Baldy No More

Looks like the evidence is mounting that what I pointed out months ago is true. David ‘Baldy’ Cook has had something surgical done about the ‘Baldy’ part.

See for yourself…

Sort of the balding on my way to being a bitchin’ insurance salesman or middle manager look. That hairline is mighty far back and this was only last year.

and now…

Square fake-looking hairline that all former baldies with new fake hairlines sport. I wonder if he got plugs or the whole enchilada where they take a wedge of your scalp at the back and transplant it to your forehead? I’m betting on the latter, especially with the straight line hairline. No wonder he was only seen wearing those sweaty-looking knit caps for eons, hiding the Bride of Frankenstein stitchlines.

This is a photo of Jeremy Piven after having that type of hair restoration.

Better than going with a lace-fronted custom made wig like John Travolta. But what’s that silver whistle around his neck all about? It is a rape whistle to blow if Svagina or Needacock or Holly Sockpuppets gets near and tries to touch parts south?

You just do not know how tempted I am to go lurk at the charity brain cancer thingie Former-Baldy is running in. It’s right down the road a short hop skip and jump from my house. I want to see the hairline up close and sweating. And I want to point and laugh at the fraus that have spent thousands of dollars and traveled hundreds of miles to lurk around a charity event in vain hopes that a man young enough to be their son would notice them. It’s a win-win.

Speaking of which, sounds like there has been oodles of grumbling about how only ‘crappy seats’ were available to the concert he’s playing in conjunction with the charity run. Did it ever enter the heads of any of the droolers that perhaps actual, oh, I don’t know, cancer sufferers might be the ones with the good seats? The mental images of the usual gang of idiots trying to trample cancer patients to catch Baldy’s attention on stage is sick and amusing at the same time.

I’ll be back to talk about a certain tranny-assed douchebag’s grab for more fan money in a few…

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61 Comments on “Baldy No More”

  1. Jen Says:

    Actually, many of the usual suspects ended up with very good seats because they just kept buying them and will now return the crappy seats to Live Nation. Too bad it’s that easy to do.

    I still do not understand spending what is probably $500 for airfare from the other side of the country to go to a charity race you had no intentions on going to until the concert was announced.

  2. on the edge Says:

    JESUS, Piven looks like he had brain surgery or something! I can’t blame Not-so-Baldy for going the restoration route. You saw his baby picture, right? That melon CANNOT pull off the shaved look.

  3. nonna-muss Says:

    I just puked when I saw Jeremy Piven’s head. I don’t think Used-To-Be-Baldy went that route. He’s been out and about in the last year doing shows and appearances. I’m glad he did whatever he did though! He doesn’t have the properly shaped head to carry off baldness. We all know that sometimes we’re uncomfortable in our own skin and I couldn’t even imagine having thousands of people looking at me all the time. If he’s good with it good on him.

    He has bigger fish to fry with the new record coming out and worrying about the herd embarrassing him at his charity event. Bleh, I hope they’re not going to camp out in front of the venue or shove their way up front. I hope Cook was able to save some seats near the front for who should rightfully be up there, the victims and families of the disease he’s trying to help find a cure for. Not to mention the race always falls very close to the anniversary of his brother’s death which is still very recent and I would assume painful for him. Please dear Lord, let the tards behave and not act like the idiots we know they are.

    • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

      No frickin’ way any of Cook’s cows doing anything classy at RFH! Our pal Anodyne Junkie – the one who is always preaching to the choir about how into “charity” she is and how much she GIVES to his charity in particular – just coughed up $450 to the scalpers for a 2nd row ticket – nice! Gotta be front and center – yeah coz for her, ini the end, it’s all about MEEEEEEE!!!

      • on the edge Says:

        WOW, what a friggin’ moron. $450 that could have gone to research, treatment, hell, feed a family camped out near the hospital while their child receives radiation or chemo.

        IF I lived in the D.C. area I admit I would love to do the RFH…it would be an excuse to try running, train for a few months and eventually reach that racing goal. The only money spent not going to ABC2 would be what I’d spend on Metrorail fare. As it is, I’d rather find a race in my local area. Maybe one that benefits Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, or St. Jude’s.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Knowing that makes me so so so tempted to go to the concert. I have a friend that works at the Warner Theater who’s gotten me great tickets at the last second many a time. They also keep tight rein on tacky behavior among the crowd so I don’t doubt some of the die-harders are going to be at the least bitchslapped by security or at the most ejected for behavior. Oh, it will be something to see!

