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When there’s nothing much happening in the world of any particular American Idol stars career or public life you can count on one thing. The tards will invent some of the most pathetic ‘NEWS’ speculating on everything from penis size to how crappy or wonderful the upcoming release is. Most of the time it’s nonsensical gibberish, the computer equivalent of a thousand monkeys with typewriters tapping and pecking out “It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times”

Sort of like a far dumber version of the tabloids. I always said my two fantasy jobs I would kill to have would be a) being a vocal coach for American Idol because every year a new naive crowd of starry eyed youngsters come in with very bad singing habits. My second fantasy position would be writing for Weekly World News just so I could make up all the strangest of stories like “Bat Boy Endorses Ed McMahon For President” or “Aliens Have Stolen The Corpse of Elvis Presley!” It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times..Right now WWN is claiming that Michael Jackson faked his death and that Sammy Hagar was abducted by aliens.

This week has seen a speculative shitload of stupid. Apparently No Longer Baldy tweeted about Pia Toscana’s Idol ouster, said she was talented. She tweeted back and said something about seeing him ‘Thursday’.

So what would the average non-crazy person make of those tweets? Perhaps that Cook was complimenting Pia because, wait for it, she’s pretty good. Her texting back to say ‘Thanks’ and ‘See you on Thursday’ might mean she’s happy a previous Idol winner thinks she’s good and both of them will be at next week’s American Idol results show.

But in funked up fan land they are taking it mean that Cook is boinking Toscana. Toscana, sounds like those crappy pasta dishes that Pizza Hut is pushing.

People have been doing ugly tweeting at Pia to leave Cook along. David has been receiving scads of tweets ripping on him and begging him not to date Pia. That’s when they’re not simultaneously freaking out in good and bad ways over the released lyrics of his soon to be released CD. Criticism, assumptions, and just out and out delusional spamming David Cook.

One of the ones jumping on the criticize Cook and driving some of the who’s he balling gossip is that ever popular and sane set of sockpuppets of one Holly/Mary Ann Ellis over at David Cook Uncensored. She’s talking to herself again and pretending it’s huge groups of different people while banning anyone with a clue just how much talking out of her ass she’s been doing.

Holly Mary Ann Sockpuppets seems to be on the internet 24 hours a day now. How she does that and holds down a job is a mystery to me. I’ve been told she’s had to take psych leave from her job before and the last time she was on DCU for hours on end it was due to being off for being ‘off’ mentally. Please Mary Ann, get help. Stirring up rumors and selling them to the tabloids can’t be healthy for your mind. Everyone knows your Sockpuppets so give that a rest too.

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44 Comments on “Idle Idol – David Cook Tards”

  1. Dani Says:

    I’m dumbfounded by this rambling I found on DCO about his new release, just one of many. Too bad they all can’t wear nametage with their user names so we can put faces to the lunacy.

    “Great “things come to those who wait!! I’ve said it over and over to the restless among us….”David has worked too long and hard… this is his life ~ his music.. when “he” feels it and believes that this IS the best that it can be… and not a minute sooner… the mastermind will release…. to all of us who believed in him from the first….. his masterpiece! ” ~ And watta work of art embraces it! David is all about “progression” and being original! From the LQQK of that beautiful cover; the colors, the graphics, the photo he chose and every piece of clothing he’s wearing… standing tall and proud… feeling the stimuli from Mother Nature…. Oh he has for sure pushed every existing parameter to feel ACCOMPLISH ED and knowing that “This Loud Morning”.. “his loftiest of endeavors” will be the STUNNER to seal the deal on his continued success! Bring it on babee! > June 28 will be a day to remember with love and awe for the Brighest Shining Star he is!!<3

    • Dani Says:

      Oh and my favorite is “feeling the stimuli from mother nature”. WTF does THAT mean?? Now I know he does seem to be well-endowed, but I see nothing in that picture to make me think he was “stimulated”, either by mother nature or maybe the hot photographer taking the shot.

      • Burt Says:

        Dani – their talk of his “size” amazes me. These are grown women with families, they’re old enough to know better. It’s very odd. I wonder what… ahem… lengths they’ve gone to to find out the truth? I’d love for it to be a sock. ๐Ÿ˜€

        Reminds me of a tweet I once saw “that awkward moment when you’re sketching David Cook and get to his crotch”. I mean, really?!

