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Chapter 14: The Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets Chronicles

May 31, 2011

Very brief today. Did you know that Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets has a new business? She’s CEO and the staff at the same time. Good on her. – Would you trust your parrot or puppy with her?

Look at all these glowing testimonials and tell me how many you think may have been written by Sockpuppets?

Sparkle Cows Ala Ruskie

May 29, 2011

Vote For The Worst has a funny article popped up on their page describing Fan Wars supposedly going on during Moscow’s Maxidrom Music Festival between Adam Lambert’s Sparkle Cow fanbase and the fans of Korn and other hard rock acts. They translated it from a Russian television news report that Korn fans asked for protection from Adam’s fans while Adam’s fans asked what security measures would be used to defend them. Some other bands and fans supposedly threatened to kick Madam’s heinie.

Sounds like Russian media is making up things again even if it would be interesting to note exactly how many of the Sparkle Cows actually ponied up for plane tickets, hotel rooms in Moscow, went to a country where not only do they not speak the language but can be difficult to navigate without a translator or knowledge of Russian. Is there really anyone from the hard core Adam fans so driven by Adam lust that they did this? I would love to hear the details as I don’t understand that type of unbridled passion for any musician/singer/actor.

Footage of Korn fans and Adam fans battling would make my year too! I can just imagine it now.

Chapter 13 (D’oh!): The Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets Chronicles

May 29, 2011

*did you think you were going to be able to get away from my posting more of your insanity merely because I’m now somewhere between Miami and Palm Beach? I don’t think so.*

So Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets is now SURE I am Top Idol. Wrong again dumbass.

I will decide who gets in this restricted thread so I can keep a tighter reign on it. This GF thread is not a big deal but some members have made it a bigger deal than it is. They are turning discussions of public figures into something else and going overboard. It is simply gossip in the same manner as other news publications such as Just Jared, TMZ, Perez Hilton, VotefortheWorst, Radar and others. All celebrities who have girlfriends etc, are discussed in ALL news media including that crazy blog and no I do not read over there. I had visited a few times and that was all I needed. Filled with so many indiscrepancies. And yes, I do have Melinda Green’s ip address to give to authorities if needed. But her posts do not concern me. I refuse to waste my time on such losers over there. It is none of their business who I am and why do they care?

We are a much milder board than the other news publications that allow open comments. We at least try to keep the comments private. It is the troublemaker members that have exposed what is being discussed in here on other blogs or boards and making it more than what it is and make it public.

There is obviously some member(s) on this board that are carrying the wrong information over to a blog that has no idea what they are talking about. They are only trying to cause trouble and lure people from the board to this crazy blog. That is all.

They can take as many screenshots as they want of this blog. We are doing nothing wrong.

Their discussions over there have nothing to do with me. They do not have my ip address and whomever they are discussing was apparently a member here and sent them an email to join the board or were trying to gather information. Let them believe what they want but that blog doesn’t concern me at all.

I have a good idea who spilled the beans from the restricted thread. Some of them were banned and won’t be back. This was the wrong board for them in the first place. The same with the tramps. They have all been backstabbers on this board and had frequented that blog to have members join their board. That is very sad because I really enjoyed all of them as I am sure everyone else did.

I would be more than happy to let everyone on this board but some members are just a little over the top and spoil it for everyone. Melinda Green’s T*P IL and now her other blog are no different in how they treat people. We have screenshots too of her slanderous ways. Lots of screenshots. Even screenshots from The Heather’s Board. I thank my members for sending me the information. It will be up to the people they discuss to take action on them. Melinda Green is a writer which means she knows how to manipulate and twist words around. I suggest she put her education and writing skills to better use.

And for the record, we never sent anything to OK magazine regarding Kimberly Johnston. She did that. And as for Lana Jade, one of her friends sent me the photos. The same thing with that Shannon photo they posted. I never saw that photo on my website.

Looks like someone else is stalking Shannon. That is what they do from what I hear. They try to make friends with these women and that is how they get the scoop.

One more thing, after June 28th and after David’s tour, if the guy doesn’t do anything newsworthy, I will be taking the board down. I am also getting tired of members coming on here for the wrong reasons. If you don’t want to discuss David Cook and participate in a forum then you don’t belong on here.

This board’s intent was never to criticize or tear someone apart that is associated with David, it was to discuss and give our opinions

and you’re ranting I don’t have your IP number? How does resolving to Yardley Pennsylvania grab your ass?

Here’s where another sockpuppet named Dweeb kissed her ass.

Thank you Holly.

Maybe someone should just create a blog on Melinda Green and expose all her dirty business. That girl needs to get a life instead of googling and stalking innocent non public people and trying to destroy them. Too bad if she doesn’t like someone’s opinions. We are all entitled to have our own whether she likes it or not. What is she the savior of the internet?

A blog about Melinda Green? Please do that because I’m so sure that would be amusing. Again, I am not Melinda. I’m not the savior of the internet. I consider myself the person that comes after Miss Internet Manners and punishes the ones that make the rest of us clutch our pearls over the stupid, petty, dangerous liars like Miss Sockpuppets.

