Chapter 11: The Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets Chronicle

A lot of people have said through the years that Holly and Mary Ann are one in the same but no one’s been actually able to prove it. At least until now. Check out this screen cap from DCU with Holly begging people to donate to an animal welfare organization.

If you clickied the link right on that particular DCU posting it brought you directly to this…

I removed May Ann’s address because unlike her I do not believe in posting people’s personal information. It’s tres tacky.

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3 Comments on “Chapter 11: The Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets Chronicle”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Hahaha! Somebody posted that in the comments of the Just Jared article about Lana Jade and suggested we send her a postcard. Holly/MaryAnn went ballistic and got them to delete a whole bunch of the comments, anything with MaryAnn in them. It seems several people had figured out who she really was.

    There was also a link to her LinkedIn page with her resume showing that she went to community college and didn’t have any of the advanced degrees she claimed to have. It showed she worked for a Pharmaceutical company and not Sony or some other recording company like she claims. She was an “executive assistant,” isn’t that just a secretary?

  2. Rubber Ducky Says:

    That poor dog.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Oooh, ALL those poor dogs. She’s apparently lost her job and started a pet sitting business.

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