      • on the edge Says:

        “…either by mother nature or maybe the hot photographer taking the shot.”

        What, was there a “fluffer” at the shoot? Bwahahaha!

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Oh my! I just snorted coffee out of my nose and all over the keyboard.. so much FAIL in those postings but the one that makes me laugh the hardest is ” the mastermind will release”, Newsflash, he may be intelligent but he ain’t a genius or a mastermind. And it’s not like he’s been on his back for the last 18 months painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel either. Get a grip. It’s pop music.

      • on the edge Says:

        Whenever I see the word “mastermind” I have this insane need to put the word “evil” before it. Just puttin’ it out there.

    • Burt Says:

      I think what she’s trying to say is: “Finally some more details that we’ve not been waiting very long for. A wonderful chance for me to show off my vocabulary to Mr Wordnerd because I do know words, even if I can’t form them into a proper sentence. Oh I’m very moist now with the thought of Mr Wonderful. I’ll be gushing when I finally get to hear the new music.”


  2. WilcoIsAwesome Says:

    hahhah Dani!!! I will have to go through the Twitter timeline, but I’m pretty sure there is a woman who always waxes poetic about what David is or isn’t doing – JUST like that! I just saw one like 2 days ago too that made me laugh out loud for real on the bus. I can’t remember the screen name though, but will find it for you.

    I don’t get the weird ass kissing that goes on with some of them. I wonder if that lady would say those exact words to his face? I wonder what his reaction would be……….

    • Dani Says:

      Wilco, it was this nutbar that posted the above on DCO. No surprise, although I think it’s the poet Serenity that usually comes up with this blather.

      Fri, 04/15/2011 – 20:15 โ€” NyCArole

  3. WilcoIsAwesome Says:

    And now SHaron, Holly’s possibly sockpuppet is telling lies:

    • Jessie Says:

      Sharon is definitely one of Holly’s sockpuppets. Her and Diane are Holly’s pit bulls. Anybody dares to question something Holly does or says they’re always the ones who come in to defend her and explain what happened. Even though they haven’t been logged in for days they somehow know exactly when someone questions Holly’s motives. She bans anybody who intimates that there is something fishy about the board. I’ve noticed lately that most people don’t respond to her sockpuppets so I think more and more people are on to her. She made a really nasty post to dorothyparker the other day and when dorothy took exception she deleted both posts and closed the thread. There’s nothing free nor uncensored about that board.

  4. WilcoIsAwesome Says:

    Jessie – That’s what I thought. You don’t hear from these people save for the random Magic Rainbow posts, and the posts where someone is questioning “Holly”. My biggest question is, Holly says she’s an Ad Exec and claims to have worked with bands. How? The Marketing team would be the one working closest with a band or artist. The Advertising portion of it is to create awareness of said brand – but they wouldn’t be directly involved by a band or artist, much less work with them.They’d work closest with the Marketing team/label whomever, to figure out where to place ads. So her claim that she knows so much about the industry because she works in it is B.S. Anyone can Google the information she’s posted, especially about teleprompters and stupid crap like that.
    And another giveaway? Her comment that she knew for a fact that anyone can buy tickets to the Grammy’s. But when I called her out on it, nicely of course, no one questioned anything else she’d ever said. How does that not create doubt in the minds of the people that post there? I get that it’s fun and shouldn’t be taken so seriously, but the repressive/Stockholm Syndromy culture that is there is sad, and I wish the regular posters would just create their own board. Unfortunately, they feel like they can’t do it without her, which is completely false, since the posters find all the information and do all the digging around anyway.

    As for dorothyparker – I feel terribly that now, unfortunately, the mods will have it out for her,no matter what she says, simply because she stood up for me on the boards. I’d wondered if anyone else that did the same, also got banned.

  5. Burt Says:

    What’s funny is that even when there’s news and things happening, they still spend their time essentially making stuff up.

    The dissection of the album details is great. They’re trying to work out the meaning of the title, the photo, everything. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?! I’ve seen Morning = Mourning and mention of weeds in the grass (it just looks like overgrown grass to me). How can they know what it means until they hear the music? Even then, they might not know. I’d laugh so much if he refused to say just like he does with that tattoo.

