Viva Las Vegas

From the chatter various places in the David Cook funked up fandom it looks like there is some high-gear ‘guh’ing going on. And some ‘thud’ding and assorted other middle school terms for fantarding reactions. Credit cards are being charged and plans made to abandon families, pets and jobs to go to Vegas.

Cook and pals are playing at this year’s Pet-A-Palooza in Vegas on April 9th. Worthy cause but kind of a ghetto showcase. This and the remake of “Don’t You” make me wonder if we’ll be seeing within five years signs in front of bars nationwide “American Idol’s David Cook – 5 Dollar Cover Charge – 2 For 1 Draft Beer”

While vajayjays are exploding over the impending release of CD numero dos some of the craziest of the crazy have already booked hotel rooms and flights to Vegas just to hear Baldy sing a couple of songs on the bill with other performers. It’s a bargain, 8 buck tickets and flights plus hotel rooms are always discounted in Vegas.

I’m hoping this means we’ll hear of all sorts of over the top tarding and wild doings from the Cooktards. It’s been a long time since they’ve had an opportunity to get up close and personal with David. Doings will be at a fevered pitch. Many scrapbooks and quilts will be presented along with crap for his dog.

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43 Comments on “Viva Las Vegas”

  1. Beijing York Says:

    I do NOT like his cover of “Don’t You”. I guess I’m too much of a Simple Minds fan to embrace DC’s stylings.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I don’t like it either. His voice is all wrong for it. Idol is so full of shit.

      • Dani Says:

        I like the song, his cover is decent IMO, just think it’s a poor choice for the don’t-let-the-door-hit-you-in-the-ass song. I’ve told a lot of people to listen for it (BTW wasn’t it supposed to premiere LAST week?) and now I’m gonna feel ridiculous cause I think he has sounded a hell of a lot better on other songs, plus it makes potential new fans think he doesn’t write his own shit.

  2. Ali Says:

    I don’t even have the stomach to go read his twitter timeline anymore. All those menapausal crazies just made me give up for good being his fan. And if his new cd is just the same ole same old…then I’m done…along with my other friends who are all David’s age. His fanbase is depressing and I’m tired of defending myself to normal music fans who don’t get him at all. I would be ashamed to actually show up to a concert if he does a tour for this new cd. I’m sure it will be limited appearances, seeing as how his popularity is waning. I won’t be fighting his tards for a good spot this time lol!

    • Dani Says:

      I look forward to watching the loons from the back of the venue as much or more than seeing him. Sound is better from back there anyway. Too distorted up front.

  3. Natasha Says:

    What Ali said…and I am not bothering to download the cover tune, either.

  4. MmmmBop Says:

    To be fair I decided to listen to it on YT.
    Then I read the comments.
    After that, I checked Lambert’s “Aftermath” that will be performed on AI on Tuesday.
    And I read the comments.
    I have to admit that Cooktards gave Glamberts run for their money.
    I am still laughing histerically. πŸ™‚

    • MmmmBop Says:

      I forgot to add this link to above post. Better late than never.

    • MmmmBop Says:

      I should learn how to post proper link.I wish that this blog had an edit feature in the comment section.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Really, even though you…or should I say Essexpearl….left Madam bombs on Cook’s video comments. That’s the Lameberts for ya. They have to hit every comment section for anyone associated with Idol to convince everyone how gosh-darn wonderful Madam is. They make him look like a fool. Now THAT’S hysterical. πŸ˜€

      • MmmmBop Says:

        Are you implying that I posted as a Essexpearl?? (Had to go back to comment section to find it)
        I don’t even have YT account.Nor Facebook.Or Twitter.
        Happy now?
        I just find both fandoms equally idiotic when it comes to wetting their pants when their Idol performs.
        I’ve never read comments under Baldy’s YT’s until now, but I can assure you that there is equal number of comments stating how horrible Lambert and how superior (Cook, Allen etc, take a pick)is.

  5. freedavidcook Says:

    Sorry, doesn’t give me the option to allow comment edits by commenters.

  6. WilcoisAwesome Says:

    Like you, I am terrified to go to one of his shows. I don’t want to get choked out by some undersexed old broad who thinks “Cookie” is an appropriate nick name for a 28 year old man she doesn’t know. I’m having trouble finding sane people to see his show with. Everyone else I know can’t stand him. Ruh rohhh

    • on the edge Says:

      I’ll go with you. We can hang in the back with our beers and point and laugh at the morons (the sound is better back there anyway).

      Unless you live way far away from me, in which case you’re on your own. I’ve imposed a 3-hour maximum on how far I’ll travel for a show. Seems far for some, but when you live in a rural area you have no real choice.

  7. WilcoisAwesome Says:

    Haha, OntheEdge! I’m with you there. Though, depending on how rambunctious and brave I feel I may want to brave the crazies to get up front – for the mere fact of driving them nuts. I live in Chicago…whereabouts are you?

  8. WilcoisAwesome Says:

    PS- I wish there was a message board for people like us. I have so many questions about the fandom, like why some of them still think Kim C and DC are secretly still together?!

  9. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    “Aftermath” was an incredible performance by AL this past Thursday. Yes, I actually have his CD, and the version on there is one of my favorite songs. No matter what people say about him, he is amazingly talented. If you compare that great song to David’s karaoke version of DYFAM, Adam wins hands down. I like Adam right now, too, because I know nothing about any particular fans. Yeah, he has crazies, but God knows that David does, too, and I honestly just can’t do it anymore with all of DC’s loonies. Looks like I am going to have to change my name on here! πŸ™‚

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Oh but are you in for a surprise! Adam’s FUFL makes Cook’s look like a staid Sunday School church picnic. The crazies bring it to scarier levels. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at Ao.