      • Jen Says:

        Holy shit, are you serious? That’s terrible. This is a charity show! Not just a regular concert. I wonder what her fandom friends think because I’m certain I saw people bitching about the potential for people to do that.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        What AnodyneJunkie did makes me ill. Did she really, really do that? She paid an extra $400 just to be noticed whereas he would have been happier to see her donation increase by $400. I have to say, I had hoped that things like this wouldn’t happen, but alas, we are talking about Cooktards. The worst thing is she’ll happily sit up front like a queen whilst some poor child fighting brain cancer is stuck in the back. She should be ashamed of herself. Anyone who paid a scalper for a charity event should rot in hell. Once again the tards miss the point.

        Hey FDC, I’m proudly the first member (besides you) on the new forum! πŸ˜€

      • Jen Says:

        What’s weird is that it sounds like from tweets to her that she bought a bunch of tickets, like the rest of them did, to try to get good ones and THEN went to a scalper? Idk.

  4. EmeraldIrish Says:

    Or, it could just be photoshop LOL (getting back to the topic of this thread). I want to see how his hairline looks when he starts doing some TV appearances. Hopefully when he’s on Idol he won’t wear a baseball cap.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      I don’t think it’s a photochop. There were some candid pictures floating around twitter a few weeks ago of him at the airport. His hair looked thick and lush!

      • on the edge Says:

        Yeah, in recent videos you can tell it’s not Photoshop (unless there’s a way to Photoshop video now). I wonder…is that permanent, or do you have to go back for more treatments eventually? I mean, you don’t just stop balding. Genetics and all that.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        That’s another reason I’m so sure it’s a FUT hair procedure. Anything else would look weird and/or eventually thin out. I think he went the Jeremy Piven way.

      • on the edge Says:

        I’m confused how that works…I mean, wouldn’t there be a huge bald chunk in the back of his head? Does the transplanted skin just not know where it is? Sorry, I’m one of those people that has to KNOW how shit works. Needless to say I’m a viewer of “How It’s Made” on Discovery…

        What does FUT stand for?

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Here’s all the major celebs who’ve had replacement – and info here

        FUE is when they do little round patches of hair to transplant and FUT is for when they take a strip or wedge and transplant it. Here’s more info on FUT –

      • Beijing York Says:

        Brendan Fraser definitely needed that transplant. Thanks for the link to the celebrity page FDC.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        I find it interesting that the hair they transplant from the back of the head is totally exempt from the hormone that makes the front and top hairs fall out. Plastic surgery spotting is one of my favorite hobbies. I love it when celebs do something so obvious when a little tweak would have been just as good.

      • Ethan Says:

        Hey FDC, I thought I’d say hi because I work with Dr. Bernstein and I found your link to our site. Thanks for that, and thanks for informing your readers. I thought I’d add a little more about hair transplants…

        In your blog post you said: “I wonder if he got plugs or the whole enchilada where they take a wedge of your scalp at the back and transplant it to your forehead?”

        Hair plugs are, for all intents and purposes, a thing of the past! Very few docs, if any, still perform hair transplants using plugs (which were basically clumps of hair and skin). Also, with regards to taking out a wedge and transplanting it, the procedure has changed to where nowadays the surgeon takes out a strip of skin and then it is carefully chopped into tiny tiny pieces, with each containing one hair follicle. This is what enables the surgeon to spread out the hair on the scalp, and is what gives today’s hair transplants a much more natural look than the older procedures. Of course, it is still very important to spend time researching different hair docs if you are considering a transplant. I’m a little biased, of course, but Dr. B is easily one of the best in the industry. Regardless, if anyone is interested in learning more, definitely check out our website ( as we have a TON of info. Hope this helps! Great blog!

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Thanks for posting. I am all in favor of doing the right research before you have any type of cosmetic surgery. Sometimes it makes the difference between a natural enhanced look and a look that is different but not better. After having breast cancer I had scarring issues and was left very lopsided. Had scar revision and plastic surgery to straighten out the uneven and it was the best investment in me. Plastic surgery doesn’t always have to be obvious or bad. It’s all in getting the best doctor for the procedure.

