The Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets Chronicles: Chapter 1

So I have screen caps and years on info on Mary Anne’s online capers. I’m going to be posting a chapter a day until I’m all the way through them. Today we start with the early 00’s and Clay Aiken.

So Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets is going off the deep end over at DCU because I’ve pointed out again that she’s done something questionable? It’s not the first time. I though I would detail a history of her sock puppetry over the years in the American Idol genre. It’s going to be a long post pals..

It’s an awesomely bizarre tale that starts with her love of a certain Gay… er Clay Aiken. She was one of the original Claytards. Mary Ann is probably at least 55 or 56 now, and lives in Pennsylvania like other good crazies like L Anne Carrington (Dennick). I don’t know what it is about the Liberty Bell state but it seems to hold a much higher percentage of Lying Liars connected to American Idol fandoms.

Her love of Clay led to her setting up a board for Clay fans called Red Hot Topic. She’s most of the members there, logging in as various people and talking to herself, just like she does at David Cook Uncensored. Mary Ann still owns the board. All of her sockpuppets say she’s only 35, gorgeous and that she’s oh so sexy. (I saw that picture of her getting drunk with the dog and not sure how anyone could claim she’s those three things)

And anyone that has disagreed with her on the many boards for Clay, Constantine Maroulis and David Cook gets cyber stalked or stalked by her in real life. She keeps lengthy dossiers on anyone that doesn’t kiss her fanny.

Here’s what posters at the Clackhouse were saying about Mary Ann back in 2003 and 2004.

“That RHT post about Kelly guesting on the Christmas special is from maryann777, who likes to present herself as a lot more
knowledgable and connected than she really is. You may remember her from such efforts as “Clay can’t date Kim Locke because that would be bad for his public image — he should date a nice blonde instead.” Apply salt liberally, I’d say. “

“Thanks for the link. The thinking on this thread at RHT is that the poster is not credible. She is known as a poster on RHT, as well. It seems that her username on RHT is maryann777, while it is maryann123 on the Clayboard “

“Maryann777 is a self-righteous source of dubious veracity. She has also said some things to convince many that she is not the most racially tolerant person around. “

“Does anyone know Maryann777 at RHT? She has over 900 posts and her designation is Promotional Director. She posts that she has been in contact with Roger[an RCA publicist] and says they are just sitting back and watching the reaction. (Doesn’t say who “they” are). She pretty much told everyone to lighten up.”

“ *smiling politely and putting on my “nice” hat* Maryann777 has not proven to be credible in the past. “

“I try hard not to judge others but maryann777 has been openly racist on all of the boards I have belonged to. I would pile on the morton’s for anything that she says. “

“The poster is maryann777, so I wouldn’t believe it just yet.”

“[..] MaryAnn777 (or is it KKK?) “

“The profile is exactly like that of Maryann777 at RHT. She loves to talk about all her insider connections that don’t exist outside her head. “

Back when RHT was very active and Mary Ann/Holly was trying to convince others of her connections she claimed to be ad executive with connections at the record labels and that she knew the contestants personally. Kimberly Locke and Clay shared a house in 2004 and Mary Ann showed her real self in her over the top reaction to the news.

On a board known as Rebels For Clay she claimed not to have said all the ugly, nasty, racist, awful things attributed to her online. She claims to have been hacked and impersonated. Her post below.

Ok.. posting this in pieces because EZboard won’t let me do it anyother way!

(Preface–why did I do this? I like Clay and care about his safety. Do I have a life? Yes, and this is part of it. I have successfully helped a cyber-stalking victim defend herself.)

First and foremost, this is not a thread about Clay’s friendships or his religion. It’s clear that fan opinions about those two subjects vary, and most fans seem able to discuss these topics within the bounds of mutual respect. This is a thread about Clay Aiken’s security.

As time has passed and the tone of one person’s posts have become more desperate and hateful, alarm bells should–and have–been going off about the possibility of this being much more serious than message board trolling.

When a poster here indicated that she no longer posted at Bolt, I did a search of the boards. What I found was profoundly disturbing. If anyone is in contact with Clay Aiken’s security staff, please ask them to request the Bolt server logs from October 29, 2003 for their records, if they have not already done so. The poster’s ISP should also be notified. Maryann777 has stated that she was being impersonated at Bolt and that the Maryann777 Bolt posts below were not hers. If that is the case, she should contact Bolt as well–immediately. Whoever is responsible for these posts should expect to be contacted soon.

Please note that some posts below may have been deleted by Bolt staff; there is currently a crackdown on hate speech there.

Clay Aiken and Kimberley Locke briefly appeared together on the Wayne Brady show on October 28, 2003. That night, in the span of one hour and twenty minutes, 48 racist, hate-filled and incoherent posts were made by “clayaloser1183”–an account begun that night. Most of them are too vile to post here; I have gathered a few of the milder ones.

