David Cook’s Home Address Posted Again

Well, well, well… lookee here what someone sent me from David Cook Uncensored, a screen cap of another probable version of Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets linking to where they found David Cook’s Home address and babbling why posting this is not wrong. Judge for yourself.

BTW to the Sockpuppet. I have never once said word one about Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets possibly being Queen Tramp or Cookphile. I know they are not. Sockpuppet again has it’s facts wrong. More reading comprehension fail.

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18 Comments on “David Cook’s Home Address Posted Again”

  1. Burt Says:

    Hmmmm. Posting it is wrong. It’s obvious that sharing the info isn’t good for him. As a fan (or just as a considerate human) you surely wouldn’t want anything bad to happen, especially if someone were to get the info from a site you run/own, or from one of your posts? There is, (dare I say it?) a sort of valid point in that screencap though in that the information is out there and all they’re doing is sharing it which I don’t think is illegal. But that still doesn’t make it right at all – it’s there for anyone to find so why draw attention to it?

    Also to anyone from DCU reading this – just so you know, not all of us are here calling David names or being mean. Some aren’t even here to talk about him. The fact you’ve missed that just shows how little you’re reading what is written.

    • Wilcoisawesome Says:

      Agreed Burt- it’s a moral issue. Just because someone posts how to make a bomb on the Internet, doesn’t mean you should make a bomb. Just because some crazy pants fuckwad posts a celebrity’s address doesn’t mean you should spread the info around. Why do you want/need to know? Because you’re fucking crazy. That’s why.

      Im also a DC fan. I like the dude and his music. I don’t need to know where he lives and I do not respect anyone who wants to know or even tries to google that info “just because”.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Which is why I posted the screen cap with the addy of the site smeared out. Just because you can fart in the presidents face doesn’t mean you should do it. It’s not very ‘classy’

  2. Wilcoisawesome Says:

    I’m just gonna say it straight. If you are even remotely curious about what David Cook’s house(or any other person whom you do not PERSONALLY know) looks like: you’re a fucking creep. If you feel like you want or need to know where he lives even if it’s “just to know”: you’re a fucking creep. I don’t care if “you’d never do anything/go there/whatever”, you’re a fucking creep. It’s none of your business.

  3. Rubber Ducky Says:

    Mary Ann Ellis is a fucking stalker freak.

  4. nonna-muss Says:

    What the hell is wrong with her?? I agree with everyone here, it’s a moral issue.

    Rubber Ducky, I agree with you the most. 😀

    Why doesn’t she just give up and move on? She’s been through this before, the unraveling of her lies and schemes is nothing new. Can’t she see it’s time to give up and check into the loony bin?

  5. KP Says:

    we all know Cookphile is some fatass named Nicole who is a disgrace to women.

  6. burt Says:

    How far do the lies have to unravel before she finds a new victim? I’d love to know why she’s stuck on Cook when before him she moved on regularly? Could Scotty McCreedy be a new target, even at his age?

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I thought last year she was going to move on to Casey James. Several of her sockpuppets expressed admiration for him and then de nada. I think that one of the common threads in her Idol crushes is that the targets are very hard to get. Almost impossible. Clay was gay. Constantine was busy butt sexing up younger prettier thinner gals and Cook is much the same. Whereas Casey is all grins and Mommas boy, more approachable. Miss Sockpuppets always flips for the unattainable, which speaks of rejection from Daddy as a child.

  7. Ali Says:

    LOL whoever you are KP. I never joined the DCU site, but a friend of mine who was on it in the past, new Nicole/cookphile from the word nerd website, as well as DCO. She admitted to writing medieval porn for David, and even gave him a copy when she met him in New Jersey, I think? I’m not certain if she lives in NY or NJ but she’s a teacher, in her 40’s,single no kids, but swears she looks like a college girl still lol.
    Somewhere on those sites are real pics of her with David. And the only college girl she favors may be the gals in the lifelong learning department lol.