      • Cooks_FUFL Says:

        Yes, but I am not going to get involved in any of Adam’s fan BS. I just enjoy his music and his antics (at times). I am not paying attention to any of the crazies, like I did with David.

      • MmmmBop Says:

        I respecfully disagree. Both fandoms are equally scary. To be honest I’ve never ventured into David Cook Official or Adam Official, my opinion is based on what I read as comments on various blogs.

      • on the edge Says:

        I would argue that Adam’s fans are just as crazy as David’s…just more glittery.

    • MmmmBop Says:

      What is FUFL?

      • freedavidcook Says:

        acronym for ‘fucked up fan land’

      • MmmmBop Says:

        I got the first part – “fucked up”. What is “fan land” ? Is it like “country of fans”? Direct translation doesn’t work for me (I’m NOT a native speaker)

  10. Dani Says:

    Now I see there is some Cook show the Friday before Race for Hope down in DC. Wouldn’t it be better to maybe take the $ spent to travel, eat, and party there and donate it to the cause instead? Please, someone attend with a camera. Must see this.

    • Cooks_FUFL Says:

      Are the proceeds from the concert going to the R4H fund? I am sure all the fans who are participating in the actual 5k will be there for the concert, too.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        I’m in the Greater DC area (and I don’t mean David Cook) but I cannot go lest I be attacked.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      I’ve thought the same, wouldn’t the hundreds of dollars paid to travel, hotel and food and beverage expenses be better spent as a donation to ABC2? I know there are a lot of fans that feel that way and do not attend for that reason. Some go because they are runners. Some go because of David’s cause (he does have a lot of fans who are brain cancer survivors or who have been touched personally by the disease). I can see those people attending annually don’t begrudge them that. It’s the people that go just to either be noticed by him or with the hopes of meeting him that bug me, some flying cross country to be there. I personally would rather see them donate their plane fare and hotel expenses to the cause.

      • Jen Says:

        There are some who are suddenly interested since there’s a concert who weren’t already going as runners. There are others though who have figured out that the money is better spent as a donation. (I maintain that the vast majority of these people who go to DC wouldn’t if David wasn’t going.)

      • nonna-muss Says:

        You’re right Jen. 90% of them wouldn’t go if he wasn’t there. I don’t want to sound unappreciative of their support because I’m not. I think supporting any charity is a wonderful thing. It’s the motivation behind it. Are they doing it for the right reasons? I guess ABC2 doesn’t care as long as the donations are made.

      • Jen Says:

        I agree. It’s great that so much money is raised for ABC2 but I don’t for a second believe that it comes from an altruistic place for most of them, or else they’d do cancer walks in their own towns instead. I suppose in the end it doesn’t really matter. I wonder how he feels when the same people are clamoring for his attention at what is surely an emotional event for him.

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        I’ve would never consider flying out of state to go to a show for anyone including David. I live in the area, so the concert which well benefit David’s main charity is perfect for me. I already donated to ABC2 when David’s team was first set up so my concert ticket will be an additional donation. I’m not going to and never planned to go to the Run ( not a runner) and won’t be stalking the dude all over DC. It’s go to the show, enjoy the music and go home, like I would for any other artist.

        Unfortunately, there are diehards who are going for the wrong reasons, mostly to attempt face time with David and then bitch about on it twitter when their plans are thwarted, lol. Whatever, money is raised for a good cause, hope David squeezes every nickel he can out of some of the people who insist on being noticed by him, that would at least make them useful.

  11. Amusedbyfandom Says:

    The concert is called Concert for Hope with proceeds benefiting R4H. So whether you run or walk, monies will be donated to David’s favorite cause. Bottom line I’m sure that’s what it’s about for him and fans get to attend a concert. Win/Win.

    As far as Lambert, sorry didn’t find his performance on Idol incredible especially the tongue hanging out screech at the end. The song is a cliched love yourself, down with bullies triteness that seems to be in vogue now*coughLadyGagacough*. Gotta love when AL tards say you can’t deny how amazing talented Adam is as if it’s a statement of fact. It’s not, different people are allowed to like and dislike ,as the case maybe, different things.

  12. Jen Says:

    “I think I would give up front row for them [cancer survivors].” re: the Race for Hope charity concert.

    Cook fandom, ladies and gentlemen.

  13. WilcoisAwesome Says:

    Jen – who said this? That statement is FUCKING INSANE. Excuse my French. But WHAT. THE. FUCK.
    The nerve of some of these people…

    “I’ve seen him 18 times, but I *guess* just this once, I’ll give up front row for a cancer survivor…?” How do they not know how insane they are?

    • Karen Currie Says:

      How very noble of them to “let” cancer survivors have a front row seat. But probably only until Cook sings Permanent and then it’s “Outta my way!”

      You have to wonder what it is going to take for him to hopefully one day distance himself from the crazies. I have been to a couple of shows and have observed the Fandoration. To be honest, it scares me. As it should scare Mr Cook.

    • Jen Says:

      It was on twitter, someone whose name I recognized but who isn’t one of the “big name” crazy fans so I don’t really think I want to call her out. To be fair, the conversation was about how they hoped tickets would be set aside for survivors, but good GOD how do you not hear how fucked up that sounds.

  14. SmelledTheCoffee Says:

    I posted this question in another topic a while back but everyone moved to another one! Does anyone remember reading something on FDC mentioning some fan that hooked up with a Cook roadie? Swear I read it here but can’t find it. Thanks.

  15. Jen Says:

    So I’m not too ashamed to admit I’m jealous that I’m not going to this charity concert, but I do not understand the idea of spending $1000 say on airfare, hotel, food, etc., and then calling it for charity because the proceeds from your $50 concert ticket are going to the charity. Not that anyone has said those exact words but you know they’re thinking it.

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