Tomorrow or the next day (depending on internet access and if I go off to Key West for a couple of days), Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets checkered ‘career’ and new enterprises.

Chapter 12 The Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppet Chronicles

May 28, 2011

Did you know that the Sockpuppets may have made up a site or manipulated a modeling site to try and lure David Cook in on the assumption that he only dates models he picks off the internet? Amanda Maston went so far as to post her own profile on Model Mayhem (where MA/H used to plunder for info on who he might be dating) hoping he would contact her for a ‘date’.

There is a dating site with a page marked ‘David Cook Still Dating’ but I do not think the Sockpuppets invented the page. But it looks likely that they packed some of the profiles with faked photos. Take a look at “Kisha” and tell me that is not ‘Mad Men’ actress Christina Hendricks. Photo from the same event here Then look at “McKenna”. She resembles “Nick & Nora’s Infinite Play List” actress .Kat Dennings

Are the other women on this site being pictured without their knowledge and what type of legitimate online dating site would use celeb photos and put up a dating page for someone as low on the celebrity tree as an American Idol winner?.

Chapter 11: The Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets Chronicle

May 27, 2011

A lot of people have said through the years that Holly and Mary Ann are one in the same but no one’s been actually able to prove it. At least until now. Check out this screen cap from DCU with Holly begging people to donate to an animal welfare organization.

If you clickied the link right on that particular DCU posting it brought you directly to this…

I removed May Ann’s address because unlike her I do not believe in posting people’s personal information. It’s tres tacky.


May 26, 2011

Just saw a posting of an obvious Sockpuppet at DCU claiming that I and Melinda Green are the same person. Newsflash dumbass, not even close. I am not Smartie, I am not Melinda.

Shall we compare?

Melinda is in her 30s, works in a corporate environment, is single, is childless, goes to Burning Man, does Bikram Yoga and writes Top Idol.

Me? I am 50, fat, have such bad asthma that Bikram would make me faint, is married, has kids, would also faint in the heat of Burning Man, works freelance art and writes Free The American Idols.

What we have in common is a love of cats, amusement at crazy American Idol overinvested fan shenanigans and low tolerance for bullshit.

Anyone with a few lone brain cells rattling around in their head can parse that Melinda and I have very different writing styles. I tend to ramble and use longer sentences and differing words. I adore Melinda but that’s as far as it goes.

Plus, this sock puppet was rambling on about how one of the other sockpuppets was ‘beautiful’ and ‘classy’. That’s a dead giveway that it’s Mary Ann/Holly again.

Chapter 10: The Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppet Chronicles

May 26, 2011

What’s the body count so far on women vilified, cyber stalked, insulted, harassed, put down, reputations trashed by the Sockpuppet Brigade? So far it’s five, Kimberly Locke, Kristin Zang, Kimberly Caldwell, Lana Jade and Shannon. Today I’m going to talk about one that may or may not have really been a girlfriend of David “Non-Baldy” Cook, Kimberly Johnson, a model/nurse living in Atlanta, Georgia.

Kim was some years older than David which lead the Sockpuppets to proclaim her a ‘cougar’ even though she had no other cougarish characteristics and she really wasn’t old enough to be a cougar.

Johnson appeared on the Non-Baldy scene first at DCU and in the tabloids. The Sockpuppets raided her photos from her MySpace and from her Model Mayhem pages. More on Model Mayhem later.. it’s possible that this is where the Sockpuppet crew were raiding and picking out fake girlfriends that Non-Baldy was supposedly tooling when there was no evidence he even knew who they were.

Kim is a beautiful redhead and the few photos seen of her and David together looked strangely photoshopped. After a while an article with photographs turned up in a tabloid with quotes of things that supposedly she and David had said sounded real enough at first. Not too long after some of your fans started to figure out that the story was likely a fake sold to the tabloids with the photos by one Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets.

Kim’s friends have spoken out on various boards that the Sockpuppets and fake stories really put a hurting on Kim Johnson. Why Kim didn’t sue for harassment no one knows. But we do know that when things get slow in David Cook Fan Land then the Sockpuppets invent some type of controversy and whip the fans into a lathered frenzy over a pack of lies.

Edited to add apparently I got the wrong end of the stick on this one. Posting a comment that says this was actually not Mary Ann/Holly for a change. Too bad.

Kim Johnston (there is a T in her last name) made up all of that fictitious story about David herself. She was a certified wacko, and she used her own sockpuppets when she responded to negative statements in the comments sections of Page 6 and the Star (before the comments were taken down on the Star site, when Smartie et al got MaryAnn Ellis involved by blaming her for the leak of pictures/information. MAE then went to the Star to have the comment section removed.)
Kim Johnston has a long history of mental illness in her family, and she temporarily put her fantasies about David into a public spectacle. Her story was fake from the get-go, but she has now moved on, gotten married, and has a child. Reality can be better than fantasy. If only MAE would learn that fact

Thanks for the correction CooksFUFL!

I’m burning out on Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets and will be out of town for a few days so after Saturday it will be a week or so before I pick up on this sad tale again.