    Anyhow, on the nerd site she started posting on the site at the beginning, and claimed to be 39, so obviously she can’t backtrack now lol. But as her new identity, cookphile, she can forever be 29 lol.

    Sorry, off topic, but she is one of the few real, though still nutso members still on there it seems.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      She was always bitching at DCU about David not doing meet and greets in the Northeast anymore. Now I guess we know why.

      I’ve never understood fans that write porn about their obsession. Now I have to try and wrap my head around 1. Medieval porn (wtf???) 2. someone actually writing Medieval porn and 3. after writing in giving it to the star of the fantasy

      I need to know more about this person!!! I thought I’d heard everything and every day someone new nutjob comes along.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Wow. Sorry for the typos in that last post. Dam FDC, we need an edit button.

      • burt Says:

        LOL! Really! Medieval porn?! I need to read some of that shit like now. Is it online? I can’t stop smiling at that. Just imagine his reaction getting, then reading, it! That must have caused some laughs amongst the band. Freaky as this lot are I’m convinced they sometimes give them massive laughs.

        I can’t imagine the thought process involved in sitting down to write fan fiction/porn crap. Weird.

        By the way, today is a great day to read Cook’s @replies on Twitter. Apparently it’s the anniversary of him winning Idol (how do they keep track of all these anniversaries?), just imagine what reactions that and the rumored end of the world are causing. Now go read if you were right… 🙂

    • Rubber Ducky Says:

      Medieval porn? 😆

      She gave it to rug head? 😆

      BWAHAHAHAHAH what a desperate and pathetic freak!

  8. Wilcoisawesome Says:

    Burt- I read a few @ replies and wanted to throw up in my mouth a little. Gotta love the enthusiasm for him. But it’s the same people over and over. And it’s always weird. Some tweet to him as if they’re havinga two sided convo and as if he is their boyfriend (I can’t imagine calling a stranger “babe” no matter how hot he is).

  9. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    Found this post from Nicole/Cookphile on the Word Nerd Home, discussing David not meeting fans after college shows in the Northeast:

    He doesn’t like his Northeast fans, there’s no other explanation. Or there is a SEGMENT of his fan base he is avoiding like the plague, at the very least. And everyone else gets punished in the process. That’s fine, though – at least I’ll know not to waste my time ever waiting around after the show.

    Well, maybe if you wrote another Medieval porn story and gave it to him, he would want to be with you, Nicole/CP! LMAO. She has almost 3000 posts on the Word Nerd Home, and over 5000 on DCU. Cheese-n-rice, does the woman do ANYTHING else? Oh, wait, she also uses other names on DCU, so that gives her MORE posts. But yet, she will states (over and over) that she could really “give a shit” about David sometimes. O.K.

  10. Ali Says:

    Yes Burt she was very proud of herself for giving David the story. She did have the good taste (haha, hardly!) to say she left out some of the xxx parts but what I read of it was still very disturbing. Mostly a king and his court, in this case harem lol, and there sexual escapades in King David’s enchanted kingdom. Looney tunes much?

    Apparently she was offering to pm anyone on the word nerd board who wanted her porn because its only PG rated over there. I read a portion of it pm’d to me from another member. It was last year or earlier. I don’t do the boards anymore…like you guys said, all the same ott bsc fans all the time got to be too much! But she posted constantly during that time of how she was so freaked out that he read it, remembered her, and would either want her or run from her. Of course all the friends of hers on board consoled her that he would be flattered lmao!

  11. Ali Says:

    And cooks_fufl I Noticed how she commented a lot of how she really didn’t care about him as a real person. Just liked his music and hated his taste in women lol! Whatever Nicole…Cookphile. FDC should try to list as many bsc fans and online aliases when she does Holly. It shouldn’t be too hard as there really does seem to be only a handfull of really nutso ones using lots of persona’s online

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