    There also seems to be an unofficial competition for the person with most copies of the album. They’re already ordering the DVD version from Amazing when they have a pre-order on DCO despite Ed saying there will be a chance to upgrade and that details of packages will be out soon. Why not wait to see what’s available and then make a decision? It’s pure impatience but it gives them a chance to crow about sales figures so many of them are driving in tweets to David. Funny that, isn’t it? The connection isn’t lost on me. So much of their behavior is about THEM not him, no matter what they claim.

  6. on the edge Says:

    Here, in their entirety, are all my reactions to all the Cook news this week:

    Cook single art/lyrics come out: “I like this, good.”

    Pia tweets Cook: “Oh, that was nice of her.”

    Snippet gets leaked on Amazon: ” I like the beginning, not wild about the oooooo’s in the middle….cool, Arcade Fire’s on the $5 album list this month!”

    All the album shit comes out: “I love the art and the title. June 28th, eh? Ah, well…what’s for dinner?”

    That’s pretty much it, folks. No teal deers were slaughtered, no ‘gasming occurred, I didn’t feel the need to overanalyze whether there was any symbolism in what he was wearing, what brand speakers were on the cover, or what font and color the text was in. I did enough overanalyzing of the show Lost to last me a LIFETIME. It’s music. He makes it, we listen to it. To quote some other Idol guy, “it ain’t that deep.”

    Now seriously, what’s for dinner?

  7. WilcoisAwesome Says:

    but…what does it all meeannn?!?!!?!?! Best. description. ever.

  8. burt Says:

    The ones wanting a leak are happy. The ones that didn’t aren’t and are criticizing anyone listening to it.

    I don’t even dare to go see how they’re dissecting it. Anyone braver than me? Twitter comments seem positive but as it’s more poppy than his previous work how long will that last once tomorrow is over (if it takes that long)?

    • on the edge Says:

      Haven’t listened, but I’m hearing a lot of references to:

      Daughtry’s “No Surprise”
      Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody”
      Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You Been Gone”

      So who the fuck knows? I haven’t listened yet but I’m not going to fault anyone for doing so. I WILL fuss about illegal downloading only because in my line of work I kind of have to. That and I would balk at illegal downloads of ANYONE’S stuff.

      • burt Says:

        I’ve listened (too tempting to wait) but I’ve pre-ordered so will get it anyway. I wouldn’t download something that I wouldn’t then buy. With the reasoning out of the way:

        I can see the Clarkson reference. As expected, it’s clearly made for radio and to be catchy. I personally can’t fault him for it and no, I don’t think it makes him a sell out. I do really like it although it is more poppy than his other work and seems to almost have too much going on.

        I’ve now read criticisms about it not being “him”. Surprise surprise. I see that RCA Ed asked what fans thought and some responded with “what should our strategy be? Should we start a buzz or keep quiet?”. Why not just listen, enjoy and wait until the roll-out continues?

        Yesterday was mutiple albums buys, tomorrow will be multiple single buys… can anyone explain why you need to buy something that’s being given to you with the pre-order? Some are buying it again to support “not just the artist but the man”. The man IS the fucking artist – it’s the same thing ,isn’t it? If he was concerned he’d make us buy it separately. Maybe the buying is related to sales but it’s his and the label’s choice if they chose to lose new sales (if they even do). Can’t they just say “Thanks David for being nice and not robbing us at every turn like so many others do”? Are they buying again to show devotion? Or, is it part of the “I’ve bought his music, I’ve put food on his table, he owes me” mentality that I’ve read about here?

        Maybe, just maybe, I’m not a good enough fan because if he wants to give me a song ahead of the album, I’ll just take it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        (P.S. In last night’s post I meant “Amazon” not “Amazing” – stupid spell checker!)

      • on the edge Says:

        I don’t want to be “one of those tards” that does multiple purchases. I did pre-order at DCO and I will probably upgrade. Problem is, CDs can be uploaded to iTunes…DVDs can’t. And I want to be able to play shit on my iPod. So do I get an iTunes version as well, just so I can have digital versions of any video content?

