fun. At the end of the day, I stood up for my friend and that is all that matters.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Look, as you’ve probably noticed I will approve just about any post except those that contain real life names or info that will lead right to the real name of the person. Those I do edit.

        No need for duplicates.

        We can still discuss things civilly even if we strenuously disagree.

        Nothing wrong with defending your friend.

  96. zoo Says:

    Your site was brought to my attention recently since I’m actually mentioned in it. So I decided to give some of it a read through. I’m a little at a loss at how you can talk about people you probably don’t know, personally, but whatever….It is the internet and these things happen all the time. The one thing that did occur to me was the wish that you would put that much energy towards promoting really good indie music. There is so much out there that could use support. I hope you will think about it.

  97. kelly d Says:

    Omg, literate gal had the gall to show up here to defend her best girlfriend Scott lmao! She failed to say how she can be a teacher and so holier than thou yet follow a band and there girlfriends in ther personal life? Really would a teacher be interested in a burlesque dancer if she wasn’t involved with the David Cook crew? I think not! Looser! I can’t scrool through all the comments but what was said about her pic? She does look old enough to be a grandma or at least David’s mom lol. Shamelesss!

  98. kelly d Says:

    And don’t get me started on page boy haircut granny zoo2 lmao!

  99. kelly d Says:

    I checked literategal’s twitter because her being a teacher is creeping me out! And guess what? She no longer has her real pic on her avi. Just a creepy cartoon girl rreading a book. If she was so innocent she wouldn’t feel the need to change her real pic! I think her school district should be given the heads up that this weirdo is involved with vulnerable children. She’s so strange! At the very least she’s seems to be a delusional stalker!

  100. EmeraldIrish Says:

    At least LiterateGal doesn’t hide behind annonymous names. I give her kudos for putting herself out there and writing an intelligent, articulate comment People know who she is and her real name because man fans have met her in real life. She and zoo are pretty much the only people who’ve posted here and have let us know who they are. I appreciate that. BTW, I’m pretty sure LiterateGal is 40ish, so even to be David’s mother (much less grandmother) she would have to have had him at age 12 or 13.

  101. EmeraldIrish Says:

    That’s many fans, not man fans. Amazing how one letter can really change a sentence’s meaning!

  102. kelly d Says:

    Emeraldirish you are a hypocrite as are the weeds who love reading this blog lol. As stated by others here. This blog fights fire with fire. Many use different handles because these obsessed wannabe groupie hags have stooped to calling out other fans and even there personal info, like home addresses and even children and family. Instead of getting us to run and hide and leave them to there online terror, we can out there antics here and online anonymously to protect ourselves. But my friends and I who actually enjoy David Cook will not be bullied…long live FDC! I think David and Andrew would approve.

  103. EmeraldIrish Says:

    Kelly d, don’t get so mad at me lol. I haven’t even disagreed with you. Like ever. In fact I think I’ve been pretty neutral. Just was making a comment that I personally appreciate those two commenters as coming on here as themeselves. Which is more than I have done. Or anyone else. That’s all.

  104. Jen Says:

    I think it’s funny how bitchy fans think Celine is the only person who could possibly dislike them enough to tweet them.

  105. SmelledTheCoffee Says:

    Hey does anyone remember reading something on FDC mentioning some fan that hooked up with a Cook roadie? Swear I read it here but can’t find it. Thanks.

  106. MaeI Says:

    It’s funny tht I see the weeds have all gone underground on twitter but the roses are still doing whatever they want to do. I think AJ’s ego is even bigger then her mouth. You can’t control other people,

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