Forty-eight racist hate-speech posts in one hour and twenty minutes is not an expression of opinion; it is an indicator of mental instability.

clayaloser1183’s profile:…d=10090691…oardId=803

Topic: clay is a n***** lover. he is sick
Oct 29 2003 12:30AM

Topic: CLAY IS A N*****
Oct 29 2003 12:14AM

Oct 29 2003 12:32AM

Topic: clay = a n***** in disguise
Oct 29 2003 12:05AM
hey you jerk…you like blacks so much you white piece of trash. you will defintely not be in the business very long. you are scum anymore and i have no respect for you

Note the “dam” and the “anymore”-suffix phrasing above–they run through almost every other post by this person, from July to just a few days ago.…oardId=803

Jul 23 2003 8:26PM
To tell you the truth, I will probably stop listening to his music….I was all set to buy the CD, but I have totally lost interest as well. I find Clay disgusting anymore.…oardId=803

Topic: Clay is a N***** LOVER ihatekim227
Feb 26 2004 11:07PM
I think clay aiken is digusting anymore. He is only into fat and black women. How repulsive. This guy can not get a beautiful white woman. His concert sounds like a freakin church revival.…oardId=803

Topic: clay into too many blacks
Jan 4 2004 2:13PM
there is something weird about clay anymore, he has completely turned me off…
and all his boards bring out nothing but blacks and biracial people. there are not too many white people on his board anymore.

For a racist, “black” is neither an ethnic heritage nor a physical description–it is an accusation to be thrown at all who do not share their racist beliefs. Trouble is, only racists consider being black a crime.…&pageNum=5

Aug 15 2003 2:20AM
No matter what i say, you will have your opinions, that’s fine, but speaking as a Director in Marketing and Promotions and knowing the music industry, you people know nothing about marketing a a new artists. You are obviously african american, as I am sure 90% of the people on this board are….everytime, I come back to this board there is a new post.…oardId=803

Feb 18 2004 2:15PM
She is riding Clays coattails, that’s a given. Half of you people on this board are black and fat, which is why you defend kim locke. The big marjority of Clay’s fans are very disappointed that he is living with Kim.…oardId=803

Feb 12 2004 1:26PM
True, some people may not like kim because she is black and some clay fans would rather him with a white girl who is not fat. You must be black too.…oardId=803

Jan 4 2004 2:34PM
i agree that kim locke is bad for clays image. it seems most of you on the board cant accept reality. i wouldn’t be surprised if most of you are black or in biracial relationships.…oardId=803

Oct 28 2003 3:56PM
theallamaqueen – your obviously black….so you will disagree. I made my point.…&pageNum=1

Nov 25 2003 11:12PM
yeah right, and how many of you are black ?

Dam! Consistent misspellings are a helpful clue to common authorship, as is consistent writing style and content.…&pageNum=3

Feb 20 2004 6:12PM
god, you people are so dam stupid on these boards. Thank god, you don’t manage him or are his marketing people. You know squat.…oardId=803

Topic: Kim is TRASH and so is CLay
Feb 25 2004 1:16PM
Now we have to hear that dam duet song on every tour. People are selling their tickets in LA..go to Red HOt and read. Clay is really pissing off people. Go to REDHOT, go to the rant room, and to the Kim Locke performing in la thread. God, this bitch doesn’t stop does she. Clay grow up- go get your own dam place.…oardId=803

Topic: Part 2- More Rant – Sick of Kim Locke
Feb 25 2004 12:04PM
Clay is going to lose fans….he pissed off alot last night singing that dam Kim duet.…oardId=803

Jan 29 2004 9:14PM
i think its crap. He is totally going to ruin his career. God, I wish he would grow up. And I am sick of hearing about him and that dam Kim Locke – she is fat and makes him look bad. He is a dam fool anymore.

Morans–not the “Happy Days” actress, either.

RHT search results for “morans”:…ite=morans…&pageNum=2


Aug 19 2003 8:27PM
I was just leaving the boards, when I noticed this post. Panapet70, you are the biggest fool on the board. Are you black? Is that why you are so sensitive? Let me tell you something, I was not kicked off Neurox, I am still a member, and I don’t go by other names on this board. I don’t need to do that. You have a royal problem accepting that other people don’t agree with you. Enough with this racial bullshit. That’s a cop out. I don’t like Kim Locke for other reasons…and as for Ruben, I never visit Ruben’s board. [This post was found on Ruben’s board–MGC] Get a life you uneducated moran. That is exacty what you are.…&pageNum=4

Aug 19 2003 8:54PM
Don’t feel sorry for me you moran, because you don’t have one clue what your talking about. I have more intelligence than you will ever have in one finger.…&pageNum=2

25/F/US Mar 10 2004 3:33PM
you people are so stupid on this board. Let me guess, more than half of you are black and don’t work.
leave maryann777 out of this…the girl doesn’t even post on BOLT. Get a life you morans. All these people are not the same – that is so old.