  5. Burt Says:

    FDC – Did you decide whether to go to the show? I vote that you go armed with camera and photographic memory so you can report back!

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Depends on my schedule. Tickets are not the problem, spoke to my connection there, the comp tickets are mine if I want them. The problem is life. I’m possibly going to have surgery that week and I ain’t dragging down to the Warner looking like death warmed over in a hospital gown even to photograph lunatics, as tempting as it is. If the gods are merciful and things fall into place I will be there, it just doesn’t look likely at this moment.

      • Burt Says:

        I can only imagine the temptation! Fingers crossed things fall into place and I hope your surgery goes well whenever it happens.

  6. Burt Says:

    Intrigued by your hair theory I’ve spent, literally, a few minutes looking around the net. Looking at this AI photo, I’d suggest that if David had anything done he’s due a refund because his hairline looks no different now.

    YouTube shows David with the “old” hairstyle at the NYE show and MWK show on February 18 2010. At his February 27 show he had the “new” hair style and since then, it’s been pretty consistent.
    There’s surely not enough time between NYE & February 18 to have the op, recover and grow a full head of hair? Since then, he’s hardly been lying low (after reading one blog I was surprised at how much he’s done, all fairly evenly spaced, while writing/recording the album) so it seems doubtful there would be time to have work and hide it from the LA stalkers and press. Also, having it done later in the year would make no sense because by then he’d done promos for AI and been on the show itself (in HD) not to mention other shoots – surely he’d have it done prior to anything like that?

    Sorry but I just don’t think videos or photos tie in with the theory. The second photo you posted (from Runway) is misleading because of the angle – in the other two photos his hairline isn’t square. Plus, there is bound to have been make-up and photo-shopping with all these, and any other official, shots that get released.

    In comparable shots, nothing looks different from his AI days. Seems it’s just the different style that shows his high forehead and hair line now (which God knows spent a longtime hidden). Isn’t he just a man with a high forehead who used to sweep hair across it to disguise it’s size and has a lot of fine-textured hair? He *might* have small thinning patches which are sometimes more obvious if his hair is sticking up (e.g. in the airport shots) but even that doesn’t look abnormal or like major thinning. If he’d had anything done, wouldn’t he have fixed those too? His hair does look in better condition now but that could be down to good diet, good quality products, dye etc.

    Oh and I found this video from mid-2009 which makes me wonder where the “baldy” name ever came from!

    So, I now know far more about his hair than I should but at least I’ve not wasted much time – thanks to his fans “dedication”, there’s plenty of easy to find information! I don’t have all the facts but I’m posting because it seems wrong that this rumor could get into the press as fact when it’s mainly based on a natural photo of a bad hair day (which is older than you’ve stated, think it’s pre-November 2009) compared to a professional fashion shoot. This is after all a place that, rightfully so, pours scorn on people making up stories that get to the press so you surely wouldn’t want to join in with that?

    I doubt Cook gives a shit (I get the impression he doesn’t care too much about image/style/fashion beyond wanting to look presentable and that he would laugh his ass off at stuff like this) but I wanted to post for the sake of a balanced view.

    In case my links don’t work, here are the files I refer to:

    AI photo –
    Runway images – and
    Video –

  7. Burt Says:

    Hmm that didn’t work! I think I need instructions for this place πŸ™‚ – can someone tell me how to embed images and I’ll post them in a new message to avoid everyone having to click the links.

    Sorry, you must love it when a newbie arrives!

  8. Rubber Ducky Says:

    Can you see the staples when he bends over, or is it a rug and industrial glue?

  9. Gretel Says:

    cook has sold out all the way around… from the recording of this godawful cover [wtf cook, wtf] how… progressive and edgy [sarcasm intended]

    this attempted prettification of him through hair transplant, an appearance in a fashion mag called runway – where is the edgy rocker who was supposed to be so real, and raw and original. his fans are so deluded they think the first single should be the one w/ryan tedder – the cheesiest of all cheeses out there now in pop music. sell out, sell out, sell out is what i see.

