Unchained Melody? Bitch Please!

Looks like the potential for an idiot fan war is supah high right now. Too bad it’s not the Cooktards and the Sparkle Cows squaring off. That I’d pay to see.

Nope, it’s the internut rumble will be between the fans of Constantine “Greasy-skeavy butt-sexing-teenagers” Maroulis and Clay “Oops I ruined my face” Aiken. Turns out that on Clay’s last cd he recorded ‘Unchained Melody’ and now Constantscum has done the same thing. Cons fans are expecting him to sing it on ‘American Idol” this week.

Right now it’s only a few fans that have realized that Constantine has recorded the same song as Clay and are grumbling about it but expect it to turn into a full fledged stupids rumble if Conny sings it on this weeks AI. The explosion in Clayland will be epic as they rush forward to attack Contards by proclaiming that the song belongs only to Clay from now on. Waves upon waves of stupid.

Speaking of stupid, I’ve been watching the fall-out and comments on the People magazine article of Constantscum and his bambino. The whole nasty gang has been at it, Studiolady (cough, cough, usually an L. Anne pseudonym or Debbie), Judyes (she who once street-teamed a parrot) and a host of other familiar names. The comments are worth the uncomfortableness of the pictures of Constantine whoring out an innocent child for publicity – People Magazine.

The baby’s Momma, pretty Angel Reed, has started a blog with some very nice photos of the baby and herself too as well – Angel Reed’s blog. Proud momma and beautiful pictures of the baby. What makes the blog both wince-worthy and comical at the same time is that Constantine’s same fans that were busy bashing momma during the pregnancy and afterward, are busy signing up as followers and kissing Angel’s derriere right now. I predict the moment she says something on the blog they dislike they will turn on her like a pack of ravenous piranhas on an innocent lamb that wandered into the water.

I wish Angel and Malena well and to stay far far away from the insano Contards like Little Skatertard and others just as nutty.

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2 Comments on “Unchained Melody? Bitch Please!”

  1. nonna-muss Says:

    Both of their albums are going to tank anyway so why are they so worked up?

    Also, good luck to Angel and the baby. I hope they have a nice, normal life and the fans leave them alone.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I’m sure both versions suck and the song has been overdone and beaten to the ground. Retire it. It’s like Idol has ruined that song and “Change Is Gonna Come” for me by overuse. Ban them both.

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