Chapter 7: The Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppet Chronicles

Here is a list of sockpuppet names from DCU that are obvious sockpuppets, no one else but Mary Ann masquerading to support her own suppositions. The list is not exhaustive by any means. Be sure to add any I might have missed into the comments and I’ll put them on the masterlist here. The last two are interesting because they tried to pretend that they were close personal friends of Davids and they would put on quite a show talking together.


And here’s a list of other sockpuppet names she has used on other boards that are likely her.

Cookiefan 555
Barbara 32
Savannaa (some crazy-assed spelling)
Fake Angie

Right now it looks like Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets has banned some long time members for up to two months in a futile attempt to stop the leaks from her board. Another thing she’s done is change the colors and themes of her board so she can deny that any of the screen caps I’m holding came from her board. Which is really stupid because anyone in authority with half a brain can easily pull up the activity log and read that she changed colors, fonts, whatever and the day and time. You can’t run and you can’t hide. If you do dirt on the internet eventually it will catch up with you.

Tomorrow a tale of stalking. When Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets enlisted others in a unified effort to stalk Shannon.

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26 Comments on “Chapter 7: The Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppet Chronicles”

  1. Jessie Says:

    You’re forgetting Diane, Debbie, Brunettebabe, Leslie, JJ, Aerosmith&Cook and others all named after other idols like Allisonfan. I don’t think bijou is one although you can never be sure.

    • In the know Says:

      Brunettebabe was a real woman, one of her fellow psycho Constantine frau. But she may have taken over the persona to fill out the numbers at DCU.

  2. Ali Says:

    I heard she likes to use the fake “insider” poster or David’s “friends” coming on her board as guest lol.

    So has anyone seen David’s new video today yet? I’m at work and havn’t watched it but his twitter feed has got me curious to what “normal” fans think of it.

  3. KP Says:

    I find it really weird and I hear MaryAnn Ellis deleted the girlfriend “Chicks man” thread over at DCU, so its obvious she is reading here.
    Hey “Holly”, if you’re not MaryAnn, why did you delete the sections of your board and make a new thread talking about this site?! Obviously you are guilty of something, otherwise this information wouldn’t bother you. But hey, like you say of all of Davids gfs, that they want to be in the public eye so your members have free reign to rip them to shreds… well, you’ve been in the public eye since the Claymate days so we have free reign to out you and discuss you all we want.

  4. Dani Says:

    For someone like me who has only been to DCU a few times and gets dizzy reading these chronicles, can you fill in the story about who this Maryann, Holly and/or sockpuppet person is?

  5. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    Dani, you stated under ‘Holly Sockpuppets Redux’ that you do not go to DCU, and now you state you have been there a ‘few times’. Why do I get a sense 2 and 2 don’t add up to 4 with you? Do you want a clear, concise statement about MAE, Holly, and the Sockpuppets so you can file a lawsoot??

    • freedavidcook Says:

      You know how Mary Ann/Holly could get to me stop spilling all her secrets and allegations many MANY others have done online about her? STOP ACTING LIKE A NUTCASE and I would discontinue the series. I have so many screen caps and photos, etc that this is actually getting tiring to churn out this junk.

      I’l rather move on to laughing over the Cookies reaction to his new video.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Dani is not Mary Ann/Holly. So there’s be nothing to sue about anyway.

    • Dani Says:

      Don’t know why I am even answering you. My few visits to DCU were almost 2 years ago before I even heard of Idletard or FDC. So I guess I mis-spoke when I said I don’t go there, I meant I don’t ACTIVELY go there. Who the hell are you, the internet police? Do you keep track of everything everyone writes on here and exactly where they do? Know what? I couldn’t really give a shit about DCU and truthfully the amount of time and space given to it here is really getting boring. Agree with FDC that it’s much more amusing discussing the Cooktards in action.

  6. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    FDC, you can always take a break from the DCU crap. Seriously, if people don’t know by now that she is a mental case running a hoax of a board, then they deserve to be on her site.

    As for the video, did anyone else think it sucked, except for Kyle at the end? David’s head looked HUGE too! Crappy song, crappy video…if the cd is not any better, his career will be bye bye bye.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      At some point I might have to do just that.

      Saw only a little of the video, looked like typical smoggy beach scene straight out of any soap opera.

  7. umm Says:

    Hey CooksFUFL, how would Maryann file a lawsoot? She can’t, everything that’s been mentioned here is true. Everything she has done or said is either against the law or false. So, no way she can even think of a lawsoot. She just wants this blog to stop outing the truth about her, and we won’t stop.

  8. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    Dani, did anyone ever tell you that you sound a lot like Ladybug/Sally Simpson from DCU? Just wondering.

    • Dani Says:

      No they haven’t. Has anyone told YOU that you sound a lot like an asshole? And as a matter of fact, not one person on here has been anything less than welcoming and nice except for you, who has accused me more than once of being people I have never heard of. So thanks for your kind words. BTW what does FUFL stand for?

  9. WilcoisAwesome Says:


  10. Sandy Says:

    There are probably HUNDREDS of sockpuppets on the board that she hasn’t even used yet. There are many members(fake) who have never even logged in dating back to 2009. She seems to go on sprees where she makes up dozens of new members at a time. She used to boast about how her membership was growing every day. I imagine her just sitting at her computer laughing maniacly as she tries to come up with new clever names for all the puppets.

    Every now and then she’ll bring ot a half dozen or so of them to say how wonderful the board is or how they’ve been lurking all this time but just have to speak up about how terrible it is that Holly/MaryAnn is being picked on. Then they disappear, most of them never to be heard from again.

  11. WilcoisAwesome Says:

    Seems like all the real people that weren’t sockpuppets have been banned.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Yeppers, she’s trying to figure out who’s feeding me posts from there.. LOL

      • Dani Says:

        FDC, you probably don’t care if you lose readers but apparently some of your minions here don’t believe you when you said I wasn’t maryann or holly. So thanks, it’s been fun but I can do without the bullshit aimed at me. You and nonna-muss make me laugh on a daily basis. Certain others can find someone new to accuse, seeing as they have nothing better to add to the conversations.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Dani, don’t go. You aren’t even close to where Mary Ann is. I have you in a different state reading IP numbers. You are definitely NOT her

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Dani, don’t leave! You’ve been around a long time and it’s clear you’re not Holly/Ladybug or whoever. Just ignore posters who bother you.

      • burt Says:

        Just to echo what others have said, Dani it would be a shame to see you go. I’m relatively new but’s obvious some people here are just stirring things up which makes me wonder who they are.

        On this subject, I don’t know or care, if Dani (or anyone) regularly visits that board, or anywhere else, but why does it even matter? Is there a rule to say you can’t post on both? If not, what’s the big deal even if it were true?

  12. Sandy Says:

    Hi Dani, I don’t think you are Holly either. I hope you will stick around.

  13. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    I NEVER stated Dani was Holly/Mary Ann, but her posts remind me of someone who has posted under a few names on DCU. People that have been on this site for a long time know that I, too, have been on here “forever” (it seems, LOL), and I don’t ever mean to cause trouble. However, when I see posts from someone that don’t add up, and that remind me of posts from known trouble-makers on DCU, I am going to state that. It’s funny that she seems to be having an over-the-top reaction to some of us, because there have been people on DCU that have written almost the same type of posts over there. I just don’t believe in coincidence, that’s all.

  14. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    And yet, Dani called me an asshole, but acts all boo-hoo, people are picking on me. WTF?

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