  10. Dani Says:

    Oh my my my. Does this hairline look artificial or what? Cute Dublin though.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Thanks for the link! You can really see the fake there. Doggy is cute though..

      • Dani Says:

        And I feel really shitty using that particular link to use as a comparison. No disrespect whatsoever. I’d still love him even if he were bald so I wish he would just leave it be. He seems a confident enough guy to just say screw it.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Dani, I think he is a confident enough guy to say screw it. I think it’s TPTB that want him to appeal to a mass crowd which includes the college crowd and mid-20 somethings. I’d say they are the ones who prodded him into doing something. As long as they leave his voice alone, I’m happy. πŸ™‚

      • burt Says:

        To me that looks like the same hairline as the very recent shots but the hair looks to be in much better condition and is longer now. That’s still a recent-ish picture and from the same shoot as his Twitter pic – if he’d had something done (and therefore cared that much) wouldn’t he be using shots showing this supposedly “new” hairline? It’s not like he wouldn’t have a say with that site and as far as I can tell, he has control of his Twitter.

        It’s not that I don’t think he’s done anything, and I agree with Nonna about TPTB, but I think it’s only as much as growth stimulants, better health (he looks noticeably healthier all round) and general hair care (seems like he’s been in LA most of the past 18 months so he probably got a good hair stylist). Women know the difference all this stuff makes and I don’t think anyone would be thinking anything else if this were a female celeb. Hell, maybe I’d be thinking differently if it weren’t him but from what I’ve seen/heard (including one interview from pre-health kick where he was put on the spot and basically told he had body issues and his reaction was a genuine “er, no I don’t”) he never seems to care much so I have a hard time believing anyone would convince him to go as far as surgery before trying other options. It’s not that I’m an obsessed, deluded fan who only sees good in him but I’m trying to be fair and I just don’t see a change in the hairline (but I do see a change in the hair in general).

        When looking at that AI picture I truly think he should get a refund *if* he did have surgery.

  11. burt Says:

    (I tried to post this yesterday but not sure it worked so let me try again. Sorry if it spams!)

    And yet, in these pics it looks the same as before*:

    Release Day 6/28/11 -- David & Dublin

    Release Day 6/28/11 -- David & Dublin

    Release Day 6/28/11 -- David & Dublin

    Release Day 6/28/11 -- David & Dublin

    Release Day 6/28/11 -- David & Dublin

    Release Day 6/28/11 -- David & Dublin

    They also clearly show that he has hair from the side swept forward over the hairline. Aside from the fact I don’t think he even had time to get it done before the style changed, it still looks to me like it’s in just in a different style, better condition, longer, well cared for etc.

    *before being his time on Idol, like this

    Hair aside are there any stories from the weekend? Did anyone try to abduct the dog?

    • nonna-muss Says:

      I haven’t heard any scary stories from the show. Darn it!

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Nor have I. Not a peep.

      • burt Says:

        Shame, it had potential for all kinds of crazy. Pleased for him though – maybe, just maybe, he had a weekend free from being chased. Was it quiet because the usual suspects weren’t there?

        Surely the next concert and race won’t be so calm though? With them spending hundreds on tickets, flights etc, they’re bound to turn on the entitlement.

      • SeenTheLight Says:

        Some of the usual suspects were there but I think they just didn’t have the access they may have thought they would get. Not even the ones who stalk him and his friends in L.A. I did hear that Cook did an autograph session but only a percentage of fans in line actually got to meet him and many of the fans who have met him numerous times were too far back in line since they were closer to the front of the stage and were turned away by security.

      • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

        Okay I was there in LV with my sis. No problem at all getting very close to the stage, there were lots of peeps there and yes, quite a few of the “regulars” I did see – not gonna name names here though – the whole scene was very laid back and chill. They announced before he came on that he would do 1/2 hr M&G after the show and so stupid me (tard that I am) thought I was being clever sending sis over to the M&G line when the gig was about 1/2 done (she’s not much of a fan – heh) anyway off she goes and when he was done – 8 songs only, no encore, off I go hoping for a primo spot in the line…Uh no…She was like a mile back! At least 150 peeps in front of her!! Apptly they’d lined up ASAP on hearing about the M&G and had foregone watching him in favor of meeting him! Anyway the line just grew and grew and finally some security guy parked himself at the end and said – that’s it! You have No Hope. Go away!! There must have been 300 peeps or more – and more were coming except for the cut off. Anyway long story short, we got within about 10-12 peeps ahead of us when they packed him up and out of there, but he was so gracious – still signing and smiling right to the bitter end and yes, best news for him – lots of NEW fans and “normals” – the cray cray were kind of relegated to the back of the bus more or less..Awesome day for David and the fans I would say πŸ™‚ PS Thanks to aggressive little sis we did sneak up at right at the end and get a hello and autograph – so SCORE!!!