        GOD, why aren’t DVDs as easily uploadable as music so I wouldn’t have to do tardy things like multi-purchase? You’d think they’d have the technology by now. Stupid fucking Apple.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        It depends on what the DVD will be. Do you think it will just be a mash-up of all his album teaser vids? I can watch those on youtube, thanks.

        I pre-ordered at DCO too. I listened today to the leak (didn’t download–am I a good fan or a bad fan?–I’m so confused!), which is now not the actual release. Ahhh, marketing…what mind control they have over tards and gullibles.

        Yeah, I see there’s the ‘I downloaded’ vs. the ‘I’ll wait for it to be official’ snide remarks being made.

        Do I like it? It’s catchy. Do I love it? Not my taste, but I hope it serves the purpose it is meant to serve and that’s to get radio airplay.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Oh! I also wanted to say that I don’t know if the song is “him”. You see, I don’t know “him”. Sure, I met “him” at a meet and greet, for about a full minute. I didn’t have my picture with “him” or anything. Perhaps if I had my picture taken with “him” scatey-eight times and tweeted “him” incessantly I would know if it’s “him”. I might then have a radar that reads “him” and “his” innermost thoughts and feelings like so many of “his” good fans seem to be able to do. Right now I have to guess that it IS “him”. It sure sounds like “him” when I listened to it. I bet when I go to a show it will be “him” singing it. How do these fools know if it’s “him”? “He” wrote it, didn’t “he”? “He’s” approving the final release version, isn’t “he”?

        I’m done now. I’m getting a cramp in my pinky finger from having to type all the “‘s. Ouch. I hope you all get my point. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • burt Says:

        Yeah I can see the dilemma OTE, I might have similar depending on the options. I ordered the physical CD so who knows if the DVD will be an upgrade option (or have Amazon said it’s exclusive?). It’s so far in advance that I wonder if RCA really know, everything seems vague. Would it be better organized if DYFAM hadn’t happened? That seemed to cause a big, confusing, rush.

        Now they say pre-orders won’t get the single download til later this week. Yeah thanks for that, especially after saying they would do what they could to get it to fans ahead of radio and reward faith in blindly ordering the CD. Is this how they get us to download if you’ve pre-ordered? “It’s “free” if you wait but if you want to it on release then pay for it.” I can’t help but wonder because really, how long can it take to put a file online and send a mailing list a link.

        Nonna, that post is amazing! ๐Ÿ˜€ It perfectly sums up the whole debate about “him”. If “he” is so amazing, how can they also claim “he’s” being forced to do stuff “he” doesn’t want? You know like performing it all over the country and putting “his” (oops, nearly missed that one!) name to it.

  9. Thorazine Says:

    Man, the pop sellout for Cook is complete. The Last Goodbye – no… just… no. What the hell happened to the David Cook that won this show. I despise Ryan Tedder’s ‘music’, and him being cowriter for this song is the final nail in the coffin for any serious rock credibility Cook had.

  10. Karen Says:

    Scared the hell out of me when I went to DCO just now and the new song started blaring on it’s own. Sorry, Dave, but if this is any example of what is on the new CD, I am very disappointed. It sounded like bad 80’s pop. How can someone who wrote great music in his pre-Idol days suddenly serve up something I would expect from the likes of The Bieb?

  11. WilcoisAwesome Says:

    I’ve only listened to it twice, and it’s okay, though I’m sure it will grow on me. I get the likeness to “Since You Been Gone”. I like the composition of the song itself, but I don’t know about the hook.

    I didn’t download the song – just streamed it last night real quick. I’ve been wondering if RCA backtracking to send everyone who has already preordered the CD, the new single, counts towards single sales? If you think about it, they already bought it when they bought the CD. I don’t know that RCA expected the response they did to them wanting the single as well, because as you know, nothing is ever enough.

    It’s actually really strange, the response, because the same people we saw criticizing the 30 second snippet are now saying “It’s a hit!” and tweeting their local stations to play it. I dig that they’re going to support him whether or not they actually like the single, it’s just inconsistent ass kissing that is frustrating. Especially when I see people tweeting about how great it will look on their part if they get their local stations to play it, and it does well on Amazon, etc.

