Chapter 8 The Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppet Chronicles

So Shannon was spotted with David Cook and got it full force from Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets. Not only was it her trying to make Shannon miserable, it was Mary Ann’s henchwomen, recruited from DCU.

Shannon – poor victim of Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets lust for Non-Baldy.

The dumb thing is that there was no direct evidence that Cook was that involves with Shannon beyond a hanging out with her and her being a model. We all know how obsessional Mary Ann/Holly is about models.

Amanda Maston, known on the board, actually stalked Shannon at Mary Ann/Holly’s behest. She not only bragged openly about it at DCU, she did things for Mary Ann/Holly to harass Shannon many times.

So what did she do?

Well, for starters after researching every little thing she could possibly find out Amanda started showing up on Shannon’s job, stalking her at her job, looking up a high school classmate of Shannon’s showing up at his job to harass him many times. Amanda also showed up at a publicity tour Shannon was hired to do.

The sick sad thing is that Amanda boasted loudly at DCU about her cretinous behavior like there was nothing wrong with what she did. Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets encouraged her and egged her on.

Amanda also said she was so gorgeous and hot, much more so than Shannon. Judge for yourself.

I have been told that Amanda no longer posts at DCU. She’s moved to LA to be an actress. Another blonde in a sea of blonds.

But Mary Ann’s harassment of Shannon didn’t stop there. Krunk Jess jumped into the middle of it, showing up at a gig with a plastic looking blonde wig and a brightly colored outfit like the one Shannon is wearing at the top of the page. Krunky Drunky and Neal Tiemann posed for the last photo..

And Becky is also guilty of stalking Shannon. David and Shannon were spotted together in NY at a casino and Becky went around to absolutely everyone, from the lowest casino employee to the security officers asking if David Cook was with a blonde lady. She bragged about this on DCU and is one of the nastier ones ripping into any women seen within 50 yards of him.

Becky is the one on the left, parents basement dweller and grocery store clerk.

Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets, harassing people in real life, using others to do it and behaving badly, all in a days work.

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10 Comments on “Chapter 8 The Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppet Chronicles”

  1. KP Says:

    Becky is the scary one on the left in that last picture.

  2. Ali Says:

    Lol Becky and her bff known as kimberleymp on twitter (they look like twins btw), both parent basement dwellers and well known DC & Neal stalkers. Reading there twitter is disgusting with all the sexual lusting they do for these guys, even talking of having there babies lmao! I’m sure the guys are flattered lol! They also internet and real life stalk fans who out there bad behavior…beware FDC!

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I am stalker-proofed. Mary Ann/Holly has already posted one of my addresses (rental house we don’t live in. House we live in was bought under our LLC name), personal photos from around the time I was on chemo, bloated from steroids with half my hair gone (kind of her wasn’t it?) along with my family members photos AND tried to post here once with all the information including telling me how ashamed my late father would be, citing his full name. Which was funny considering my Dad and I have very similar sense of humor and I know he would be pointing and laughing right here along with me if he was here.

      Someone shows up at that addy and all they are gonna get are the teachers that rent from us. Ha ha..and my place of employment is nowhere online. They’d have a time finding real information beyond names.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        But that may not matter much anyway as the husband has been arguing with high level Democrats over President Obama’s recent remarks about Israel. The Zionist lobby has already said we are being ‘watched’ just because Mr. FDC thinks we should not give Israel loads of moolah. I think the Zionist lobby is much more scary and threatening than anything a tard could come up with.

      • kit-kat Says:

        Hi FDC,

        I just wanted to say I love your site & these posts about the sockpuppets are hillarious!

        But as an Israeli I am deeply sorry to hear about the harrasment you & Mr. FDC are dealing with. 😦

  3. Ali Says:

    I was kidding FDC. You obviously know how to deal with these tard freaks and must have hit a nerve for so many of them to be determined to shame you into shutting down your blog lol.

    And Becky has “proud weed” on her twitter. I guess this is refering to the middle school’ish fued between the good and bad DC fans. My god what were all these loosers doing before David Cook became there obsession? They need straight jackets stat!

  4. Jessica Svajgert is a failure Says:

    Wow that’s a bunch of fug. And they all think Cook wants to fuck them 🙂

    • yea Says:

      Yeah whats funny is they call any girl seen with David skanks, yet they talk online in grave detail what they would do with him if they had a chance. So how are they the classy ones here?!
      P.S. Jessica Svajgert IS a failure. If Jessica wants to look like Shannon, putting on a blonde wig wont make her hot, however, losing 300 pounds would be a good start.

  5. Sandy Says:

    I have yet to see any convincing evidence that Shannon ever dated David Cook, not that it should even matter if she did. Becky was upset over not getting to meet David again after she waited hours near the bus for him to come out until apparently asked to leave by hotel security. She then tweeted something about David screwing skanks on the bus. Forget the fact that whatever David does in private is none of her business, David was not even on the bus at the time. He was seen getting on the bus just before it left. And Shannon was seen in the hotel bar by another DCU member with her friend so she wasn’t even with David. Their whole “relationship” was based on a fan photo taken with David and a picture of her with her friend, not with David, at a restaurant that David had been seen at.

    Apparently Holly somehow hacked her mother’s private myspace too because her sockpuppets posted screencaps of messages Shannon sent her mom that were supposed to prove she was dating David even though he was not mentioned.

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