      • burt Says:

        That’s good to hear. I hope he’s able to have that happen a little more – more regular fans can only be a good thing (until they get turned off by the loonies anyway). I wonder if it was a concerted effort to limit their access to him? Glad you got to meet him cooktardx10sansdelusions – was it everything the tard within wanted? πŸ˜‰

        I know it goes without saying but I really don’t get these people. David always seems pretty approachable, laid back, appreciative and generally nice so how can’t they see that if they calmed down they’d probably get the access and attention they crave so much (at least to a degree, he’s not *that* grateful obviously)?

        And as for Twitter… man, I want to have a Twitter rant so badly! I’ll save it for another day but did anyone see the Pia shit-storm last night? As far as I can tell, the story amounts to this:

        DC tweets about her being eliminated.
        Media-obsessed-with-story spot former AI contestant at premiere and ask about the story. He says nice things (she’s talented, it was a shock, she’ll do well – the usual.).
        Pia tweets him to say thanks for the support. But cunningly adds “see you Thursday”. (Which bearing in mind their links, is surely AI related.)

        Erm, that’s it. So what do they deduce? Oh, he must have a thing for her (because he did tweet about her in the first place and he’s never done that about a contestant before). She has a thing for him. They’re going to date. Something MUST be going on. Blah, blah, blah. One look at her timeline shows she’s busy thanking any celeb who utters her name in a positive light (but, interestingly, no thanks to the fans, they’re mention is an apology for not signing autographs.) so he’s hardly unique. But there WAS that mention of Thursday… πŸ˜€

        I’m not surprised he sees Twitter as a double edged sword. If I were him, I’d be scared to say anything. Such a shame.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Oh Burt, thank you so much for that! Of course you do know that he’s boinking any attractive young female that comes within a 5 mile radius of him, right? πŸ˜€

        Congrats Cooktardx10 and thanks for letting us know the loonies didn’t get too close. Good to hear.

      • burt Says:

        haha! Yes, I had heard but thought it was restricted to blonds so it’s interesting that last night he was suddenly into brunettes too. πŸ˜‰ (Does anyone believe he only ever goes for blonds by the way? Is any man that selective all the time?!)

        Favorite tweets included someone who “had a gut feeling” David was into her, and one that said something like “no not her, if you date her I’ll never speak to you again” πŸ˜€

        Whether he’s with anyone or not I have no idea (but the masses think not so if he is, he’s hiding well from the LA stalkers) but I’m sure he’s not been living as a monk for the past however many years. What also seems to escape their attention is that he seems very career driven so is he likely to start a relationship right as he’s about to start promotion/touring. Seems doubtful, especially if it’s with someone who is doing the same.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        I would bet he is discreetly getting more ass than a toilet seat. No fat old lady ass but hot ass. At least I hope so.

      • burt Says:

        Like the true “rockstar” he is? You never know, he might be into the oldies. As long as they’re blond. Obviously. πŸ˜‰

        If in his position I’d be terrified of getting with, or leaving the house with, any female. Not just because of the fans but the potential stories and gossip that lead to all sorts. In fact, I probably would just become a monk. Less fun of course, but much less worry.

      • Dani Says:

        But since he’s performing on Idol next week it totally makes sense. Plus didn’t she just go out with Mark Balas from DWTS, supposedly Chris Jericho heard she has had a crush on him and fixed them up?

  12. burt Says:

    OK my comment from yesterday isn’t showing so I’ll post it on the forum for now. Some of the pictures from the weekend are the very recent ones I referred to in my comment today.

    Anyway, hair aside, are there any crazy stories from the weekend? Did they stalk him all over sin city? Did anyone try to abduct the dog?