    • Thorazine Says:

      What is amazing is the willingness of a lot of these fans to condone and support this dreck from RCA and Cook just so ‘This single can do its job’? What job is that exactly. It may be a bad example, but Crystal Bowersox showed more balls in challenging her label to stay truer to her vision of herself. She may not have the commercial success to back her up, but I’d bet she has gained a lot in the areas of integrity and credibility, and she will still be able to maintain herself, in some capacity, as a recording artist.

      Without selling her artistic soul in the process.

      From the tone of many comments from MJ’s to DCO, you can tell a lot of fans do not like this single, and are holding their collective noses trying to put on brave faces in false support in order to what – not speak the truth about the hack job Serletic and Tedder and RCA and CO have served up here with this single. And this dreadful image makeover with the suddenly lush hair where there once was none, heh. If he had a in a lot of the decisions regarding this single, the CD etc. what does that really say about him? Has it always been about doing what is expedient to get a hit, to make a buck, and lose your artistic credibility and soul in the process? If so, mission accomplished. Clarkson and Bowersox seem to be the 2 Idol alums with the biggest balls when it comes to their integrity, and trying to fight the suits to remain true to themselves. Though yes Clarkson caved on ‘all I Ever W anted’ to a degree, she gained back a lot of credibility, and gained a lot of respect in many circles for at least standing up for herself, her vision for her music. Go ahead and throw out all the reasons why DC is different. They ring very hollow when ‘The Last Goodbye’ is served up as an example. I can’t go there with Cook this time. This single smacks more of desperation (for a hit, any way they can get it) than real progression, and i just can’t.

      • burt Says:

        I think everyone is being realistic about his situation rather than condoning the song. I don’t think Bowersox is a fair comparison because her names was more fresh in everyone’s mind. Cook on the other hand, hasn’t had a single for, what, 2 1/2 years? Clarkson was more established too when she had her “standing up for herself moment”. Regardless, who knows what went on behind the scenes, maybe he DID stand up for himself. Maybe he just happens to like this track.

        Is there an artist out there who doesn’t want a hit, to be successful? I doubt it. I’v never heard him speak about his artistic integrity, plans, what he considers selling out so I can’t judge if this counts or if it’s always been his plan. Who knows what they were actually wanting him to do Vs what he’s released? We just don’t know.

        Popular music these days sucks so just what is someone in his situation meant to do to get airplay? This is only his second mainstream album so there will be pressure to sell, as there would anyone.

        I still think the album will be more of a rock sound. It’s too early to totally judge.

        With all that said, I do wonder what work he would be releasing if he wasn’t on a major record label. But then, he wouldn’t have had contact with the same writers (not Tedder, although I have no real opinion on him), production etc. How would he have changed as an artist? As a person? It’s tough to know.

  12. Dani Says:

    Is there a kill switch on DCO for this streaming? Honestly I DO like it pretty much, even though it’s not the raw Dave I know is in there. It’ll do for now, as long as it serves it’s purpose by getting huge airplay. After the sad 2 release choices from the first record, can it do much worse? Light On was OK but Come Back to Me was IMO a loser from the start.

  13. WilcoisAwesome Says:

    Dani, the only way to kill it is to press the pause button.

  14. Dani Says:

    Thanks Wilco, don’t know how I missed that. Didn’t even see it!

  15. burt Says:

    The fan feeback on this is all over the place. Very interesting to see. Here’s mine… I heard the “official” version and I still like it but I don’t mind a bit of pop sometimes so it doesn’t offend me like others are. I do much prefer his rockier side but understand this release – it’s about radio airplay/getting his name out (and sales obviously) – I hope it does that without losing many on the way. It’s sad he has the “sell out” crowd to listen to – he’s on a major label so there will be more mainstream tracks but sure he expected it. I wonder if he’ll perform the song with a harder edge (not TV but his own shows), will be interesting to see.

    I’m not taking the single as a sign of things to come, I’ll wait to hear the album. Please can it not be pure pop…. In a way, some criticism is good so they hopefully pick up that the current fans don’t want a pop filled CD.

    As for sales, think I read on DCO that pre-orders count as single sales until the album is out – not sure if it’s true. If so, it seems wrong to let people buy again just by not clarifying, they know how impatient they are and how they want to contribute to sales. The lack of info on the pre-order is weird – I know they want sales but surely they don’t want to appear to be conning people? After talking about rewarding faith it seems the pre-orderers are pretty much bottom of the priorities list. They did end up getting the song online before radio so that’s something I suppose. Anyway, I’m not buying it again, I’m waiting patiently for my download like the non-tard I am!

