For Once Not About Sockpuppets..

Just viewed the funniest search term ever on the admin page. Can’t stop laughing.

“is adam lambert mentally ill”

Of all the things I might ever consider saying about Adam Lambert this is not one of them. Thanks for the laugh whoever googled that and landed here. You made my day!

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5 Comments on “For Once Not About Sockpuppets..”

  1. Beijing York Says:

    At MJs, some of the sparkle cows are dreaming that maybe Lambert will be on the finale as Haley’s duet partner. PUKE. The girl deserves an established and relevant artist for getting so far.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      That would be a horrible mismatch as far as voices and styles too. Stupid cows, someone needs to make glittery burgers out of their brains.

  2. nerdgirl Says:

    They, probably, meant “mentally deficient”

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