    FDC – Sorry, sorry, sorry! I just double posted and realised my post yesterday is awaiting moderation, is it because it contains links? I’m still getting used to this blog! Can you tell?!

  13. WilcoisAwesome Says:

    I didn’t hear any crazy stories either. Kinda bummed about that.

  14. WilcoIsAwesome Says:

    Burt – I thought I was the only one who wanted to go on a Twitter Rant!!!!! I Saw all of those comments…my favorite was the “I just have a gut feeling” re:Pia/David dating. SO SO FUNNY. Poor guy can’t catch an effing break. Everyone wants new music, so he releases the lyrics to his first single. Not good enough. Many people bitching about the lyrical content and Tedder cowrite. Amazon released a snippet. “Too top 40”. Every one wants new pictures. Dude goes out in public. “I Don’t like his hair/stop wearing those glasses”. I believe one girl called him a hot mess, when in all actuality – he looked very handsome. I can’t believe some of the things people tweet to him!

    The fandom is never happy with anything he does. They always want more more more, and when he gives them something, so to speak, it’s still not enough.I read segments of his timeline and become emotionally exhausted, immediately.

    Also, I got banned from DCU. TWICE. In one week. You’re welcome.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Hi Wilco! I know who you are, but unlike Holly Sockpuppets I will not divulge your personal information on a public blog or message board.

      I can’t read his time line without my brain going numb in about two seconds. Especially today after the snippet was released. The ass kissing is making me nauseous.

    • Burt Says:

      Oh man, those people and Twitter! I’m glad I’m not alone. OK, please bear with me, this will be long but it’ll be therapeutic for me…

      If David’s people read this site I hope they take away this, if nothing else: the core fans Twitter behavior is very off-putting to “normal” fans (as well as David presumably) and a huge red flag about how obsessed they are. I wish they’d ask them not to put his @name in every tweet when they mention him. I wish they’d ask them to stop fucking RTing everything that mentions him (they mostly all follow each other anyway so they’re not spreading news, just clogging up his timeline and he’d stand the same chance of seeing it if they didn’t RT). Why send such drivel to him at all hours? Why do they think he wants to, or has time to, read that crap?

      Oh and I wish they’d stop using phrases he’s used – it’s just not funny.

      If they were as dedicated as they pretend, they would actually try to achieve things (e.g. try to get things released/uploaded etc) but they don’t band together unless it’s for ass-kissing or trending. That to me is really sad because it shows their true intentions.

      I feel like they’re ruining it for everyone. It’s a presumption but David seems like he wouldn’t have an issue communicating when his schedule permits but how can he with all that shit to wade through? It blows my mind that they can’t see that by acting like demented idiots they actually lose a chance to “talk” to him. If things changed people could communicate with David like the real human he is and if he chose, he could actually respond. He could get feedback/ideas. He could know that we’re not all dribbling fucktards. People would appreciate it because it’s nice when someone “famous” tweets you back and I actually think it’d help keep fans, but as things stand, we all know there’s little point tweeting him because it’s doubtful he ever reads it and there’s about 0.000000001% chance of him responding. Not that it stops the usual suspects!

      It would be good to see more of him on Twitter – he’s a funny, intelligent guy but I suspect he’s holding back a lot in what he says, how often and to whom. I realize he’s had better things to do recently so maybe that’s why but I wonder if the backlash whenever he expresses a vague opinion, the criticism and general idiocy is part of the reason. Anyone notice he rarely mentions when he travels now? Can’t blame him for that but I love the Where’s Wally style hunt if they lose him. If they didn’t chase he’d probably still say where he was going and so again, it’s weird they don’t see that.

      I agree with Wilco too, their impatience is something to behold. There’s clearly a release plan for the single and album and I wish they’d just let them follow it. I’m as keen as anyone to hear new music but I’ll hear it when they’re ready to release it. I also hated the way they were hassling him during the writing/recording – common sense should tell you there were reasons it took longer, and some of it might not have been good, so why add to that by whinging and prodding? And as for critisicm of how he looks/dresses etc – I don’t know, everyone gets it and it’s fine to have opinions but why tell him directly? For people who claim to be supportive, they can be very harsh and critical. Good for him that he seems to not care because if he took notice he’d be insane by now.

