Chapter 4: The Mary Ann/Holly Chronicles

Today on “My Big Fat Greek Sockpuppet” I’m still talking about doings when Mary Ann/Holly was a Confrau. Be patient little ones, I’m getting to Cooktardtown soon enough. Here’s what others in the Confrau had to say about her.

“I remember her talking about how Constantine was staring at her breasts at one of the AI shows and how everyone on Greek Speak thought she was a troll for posting some cryptic shit about his boot off of the show. Wasn’t she also the one who said she had a friend with Rent video? Somehow nothing ever materialized.“

“She said she had the inside scoop for the MTV Video Music Awards afterparty. So, Bonavox called me and we agreed to go together. When Bon researched it, she saw that it might be “a” party, not “the” party, but when she called GG on it, GG insisted it was “the” party.

Of course not one MTV anything showed up at the place. It was indeed “a” party. How she ever came with her attitude and posted again is beyond me. I do remember her talking about how attractive she was and how he stared at her.

She also said she saw us at the finale and tried to yell for us, but we didn’t hear her. She was always remarkably called away somewhere whenever there was an event. Always business-related and tried to sound very important. I used to throw up when they fawned all over her. I bet she’s one of MaryAnn’s personalities, because after a few posts, she totally disappeared near around the MTV party thing.”

And the inevitable PM from one of the Sockpuppets:

“GreekGodmother wrote:
Okay, to clarify something, my friend didn’t get to know Kristen through church itself. That’s how she got to know Leo who in turn introduced her to Kristen that way. My friend, let’s call her Sam (not her real name since this is public and she’s still on good terms with LD) is one of those easy-going and nice to everyone types and she said she felt that Kristen was, in her words “a male celebrity-groupie” and a little too fake for Sam’s comfort. It was all about where they were going to go next in public and who was going top party with them. And Sam said that Kristen has diararhea of the mouth and would go into TMI territory frequently. She told me a story of being at a party many years back and Kristen was telling intimate details about her relationship with Leo#down to scars or birthmarks or freckles.”

Some replies by Kristen Zang to Miss Sockpuppet:

“First off who’s going to church??! As a couple we went to 2 events in 4 years and we liked it that way. We were for the most part a homebody couple.If I liked the “public eye” so much why was I never pictured once with Constantine? Maryann,you are an f’n wierdo.Do us all a favor: turn your computer off and see a good therapist.”

“I don’t even know why I feel its necessary to defend myself or my relationships I just cannot stand people like Maryann. If I could get into my myspace account I would love to post the messages she sent me.She is a total f’n wierdo. I did forward them to Constantine so he would know what kind of person she is. Whatever.”

Someone else chimes in on who or what the Sockpuppet Princess is.

“Is this crazy woman, Maryanne back? She is a total nut ball. She went to his Christmas show last year in AC. I am very short (only 5 “3”) but she is even shorter than me. She was showing everyone her Sony pass. and trying to impress people. I knew it was her before I heard anyone call her name. She was acting as though she was a special guest of someone. “

Tomorrow I move on to her ‘relationship’ with David ‘Non-Baldy’ Cook.

A tiny preview of things to come. Eventually Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets started drooling on David ‘Non-Baldy’ Cook and it got really weird. She has attacked everyone he’s supposedly dated, rumored to have hacked several of the ladies MySpace accounts and taken the photos before selling the photos and rumored liaison information to the tabloids. She’s been proven repeatedly to be a liar, she tried to gain a link for her board with Top Idol and only ended up being as ‘moranic’ as ever.

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8 Comments on “Chapter 4: The Mary Ann/Holly Chronicles”

  1. Rubber Ducky Says:

    Godmother? Don’t you mean Grandmother? 😆 Old evil hag that she is. Someone needs to lock her up.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      She’s posted as both “Godmother” and “Grandmother” A list of known nom de plumes is on the way

  2. Wilcoisawesome Says:

    I can’t even fathom how she was able to allegedly have hacked anyone’s myspace if she doesn’t know how to spell the word “moronic”.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I can’t figure it out either but it seems to be a fact that she hacked Zang’s MySpace and Lana Jade’s as well as Kim Johnson. Didn’t think she was that smart.

      • Rubber Ducky Says:

        Either she knows how to hack or how to pay others to do it for her. There’s some MAE777 accounts on websites looking for coders. Could they be her and she was farming out the work? She’s evil and psychotic enough to do it, her psychotic behaviour knows no limits.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Very likely she could get someone else to do it for pay. There are tons of freelancing sites where you can pay someone from India or Hong Kong pennies on the dollar to do your internet bidding, like hacking.

      • Rubber Ducky Says:

        I wonder how she can afford it on her secretary salary? She must be getting food stamps and other assistance. She’s probably scoring $ for sitting on her ass all day and night stalking people online because she’s too insane to hold down a job for long.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Maybe she’s living in her sister’s basement?

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