Chapter 12 The Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppet Chronicles

Did you know that the Sockpuppets may have made up a site or manipulated a modeling site to try and lure David Cook in on the assumption that he only dates models he picks off the internet? Amanda Maston went so far as to post her own profile on Model Mayhem (where MA/H used to plunder for info on who he might be dating) hoping he would contact her for a ‘date’.

There is a dating site with a page marked ‘David Cook Still Dating’ but I do not think the Sockpuppets invented the page. But it looks likely that they packed some of the profiles with faked photos. Take a look at “Kisha” and tell me that is not ‘Mad Men’ actress Christina Hendricks. Photo from the same event here Then look at “McKenna”. She resembles “Nick & Nora’s Infinite Play List” actress .Kat Dennings

Are the other women on this site being pictured without their knowledge and what type of legitimate online dating site would use celeb photos and put up a dating page for someone as low on the celebrity tree as an American Idol winner?.

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9 Comments on “Chapter 12 The Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppet Chronicles”

  1. Sosueme Says:

    I actually think that what you are talking about has nothing to do with David Cook and his staplers. It is pretty standard operating procedure for spam dating/escort services. Very low end. They use female celebrity photos as their “girls” as opposed to the toothless drug addicted crimes that are the reality, and they use top google and twitter male celebrity names as the lure. Cook is just one of many male a to d list celebrity names used. Who wouldn’t want to use the same service David Cook uses. Lol. This is basically all just spam and computer generated. Model mayhem on the otherhand, that is used by male celebrities as a booty call shopping centre…

  2. Sosueme Says:

    And by “staplers” I meant “stalkers”. Damn IPhone autocorrect.

  3. Sosueme Says:

    “crimes” = “crones”! Jeezuz…

  4. sosueme Says:


    I am the antithesis of Holly Sockpuppets, I can assure you. For example, Holly is a brainless, soulless, cunt, and I am not. 🙂

  5. on the edge Says:

    So, wait…do they think David is the straight version of Clay, who would troll those gay dating sites? Are they trying to bait him?

    • sogosueme Says:

      Nah, they are trying to lure regular schmoes into using their crappy “dating” service by implying that Cook and other male celebrities use it. Then instead of using actual photos of their “girls” they use beautiful photos of female celebrities on the offchance that those schmoes are mentally deficient enough to not realize it. It’s a form of phishing. 99 out of 100 people are going to realize it’s a scam, but all it takes is that one mouth-breathing, mother’s-basement-dwelling loser, and if they spam it out to enough people, well…
      The “girls” may not even exist – they may just be trying to get people to give them their financial information. You would be suprised how stupid/horny some people are. 😉

      • nonna-muss Says:

        One of Holly’s sockpuppets believed it was real. She posted it on DCU and tried to pass it off as Cook’s dating service.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        I know, that is so freaking funny that she thought it was real! Celeb photos and no connection to the real celeb is usually a tip off that it’s phishing and/or hit-whoring.

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