      I don’t go to any forums, Twitter is enough, so what happened Wilco? (If you can say.) Hope everything is OK.

      • burt Says:

        I forgot something! I’m tired of seeing them dissect his new music and trying to decide if it’s radio friendly, chart friendly, whether it’ll be a hit, if the rest of the album will be more “him” etc. Best of all are the comments about how he might not be able to release the music he wants for a few more albums – how do they know this isn’t exactly the album he wanted to make? They all claim to know what his current sound is, apparently it’s still stuck at Analog Heart, but they don’t seem to know that an artist’s sound can change as they age and progress.

        I expect there will have been industry pressures to get hits but I still have full confidence that he’s made the record he wanted to make. RCA have made it clear he had a say in everything and that he’s not being forced to do anything. Why are are they doubting that? What are all these thoughts based on?

        Makes me so annoyed! Why can’t they stop analyzing and just enjoy the damn music?

  15. WilcoIsAwesome Says:

    haha! Nonna – email me at, I have so many questions….! From what I could tell – looked like she deleted all of my responses (which were few, as I PMed both her and Savannagh directly) but kept their bitch talk, which makes no sense, other than to make them look “better” (it doesn’t). I never had access to all forums though, so I didn’t know if the other “AdExec” made good on her promise to post my email and personal information in a private thread. Good thing I kept screen shots of their replies, and her threat and reported it to ForumOtion! πŸ˜‰

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Hahahaha! I didn’t see your information posted anywhere but what you saw. I’ll email you tomorrow as this becomes the busy time at home.

  16. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    Oh, hey Wilco, I was wondering where you went to on DCU! What was done to you was completely wrong, and I can’t believe you were banned. “Holly” seriously must have lost her job or is on a “sabbatical” because she and the puppets are on there day and night!

  17. WilcoIsAwesome Says:

    Burt – COMPLETELY AGREE. I think David is just a private person to begin with, and I’ve not seen all of his tweets, but I’ve seen a few of his tweets from like 2009 and he’d tweet about visiting Wrigley Field, stuff like that – and then nothing. I deduce it’s probably because fans would probably show up or something. And also, as far as tweeting opinion – yeah, not gonna happen – we see what happened when he tweeted about the Pia elimination.
    I don’t get why they put his @name in EVERYTHING they tweet, especially when they’re tweeting to other people. From the looks of it they hounded the Petapalooza radio station to put this and that up, and they eventually did, but there were so many “PLEASE put it up”‘s it began to just get annoying.

    You’re right though, if they banded together to, I don’t know, try and welcome new fans in, the tone would be different. Unfortunately, anytime a “new” fan, or a fan that hasn’t been vocal comes into the fold, they get criticized, chastised, made to feel like they don’t know as much/aren’t a “real” fan because they haven’t been involved in the crazy that is his fandom.

    The whole debate about this new album has grinded my gears from the beginning. I’ve stated it MANY times on DCU, but a year and a half (from the end of his tour, to now), REALLY – TRULY – is not a long time to make an album! In fact, I think he had only tweeted he was in beginning stages of making the new album in Dec 2009. This is probably industry standard for most established artists. The usuals want him to branch away from the Idol brand in a sense, but in the same breath talk about how if he doesn’t get it out soon “people will forget about him and the appeal that he was on Idol will wear off”. Really? Again, the time it took to make this album – not unusual. BUt what do I know? I’ve only worked with bands and supported both the local Chicago scene and independent scene for the last 10 years. RCAEd clearly stated that David has a hand in everything. Do I believe that the label probably wanted him to go a more pop route? Probably, but if the label and 19 were his strings, as the fandom claims, don’t you think he would have had a shitty album out a lot sooner? It’s obvious he took the time to write the songs he wanted to write and sing. They want the guy to have “hits”, but then he writes with Ryan Tedder (who is actually a good songwriter/lyricist if you go back to pre-“Halo”/”Already Gone” etc days), and it’s “too pop”. Come the fuck on!