    Thorazine – Do you mean “the David Cook who won AI” that had to spend months performing about magic rainbows, a song he had no real part in? I know what you mean but he’s still there, or at least he was in Vegas recently – those covers were exactly the kind work he was doing on the show and wowing people.

    • on the edge Says:

      If we are talking “credibility,” then we may as well say he lost it when he decided to try out for Idol instead of telling the producer in Omaha “no thanks, I’m good going the indie route.” Hell, any “rock dude with cred” wouldn’t even let his brother try out for Idol, not unless he hated him or wanted to play a cruel joke on him for shits and giggles. And that goes for Crystal and Kelly and Paul too. For every 100,000 singers that try out for Idol each year there are a MILLION who wouldn’t set foot near an audition.

      And if it was “all about the art” wouldn’t they be giving it away for free? Wouldn’t Lars Ulrich shut his pie hole and let folks trade their illegal mp3s willy-nilly? No…in the end, it’s a business, it’s someone’s livelihood, their JOB, just like you may sell widgets or fight crime or teach or practice medicine, or whatever you do each day to get paid, and if you’re lucky you get to make money doing something you like once in a while. Everyone HAS to makes compromises (despite what some Tea Partiers may have you believe). I like the song; it’s no “Straight Ahead” but it’s better than the two singles off his first album. If it gets him airplay, leading to more sales, it’s done its job. Maybe RCA will give him a third album, and maybe that will be his “My December.”

      Wow, I’m going to really regret clicking “Post Comment,” aren’t I?

      • freedavidcook Says:

        And in business, as I’m sure anyone in business from Donald Trump on down, will tell you when you have a ‘product’ (and let’s not kid ourselves, anything coming out of Idol is a product as surely as toilet paper and Toyotas are products), you have to manufactor a ‘product’ that appeals to the broadest range of consumers to reap the largest profit on their investment. That’s exactly the formula Idol follows, they take the winners and runner ups and invest in their careers by putting them with the marketing folks and experts in the music business. It costs them money to develop these peoples careers and they are expecting a significant return. Sometimes it works, look at Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. Sometimes it doesn’t, look at Adam Lambert. For the gajillions 19E poured into his career, including I’m guessing some significant payola for play & media, they’ve not yet broken even.

        Cook probably doesn’t have much of a choice in what he’s recording per his 19E contract. I’m sure it’s all ‘Dance, Monkey, Dance’ Just auditioning for Idol is selling out. There’s no cred there.

        Saying that I have to say I adore Crystal Bowersox and her CD. She’s the only Idol I regularly listen to or willingly bought. But she’s still a sell out, just less of one because she had the cajones to fight tptb for her music even if they did make her do something about her teeth. Her teeth, his hair and possibly nose. The company owns their souls now.

      • burt Says:

        Couldn’t have said it better myself OTE! I originally wrote in one post “he did after all chose to apply for Idol and would have known there were sacrifices” but I took it out! Even if this is him giving in to pressure or whatever, for any reason, it’s his choice. He’s not stupid, if “this” (whatever this is) is what he wants then so what?

        And… since when was an image “makeover” a bad thing? It happens all the time and hair aside (please don’t get me started on that again!), he’s only wearing smarter clothes and dropped weight from getting healthy (I love the people who tell him to eat more by the way!). He always had a smarter public side when not touring, he seems Mr Jeans and T-Shirt and while I like that laid back, unassuming, side, he can dress that way for album covers, premiers, TV performances etc. I notice that in Vegas he was in jeans and a hoodie so he’s obviously not had that much of a “makeover”.

        Sorry if this sounds like another rant but people can be so very judgmental and it drives me nuts.

      • on the edge Says:

        You know, it’s funny. I “pseudo-tard” over Cook and Kris, but if I look at other “Idol” records I own they are overwhelmingly by the female contestants. Melinda, Crystal, Kelly, Jesse Langseth, Jackie Tohn, Brooke White, and I will probably buy whatever Naima Adedapo is selling. I have no doubt that they are sell-outs, but I also know I never would have heard of them otherwise.

