Adam Lambert – Lady Gaga Tard

For once I’m not writing about some ridiculous Sparkle Cow or Cooktard. It seems according to Perez Hilton and reported in US Magazine that Madam Lambert crashed Lady Gaga’s birthday bash and behaved worse than most of his move over the top fans. He was super drunk, screaming, jumping on tables, knocked a hole in the ceiling, etc, in general acting like a foolishly drunken tool. Gaga asked security to remove him. They did. Ha.

The funny thing is the comments by his tards. They are busy busy busy, busier than Kerry Kolsch with a computer and secret files on AT&T and that chicken joint that hires underage fundamentalist home skoolers to work unmercifully. They are seeking ways to excuse his behavior.

Sure, folks get super drunk all the time. But most of us don’t crash parties and piss off our betters. Adam sure seems to like his chemical intoxicants.

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5 Comments on “Adam Lambert – Lady Gaga Tard”

  1. Beijing York Says:

    OMG this is priceless. What a rocker! I guess since he doesn’t play an instrument, he had nothing else to break but the ceiling. What a loser.

  2. on the edge Says:

    And yet, who trended on Twitter for over three hours tonight, just for showing up? No, that was not a question…WHO trended.

    Who? 😉

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I know! And the sparkle cows were losing it on twitter over Kris Allen trending and not their beloved BB.

  3. Guess the pressure (or the frauen) finally got to him.

  4. Dani Says:

    Watching Wendy Williams here in the east talking about this in her “hot topics” segment. What took her so long?! Thanks FDC for getting us the dirt before anyone else 🙂

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