My conclusion is that all these people are the same. Furthermore, this person is a possible danger to Clay. At the very least, the October postings warrant a look at the Bolt server logs, and I would urge anyone who knows how to get in contact with Clay’s security people to do so. As a Bjork fan (and now a Clay fan), I could not in good conscience let all this go unnoted. I’d rather speak up and have it be nothing than stay silent and have it, tragically, be something after all.

Thanks for reading.

Meah is the Keeper of Clay’s Body, Mind and Soul. And I’m keeping it ALL!!

It’s pretty clear to anyone with a handful of brain cells rubbing together in their cerebellum that all of those nasty comments were probably made by the same person based on writing style and misspellings. And that person seems to be Mary Ann/Holly.

Damn this is getting long. More tomorrow. Stay tuned for the true unvarnished uncensored account of Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets continuing adventures.

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35 Comments on “The Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets Chronicles: Chapter 1”

  1. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    This is incredible, that she has been doing this shit for so long. She really, really needs help, because she has lost all touch with reality. I think she should get back on her medicines asap!

  2. A Mary Ann Ellis victim Says:

    Thank you for telling this story! She has terrorized and tortured many people over many years; rung theis bosses and their homes and stalked many people. This woman is psychotic! Please continue to expose her horrific ways!

  3. nonna-muss Says:

    I read this about an hour ago and I still don’t know what to say. My jaw is still on the floor and I’m having difficulty picking it back up. She is definitely not playing with a full deck and clearly people should be very afraid of her. I suddenly feel very sorry for David Cook since he’s her current victim. For anyone that has ever read at DCU, it’s easy to tell that these are-without a doubt-the writings of Holly.

  4. Karen D Says:

    Holy shit!

  5. Thorazine Says:

    This is some buck wild shit. This chick is stone cold crazy, in need of a 5150 STAT. She’d better be glad she has an internet and keyboard to hide behind, cause if she said half that shit she was talking online to Clay or anyone else face to face, bitch would and should have received the ass kicking of her life, along with the straitjacket. Can’t wait for the next installment, and can’t wait to see this koo-koo for koko puffs heffa is shut down and carted off. Fo real.

  6. Thorazine Says:

    On top of that – omg more T R A G I C fan photos taken at a recent Cook radio gig. What is up with this Clark Kent meets Grizzly Adams look he’s sporting? It’s not attractive at all, then throw these fans in the mix and I got lulz for days. This is the most entertaining and lulzworthy fanbase out there, right up there with the Glamberts in provideing a nonstop stream of things to mock. Between Holly PsychoPuppets and the tragically unhip Cook fans that stalk him from coast to coast the lulz just keep coming 🙂

  7. WilcoIsAwesome Says:

    Re: Maryann: I. CAN’T. EVEN.

    Re: Star Lounge: The comb-over is back! Also, I think he looks………handsome. I’m going to get many-a-virtual rock thrown at me for that one. Wahh.

    • Jen Says:

      I thought he looked good too. *shrug*

    • burt Says:

      I laughed a little when I saw the comb-over just because I knew it would be commented on! I think he just looks like him in recent times – at least he’s varying things. He seriously can’t win and I can’t believe anyone thinks he puts that much thought into his clothes, glasses, hair, beard (at least not for a radio show).

      As for the photos – I’m not going to comment on anyone’s appearance but I will say that not all fans are going to be young and slim in any fanbase. At least there were some men there. His smile is the same in all photos (even with slim, younger women) – he’s had plenty of practice, it’s what happens unless someone catches him off-guard. My one fan comment is this: why in the hell do you need to get photo after photo taken with the same person? That’s just weird (but they’re not alone in doing it).

      Finally, Marryann. I don’t even know where to start so I won’t! One question though (and I confess I’ve not read everything in the post) does she actually physically meet/stalk her “targets” or is it all online?

      • Jen Says:

        Photo after photo on the same day even! I understand wanting a couple, especially if you don’t like the way you look in one or something or as a memento even. But seriously, I don’t get the frequency.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        I don’t have a problem with his fans being older and/or fat. I’m older and fat but I’m not a fan. My problem with them comes in with behavior and dress. Going to an event you should be dressing appropriately for your age and body type. I did see a few that knew that lesson at the concert of his I staked out but the majority just looked so inappropriate and silly.