      • burt Says:

        Must take time to check before hitting “post comment”. Sorry. My post should read:

        “He always had a smarter public side when not touring, he seems Mr Jeans and T-Shirt and while I like that laid back, unassuming, side, he CAN’T dress that way for album covers, premiers, TV performances etc. I notice that in Vegas he was in jeans and a hoodie so heโ€™s obviously not had that much of a โ€œmakeoverโ€.”

        OTS has another good point, although it can be considered selling out to go on Idol so many people people wouldn’t have got their start without it so it’s always a bad thing. It’s all about selling music because it’s always a business and how people live. I can’t hate on the show because of some of the music I’ve found through it.

        And FDC, I hardly dare ask but… his nose?! Really? I’ve never noticed a difference.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        There’s some speculation that he’s had the nose slightly tweaked. I never noticed it till someone pointed it out from recent pics. If he had something done it was subtle. I don’t know either way. But I do find it strange he seems to be looking a great deal like Eric Mabius who played Daniel Meade on Ugly Betty. Exact same hair do, same facial scruff. Daniel Meade slumming is the look.

      • on the edge Says:

        …and CHILE! Amanda Overmyer, how could i leave her off my list? *facepalm*

        Burt, I see no difference between Cook’s hair transplant and Crystal’s veneers (though in Crystal’s case there may have been health issues). Maybe Crystal HATED her teeth; maybe Cook HATED his hairline. You tend to accept and joke about these things when you can’t do a damn thing about them or afford to change them. There are a couple of things I’d love to go to a “Dr. 90210” about.

        Oh, the getting him to eat more? That’s all related to the “tummeh” thing. I swear, the crazies have turned that damn stomach into some sick erogenous (sp?) zone in their minds, *blech*!

      • burt Says:

        Interesting. I don’t see the point of having something done if the result’s so subtle. I just had a quick look and compared AI to the Scream premier but can’t see it – maybe the glasses hide it. Perhaps he, his stylist or someone at RCA has an Eric Mabius poster on their wall, FDC. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        OTE yeah I agree with the work, it’s all the same and different when you’re in a position to do something about it. I’m not going to rehash my take on the hairline!

        And LOL at the โ€œtummehโ€ – I’ve seen those comments. “I’d recognize that โ€œtummehโ€ anywhere” You need to get out more then! Isn’t it odd how they can like podge so much? I’m glad he’s not gone all six pack (as far as I can see anyway) but it’s better that he’s healthy isn’t it?

      • freedavidcook Says:

        You’d be surprised at what tards can spot and fixate on. In my years (yes, years, I was sad and pathetic) that I heavy duty tarded for some dumb actor I actually recognized him in a bit part in a Billy Crystal movie by his thighs. Now that is sad.

        Fixating on a body part, check, total tardom.

        The point of having a subtle tweak is to still look better but not look ‘done’ Usually is a better option.

      • burt Says:

        haha no wonder you understand these people so well FDC! ๐Ÿ˜€

        I should have been clearer, I see the point of subtle work that looks better; what I meant was that I don’t see the point if it looks no different after.

  16. WilcoisAwesome Says:

    The good thing about this song, albeit it is a but pop rock, is that I can’t get the beginning line out of my head. I don’t mind stuff that’s a bit on the “pop” side (pop just means popular anyway). I don’t know what the rest of the album sounds like, but I’m going to venture a guess and say it doesn’t sound too much like the Tedder track.
    Back when Pink’s “Mizzundastood” album came out (my fave album of hers), there was no “stand out single”. I think I remember the controversy of her having to go back and add a track or two that were “single worthy” (Get this Party Started, and Don’t Let Me Get Me). So, every artist has to compromise. The strongest single (in terms of mainstream listening) is usually the first single, and sometimes you’ve gotta sacrifice to get yourself back out there, so I don’t blame him. It’s not a terrible song.

    I think that the song will translate better live. Just judging from his past album and because of the uptempo nature of the song, I think it will not only sound better live (those drum fills!!!), but bring in some new fans too.

    We’ll see how it all plays out I suppose. So long as RCA puts in their legwork and promotes him in the right way, it could really take off.

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