    Don’t even get me started on Analog Heart. It was a great album for that time in his life. It was certainly representative of that time and I know he’s proud of it – but why would he want to rerelease it? Who would buy it, besides the usuals? For fans that beg for new music, they sure do seem stuck on this album, presumably because they think it makes them more legit in the fan department. The thing is, that album came out in 2006 – they wouldn’t have even LIKED that album had they heard it then, had it not for DC being on Idol and becoming their prize winner. Newsflash – I HAD THAT ALBUM IN 2006. I liked it then, I like it now, and don’t wish to buy it again. New music please.

    As for DCU…check the message board in a few, I’ll post what happened there…

    • Burt Says:

      Yeah, he is private but I’ve seen most of his tweets (I’ve been there longer and followed him since he joined) and they definitely used to be more frequent, detailed and fun. I can’t blame him for the change, all things considered, but it’s sad. Maybe it will alter as his life changes again. I hope so, I kinda miss seeing that side of him. It’s weird they talk about the real him when they inadvertently do a lot to prevent us all seeing it.

      I was on the DCO Ed thread this weekend (I figured I’d get some real news) and noticed someone mentioned a best Twitter use thread that someone maintains. Clearly that needs to worked on and distributed to everyone because the using his @ name is getting stupid. Someone has started tweeting quotes with his name – does he need reminding of what he’s said in interviews? Doubt it! Now they’re counting down to the album release and quoting stats – why does he need to see that a thousand times over when he’ll be told by TPTB? I just wish they’d stop and start using #DavidCook – why would that be so bad? Oh yeah because it doesn’t go directly to him and so he might not check and see their names.

      The Pet-A-Palooza video-thing is annoying. The radio station put up a video (they would have done regardless because of the hype and they did it with all the artists anyway) and the fans went into RT mode. But this is what I mean about not banding together – why not try to get other videos uploaded so they have more good quality music for themselves? I’d love to hear “Drive” without the crowd noise, surely they would too? I just don’t understand their priorities but it is NOT the music or THE VOICE as they claim. The same with fundraising, getting new fans etc, it always comes second to the ass-kissing. If someone not in the “in crowd” (or should that be “crowds”? Are they still split in two?) suggests something they NEVER get behind it so it gets lost in the crap.

      Wilco, you are so right about the time to make the album and how dare you express an informed opinion? I know he said it would be done quicker but anyone with half a brain knows it was delayed for a reason, we just don’t know what (and it’s not our business). Regardless, 18 months is NOT a long wait so what’s the issue? He’s not been locked away during that time – as I said here before (as part of my “his hair is the same” argument) he’s been around almost constantly. He’s made appearances, updated them, had shows and even performed new tracks but no, of course that’s not enough. It seems to me, they’re not grateful for anything for longer than 5 minutes after the RT potential is gone. Now they’re hoping the single leaks because they can’t possibly wait for Tuesday. It’s just weird! How would they cope if there was no internet or if he did shut himself away to work?

      And yes, you’re right that if he had made the album how they all assume the record label wanted (the same label that’s home to well known pop band Foo Fighters), it would have been out sooner. It’s beyond me why in one sentence they’re full of how strong, intelligent and generally great he is but the next minute, he’s giving in and not being true to himself which is hardly complimentary and makes him sound pretty lame. They can’t make their minds up!

      As for Analog Heart, I confess I’m on the “release it” side but for good reason: I’d like the chance to buy it (but know it won’t appeal widely so download only makes sense), and I want the best audio I can get. It’s annoying to know it’s there and he owns the rights but doesn’t sell it but it’s his choice and he has his reasons, nothing is as easy as it seems. If it’s a choice between that and him focusing time on new music I’ll choose new music every time. I suspect they’re stuck on it because they believe it’s the “real Dave” and that it’s how all his music would sound if he had his way. That’s crap, he would have changed regardless of his record label!

    • Burt Says:

      I remembered some other weird Twitter traits:

      What the hell is with people who tell him they’re going out or to sleep and not to tweet while they’re gone? Or the ones who tweet stuff like “I dared to move from Twitter and then of course you tweeted and I missed it.” What the fuck is that about? How can they not see how strange that makes them look?

      Then there are the ones who have an alert set for when he tweets and feel the need to comment that they’ve been woken up/interrupted. That’s their fault for setting the alert, not his.

      I could go on all day… but I won’t.

  18. WilcoisAwesome Says:

    Burt – It’s imperative that he know they’re thinking of him 24/7, so that he can plan his tweets accordingly.

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