        Behavior, behavior, behavior…

      • burt Says:

        You’re right Jen, once you have a decent photo most people stop. I do get going to see him play a few times (with travel limits) and even wanting to talk but it should be a normal conversation like he’s a real person and then go without photos, autographs, videos etc. That’s why they’ll never be get close to him or become friends. Partly.

        Get what you’re saying FDC. It’s also self-awareness, self-awareness, self-awareness. Most have it but it seems people over-invested in someone lose, or never had, it. That’s why they can’t judge their dress or behavior.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        See, I get it when 13 year old girls act like that over Justin Bieber but these are supposedly grown women. I’d bet if they did as you just said he would have an entirely different relationship with his fans.

      • Jen Says:

        I could even understand thinking “you know, I haven’t gotten a new picture in a year, or a few months even, let me ask again” but to get one presumably three times in the same day is just insanity. Like, at this point he knows who you are. You might want to simmer down. Lol, I don’t know why this bothers me so much.

      • burt Says:

        Yep, from what I’ve seen he seems like a genuine guy who is appreciative, likes to engage with people and have a laugh so I see no reason why there wouldn’t be more informal fan interaction if they calmed the fuck down and treated him like a real person. They can’t see it which shows how blinkered they are and again, there’s no self-awareness of their behavior or how it affects other, more sensible, fans. At their age it is a weird way to act.

        I get your annoyance Jen (I wonder if he has a daily photo limit before he comments to them?), it’s like my irrational hatred of the Twitter rubbish. Speaking of which, I saw another example recently of someone trying to do something (that would benefit them too) and they ignored it whilst replying with pointless crap to him so I assume it was missed. Next day, someone mentioned him in a tweet that wasn’t remotely interesting and they were RTing like idiots. Really. Really. Annoys. Me. If you’re not in their group, or not famous, they will NOT RT anything to help get his attention, yet if it’s one of their schemes they flood his timeline.

      • burt Says:

        By the way Jen, are those photos online? The evil part of me needs to see them 😉

      • Jen Says:

        That’s the gallery for the Seattle show I believe. The “ooh I just bumped into him again, let me get my 4904530953 picture with him” is on twitter. lol

      • burt Says:

        Aw shame, I don’t have time to go digging. From that link though I have to say I totally admire his professionalism in how he keeps smiling no matter what number photo it is.

  8. WilcoIsAwesome Says:

    Also, he really does have the same smile in every single photo! CREEPY! Did they just get like a cardboard cutout and stick it up there? Or is he a robot?

  9. Karen Says:

    Looked more like the Saturday morning early-to-Walmart crowd in those photos. Just ghastly. Cook is a smart guy — I’d like to think he chose that particular look to try and discourage the fawning femmes from drooling down the front of their wrinkled tshirts. The glasses are only lacking a nose and bushy eyebrows to complete his homage to geek-chic.
    Perhaps there is a method to his madness. One can only hope.

  10. nonna-muss Says:

    I’m anxious to read Chapter 2 of the Sockpuppet Chronicles today. I secretly hoped it would be here waiting for me when I woke this morning. After yesterday’s edition I’m trying to imagine what other shit she’s pulled. I honestly can’t imagine and quite frankly I am a little afraid to.

    Who cares what Cook’s fans look like! That’s old news (pun intended).

  11. Natasha Says:

    Seriously, I think his “look” is a call to the frau who show up at the radio shows and concerts. The glasses make him look less pimped up and more attainable. He’s screwed for life. There is a certain segment that will never leave him alone, no matter what he does to his looks or what he sings.

  12. Jessie Says:

    All those posts sound exactly like Holly’s sockpuppets Diane and Sharon. They’re always calling people stupid. I remember after David Cook asked out Kimberly Caldwell, Maryann777 was all over the youtube videos inviting everyone to come to DCU where you could speak you mind. She also said it was run by three cool chicks who were ad execs with insider knowledge of the music business. Of course after Idletard and Top Idol pointed out her lunacy Maryann777 deleted all her posts and closed her account. Seems like she’s following the same pattern with David Cook and she did with Clay. Loves them until they do something she doesn’t like. She acts like a woman scorned. Earth to Maryann–you don’t know these guys and they don’t care what you think. Of course on DCU they’re convinced he’s reading there and doing what they suggest. Many don’t like his hair standing straight up and they want bangs back. I haven’t been there today, but after seeing the pictures from the radio show I’m sure they’re taking credit for his new hairstyle. Proof that he reads there and does just what they want him too.

  13. Jessie Says:

    Sorry that last post was so long. Forgot to say that I remember a while ago that “Holly” posted out of the blue that it was time for the BET network to go away. She’s definitely a major racist.

    • WilcoisAwesome Says:

      It’s a good thing that while I was a member, she never got wind of the fact I’m a year-round brown mixed gal! bahahahah.

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